¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 3/31/16 #35

Shut up, Chamoy.

Chamoy threatens to kill Jonathan if “anything” happens to Inés. Jonathan’s willing to let Chamoy try, whenever he wants to. Yesenia shoves Chamoy down an adjacent hallway and he asks for more details about Inés and then tells Yesenia it’s all going to be ok. Is it just me or does it seem like maybe he’s a little happy things turned out this way? Gives him something to criticize Jonathan about and an opportunity to play the good guy?

Jonathan’s being stubborn about not wanting to put the ice back on his face. He’s more worried about Inés than himself. He thinks Chamoy might have been behind the attack. No, he doesn’t think Chamoy wanted to hurt Inés, but isn’t it odd that he’s lived in this neighborhood all his life and nothing ever happened–until just now when Chamoy finds out he’s marrying Inés. Paloma warns him not to make accusations without proof. There’s a page for a Dr. Wilson that gets everyone’s attention.

Chamoy continues with his (IMO fake) outrage. How can Inés want to trade HIM in for that guy! He would have let himself be killed before he let anyone lay a finger on Inés! Yesenia tiredly reminds him Jonathan’s hurt too and maybe there were lots of them, who knows. He’s outraged! Outraged! Inés must be nuts to be dating a guy young enough to be her son! Yesenia says, fine, whatever, maybe he is, but if Inés picked him it’s because she loves him. “So now you’re going to turn on me, just like your brother? Thanks a lot!” Seriously, Yesenia, just let him stew. She walks back to where he’s sitting and gives him a wounded look.

In the Vice Principal’s office

Humberto scolds Fabiola for letting things get out of hand with Connie. Fabiola does her best jr. high impression, whining that she’s not perfect enough for him and she’s sure Nora’s been talking behind her back and Connie’s just making a big deal over nothing. Humberto admits Nora promised Connie she wouldn’t say where she was, but he encourages Fabiola to try to get in touch with Connie however she can.


“Pedro” has come out of the hypnotic state and Renata works with him on getting his breathing back to normal. He remembers what he saw, and especially the feeling–fear. His mom…it was terrible news…they told him his mother was dead…but why would he remember that if his mother’s alive? Renata is sure it’s a false memory. His mind is just confused. Lots of kids are afraid of losing their parents and dream about it, and the mind of a child can’t always distinguish a dream from reality. He mentions also seeing Nora, and that she’s the one who gave him the news.

“Pedro” doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that ever since he saw Nora at the mercado, she’s the one who keeps popping up in his memories. Renata promises they’ll find out why it’s happening, but he needs to calm down. She’ll help him find her, but they’ve done enough today. “Pedro” tries to apologize for taking up so much time, but she says he can always come to her, anytime he needs to.

He checks his phone and is alarmed at the number of missed calls. He decides to call Paloma rather than leaving right away. He briefly explains to Renata that his mother was hurt in an attack, turns down her offer of a ride, and goes running out of her office.

Connie, on her own…sort of

Nora calls Connie and hears the noise of Eugenio and Tania attempting to perform some violent form of pest control under the sink. Connie claims she’s just, uh, watching videos. Nora admits she told Humberto she knows where Connie is, but that’s all. She still thinks Connie should call Fabiola. Preoccupied Connie gives her a “yeah, yeah, gotta go, good night, love you” and goes back to see how things are going under the sink.

No worries. Eugenio totally killed it. He jokes it was more of a raccoon than a rat. But, anyway, it’s late, they’ve gotta go. He keeps casually waving the garbage bag around as they’re saying their goodbyes. I love the vibe between Connie and Tania and the way Tania gives Connie a big hug and picks her up off the floor and blows her a kiss before she walks out. And then Connie’s alone in her place and she looks like she’s wondering what she got herself into.

Later, she’s reading and having a cup of tea when she hears a loud bang. She tells herself everything is fine and to calm down.

After dinner

Fer and Leo make it back to the apartment and linger in the hallway. Fer wants a small, intimate, simple wedding. “Leo” wants fireworks that form a big heart and spell out their names while the mariachis play. Or a plane that drops rose petals on all the guests and then writes out “Fer y Leo.” She vetoes fireworks and a plane, but she doesn’t specifically mention the mariachis. Just saying. Fine, fine, he’ll do whatever she wants.

What she wants is to say good night and go inside. He pulls her close and does the whole pouty lip and raised eyebrow thing, asking if she’s sure she doesn’t want to invite him in. IfyouknowwhatImean. AndIthinkyoudo. He just soooooo wants to know what it’s like to wake up in heaven, next to an angel. Fer keeps a sort of bored/annoyed look on her face and miraculously avoids laughing.

I watch a muscle in her jaw jump as she listens to him beg her to just get a little jump on the honeymoon. Nope. Fer says they need their rest. Oh, he’s totally up for “rest.” He just wants to wake up in her arms, like José Alfredo said. Fer says they can wait a few more days. He finally takes “no” for an answer, gives her a few last kisses, and pouts his way down the hallway.

She finds Ignacio waiting on her couch. He wasn’t worried she’d let “Leonardo” in. Or that she’d sleep with him unless it was “necessary.” Fer slips out of his grasp and he changes the subject to the wedding. It’s going to be small and fast. Next Saturday. Ignacio pops the cork off the champagne (Fer flinches) and pours champagne so they can toast to finally having everything they want. He keeps focusing on the “revenge” angle, but she reminds him she just wants to save Santiago. She doesn’t drink the champagne and she’s not interested in getting physical with him. Ignacio starts yelling at her about her attitude and she says he hasn’t noticed that things have changed.

Ignacio whines to Fernanda that he can break up with Ivonne if she wants him to. He was only doing it so “Leonardo” wouldn’t suspect them. Seriously, dude, Fer’s busy with actual problems. She tells him she doesn’t care what he’s doing and she doesn’t have time for a relationship with anyone. He takes credit for helping her deal with her problems (subtext: so you owe me) and whines that it’s not over, right? Right? He swears he won’t quit because they love each other and he’s the man for her. Because they’re the same. (OK, maybe it was more “text” than “sub.) Ignacio leaves and Fer dumps the champagne out of the bottle and into the bucket, saying “We are not the same.”

Another one who doesn’t quit

“Pedro” makes it to the hospital, but the doctor hasn’t given anyone an update. He asks Paloma how Jonathan’s doing and then notices Chamoy and asks what “that man” is doing there. “Yesenia called him.” Paloma tells him not to start a fight–he already went after Jonathan. He doesn’t care if Chamoy is supposed to be his dad, he gets pissed off every time he sees him.

The cops are taking Jonathan’s statement. He didn’t really see the attackers’ faces very well, but he can try to give a description. He’s sure they were after him. But he doesn’t have any enemies. But he does suspect someone. But he doesn’t have any proof. “I suspect my girlfriend’s ex-husband.”

Who’s still in the hallway waiting and telling Yesenia that Jonathan better hope Inés survives. They follow the doctor coming down the hall. It’s the same ER doc who treated “Pedro.” She tells everyone that Inés is going to be fine. It was a deep wound, but it didn’t hit any internal organs. She lost a lot of blood, though, and she’ll be staying for a couple of days and they’ll be taking her to a room soon.

Paloma and Yesenia head down the hall, but “Pedro” grabs Chamoy and tells him he has no business there. He’s not going to cause a scene, but he’s not letting him into Inés’ room, either. Chamoy mocks him for being so macho. Why, “Pedro” nearly scared him! “Pedro” adds that he’d better not find out Chamoy was behind that attack or he’ll put him in jail.

Inés is awake and she and Yesenia have a couple of seconds to kinda-sorta make up but then “Pedro” starts running in and Inés is in tears because he finally called her “Mom.”

Chamoy meets with his hired dumbasses, who brag about the great job they did. So much for getting paid. He shoots them instead, then picks up the bullet casings. Damn!

Icky Iggy

The next morning, Ignacio’s all ready for his first big day as the director of Fuentemayor Corp. Humberto gives him a pep talk and laments that Connie left the house. Ignacio: “Uh, yeah, me too.” He promises to do everything he can to get her to come back. Humberto says he sees them as his own children and Ignacio agrees he sees him as a father. He avoids going downstairs with Humberto and says he forgot something in his room.

He actually just wanted to skulk in Connie’s room. He sees her laptop and remembers what Fabiola was telling him about the footage she saw of “Leonardo” with some woman in a “poor” neighborhood. Yeah, too bad your mom fried the computer and Connie probably took the backup footage with her. Heh.


At the Community Center, Connie posts an ad for a roommate and Ruben jokes that he sees she’s going ahead with her crazy idea. “It’s not crazy and yes, I’ve made up my mind. I spent my first night in my new house last night.” Maybe so, but he doesn’t think it looks like she got any sleep.

Connie’s all “Ojeras? What ojeras?” (bags under the eyes) she was just reading a book she couldn’t put down. He knows how it is, right? He asks about her house and she likes it, but it’s a little big for her. She asks him to mention it to anyone who’s looking for someplace to stay–preferably a woman around her age. He says he’ll ask around and then drops his teasing and says he admires her and she’s being really brave.

Fire-breathing Fabi

Fabiola tries to bite off Nora’s head for breakfast, but Nora doesn’t tell her where Connie is. Or anything else, for that matter.

Yeah, Connie’s her daughter, but she’s not her property. Fabiola mocks her for telling her how to be a mother when Nora never had any children of her own. “Tell me what that demon spawn told you!” she demands. I’m annoyed Humberto wasn’t there to hear that. Nora reminds her that Connie’s of age and wants to live on her own. That’s all. “You’re lying! You know more than that! I know she talked smack to you about me! I can tell from the way you’re looking at me. Like you disapprove of me, like you’re always judging me!” Nora tells her not to raise her voice–that’s not going to convince her to break her promise to Connie. “Who do you think you are?! You’re just a servant! Don’t act like you’re entitled!”

Fabi accuses Nora of using Connie to try to separate her from Humberto. Ugh. She makes me tired. Nora counters that Fabi’s more worried about how Humberto sees her than whether Connie’s ok. “I forbid you to talk to me that way!” “Nobody forbids me anything, since the day my mother died. And if you don’t want to hear people’s opinions, then don’t ask!”Nora walks out and leaves Fabi fuming and I’m really disappointed now that Humberto didn’t hear ANY of this and Connie wasn’t around to capture it on video.

Family time at Casa Perico

Sara thinks Inés needs to marry Jonathan as soon as she gets better. Paloma admires her for wanting what’s best for Inés in spite of being Chamoy’s mom. Well, Sara’s no saint. Paloma doesn’t believe it.

Sara changes the subject to how glad she is that “Pedro” and Paloma are together. “Pedro’s” like a whole other person. She can’t wait for them to get married and give her another great-grandson. “Another one?!” Well, sure, she’s already got Cachito. Paloma is touched that Sara loves her son. Well, he’s a bombón (a sweetheart). He asked her the other day, in secret, if he could call her “abue” (short for “abuela,” grandma).

This nice talk is ruined by the arrival of Chamoy. It’s not just me, I swear! Sara makes a face when she sees him. Paloma leaves. He tries making small talk with Sara, but she just keeps giving him that “Don’t BS me” face.

3rd time’s not the charm

There’s a knock at Tania’s door. She’s just getting out of the shower and dressed in nothing but a towel and when she calls “Connie, is that you?” I know.

It’s Justino. With breakfast. She does NOT let him in until she’s back in the bathroom. He gives Neno an ugly look and then peeks in the cracked bathroom door she didn’t close all the way. I guess he couldn’t see anything, because he stops quickly and sits down. He looks over at the keys left on the nightstand and kind of…well, there’s a facial expression. And it doesn’t bode well.

Tania enjoyed breakfast, but she wishes he’d stop worrying about her so much. She feels like she’s monopolizing his time. He says she’s not. But, um, in all the time he’s been spending with her, he’s been developing a real affection for her. I would have said a sick obsession. Tania says he’s very nice. He stares at her ass.

He asks if she wouldn’t like to live somewhere else, but Tania likes it there. It’s close to work and school. Oh, no, he wasn’t thinking about inviting her to live at his house, no, his house is full. But he’d love for her to have her own place. Somewhere bigger. And alone. He says it twice. *shudder*

Which Pedro is which?

“Pedro” is texting Fer the next morning. He brags to Basi that they almost…you know. He took her to dinner, he flirted like a boss, he kissed her…and the he took her home, because she’d had a tough day and she was tired. Basi’s all “Mhm, ok. Now quit texting her and play a little hard-to-get.” His phone rings–it’s his aunt.

Basilio and Pedro show up at The Only Hospital in Los Angeles to check on Basi’s aunt. It’s nothing, he says, just something about her blood pressure. He’ll talk to the doctor, give his aunt a kiss, and they’ll be outta there. Pedro makes himself comfortable in the waiting area, invading some guy’s personal space by sitting on the arm of a couch, and then flipping around to take a seat when the guy moves over.

Pedro gets bored and starts wandering around the waiting area. He sees Yesenia and turns around quickly. I see Pedro’s a big believer in “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” Good luck with that.

He heads for the coffee station to try to hide his face better and hears Yesenia asking the doctor if it’s normal for Inés to be so agitated. He also hears that the doctor will prescribe a sedative and Inés will be fine. He calls Yesenia’s phone and she gripes at him about when he’s going to get there. “I’m downstairs. You can go home and get some rest.” He turns around again as Yesenia heads out and then wonders how he’ll find out where his mom is.

Pedro finds Inés’ room. She’s asleep and he tells her he missed her and gives her a kiss on the forehead. And he apologizes for being so rude about the Jonathan thing and asks her forgiveness. Inés wakes up, and says “You called me Mom.” Well, of course. What else would he call her?

“Pedro” arrives at the hospital and gets an update from the doctor. Pedro hears him out in the hallway. The doctor thinks it’s a miracle the knife didn’t hit any of the major organs. Inés asks him to call her Mom again. Pedro shushes her and tells her to go back to sleep. The doctor tells “Pedro” not to let her get upset. She needs to stay calm. As the door handle to the hallway turns…

So does the one on the previously open door by Inés bed. The doctor asks how she’s doing and Inés says she feels heavy and sleepy. The doctor reassures her that they’ll bring the dosage on her sedatives down. It’s a little soon for her to eat, but she’ll be able to in a few hours.

Pedro looks around the (rather nice) bathroom and wonders how he’ll get out. He’s momentarily distracted by his reflection in the mirror and stops to fuss with his hair.

Inés is already ready to go home, if all she’s doing is sleeping. “Pedro” tells her to quit being stubborn. Pedro is stuck in the bathroom, frantically texting.

Basi’s in his aunt’s room having a nice talk that ends with a reminder to take her medicine and don’t be getting upset over stuff! He checks his phone and sees that Pedro is having an “emergency.” He tells his aunt it’s just a problem in the office. “Go on, then. Don’t worry about me. Just hand me my crossword book.” He promises he’ll come back soon and she gives him a blessing. “But really, call me if you need anything. And save me some Jello…the guava flavor.”

Inés wants some help moving around in bed. “Pedro” asks if she needs to go to the bathroom, causing Pedro to momentarily hide behind the shower curtain, but it’s just that her back is hurting from lying in bed. Inés says she’s so happy he called her “Mom” a while ago. Only it wasn’t a while ago, as far as “Pedro” knows. It was last night. She was probably dreaming. “I was really scared when I heard you were here. I felt really sad. I love you a lot, Mom.” Back at’cha, kid. Pedro curses his clone… “She’s mine! I’m the only one who gets to love her!” “Pedro” gives Inés a kiss on the forehead and then rests his head there.

Inés asks how Yesenia’s doing. “Pedro” assures her she’s fine, just worried, like he is. Basilio comes in, dressed in scrubs, with a bonnet, and a mask over his face. He tells “Pedro” they need his signature on some paperwork down in administration. Inés has already nearly fallen asleep again. Pedro waits for a signal to emerge. Basi starts looking at the chart and pretending to do something with her hands and then some other test that involves her squeezing her eyes shut suuuuuper tight. Pedro takes the hint and emerges from the bathroom, but in typical Pedro fashion, he bangs into the cart Basi brought with him and then stands there, trying to look casual, as Inés says “Perico” and gapes at him.

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Visita/ Guest

Another great recap, Kat! I loved it. Pedro was so cute trying to persuade Fernanda to sleep with him (thanks for the José Alfredo link. I didn’t know the song) and apologizing to Inés for being an a**hole about her and Jonathan. That bathroom in the hospital was enormous! I guess it has to be big enough for a wheelchair but it was really big. I totally didn’t see that what Justino was looking at on Tania’s bedside table were her keys. Since he also kept looking at her giant stuffed bear, I though they were a pair of scissors… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Thanks for all do, Kat! Another winning recap for a show I am really enjoying…. and it might even be getting my husband onto the telenovela bandwagon! You are a lifesaver on Thursdays especially since my DVR records two other programs at the same time.

I am so relieved to hear Ines’s injury is not life-threatening!

“Chamoy meets with his hired dumbasses, who brag about the great job they did. So much for getting paid. He shoots them instead, then picks up the bullet casings. Damn!”

Chamoy is scary as hell. I don’t want him near anyone…except maybe Justino.

Visita/ Guest

Me too on loving the friendship that’s developing between Tania and Connie, and even Eugenio. Connie is gong to make herself one of the barrio gang (the good gang) in no time. She needs friends. And Tania needs to move in right after Justino steals the keys and makes himself a copy. I wold love for him to break in and find that she’s left. Jerkfaced jerk, Justino. So the prison is in Tijuana, right? So the cops wouldn’t find his record in the US? (We know if real life, they’d check these things, but novela life, who knows?)

Visita/ Guest

Justino kept saying that he wanted to get Tania a place of her own. I thought he figured he had decided he can’t rape Tania or hold her captive or whatever horrible thing he wants to do while she’s living in the rooming house – too many people around. I hope, in this lighthearted, 8pm novela, none of that happens.