¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 3/30/16 #34

Chamoy is a jerk

“Pedro” lays down the law–Jonathan and Inés made their decision and EVERYONE is going to respect it. He’s not threatening he’s just making it clear he won’t tolerate any violence towards either of them. He doesn’t buy into Chamoy’s macho BS about how the old Pedro would have busted Jonathan’s face in for messing with his mother. The New Pedro is all about how the woman who gave him life deserves to be happy.

He doesn’t think for a minute that Chamoy actually cares about Inés. And who the hell is he to be telling Chamoy to back off? He’s the guy who had to work to support the family while Chamoy was in prison. (Well, ok, the real Pedro was that guy, but who cares, he’s on a roll!) “I’m your father! You’d better respect me!” Ha! Sure, everyone says Chamoy’s his dad, but “Pedro’s” happy he has no recollection of that. (I sure do hope the two boys work out their daddy issues again later with the, uh, correct dads. But that was priceless!)

Now it’s Chamoy’s turn. Spoiler alert: he’s going to win this round because he has a total lack of scruples. He uses what he learned on his trip to the pawn shop against “Pedro” and says he’s a thief and the only difference between them is he hasn’t been caught yet. Well, granted, Chamoy may actually believe that Pedro’s been stealing expensive jewelry, but still. He’s a jerk. Paloma witnessed the whole thing and asks if he’s ok. “No, but it’s not his fault.”

Paloma’s stressing about the loan. It’s going to be a few days before she hears. She asks again about his conversation with Chamoy and “Pedro” says he’s worried that barbaján (barbarian) will try to bust up Inés and Jonathan’s wedding. Paloma thinks he’s not stupid enough to do something that would get him sent back to jail. She still thinks there’s something else, but “Pedro” denies it and it’s time to pick up Cachito. They’re sharing a goodbye kiss when Doña Tencha wanders by, saying “Pedro” never changes. Paloma rolls her eyes and takes off, leaving Pedro to ponder the questionable wisdom of Doña Tencha.


Connie explains to Tania that she was just sick of the hypocrisy of her mom and brother and had to get out of the house. Nora comes over and meets Tania briefly, before she goes out for groceries to leave the two of them alone. Connie’s happy to see Nora, aka the only person in that house worth a damn. Ok, and Humberto. But her “family” sure doesn’t act like family.

Tania runs into Eugenio in the hallway. In an echo of he-who-must-not-be-named, he says he’s there to kidnap her…but if she’s not into it, he’ll take the neighbor. “Go for it. I’d like to see you try.” Although, the neighbor is older and not as pretty so…it’s up to him. He picks Tania. (Seriously, show? That could have been just as cute, if not cuter, without the cheap shots about the neighbor.)

Nora admits she read the note Connie left for Fabiola. She’s worried after what she read. Well, what Connie wrote in the letter is what she really thinks and it’s why she can’t live with Fabi anymore. Fabi’s not a good person, and Connie can’t be an accomplice to all the things Fabi is doing to Humberto. “What is she doing to Humberto?”

Nora thinks Humberto deserves to know, but as Connie points out, Fabiola lives off his money–isn’t that enough? Nora suspects there’s more, but Connie won’t budge. And she won’t budge from living away from the house, either. Nora accepts it, but she wants to help.

Turns out Nora has a little house and nobody to live in it. She’d much rather Connie stay there, but Connie insists on paying rent. Nora wants the “rent” to be a daily phone call and update. But…we can still do the roomie thing with Tania? Please?

Pobre Pedro

Humberto asks the $30 Million question: Why MORETZ?! “Leonardo” says it was just a hunch, that’s all. That’s not like “him.” Humberto’s worried he doesn’t understand that the whole company was supposed to be his. It hurts to have to leave it in someone else’s hands. What’s going to happen when he dies? “Leo” doesn’t even want to think about that right now. Humberto wants him to fight for the company…and marry Fernanda. He can’t fail her again. “Leo” mimes fighting and says he’ll throw his best punches. Humberto doesn’t look convinced.


Yesenia is sitting in the mercado. Thinking. Ruben approaches and she admits she’s stalling. She doesn’t want to go home. She doesn’t want to be the bad guy, but she can’t say she’s happy about her mom marrying someone other than her dad. Ruben jokes he thought his powers of persuasion were infallible. “I think you have to do what makes you feel good. Love is too beautiful to complicate your life over.” She accuses herself of being selfish. “Nah, just a little stubborn.” All this proximity has gone to Ruben’s head and he tells Yesenia he likes her. She moves in for a kiss…and backs away…and oh, what the hell…SMOOCHIES!

They’ve been kissing for some unspecified period of time when Yesenia finally stops and asks “What was that? You kissed me.” Well, yeah, and she let him. And no, it’s not about trying to convince her to lighten up with her mom. He’s been wanting to kiss her for a long time. He likes when she shows her real face. Not the combative one she uses to hide how sensitive she really is. Yesenia calls off a round 2 of smoochies. He’s in love with someone else, isn’t he? Ruben says she’s an espejismo (illusion) but Yesi’s the sweetest reality. Ding, ding, ding! Smoochies! Round2!


Ignacio is in the mood to celebrate when he comes over to Fernanda’s. She unloads on him about there being limits. He thinks she’s talking about the company stuff, but no. “Are you a murderer, Ignacio?” She heard Fabiola asking if he’d killed her lover. Sure, she didn’t hear his answer, but come on–did he pay someone to do it? Mr. Yo No Fui says if Armando was blackmailing his mom, he was probably blackmailing other people, too. It must have been one of them.

Fernanda doesn’t believe Ignacio, since she asked him twice before what was going on and he lied then, too. Well, uh, he didn’t want to get her involved and, uh, he was embarrassed because his mom had a lover. “But you weren’t too embarrassed to order me to marry Leonardo.” Fernanda insists she needed to know, because it affected Humberto. She reminds him everything he does involves her. If the police investigate him, they could find out about her, and everything the two of them have done.

Fernanda is still untrusting. Ignacio is still claiming to be “in love” with her and doing it all for her. “Leonardo” shows up to take her out to dinner before this circular conversation can spiral any further. Fernanda has Ignacio hide before she lets “Leonardo” in. He notices the bottle of champagne.

“Leo” is surprised Fer got such a nice gift from a “client.” Though if it’s someone trying to put the moves on her, he’ll gladly bust the guy’s face in and return the bottle–over his head! Fernanda doesn’t find this “joke” funny. “Leo’s” been jealous of the air lately. Pedro pouts that he’s just so in love with her and maybe they should stay in tonight and drink the client’s champagne and she can cuddle with him because he’s been sooooo sad. “What do you say? Shall we stay here?” He makes a little motion towards the couch with his lips and raises a suggestive eyebrow in a way I cannot do justice to in words. But seriously, how can you say “no” to that face?!

Fernanda goes over to the couch with “Leonardo” but keeps shooting awkward looks toward the bedroom. “Leo” wants takeout, but she drags him out of the apartment, saying there’s a new restaurant she wants to try and he needs to be distracted and think of something other than work. Once they’re gone, Ignacio emerges.

The downside to living alone

Connie’s still moving in when some random house noises spook her. She issues a general threat about being good at kickboxing and Tae Kwan Do. None of which is going to help her with whatever she finds under the sink!

Tania and Eugenio find Connie waiting outside Tania’s door. She needs their help! She found a place to live and it’s great, but…she’s got an intruder!

Fighting for Inés’ happiness

Sara wants Inés to call Yesenia home for dinner so they can talk before she goes to work. I love you, Sara, but NO! Don’t interrupt! Inés thinks if Yesenia wants to skip dinner because she’s angry, she can. Yesenia’s a grown woman and she’s not going to make her do anything. Sara insists Inés CANNOT go back on her plans just because Yesenia’s upset. She’s done so much for the kids and now it’s time to do something for herself. If not…”La vida te cobra bien caro cuando no peleas por lo que quieres.” (Life makes you pay a high price when you don’t fight for what you want.)Inés wonders if this is Sara’s way of hinting she had a suitor after she was widowed. Before Sara can confirm or deny, there’s a knock at the door.

Jonathan comes over…he wanted to invite Inés out, but the kids aren’t home yet…. Sara says they’re grown, right? Inés should go out and distract herself. She goes to get her purse while Sara clasps Jonathan’s hands and they squeal in excitement.

Sara’s at home watching telenovelas when Cachito comes running in asking for an update. Sara tells him to wait for the commercials. Paloma gives up on trying to drag him away from the TV and goes upstairs to get things ready for his bath. Cachito’s been out at a birthday party and he brought home some cake for her and is going to share his candy. He’s good peeps.

Yesenia gets home, wondering where Inés is and Sara gives her ‘tude. Inés waited plenty long for her to come home…and then she went out with her boyfriend. And no, Sara’s not going to quit giving Yesi a hard time until she quits being so hard-headed. Cachito says his mom tells him the same thing when he’s being stubborn. He softens his criticism with the offer of a lollipop. “Doña Sara says they’re good for sweetening the soul, but I say the soul’s not in the stomach.”

Sara lectures both the kids, but mostly Yesenia, about how one day they’re going to grow up and have lives of their own, and they don’t want their moms just sitting around, alone, right? Yesenia begs her to stop already, she gets it. Paloma tells her there’s still time for her to fix things. Sara says she’s welcome to keep being a jerk about it, too, because Inés is getting married, no matter what anyone thinks. Cachito gives Yesenia a comforting pat on the shoulder and a hug, knowing she’s feeling overwhelmed.

Chamoy is a really big jerk

Melquiades reviews even more paperwork and prepares to sign something. Chamoy comes into the Bar-ena demanding that Melquiades sit down and drink with him. He needs everyone to see that he was there all night. No, that doesn’t sound shady at all. He can’t get Melquiades to choose a drink, so he orders himself a tequila.

Inés is enjoying her walk around the neighborhood with Jonathan. He’s glad she moved up the wedding date. It was Sara’s suggestion, apparently. Inés is talking about how great Sara has been about all this, despite being Chamoy’s mother, when two guys step into the sidewalk in front of them. One pulls out a knife and Jonathan tells Inés to run. He offers his wallet, but the unarmed one punches him. Inés goes to defend him and the one with the knife chooses that moment to lunge for Jonathan and stab Inés instead.

(Actor rant: No excuses! I don’t care if you’re “just” an extra. Make strong choices. Commit. Don’t just awkwardly do something because the script says so. Ugh! I hate being taken out of the moment by that kind of shoddy work. /rant)

Jonathan chases the guys off (now that they’re horrified things didn’t go as planned) and goes back to check on Inés, who’s in shock, slumped against a nearby car. Someone hears Jonathan’s yelling and calls for an ambulance.

Melquiades knows something’s up and asks if Chamoy did something to Jonathan. He’s practically giddy as he says his hands didn’t do a thing. Mel knows he sent someone else to do it and thinks it’s stupid because Chamoy will be the prime suspect. Ah, but IF something happens and IF the police ask questions, Mel’s going to say that Chamoy was there with him all night, talking, right?

No time like the present

Renata scolds Dani for being out so late all the time. She thinks they’re taking advantage of her at work, but Dani blames it on having so much to learn. Um…abrupt subject change…how far is a person capable of going for revenge? Renata doesn’t think she’s asking out of mere curiosity. There’s a knock at the door and Renata tells Dani she needs to leave–it’s probably a patient. It’s “Pedro” of course. And Dani hasn’t left. She’s hiding around a corner and hears him say he changed his mind. He wants to try hypnosis.

Since he’s already here, Renata figures they might as well get started. Dani finally gets out of the official “office” part of the house, goes into the kitchen, and wonders where she’s heard that voice before.

“Pedro” explains that Chamoy accused him of being a thief today. Or rather, Chamoy confirmed his suspicions. Now he thinks he needs to quit hiding from his past and face it.

Renata suggests they start from his earliest memories and work their way forward. Yes, it’s going to take longer, but she thinks they have a better chance of getting through the “block” if they work slowly. “Pedro” agrees, but he hopes it won’t take years. She assures him it will go quicker than he expects. (Hmmm…still not trusting her. I’m going to go with, she’s trying to do what’s best for him and her feelings aren’t clouding her judgment, but if she doesn’t talk to someone soon that won’t last.)

Renata’s asking “Pedro” to recall a happy, sunny day from his childhood. He sees grass, a soccer ball, a net. There’s no one around, but then he kicks the ball towards a woman (Nora) who’s crying. He asks her why and she starts to tell him she’s sorry. “Pedro” gets agitated and starts shaking his head saying “No, my mom isn’t dead!”

Is there anything Nora doesn’t know?

Nora scolds Humberto for firing “Leonardo” and he’s defensive about it. She’s disappointed this is happening just when the two of them were getting along so well. Humberto feels terrible watching “Leo” suffer. Nora assumes things are going to get hostile again, but no. Humberto didn’t feel any anger coming from “Leonardo.” And that makes him feel even worse.

Humberto didn’t like having to teach “Leo” a hard lesson. Any other employee would have been fired, and probably wouldn’t have been able to find another job. Oh, Nora gets that that’s the cold, calculating way to look at it, but that’s part of their problem. Ever since Sofia died, it’s been all about money. Their emotions are tied to the stock market. Even Connie couldn’t stand it, and she hadn’t been living here that long. “How do you know that’s why she left?” Nora admits she talked to her and Connie’s not coming back. And Nora gets it.

Humberto is angry that Nora didn’t convince Connie to come home. “She’s an adult. It’s not as if I could make her come home.” Humberto scoffs. Connie may be a legal adult, but she’s not ready to live on her own, especially without conveniences. Nora thinks she may just be stubborn enough to hack it. Humberto can’t imagine where she would be living or what she would be living off of. Her credit cards? He’d better not find out Nora’s covering for her and she’s “prostituting herself” or selling drugs or doing something illegal. Nora’s furious that neither Humberto nor Fabiola seems to understand who Connie is. She left because she can’t stand the terrible relationship she has with her mother.

Nora’s perfectly willing to be fired for speaking her truth, but that’s not going to change anything and it’s definitely not going to improve Connie and Fabi’s relationship. Of course he won’t fire her! But here she is talking about fairness and she’s already chosen a side. Seems fair to Nora, since Connie has no one on her side, while Fabi has Humberto. Fabiola comes home, allegedly from having been out talking to Connie’s friends. “Has she called here?” Nobody answers her and Nora picks up the tea tray, saying she’s going to bed.

Chamoy is the biggest jerk ever

Yesenia’s on her way to work, but she stops to tell Sara she’s going to talk to Inés first thing tomorrow. Cachito, the relationship expert, tells her to give Inés a big hug. Moms dig that. A call comes in on the house phone….

Melquiades tells Chamoy not to risk himself. Just forget Inés. “Oh yeah, you’d take it calmly if your old lady was shagging some dude twenty years younger than you?” Oh, I see, so your irrational hatred is actually a complex blend of machismo and fear of aging, and I STILL DON’T CARE! Mel grudgingly agrees he wouldn’t be so calm…and the truth is, Jonathan’s right in the middle of his edad de enjundia (age of strength; in his prime). “Was,” Chamoy corrects him, with a grin. Chamoy gets a call from Yesenia, presumably hears what happened to Inés, and goes running out of the bar.

Jonathan’s holding up some ice to his face in the emergency waiting area when he sees Inés being wheeled into surgery. He starts to panic, but a nurse assures him that everything’s going to be fine. She lost a lot of blood and they have to operate, but she’s going to be fine. She gets him to sit down.

Yesenia and Paloma get to the hospital and Jonathan tells them they were assaulted, Inés got hurt, and she’s in surgery. Jonathan blames himself for not taking better care of Inés. Guess what? Chamoy blames him, too. He starts a fight with him in the waiting room and Yesenia and Paloma break it up. He insists if Inés got stabbed and all Jonathan got was hit then he obviously didn’t do anything to defend her.

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Thanks for the great recap, Kat! Chamoy IS the biggest jerk ever and there was waaaayy too much of him in last night’s episode but I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

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stealth cacophony

ooohh I hate Chamoy so much! Oh and thanks Diva for the recap(s) (hmm does the order I think of things correspond to importance? Do I hate Chamoy more than I like the recap? Maybe a tiny bit even though the recap is funny and cool with lines like this” She moves in for a kiss…and backs away…and oh, what the hell…SMOOCHIES!” but Chamoy urgh I just hate him so much *helpless shrug*) So I’ve been staring at Perico and Leo’s hair a little bit* and now I’m wondering things. I’m sure in real life the hair stylist is giving… Read more »