¿Quién es Quién? Monday 3/28/16 #32

You, sir, are no Leon

Mr. 5ft called it. Ignacio hands over a thick wad of cash and Chamoy tells him how he killed Armando. Except that his answer to “What did you do with the gun?” was “I’m a professional, I know what I’m doing.” Yeah, that’s comforting.

Ignacio reminds Chamoy not to go spending all his ill-gotten gains in one place. I wish Yesenia could hear Chamoy’s repeated assurances that he’s a “professional” and knows how to handle himself. He reminds Ignacio he’s available for any other jobs, killing off romantic rivals or whatever. “And say hi to Santiago for me. If he’s still alive, haha!”

The Bar-ena

Ruben was just trying to get Yesenia to see things “con otros ojos” (with other eyes; change her point of view) but naw, she only sees things with the eyes she’s got and they see just how bad everything is and it’s not like she can change them and–Lupe interrupts to ask Yesenia to, uh, help her with that thing, uh, to change her uniform…yeah, that’s it. Lupe tells Ruben she’ll take Yesenia home.

That tequila went to Yesenia’s head. Lupe gets her made up in a flash, but can she dance like this?

Yesenia, uh, Candy, is having a seriously off night, between the tequila and the ankle. The audience is clamoring for their money back until she does a backflip and sticks the landing. They LOVE that. They love it even more when she tells them if they don’t like it, they can get up there and dance themselves. Ruben’s as awed as ever and Melquiades looks relieved.

Not getting any less weird

Magdalena is doing some mending when Eugenio comes home in a good mood after his date. Justino isn’t home yet. He tells Magdalena about being out with the best girl ever, and how he’s in love, and she’s so pretty, and he wants them to meet her…but he’s got to prepare her first because he can’t have her walking in and Justino does his usual “Who’s this slut?” He laughs at the idea, but ugh! Anyway, he starts raiding the fridge for some dinner.

Justino sits at a bar that’s not the Bar-ena thinking about what he heard behind the door.

Magdalena fell asleep on the couch waiting for Justino to get home. He accuses her of smothering him. She’s baffled by his drinking–he apparently doesn’t like to. She begs him to tell her what’s going on with him lately, but all he says is “I don’t need you,” before shambling off to bed.

Like George Michael said

Fernanda makes it to the hospital and Santiago’s a little calmer. She gives him the optimist’s summary of what Bellman said…he’ll operate and Santiago will be fine. Santi knows it’s BS. She reminds him about when they were kids and they’d see signs from God everywhere–well, she thinks Bellman is a sign from God. Santiago doesn’t look convinced.

How many times does he have to say he didn’t do it?

Humberto and “Leonardo” get home and have a moment alone. Humberto thanks “Leo” for helping him, even after their earlier argument, but “Leo” says that’s what kids are for. Humberto goes up to bed and “Leonardo” tells Nora that it’s fine. They just wanted to question Humberto, but he’s not being accused of anything. She asks about the man who was killed, but “Leo” just tells her there’s nothing to worry about and she should calm down.

Fabiola remembers seeing the sex tape, Connie accusing her of wanting to get rid of Humberto, Ignacio saying maybe Humberto did it. When Humberto walks in, she accuses him of killing Armando.

She asks if he let *Connie’s* intrigues push him over the edge. Connie lurks in the hallway long enough to hear Fabiola say Connie hates her and Humberto say he did nothing and his conscience is clear. Fabiola’s so upset, Humberto says it seems like she really was In love with him. “Um…no…I was just afraid you’d let Connie get to you and done something.” He repeats that he didn’t do anything and Fabiola jumps up and begs him to hold her.

Breakfast is had by all.

Eugenio and Magdalena sit down to breakfast. Justino is still sleeping off last night’s excesses. Magdalena’s worried about it, but Eugenio’s laughing it off. For some reason, she thinks maybe Justino will open up to Eugenio.

Humberto sits down to breakfast. When Ignacio joins him, Humberto congratulates him and Fernanda for keeping the story from leaking to the press. Unfortunately, Don Fermin and co. did get wind of “Leo’s” disastrous investment in MORETZ and Ignacio warns that if they don’t stop “Leo,” the Spanish will break the partnership. Humberto looks uncomfortable.

A nervous Nora brings Fabiola an envelope. Connie’s gone.

Chamoy has breakfast with Sara. Everyone else has left for the day. He gives her a scarf as a present and she accuses him of stealing it, but he swears those days are over. He had a job that paid well and he spent it all on gifts for the family. Sara tells him he needs to give up on Inés, but he insists he’s going to get her back. Sara gives him a pitying look and I’m just starting to think maybe she could tell him a little more forcefully or definitely when she says Inés doesn’t want to get back together with him. She’s thinking of marrying somebody else.

Chamoy is furious, but Sara tells him to sit down and shut up! Nobody yells louder than her in this house! She reminds him he’s the one who screwed up, and he’s stupid to think Inés would still be waiting for him after that beating he gave her. Hell no, she won’t tell him who Inés is marrying–she knows what he’s like. And he can take his present back, too.

Whatever the note said, Fabi read it and tore it up. She tells Nora it’s none of her business what it said.

Humberto insists the MORETZ loss doesn’t affect anyone else. It was only Fuentemayor Corp. money that was lost and they’ll recover. Ignacio keeps hammering on the need for them not to have anything else go wrong or have any more scandals. He flounces off and Nora comes into tell Humberto that Connie left.

Yesenia is nursing her hangover at the mercado. She can’t figure out why anybody would keep drinking. Lupe, being the good friend she is, brought Yesenia some chilaquiles. Breakfast of hungover champions. Lupe was impressed with Yesenia’s acrobatics last night. Yesenia says she needs a massage. Lupe sees Ruben and suggests he might be willing to volunteer. She abandons Yesenia to her chilaquiles and her galán.

Sara tells Chamoy to suck it up and drop the “I did it for the family” excuse. He screwed up with his wife, he screwed up with his family, and he’s full of malas mañas (bad habits, criminal habits). “And how many of them did I learn from you?” He asks for a blessing, which Sara grudgingly gives, though she looks like she’d rather give him a really hard smack on the head. As he walks out, she looks upset.

Fabiola couldn’t care less that Connie is gone. Connie’s just throwing a tantrum and Nora is overreacting as usual. She begs Humberto to let her deal with it on her own. He’s worried about Connie being out there alone. Fabiola tries to change the subject and apologize for accusing him last night…she was just soooo distraught. Whatever. Humberto’s got stuff to do.

Ruben tries to talk to Yesenia about last night and whether she’s feeling any differently about her mom. Yesenia really doesn’t want to talk about it. He reminds her that whatever she’s feeling, it is what it is. The question is–what’s she going to do about it? Yesenia admits she’s most upset that Inés didn’t trust her enough to tell her about Jonathan. Ruben thinks that’s what she should tell her. Just like that. Instead of going out and getting drunk alone. Yesenia looks like she’s thinking about it.

Ruben thinks it’s better for people to express their feelings than to just bottle them up until they explode. “I don’t like you,” Yesenia says. On top of everything else, he’s listo (smart). “Everything else? You mean interesting, handsome, charismatic.” Yeah, and modest, too. “But that’s how you like me.” Oh, hell yeah, she burns, she pines, she wants to shack up with him and make babies. OK, maybe he’s not quite ready for that.

Most everybody works.

Basilio is surprised that Pedro isn’t happy after last night’s engagement party. No, that part went fine, it’s…something else. Something he can’t tell Basi. Ufff! Pues, forget it, then. Basi can’t believe after everything they’ve been through Pedro’s going to keep things from him. “No, it’s not that! I’ve gotta keep my word, especially to my fake dad–” Oops. Look, Pedro’s not going to tell. But what he WILL tell Basi is that Humberto is pissed about the MORETZ deal and they’ve got to find some really big way to regain his confidence.

Connie and her suitcase show up at the Cultural Center. She takes a flier about teaching English and asks Tania if she knows who’s doing the hiring. They get into a conversation about Connie knowing Spanish and Tania having barely made it to “Hello. How are you?” In the neighborhood, everyone speaks Spanish, but Tania’s sure if she wants a better job, she’ll need to learn English. Connie promises if she gets the job, she’ll have Tania speaking English in six months or less. Connie’s phone starts ringing and she debates taking Fabiola’s call, but decides against it.

Nora is just about to walk into Fabiola’s room when she hears Fabi leaving Connie a message, “Come home and quit making trouble for me with Humberto.” Fabiola accuses Nora of spying on her and swans out of the room. Nora takes the opportunity to swipe the pieces of Connie’s letter.

Nora puts the pieces together in the kitchen and reads “Mom, for my emotional health I need to be far away from you. I can’t stand you anymore and I can’t stand living in this house because I’ve got all the vergüenza that you lack. Please leave me alone. Connie.” (While it does mean embarrassment or shame, vergüenza can also be understood as a sense of dignity or a desire to behave honorably.)

It looks like Connie has finished her interview and gotten the job–Level 1 English Teacher. She happily tells Tania she’ll keep her promise. Tania notices her suitcase and volunteers that yeah, she does know of a place with cheap rent–in fact, she’s got a room there–but she’s not sure Connie will like it, ’cause Connie looks kind of fina (high-class). (Oh, please, can they pool their resources and get a bigger room so she’s never alone with Justino again, please?!)

Termi just found out about Inés and Jonathan. Or, as he puts it, “Pedro’s mom” and Jonathan. He’s shocked and outraged Jonathan would do such a thing. This is apparently a code violation. But “Pedro’s” cool with it. Termi just can’t believe it. “Wait, so…Pedro’s MOM and you…?” Dude, get over it.

“Pedro” thinks they need to have a clearance sale on the older piñatas. Inés is willing to go along with it, but she’s busy being bummed about Yesenia. “Pedro” wants to have a serious talk with her, but Inés asks him not to. Well, in that case, he’s off to go with Paloma to see about her home loan. And then he’s going to see Renata. He agrees it’s been good for him and he’s having fewer anxiety attacks, but mostly he thinks that’s because of Paloma. (*cough*andthelackofCocó*cough*)

Basi and Pedro have been reviewing some project binders Leo left behind. Basi explains the projects are good ones, but the reason Leonardo rejected them is that they’re too risky. Pedro says Leo wasn’t as screwed as they are. OK, ok, Basi agrees they can make the projects work but they’ve got to be as careful as gatos alrededor de la alberca (cats near the pool). Pedro gets a call from Bellman confirming that he’ll operate on Santiago, but he wants $300K up front. Pedro pretends it’s no problem, but he and Basi are horrified. So now what?!

Termi has gotten over it, but he’s worried about Chamoy. Jonathan thinks it’s Chamoy who needs to watch himself–he’s got a record, so one wrong move and he’s going back to prison. He wants to marry Inés as soon as possible so he can protect her from Chamoy. (Not sure it works that way, but ok.) Termi finds out that Yesenia did NOT take it well. Termi’s happy for Jonathan and wishes Cocó would return his feelings. They toast with their beers to Cocó and Inés and then it’s back to “You and Doña Inés.” “YES. ME AND PERICO’S MOM!” I see this is going to be a process.

“Pedro” tells Inés that Paloma’s awesome. He gets it now when people talk about being “in the clouds.” It’s just kind of weird for her to see him so serious and responsible. Of course she loves him however he is. She just wants him to be happy. “Pedro” gives her an awkward kiss on the cheek and leaves. Inés is so happy.

And then Chamoy harshes her buzz by coming up behind her and asking “What’s this I hear about you cheating on me?”

I’m sure we’ll pick this up at the top of the next episode, but I might as well start my rant with YOU’RE NOT MARRIED! THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS! *sigh* Hasta la proxima.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Oooh I just got the reference “You, sir, are no Leon” ha! Thanks Diva and thanks to you and Sara both for the recaps for the last week? 2wks? 3? I gave up on catching up on so many and just read the recaps to catch up (yes I realize I’m still a week behind *ungh* *sigh*) even though it means missing ES’s hair (I’m kinda mesmerized by it, but nothing out of the normal) My life has been veerry interesting these last few wks (some good, some bad, and some crazy making. Seriously If I was the kind of… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks for the answers, I also keep forgetting that mil is thousand and therefore different than Million