¿Quién es Quién? Monday 4/4/16 #37

Muggus Interruptus

Chamoy makes his attempt to assault Humberto but is stopped by “Leonardo”.

Humberto wants security on the case. It’s quickly discovered that the cameras were not working and they have no film of the assault. Fernanda thinks they should look at film from previous days. Maybe the assailant had been hanging around previously. Ignacio wants to call the police. Humberto vetoes that idea. The assailant didn’t really do anything and the company (supposedly) has it’s own security force. They question Leo. Leo gives a quick description-he wore a ski mask, was tall, “fornido” (well-built) and his eyes…after a pause Leo just says they were brown.

Humberto wonders what the motive of the attack could have been. Ivonne suggests that Santiago had something to do with it. Leo thinks it was just a random guy and a random mugging. Humberto finds it odd that this random guy seemed to have targeted just him and Leo.

Fernanda is not happy with the suggestion that it was Santiago. She will not let them blame him for this, too. She better not find out Ignacio had anything to do with the assault. Ignacio swears it wasn’t him and promises to investigate.

Mother of the Year

Fabiola and Connie fight at the cultural center. She wants Connie to come back home and offers several bribes. Connie is not coming back home. She again accuses Fabiola of being responsible for Armando’s death. Tania overhears, but I’m not sure if she really heard anything or was just noting the angry body language.

Tania was too busy looking for the key she lost. She worries about having to pay the $20 for a replacement key.

Wedding Plans

Jonathan thinks that Chamoy is giving Ines a hard time because he doesn’t think she’s serious about Johnathan. The thing to do is get married. NOW. Ines agrees it is crazy to live with such fear. Johnathan is ready to seek out someone to marry them today. In the hospital. Ines is incredulous. Get married today? In this lovely gown (picking at the hospital robe.) Johnathan doesn’t care what she’s wearing. Smoochies and declarations of love.

Self-imposed House Arrest

Cocó decides it’s time to get out and get some fresh air. She opens the door and Termi is *rightthere*. She slams the door in his face, hurting his nose.

They discuss Ines’s hospital stay. Cocó still feels awful about lying and trying to marry Perico.

Got Milk?

Justino slithers around Tania’s apartment. He smells her perfume. He sprays a little on his own hankie.

He opens her refrigerator and remembers she likes to have a glass of milk before she goes to bed. He drugs the open bottle of milk.

When Tania gets home later that night, she pours herself a glass and falls fast asleep.

Daddy issues

“Pedro” talks to Paloma about family. Paloma says her dad was always strict, but has gotten worse since he’s gotten older. When she was younger, all she wanted to do was get the hell out of the house. Pedro comments about their bad dad luck.

Paloma disagrees. Pedro and his father used to get along great. She was even jealous of their relationship. It wasn’t until Chamoy went to jail that things went south. Pedro wonders if he could be like his dad. Paloma doesn’t think he’s anything like Chamoy. He may have been a womanizer, but he was no thief. If anything he was generous to a fault.

 I have no clue what heading to say for this stuff

Chamoy drives somewhere and thinks about Leo calling Humberto his “jefe.” He thinks even further back to crossing the border with Ines. He recalls telling her that the child had to be born on “el otro lado” and Ines saying she couldn’t hold on much longer. He remembers someone offering to take the whole family across for $2000 dollars.

Ignacio watches the tape of the mugging (that supposedly didn’t exist) and gripes about Chamoy. He picks up the phone and calls Chamoy. He wants to know why Chamoy didn’t finish the job and beat the both of them. Chamoy hangs up on him.

Ignacio can’t believe Chamoy hung up on him. Fabiola comes for a visit and Ignacio has to tell her that Humberto changed his mind at the last minute and did NOT put Ignacio in charge. Fabiola will talk to Humberto.

Nora goes to see Connie at the house. At first Connie is mad about Nora ratting her out out to Fabiola, but she and Nora quickly clear things up and decide to share a cup of coffee. Most important reason for this scene: So Nora has the chance to say “believe me I can keep a secret. I’ve kept even bigger family secrets than this.” (Connie questions that a little, but Nora brushes it off.)

At home, Fernanda goes to see Santiago. He’s a little whiny, but sees the silver lining. At least the hospital is better than jail. At least here he can sleep.

Humberto and Leo discuss the Santiago theory. Leo doesn’t think it could be him. Leo did some investigating. Santiago is in the hospital. Besides, Santiago and his sister don’t have a cent to their names. Humberto didn’t even know Santiago had a sister.  Leo makes some more comments excusing/defending Santiago. Humberto notes how different Leo has become. They hug. Nora, back from her visit with Connie, sees them and is very happy.

(BTW-“Leo” makes terrible tea.)

Nora won’t break her promise to Connie. She will not tell Humberto where Connie is. She does assure him that Connie is fine. Fabiola swans in and is a bitch to everyone. Her excuse is she’s depressed about Connie being gone.


After a little smooching Yesenia and Ruben decide to be “novios en proceso de adaptación”…which I assume means “we’re transitioning to novios.” Yesenia seems happy with that definition.

Ruben talks her into accepting Ines’s relationship. Yesenia goes to the hospital and congratulates Ines and tells her she’s willing to accept that she’s marrying Johnathan. This makes Ines very happy. Johnathan again brings up getting married right now in the hospital, but I think Ines and Paloma talk him down so Ines can have a nice wedding.

After everyone leaves, “Pedro” asks Ines about the watch he’s wearing, but she doesn’t have any answers.

Later that night, Yesenia squeals to Lupita about kissing Ruben and being “novios en proceso de adaptación”. Yesenia assumes this means that Ruben won’t be hanging out at the Bar-ena looking for Candy any more. She is wrong. After Lupita runs off to get her shoes (she had to spend the night in a hotel since she and Tencha had a fight), Ruben shows up to finish his interview with Candy.

“Candy” says she hates cowards and asks why he’s really there. Then she attacks his lips and both my husband and I are all WTH? He even asks me “Why the hell did she do that?” The only response I had was “she did it to piss me off.”

Back at the casa Fuentemayor, Fabiola is busy convincing Humberto that she and Nora can’t live in the same house. According to Fabiola, Nora hates her. Humberto has to fire Nora.

Where’s the kid?

Chamoy muscles his way into some dude’s office. I gave you a kid 20-something years ago. What did you do with him?

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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Sara! This was a tough episode. Justino…I barely know what to say. Things were already bad and now the drugging. It felt like it came out of nowhere to escalate to that and I’m not looking forward to finding out what happens. Chamoy is a rotten baby-stealing creep. I agree that the reason for Connie to think even for a second that Nora would have ratted her out was so Nora could say the thing about secrets. Because otherwise, come on, she knows better than that! I think I might have gotten a little misty when they both pulled… Read more »

4 years ago

Great recap, Sara. I agree that it was a tough episode. As for Justino, Tania didn’t drink much of that milk so I’m hoping she’ll wake up and throw the perv out but it is much more likely in a novela for Justino to rape her, convince her that she consented, which will then cause problems for her and Eugenio. I hope not, though! Talk about an “aquafiestas” when Fabiola barged in on Humberto, Nora and “Leo” having a nice chat together. Perico as Leo is SO different from the little we saw of the pre-amnesia Leo that I am… Read more »

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Jean

Typical Humberto–nothing happened to him, therefore nothing happened. I want to cut him some slack for being in shock or whatever, but sometimes, he’s kind of uncaring about people he sees as beneath him. If not acting like a complete jerk, the way he did with Basi.

4 years ago

Sara and Diva – Thanks so much for the great recaps. They got me through being out of town for most of last week.
Sara – Great titles/headings as always. And I always love your “voice.” Like this line:
“Justino slithers around Tania’s apartment.” Oh, yeah. He sure did. A great read!
BTW. I don’t understand novela math. If the Moretz stock lost all value and then increased three fold, three times nothing is nothing by my calculations. Hmmm.

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Denise

Gracias, Denise! I think they worded it badly–it should have been an increase in value to 3x the purchase price as opposed to an increase of 3×0. I basically trusted Basi when he said the total value was $90M, even if the explanation was wonky.