¿Quién es Quién? Friday 4/1/16 #36

It’s as if there are two of you….

Inés may be on some serious painkillers, but she knows “Pedro” wasn’t wearing a suit earlier. He makes an excuse about having brought some extra clothes since she’ll be there a few days, but this doesn’t fit so he’s going to return it and oh yeah the papers and…Basi gets him out the door.

Inés is starting to think there’s something wrong with her–her son keeps acting so weird, and he’s different every time she sees him. Basi says it’s just the drugs, but she’s doing fine. I’m glad someone with an actual medical degree will be in to check on her at some point, because I’m pretty sure having someone say “Michoacán” while you listen to their sternum with a stethoscope is not going to yield any useful medical information.

Later, when “Pedro” is back in the room, Inés complains that she’s not enjoying her time in the hospital and the strange things she’s been seeing on the sedatives. “Pedro” encourages her to rest.

Jonathan comes to visit, with flowers, and “Pedro” decides he should go help Yesenia at the store. Inés is upset to see the bruise on Jonathan’s face, but he says he’s fine, he just needed some ice. He’s upset that she had to have surgery and says if he’d lost her, he never would have forgiven himself. She only got in the way because she didn’t want anything to happen to him. She wants them both to forget about it and just be grateful they’re both ok. She thanks him for the flowers and Jonathan puts them in her water pitcher. Inés asks for a kiss, but he says he’ll give her a thousand.

Shut up, Chamoy.

Chamoy grabs himself a slice of something for breakfast and whines to Sara about getting kicked out of the hospital and how dare Jonathan not defend Chamoy’s woman and blah, blah, blah. Sara tells him to cut it out with the “my woman” crap and stop getting into trouble.

Yesenia gets home and tells them that Inés is doing better and “Pedro’s” going to stay with her for a while. She starts to reach for the cake or sweetbread Chamoy’s munching on and he tells her get her own…oh, and fix him some huevos rancheros while she’s at it. Ugh. And she agrees. UGH.

Chamoy’s crappy attitude might finally be getting to Yesenia. He actually complains about them being so touched that “Pedro” is calling Inés “Mom” again when he’s lucky if “Pedro” calls him “Mr. Chamoy.” She tells him to quit being behaving the way he’s been and his little scene with Jonathan was not cool. Anyway, she’s got to go open the shop…Chamoy offers to do it so she can get some rest. (Nooooo! Don’t do it!)

Yesenia heads upstairs and Sara scolds “Elmer” and tells him to quit getting into trouble (sounds like the Jonathan incident at the hospital was news to her). He whines that it sucks that his own mom’s stabbing him in the back. He gets another one of her grudging blessings before he leaves.

Iggy’s big day

Ignacio brings Connie’s laptop in to work with him. He sweet-talks Ivonne, but she’s grumpy with him for not taking her out to dinner last night. He’s going to have to make up for it, but ok, she won’t pressure him. He hands over the laptop and asks her to get sistemas (IT) to restore the hard drive.

Basi and Pedro go into Leo’s office with four cardboard boxes…which is ridiculous because Pedro surely didn’t bring four boxes’ worth of stuff in there during the five minutes he’s been pretending to be Leo. He complains to Basi that not only is The Clone stealing all his women, now he wants to steal his mom, too! He’s not happy that Basi’s trying to defend him, reminding Pedro that Leonardo lost his memory. He does a spot-on impression of Leo’s “I love you, mom.” Basi now argues that anybody would react that way when faced with a lovely, kind woman who loves them. Pedro gripes that “Pedro” should be talking to the cops so they can investigate.

Pedro and Basi are still packing, although Pedro doesn’t know what office he’s going to be sent to, if at all. He’d be happier standing around at the copy machine with Basi. They suddenly realize they’ve forgotten an important member of the team…Gwen! He asks for instructions and she tells him to get on the computer, open her app and cancel the “office” terminal. Ivonne calls to tell “Leo” that Humberto wants to see him. Basi helps him with his jacket, gives him a few words of encouragement and a bullfighter’s fanfare and sends him on his way.

You shut up, too, Justino.

Justino’s staring at Neno again and continues his campaign to discredit any other men who might come within a mile of Tania, saying all the guys around there are a bunch of creeps. He asks if anyone’s shown an interest, but she denies it. The hostility’s a little too close to the surface when he tells her not to lie to him and then says he’s sure somebody gave her that bear. Tania gets her guard up and excuses herself, but she really needs to study. Sure, sure, she’ll think about what he said, mhm. She shuts the door behind him and makes a face that’s more annoyed than scared. I guess she couldn’t hear my mental screaming.


Renata gets off the phone with Dr. Marcel. In French. You go, Renata! Dani asks if that was about her “star” patient and Renata admits she’s calling in an expert. The case just keeps getting more complicated, and now there are these memories with strangers instead of his family. She sounds almost disappointed when she says at least his emotional health is getting better, his relationships with his family are getting better, he’s more in touch with his feelings…she’s definitely disappointed when she says he’s in love. Dani picks up on it and accuses Renata of being in love with him. I think her “no” is definitely a lie, but her “I don’t know” is honest.

The Meeting

In the board room, the usual suspects plus one other guy are gathered. It’s somewhere between an awkward and a hostile silence and Pedro offers to crack a joke. Everyone else who needed to has signed the paperwork to make Ignacio the new Director and now it’s “Leo’s” turn.

Basi checks with Gwen to make sure she’s backed up in other locations. That’s why we love you, Basi! He’s sad things turned out this way…Gwen repeats her new catch phrase “Hay que hacer billullo.” Basi responds that it will take time.

Anyway…there’s nothing else to do, right? He can shut down the terminal? She tells him all that’s left is the stock market report…does he want to hear it or read it. Basi gets comfortable and says she might as well tell him…for old time’s sake.

“Leo” is still in the middle of signing the paperwork. He complains they brought him a copy of the Bible to sign and asks for a break. Ignacio mocks him for taking this so well and he rolls right along, saying it’s all going to be Ignacio’s headache from now on, because he (Pedro) will be chilling with his millions at the house. Everyone turns down his suggestion of a beer.

He’s just lowering the pen to sign the laaaaaaaast page when Basi comes running down the hallway. He bursts in and tells them to stop this outrage! This is an injustice! It’s going to weigh on all of their consciences, and on the future of this great visionary (Pedro)! Ignacio tries to get Basi to leave, but he won’t go until he’s said one thing to Don Humberto…

MORETZ stock is up 300% from when “Leo” bought it…his $30M investment has become $90M. Phones come out all over the board room and everyone sees that lovely graph that looks like a cross-section of street-street-street-gutter-CURB. Ignacio’s cara de WTF is priceless!

Ignacio can’t figure out how this happened. Basi says it’s all due to “Leonardo’s” genius. An investment of $30M from a high-profile company like Fuentemayor…people must have thought something was up and they wanted in on it. Fer agrees–they kept MORETZ from going bankrupt just with their reputation.

Humberto is sure this was “Leo’s” plan all along, but Ignacio looks doubtful. He’s grumpy about Basi being there and taking “Leo’s” side and saying Don Fermin’s company will totally be cool with “Leo” at the helm now, but Humberto agrees–this is “Leo’s” triumph.

Basi excuses himself while Pedro sits at the end of the conference table and asks if he should finish signing or they should call the Spanish and go for beers. Fer, unfortunately votes for signing the paperwork, despite them having made such a huge mistake, because it’s going to look even worse to their investors if they change their minds like this. Bummer.

Ignacio tries a little emotional manipulation saying Humberto wouldn’t go back on his word. But nope, his decision was based on the thought that “Leo” had made a huge mistake, and since he didn’t…sorry Iggy. Ignacio leaves the board room, Ivonne right behind him. Humberto apologizes to “Leo” who’s totally gracious about it. Fernanda and the lawyer watch the two guys make up.

At the Mercado

Chamoy thinks about the day he first brought Inés to the shop. She loved it, but she wondered where he got the money and he told her not to worry about it. Melquiades finds him there and Chamoy brags about how he’s just taking care of his family, like a man does.

BTW, the cops questioned Melquiades yesterday and he told them what they’d agreed. The thing is, Mel doesn’t want to get involved anymore. He blames Chamoy for what happened to Inés, but once again Chamoy says it was Jonathan’s fault. He makes another threat to kill Jonathan. Calling it “thinly-veiled” would be an overstatement.

When “Pedro” arrives, he isn’t happy to see Chamoy at the shop. Helping. From the back of the shop? “Pedro” says he can leave now and Chamoy hands over the money he collected from selling two piñatas and tells “Pedro” to count it so he can see he’s not cheating them.

He grins as he points out “Pedro’s” fancy watch and laughs off the idea that it’s an imitation and someone gave it to him as a gift. “Right, and you probably believe in the Reyes Magos and Santa Claus.” His phone rings and he sets up a meeting with someone, then tells “Pedro” he’s not fooled by his “amnesia” story or his imitation watch. Entre gitanos no nos vamos a leer la buena fortuna (don’t try to BS me, we both know better; a variation on other dichos about things that aren’t done “among gypsies”). He knows a guy who will pay good money for it, and without needing a receipt. And he’s off to do some “job” that pays better than the piñateria. Chamoy walks out and “Pedro” counts the money again.


Magdalena’s cleaning when Justino gets home and she says something about him not going to work. Eh, he’s leaving Eugenio in charge and taking the day off. Oh, not to actually spend with Magdalena or take her out to eat or anything, not after she made such a big deal out of him taking money out of the account. He scoffs at the idea that he’d want to spend time with her and she tells him he doesn’t have to be so cruel. She deserves at least a little bit of respect.

She leaves and suddenly Justino gets happy…because he’s thinking about Tania undressing again. Which means we both have to see it AGAIN and see the enormous grin on his face. It’s sickening. He pulls out the keys he stole and smiles even more.

Paloma’s working at the shop when Magdalena comes by, to check on her. Paloma has good news for her–she’s close to getting the loan for the house.

Magdalena breaks into tears, but she tries to avoid telling Paloma why. Then she admits she thinks Justino’s cheating on her. He’s been so weird lately, doing things he’d never done before. He got drunk, he took a bunch of money out of the account, and now he’s taking a day off for no reason.

Paloma asks if there have been other clues…lipstick on his clothes, perfume? Maybe he has some problem he doesn’t want to talk about, but Magdalena insists she can just feel it. His mood is worse than ever and he looks so guilty. Sure, she tried to talk to him, but he just keeps responding with majaderias (nonsense). She doesn’t know what to do! She feels awful! Paloma just hugs her.

Paloma has a hard time thinking Justino would do anything shady since he’s so judgmental. (Um…that’s funny, ’cause I tend to think “judgmental” and “shady” tend to go together….) To do something he shouldn’t would be like betraying himself. (OK, I’ll give her that one, and it does make a very good explanation for his tortured looks.)

Paloma isn’t sure if he’s seeing someone else, but she doesn’t think Magdalena should be putting up with his crap. He’s never going to change, but she can leave. Magdalena cries. She’s not brave like Paloma. She wouldn’t know how. (I’ll refer you again to this page from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, especially the section titled “Understanding Why Victims Stay.”)

Justino uses the key to get into Tania’s room. He tosses the bear on the floor, 

does some disgusting stuff that I'm only telling you about because if you didn't actually watch it and you have a vivid imagination, you might come up with something even worse on your own. Click here for details.
sniffs the air above her bed, sniffs her underwear, and kisses it.
 He’s so horrified with his own behavior he even asks himself what he’s doing.


Ignacio fumes in his office and starts throwing stuff around. Ivonne tries to comfort him, but he just screams at her and physically shoves her out of his office. He swears they won’t make a fool out of him.

Party time in Leo’s office! Basi calls Pedro a financial genius. They start making a list…open that trust for Santiago; do, uh, company stuff; sneak more money to his mom. Basi wishes he had a picture of Ignacio’s face! They could have put it up at the door. Pedro’s a little upset, though, that Fernanda supported Ignacio instead of him. Eh, she was just making the decision that looked best from a PR standpoint. They start unpacking.

Pedro is playing chess when Humberto comes to his office to invite him to dinner. He’d like them to have a good talk. Pedro’s cool with that he’s, uh, just gotta finish…making some investments…and let Fernanda know where he’s going.

Ignacio has moved his violent pity party to Fernanda’s office. She’s trying to tell him to keep his cool or he’ll blow his cover. It doesn’t go over well.

At the Cultural Center

Ruben has been trying to reach Yesenia all day, but she was sleeping and didn’t answer her phone. If he takes her to dinner, she’ll tell him what’s going on–she’d rather do it in person. They make a plan and then he sees Connie and asks how her first day went. She had a good day, but she’d like some advice.

Connie’s soaking up Ruben’s teaching advice and looking just a touch too admiring. Fabiola walks in, sees this, and makes a gloating face–obviously coming to the wrong conclusion.

Ruben gives Connie some book recommendations and tells her he thinks she’s someone who can make an art out of teaching. Fabiola walks up as he walks away, snidely says she knows why Connie left the house now, and says Nora gave her up. (We know this isn’t true because earlier she searched Connie’s room and found the flyer for film class.)

Of course it’s Chamoy.

Inés and Jonathan are snogging and I don’t think it’s medicinal. He actually hurts his face, so clearly it’s not. Inés asks about the police investigation and she can tell he’s hiding something. Jonathan tries to change the subject, but Inés says she thinks it was Chamoy and she’s worried he’ll try again.

Chamoy is at his “job.” He’s got brass knuckles and a ski mask, and he heads for Humberto when Humberto walks into the parking garage. Humberto tries to hand over his wallet, but before he can, Pedro knocks Chamoy over from behind, sending him rolling. Chamoy (still wearing the ski mask) stares at Pedro, and Pedro stares at him.

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4 years ago

Loved this capitulo and your recap!! Basi having Inés say “Michoacán” while he listened to her sternum was priceless. “Leo’s” stock market save was predictable but cute. For a while it seemed weird to me that Pedro has never considered that Leo might be related to him if not his twin but I guess that is me thinking like a novela where two people who look the same must be closely related or twins even if they were raised separately. If I met someone who looked exactly like me, I wouldn’t suppose I had a secret twin, I would figure… Read more »

4 years ago

another wonderful recap 5ftLatina, thank you so very much!

what jumped out at me is that I think Chamoy realized he was looking at a second Pedro.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thank you Diva great recap (s) (cause I read the last one too) and I loved this description “a cross-section of street-street-street-gutter-CURB.” That’s going into my mental data bank for future reference, hope that’s ok 🙂 .

Also Michoacan? I noticed that too and went squee (just a little one) when I saw you didn’t think it was medically useful either.
thanks again