¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 3/29/16 #33

Ugh, this guy.

Inés takes the argument with Chamoy into the back room of the shop, which seems like a bad move safety-wise, even if it’s a good business move. She insists it’s none of his business who she’s with or (as he asks) whether she’s slept with him yet. And she’s certainly not going to tell him when she suspects he wants to give the guy a beatdown like he gave Inés after she found out he was a thief.

Chamoy whines about how Inés keeps throwing his “mistake” in his face and he’s really changed and blah, blah, blah. He tries to give her a locket with a picture of them on their wedding day, but she refuses. He gets all nostalgic about how she’d realized she was pregnant and he promised he’d be with her in good times and bad. “And I remember how you made me go from Jalisco to the border with my huge belly, insisting that I had to give birth in the United Sates. Believe me, I’ll never forget what happened on that trip. Never.”

Chamoy wonders why Inés blames him for what happened. He just wanted them to have a better life and they had nothing in Jalisco. Inés thinks there’s no point talking about it. What happened, happened and it’s over between them.

He refuses to accept that. “What’s the deal with this guy? Is he better than me? I’m talking to you! Does he have more money? Does he know what you need to…?” Inés and I would both like him to stop, but no. He gets in her face, grabs her, and goes on about how he’s the one who had her first and nobody knows how to get her off like he does. Yesenia interrupts the assault and Chamoy puts his innocent face back on.

Yesenia demands an explanation and Chamoy pretends he’s just “sad” because he heard about Inés getting remarried. Inés says he’s said what he needed to say, so can he please leave. Chamoy leaves the locket with Yesenia, who acts a little upset that Chamoy is so “hurt.”

Yesenia takes over the whining duties on behalf of Chamoy. Inés says she stopped loving him a long time ago…because of stuff…that piled up…but she never mentions anything concrete. She just insists Chamoy’s no longer in her heart. She’s not asking Yesenia to accept Jonathan, but she does ask her to stop putting pressure on her to get back together with Chamoy. It’s never gonna happen.

Unofficial Fuentemayor Corp. business

Fernanda fills Dani in on Humberto’s “arrest” (even though he was only taken in for questioning). She warns her not to say anything if the press starts trying to contact executives at Fuentemayor Corp. Dani is confused–does Fernanda really think Humberto would have killed somebody? Are you kidding? Fernanda thinks they’re capable of anything, and so should Dani be after she saw what they did to Santiago. Dani looks doubtful.

Pedro suggests selling the limo, but Basilio says it’s not worth $300K. He does think there’s a solution, but he can’t tell Pedro what it is. Because confidentiality. Of course, Mister Enigma might be able to help him out…but only if nobody sees him…or hears him….

They check the hallway, lower the blinds, and ask Gwen for some privacy so Basi can throw on his jacket with the collar turned up and tell Pedro he has the authority to order the creation of a trust for the treatment of seriously ill people and name Santiago as the first beneficiary. He’ll help, but Pedro can never mention his name. “Now close your eyes and count to 100, and then go on with your normal routine. But remember…Mister Enigma was never here.” Yeah, I’m not sure Pedro even makes it to 10 before he opens his eyes.

Fernanda apologizes to Dani for being so harsh about the Fuentemayors. Dani may not agree with Fer, but she understands her feelings. Fer warns Dani to never doubt the Fuentemayors’ guilt and stay alert. “Leo” comes in looking for Fernanda and Dani excuses herself.

“Leo” tells Fernanda he’ll make up for their interrupted engagement dinner, but she’s more interested in what happened with Humberto. He says Humberto was never a suspect, he was just being questioned. He shouldn’t tell her why, but, well, if she’s going to be his wife anyway…. He tells her about the Armando-Fabi-Humberto not-quite-triangle.

The news is STILL reporting on Armando’s murder and the lack of any leads. Which makes no sense, because, random guy dies in a hotel–is that really news? Then the reporter says he was a stylist to the stars and society women and now I’m really confused, because I thought the “stylist” thing was a ploy. And if he really was a stylist, how did he ever get any work done? Anyway, the police think it was a “crime of passion.” Fabi laments that things between her and Armando went to this extreme.

Back to the office, where “Leonardo” is saying he doesn’t exactly like Fabiola, but he doesn’t think she’d cheat on Humberto. Anyway…they’ve got a wedding to plan! Fernanda says they’ve got actual work-work to do. “Leonardo” agrees to leave it for later and gives her a quick kiss. The smile doesn’t entirely fade after he leaves her office.

Forget the old “me”

“Pedro” coaches Paloma on how to ace her interview with the loan officer, but she’s too busy giggling at him for sounding like a banker himself. He seems to be feeling insecure about himself vs. “the old Pedro” today. First he asks if he was funnier before, but then, “If I went back to being the way I was before I lost my memory, would you still love me?”

What if he hadn’t had the accident? What if he’d gone on being the way he was before? Would he and Paloma have gotten together? Nope. But he’s not like that and they are together, so why worry about it? He’s just afraid of losing her. Of having another “accident” that kicks him back into being who he was before. Paloma insists his change has nothing to do with the accident. It’s love. And she knows because she’s changed too. *smoochies*

Later, in Renata’s office, she’s fascinated with hearing “Pedro” talk about how in love he is. She pulls it together long enough to ask if he’s had any more memories from before the accident. He hasn’t, but he just feels so much better. As if he’s learning to feel again, as if a wall has come down between him and other people. Renata’s getting misty as she suggests he’d been repressing his feelings and now he’s allowing himself to feel. Hm…that’s nice and all, but…it doesn’t exactly sound like Pedro.

Renata continues to be enthralled with “Pedro’s” descriptions of his wonderful relationship with Paloma where he feels good and she feels good and she feels like she can talk to him about anything and then they kiss. Renata’s words, not his. “Pedro” agrees, he never felt that comfortable with Cocó…of course, she was lying to him. Renata’s glad he’s made so much progress and thinks it’s time to take the next step: hypnosis. “Pedro” is SO not into this. And not because she’s looking at him like a gourmet handcrafted dark chocolate peanut butter cup filled with a caramelized white chocolate and peanut butter ganache at the end of a long, stressful day. He no longer wants to remember.

He doesn’t want to go back to being that guy he was before, who was definitely irresponsible and possibly shady. Renata tries to hook him with the possibility of finding out where the bracelet came from, but he’s not interested. If he goes back to being who he was, he’ll lose Paloma. She reminds him that getting his memory back doesn’t mean he has to lose this transformation or his new way of looking at life. Not that she can promise him that. Which is why he’s too scared to even want to try.


Ruben walks into the community center, where Connie and Tania are making plans for after work. Connie greets him as a colleague, saying she’s a teacher there now, too. He thinks she’s volunteering, but she tells him she needed the job. She spins it as needing to get out of her gilded cage to really experience life–isn’t that what he told her to do? Well, that’s not what he meant. He’s worried she’s maybe a little fragile to be taking this big step. It’s a rude world. “Then I’ll be rude.”

Nora calls her and at least Connie takes the call, but she says she had to leave and she’s not coming back. Her mind is made up. Well, sure, who’d go back to living with Fabiola? Nora wants Connie to wait, but she understands. Because, Fabiola. She’d like to get together and talk, but Connie won’t go back to the house. She’s not sure it’s a good idea to tell Nora where she is. She’s checking out a place to rent and then going to a friend’s house later. Nora begs and tells Connie she won’t tell anyone where she is without her permission.

Tania shows Connie her room at the pensión. She’s still a little weirded out at the thought of someone like Connie wanting to live there, but Connie insists from now on she’s going to get by on what she can earn. Tania wants to know why she moved out. Connie explains being rich isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Shakeups at Fuentemayor Corp.

Fer calls Ignacio from her office, on her cell phone. She’s angry at him for not telling her about Armando. She questions whether they’re on the same team anymore. Ignacio insists he didn’t know anything until last night. He tries to hang up when Fabiola storms into his office, but he doesn’t put the phone down correctly, so Fernanda hears Fabiola say she can’t deal with the anxiety anymore and she has to know–did Ignacio kill Armando?

Fer sits down and listens as Ignacio starts to tell Fabiola off for confronting him like this at the office. They’re interrupted by Ivonne, saying Humberto wants to see Ignacio in the board room. She would have called him, but look, he didn’t hang up his phone correctly. Fernanda quickly hangs up before Ignacio can realize she’s still there.

The conversation with Fabiola continues, minus Ivonne and minus Fernanda listening in. Of course he didn’t kill Armando. He hired someone to do it, duh! He wasn’t going to just “scare” the guy, you have to get rid of extortionists. He blames Fabiola for risking their plans for sex. And now if she’ll excuse him, he has an important meeting.

Fernanda sits in her office, agonizing over what she heard. She jumps when the phone rings–it’s Ivonne telling her about that meeting. Fer says she’ll be right there, but she looks like she needs some time to pull herself together.

So. The big meeting. Everyone sits around waiting for Humberto to show up. He announces he’s made a painful decision. “Leonardo” is no longer the director of the corporation. Ignacio says they understand, but that’s a big decision. Who’s going to replace “Leonardo”? Ignacio, of course. Fernanda and “Leonardo” stare at Ignacio in horror.

Fernanda advises Humberto that a move like this could be seen as a sign of internal trouble. “Leonardo” stops her. He’s sure this will be what’s best for the company. Humberto’s glad he’s taking it so well. Ignacio humble-gloats that he hopes his work is equal to the confidence that’s been placed in him. Humberto tells everyone to support Ignacio. Ivonne’s the only one who really looks happy.

The meeting breaks up. Pedro sits in his chair without looking at anyone. Ivonne gives Ignacio a copy of the current projects and five year plan. He and Ivonne start reviewing them and he asks Humberto and “Leonardo” to join them, but Pedro just sits there shaking his head.

Fabiola slowly walks out of the office, thinking about Ignacio’s confession. Humberto startles her without meaning to. Fabi uses Connie as an excuse. She didn’t really go to a friend’s house. She ran away. Fabi was hoping Ignacio could talk to her and get her to come back. Humberto doesn’t act like that sounds very serious. He thinks it’s odd Fabiola’s so nervous. She blames it on being tired and says she’ll see him tonight. Humberto doesn’t look entirely convinced.

The after-meeting breaks up and Pedro is still sitting in his chair. Ignacio fake-apologizes, but Pedro doesn’t buy it. He tries sucking up and saying he needs “Leonardo’s” expert help. That’s Pedro’s cue to get the hell out of there and finally Ignacio can crack a smile.

Pedro continues to sulk in his office. Basilio comes in and gets the bad news. Pedro hugs him and says he failed Basi. He failed Fernanda, Santiago, his clone…. Basi starts the pep talk. Here’s where they separate the legends from the ordinary men. Sure, he lost $30 Million, but now…now he’s going to make $60 Million. (Awww, it must be nice to always have a Basi in your corner. Oh, wait, I kind of do 😉 )Basi insists they’ll present one of Leonardo’s projects to Humberto. They’ll wire him up and Basi can feed him the information and–no. Nobody trusts him anymore. Pedro orders Basi to draft his letter of resignation, since he has no idea how to do it.

Ivonne congratulates Ignacio with kisses on the couch in his office. She asks where they’re going to celebrate later, but he gets a text from Fernanda summoning him to her place later. So no celebration dinner.

Fernanda thinks again about hearing Fabiola’s question.

Basi hands Pedro the resignation letter, but asks him to please think about it. He’s on the verge of signing it when Humberto comes in to talk to him and Basi skedaddles out of the office. Humberto’s feeling guilty, but insisting this isn’t a punishment. “Leonardo” agrees he’s doing what he had to do. Humberto says it really hurt to make this decision. “Leo” is a good son. He’s always there for Humberto when he needs him. Pedro tells him not to feel bad. If he feels bad, then it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Chamoy again

Melquiades crunches some numbers at the Bar-ena. Chamoy comes in to threaten him. He wants to know WHO Inés is “empiernando” (intertwining legs with; this being Chamoy, he probably means it far less poetically).

Melquiades insists he has no idea. Ah, but he was teasing Chamoy about it the other day wasn’t he? Mel reminds him if he starts trouble he could end up back in jail. Chamoy doesn’t care. He just wants the info or he’ll spill the beans on Mel’s shady dealings.

Chamoy stalks the piñateria. He observes Jonathan selling some cheese at the next stall over. He combs his beard and probably thinks nefarious thoughts while I try to melt the comb using only the power of my mind.

Jonathan says goodbye to his customer and notices Chamoy skulking. Which would make this just about the worst time for yet another round of Termi’s interminable “I just still can’t get over it…you and Doña Inés…” [insert vaguely suggestive hand gesture]. Dude, seriously, stop! Well, Termi’s used to his friends’ girlfriends being…well, more his age. “Doña Inés saw me running around in my underwear as a kid.” Jonathan breaks it to him that the whole damn neighborhood saw him in his chones.

No, seriously, Termi asks if Jonathon hasn’t realized that being with Inés means that Pedro and Yesenia are kind of his stepkids. Really, Jonathan’s not even worried about that, because, hello…bigger fish. Termi looks over and sees Chamoy. He thinks Jonathan should take Inés and get far, far away from there. Jonathan says he won’t be the one to leave. If Chamoy wants trouble, he’s got it.

At the house, Sara apologizes to Inés for telling Chamoy about her engagement, but she thinks it was best he didn’t find out from someone else. Inés agrees, she’s just upset that Chamoy came over to the shop to try to cause a scene. She wants Sara to get him to back off, but Sara already tried. Chamoy’s stubborn. Inés is worried he’ll hurt Jonathan. No, nobody’s told him that Jonathan’s the guy, but Inés is sure Chamoy is out there trying to figure it out. Inés begs Sara to pull rank as Chamoy’s mother and tell him to leave her and Jonathan alone.

Chamoy is still stalking the piñateria, and by extension the cheese shop. “Pedro” confronts him. Yeah, yeah, he knows what Jonathan’s been “up to” and if Chamoy wants to start trouble with Jonathan, he’s going to have trouble with “Pedro,” too.

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Great recap, Kat! Poor “Leonardo”. It was kind of mean of Humberto to make him sit at the meeting and be humiliated like that. Don’t corporations usually try to disguise what is going on by kicking the f**k-up upstairs – “director of special projects” or something like that with no responsibility? No Justino in this episode – yay!! It’s the second day in a row that they showed the credits – yay!! I loved the way you described the way Renata was drooling over “Perico”: she’s looking at him like a gourmet handcrafted dark chocolate peanut butter cup filled with… Read more »

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Thanks, Kat! I see Jean beat me to the line about that peanut butter cup. It’s a delicious line!

Is there an official Basi Fan Club? We all love him.

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Sign me up.
Thanks, Diva. Love this recap. Especially lines like:
“Ignacio humble-gloats that he hopes his work is equal to the confidence that’s been placed in him.” Perfectly described.