¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 4/5/16 #38

Falling into place

Chamoy presses the crooked baby broker about the whereabouts of his spawn and dares him to go right ahead and call the cops. He tries to refresh his memory, mentioning a comadrona (midwife) who brought him out to where they were staying. Baby broker still denies knowing anything, but you know, if Chamoy DID give him a kid in exchange for some cash, he also would have signed a contract relinquishing his rights.

Baby broker’s memory is finally jogged, after Chamoy slams him into the wall and chokes him. He doesn’t remember the couple he gave the baby to, but he remembers the woman who brought them. Her name was “Nora.”

BB takes his time looking through his records so his henchman can come in and pull a gun on Chamoy. He tells the guy to kill Chamoy, but first…he slugs Chamoy in the gut. Unfortunately, Chamoy regains the upper hand, takes the gun away from BB’s henchman, shoots him, verbally threatens BB some more, then decides he doesn’t really need him, either, and shoots him as well.

This gives Chamoy ample time to search for his file, find some booze, and use it to set the desk on fire.


The one gulp of drugged milk was enough to knock Tania out cold. There’s way too much time spent on this scenario, so I’ll give you the bottom line. He doesn’t rape her. He does get her shirt off. He’s starting to undo his pants when Connie comes over, knocking frantically on the door because she’s got another rat. She doesn’t leave right away, because she sees that Tania’s light is on, so Justino gets spooked and goes out the window. He doesn’t break his neck. Tania wakes up enough to shut the window, but goes right back to sleep.

I’m grateful to the rat.


Fabiola continues throwing her tantrum about how Humberto likes Nora more than he likes her. He tries to explain that she’s practically a member of the family, but Fabi suspects the real reason he keeps Nora around is that she must know some big secret about him. Since she’s not getting what she wants, she goes to sleep in Connie’s room.

Late night chat

“Leonardo” and Nora stay up talking. Nora warns him they need to stay out of Humberto and Fabiola’s relationship.

They move on to discussing the wedding–“Leo” wants help tempering his ideas, since Fer always says they’re too out-there. “Leo” takes notes and Nora’s reminded of the way “he” used to sit there, doing “his” homework as a kid.

He shares that he still has some concerns about Fernanda–sometimes he thinks her lips say one thing and her eyes say another. Nora reminds him he did leave her at the altar. He needs to make sure Fernanda feels like he’ll always be there for her.

There’s some wordplay about serving the guests “tinga” (spicy chicken) which Nora feels would be too spicy, but since “Leo” figures most of the guests annoy him anyway, he’d be perfectly happy to serve up some “tinga” (trouble).

She asks him what was going on with Humberto earlier and he tells her about the attempt in the parking garage where “nothing” happened. And no worries, anyone who tries to do that again will get some tinga.

Nora finally goes to bed, leaving Pedro alone with his thoughts. He’s nearly convinced it was Chamoy in that mask, but it’s too soon for him to be out of jail, right…?

There’s only ONE of you!

“Candy” hammers on Ruben about whether that wasn’t the best kiss he’s ever had, doesn’t he want her, what would he do if she told him to just take her right there, right now…thank goodness Lupe comes in and ends this stupid “test.”

Once Ruben is gone, Yesenia rants about men being hypocrites. She can’t believe he threw “Yesenia” over so quickly just because “Candy” came on to him. He’d better not cheat on her with “Candy” or she’ll go out there and find some other guy…. Lupita pronounces her “mas loca que una cabra bipolar.” Oh, great, now we’re going to consistently misdiagnose the goats, too? Mostly I’m just annoyed by Yesenia and Candy both and starting to think Ruben needs to make a run for it.

At the hospital

Inés has The Nightmare. She’s holding a baby and saying they’re going to go find his brother. She’s in a dark, dirty-looking shack. She lays the baby down on the bed and goes to the crib, but it’s empty. In her sleep she cries for her baby.

And when she wakes up, there he is. She cries while “Pedro” holds her. It’s just a dream she’s had since he was a baby. It’ll pass. And she doesn’t want to talk about it. It hurts too much. She asks him to take her hand and distract her by talking about anything good.

More late night talk

Paloma and Sara have some coffee and get to talking about Justino. Sara remembers how she used to get all dolled up and hit the mercado and he refused to sell her fruit because he thought she was too brazen. She shows Paloma an old picture (looks like an old headshot!) and Paloma thinks she was quite the hottie! She even looked like an artista…did she ever…? Well, you know, she and a friend did have a dance act once…. Awww, we don’t get to hear the rest of the story. But hey, now we know who Yesenia got her moves from. Her dance moves anyway.

The next morning

At Casa Perico, Paloma is reviewing Cachito’s homework. He’s written a beautiful composition, of course, because he wrote it about Paloma and Paloma is beautiful. You go, Perico Jr.!

Hm, she seems to recall having woken up one morning feeling soooo sad, but then she saw Cachito and she felt so happy. He sighs that she’s so recargada (overblown) and earns himself hugs and tickles. “Pedro” walks in as he’s complaining she’ll drown him with love… “Pedro’s” arrival has “saved” him! “Pedro’s” a little confused, but just goes with it.

He gives them the update on Inés–she had a nightmare and had a really hard time going back to sleep. Cachito wonders if she dreamed about the same monster he did, though he has trouble pronouncing “monster” and he’s working on it with Paloma as they head out the door.

When they’re gone, “Pedro” asks Sara about this nightmare. She knows Inés has had it for as long as she’s known her, but as for what it’s about or whether there was some trauma around his or Yesenia’s birth…. He’ll have to ask Inés about that.

Oh, really? Well, ok then, Doña Sara. That’s right, when she’s ready to tell him what’s up with Inés’ nightmares, then she can be “Abuela,” but until then…. He goes upstairs to take a shower, ignoring her yelling after him that he’s an emotional blackmailer and she’s going to smack him upside the head!

Seriously, Bert?

Humberto speaks to Nora alone before breakfast. He reassures her he’s not going to fire her. Nora wants it to be clear that she had nothing to do with Connie leaving the house. That was all Fabi and her mistreatment that Connie just couldn’t take anymore.

And by the way, did he know that Fabiola actually found Connie yesterday? AND talked to her? AND told her that Nora betrayed her confidence? Look, Nora may be sensitive, but even she has limits.

Somehow, Humberto wants Nora to try to see Fabiola’s side, and get Connie to do the same. Oh, hell no! Fabiola wants puppets and that’s not going to happen. Nora thinks it’s best if she leaves. Humberto begs her to stay and help him find a better solution.

Emotional whiplash

Magdalena finds Justino on the couch in the morning, agitated and nearly in tears. Her sympathy and attempts to understand what’s going on only annoy him. He gives a great illustration of “projection” when he gets up in her face and asks “Do you know what I feel for you? Disgust!” He storms out of the house, leaving Magdalena in tears.

She’s still on the couch later, crying, when Paloma comes over. Magdalena tells her what happened, not leaving anything out.

Paloma is horrified. She wants Magdalena to quit trying to justify Justino’s behavior–nothing that he’s going through gives him permission to be so terrible to her. She tries to convince Magdalena to pack up right now and leave.

And when Justino comes in, braying as usual, that’s exactly what she tells him she’s doing. “You have no right to treat my mom like this! You’re great at judging, but lousy at respecting your wife. You talk a lot about morality–do you think it’s decent to tell the mother of your children she disgusts you?!” Justino, almost quietly, asks her to leave–this is between him and Magdalena.

Paloma begs Magdalena to come with her right now, but Justino asks Magdalena to forgive him. “I don’t want to hurt you. Forgive me.” He walks off, leaving Magdalena confused, though Paloma still looks determined.

Future roommates (please!)

Connie comes by Tania’s again in the morning and it’s hard for Tania to drag herself off the bed and find her shirt. She figures she must have been exhausted last night. Connie wonders if she’s sick, but Tania thinks she just needs a shower to wake her up before they go to class. She can’t remember this ever happening to her before. The last thing she remembers is…actually, she really can’t remember anything.


Pedro is in Leo’s office, still wondering if it was Chamoy in the parking garage. Basilio comes in, having heard the story. Pedro asks how the security guard is doing–he’s fine, but he didn’t see the guy who hit him. They have to discard Ignacio himself as a possibility because this guy was bigger and besides, he saw Ignacio upstairs right after it happened. The thing is…the guy was wearing a mask, but Pedro saw his eyes and they looked just like his real dad’s eyes.

Inés is going home this afternoon, but the doctor wants her to take it easy. Three days of rest, at least, with some light walking to help the healing process. After the doctor leaves, Chamoy comes by for a visit and I start screaming “Call button! Call button!”

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Visita/ Guest

Excellent recap, Kat! I totally agree that the scene with Justino and Tania went on way too long. How hard would it be for “Leo” to check on whether Chamoy has been released from prison or better yet have Basi do it. So Inés dreams about having had twins but presumably has been told that never happened. When Inés gave birth to two babies, did Chamoy just see an opportunity to get cash by selling one? Maybe he needed $$$ to cross the border. It still isn’t clear to me whether they made it across the border before the birth.… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

wonderful recap, I can really appreciate all of the time and effort that you put into these.
on the story and as you pointed out,
I loved how Ines was awoken from her nightmare from the son who went missing.
nice touch from the writers.

Visita/ Guest

“In her sleep, she cries for her baby. And when she wakes up, there he is.” Wonderful. I didn’t even make that connection when I read the recap or when I watched the episode.

Visita/ Guest

the Leo/Ines connection intrigues me, they were introduced to us as strangers (kinda creepy) and as Leo softens we now know Ines is his real mother, which sheds some light on the trauma he felt when he lost his (not-real) mother, and why the two brothers are so different, this is some good writing.

Visita/ Guest

I just keep hoping that somehow Chamoy is not the brothers’ biological father but I guess there’s no doubt he fathered Yesenia and she turned out all right.

Visita/ Guest

Yes, this is a superb recap! I appreciate your work so much because the show is such fun to watch, and it’s like watching it again when I read the recap (but better because I get all your great insights into the show.) Like you, I can’t stand watching the Justino stuff. It’s so vile.

I’m devastated that the telenovela is moving time slots. I really hope Telemundo will keep putting it on its website with the other shows. That’s the only way I can see it.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Diva. Totally enjoyed this.