¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 4/6/16 #39

Chamoy’s visit

He comes by to “check” on Inés, but he’s barely in the door before he starts in on Jonathan. He quickly moves to painting all the things he did as his way of coping with the loss of their baby.

Neither Inés nor I can believe Chamoy would go there. He swears it’s not to hurt her, but no one but Inés can understand his pain. Oh, hell no! She’s having none of it. Here’s how it really went down…

We have to remember she was only 17 then, just a scared kid. She never even knew she was pregnant with twins, since he didn’t take her to the doctor. Then he forced her to walk FOR DAYS and when it was clear she was going to give birth, he wouldn’t take her to a hospital. He left her in some dirty room with a midwife (and I feel like that might be an overstatement).

Chamoy continues to insist it was all for the best, to get them to the US, like he promised, and didn’t it all turn out so well? Hey, she even sort of got the other kid back, right? What with Pedro acting so different and all.

Inés is so incensed she gets out of bed to beat on him. Jonathan walks in and gets an opportunity to punch Chamoy himself. I hope that was as satisfying for Jonathan as it was for me. Inés tells him to get out and he pretends to be reasonable, whining that Jonathan started it, and then leaving “because you asked.”

Jonathan heard Inés mention a baby who died. He convinces her to tell him the story….

After the birth, Inés had a fever. She was unconscious for a while. When she came to, the midwife told her one of her twins had died. She doesn’t even know where he’s buried. She never wanted to tell the kids–what for? So they could feel just as bad as she does? So Pedro could feel bad that his brother died and he lived? Jonathan understands, but he thinks maybe they’re old enough now to know. And maybe one day Inés will tell them, but for now the only ones who know are her, Sara, Chamoy, and now Jonathan. She makes him promise not to tell.

Big news

Paloma is frustrated that Magdalena forgave Justino yet again. She knows she can’t make her leave, but it doesn’t keep her from wanting to shake Magdalena to try to get her to react. “Pedro” hugs her to calm her down and then gives her the envelope that showed up for her. Paloma doesn’t want to open it at first, but she’s thrilled to see that she got the loan for the house!

The real estate agent will be waiting for Paloma to sign all the paperwork when she’s ready. In the meantime, she and “Pedro” are welcome to hang out in the house–it’s practically hers!

“Pedro” and Paloma are so excited they decide to have a joint new house celebration and consummate their relationship. But, oops! “Pedro” gets the call about Inés being released. I find it charming that he has to clear his throat before he can answer the phone.

He and Paloma agree this was a lucky break for them. Paloma wasn’t “prepared” and she doesn’t think they should be acting like a couple of adolescents. “Pedro” admits that he was “prepared” but he agrees he’d like to wait for the perfect moment. They trade “I love you”s and it makes me wish he could just stay “Pedro” forever.

A blast from the past

Karen is watching the news about Fuentemayor Corp’s investment in Moretz when Nora comes in. The very next story is about the death of Martin Andrade, a lawyer who has been operating an illegal “adoption agency” in Tijuana. Karen notices Nora has gone pale.

At “work”

Pedro and Basi review the security camera footage, but they can’t see “the attacker.” Basi has his doubts, but Pedro is convinced that it was Chamoy. Basi can’t come up with a logical reason why Chamoy would have been there, even if he IS out of jail–it’s not as if he knows Humberto. Pedro agrees they certainly don’t run in the same circles. So, anyway, back to matters of billullo.

Pedro calls Bellman to tell him the money has been transferred. He just had a little setback–an emergency trip to Japan to see about some kimonos. Basi starts cracking up. He says Pedro’s finally getting the hang of this “acting like a millionaire” thing.

Fernanda hasn’t heard anything from Bellman and she tries harassing his assistant, but the assistant just hangs up the phone. Pedro comes in when Dani is comforting Fernanda and jokes that he would’ve liked to get in on the hug train. Dani awkwardly leaves the office, turning over the job of cheering up Fernanda to Pedro.

He brings up the impending wedding and starts in on the smoochies. He mentions having Nora run some wedding details by her, but Fer trusts Nora’s judgment. He suggests a little office nookie, but she reminds him they’re supposed to be working. She manages to extricate him from her office. Alone, she says he should go sell it (the good-guy act) to someone who doesn’t know him.

It may or may not be an important detail that while Humberto is chatting with Don Fermin about how his son makes such brilliant business moves he pours himself a drink. After the call he takes one sip. Later, he puts the glass back without finishing the rest.

Nora comes by for a visit, which Ivonne feels the need to report to Ignacio later, as she finds it odd that Nora and Humberto would spend so much time in his office together.

Well, they had something important to discuss. Martin the baby broker’s death and whether the truth might get out.

Humberto seems focused on what it would mean for the company’s reputation. He has doubts about whether it was an entirely legal adoption, or whether Leonardo was actually an orphan, as they were told. He’d rather gamble on the records having been destroyed in the fire than risk opening up a can of worms.

Nora is more concerned about Leonardo’s reaction if he doesn’t hear it from them, but she refuses to consider the possibility that he might have other parents out there. Leonardo had a good life and opportunities he never would have had if Humberto and Sofia hadn’t saved him. Still, she’s convinced that not telling him is only going to cause more trouble.

As for the non-twin who keeps acting like she’s two people

Lemme just sum up this ridiculous scenario so I don’t get my eyes stuck in my head from rolling them so much. When Ruben shows up at the mercado, Yesenia goes on one of her patented senseless rants. Then she makes a big show of telling Termi she’s always had a thing for him and kissing him. Ruben walks off without saying a word.

This is, unfortunately, witnessed by Cocó, Doña Tencha, and Lupita. Right after Cocó “snuck” into the market “disguised” with dark glasses and lots of bling, had her dubious cover blown, and told Tencha that she came clean at the wedding because she was in love with Termi. I, um, kind of want Cocó’s blingy baseball cap.

Lupe can’t believe what she saw. Yesenia wipes out her mouth with a napkin and asks for two more juices. Lupe’s sure Ruben’s going to break up with her.

Chicks, man.

Ruben’s confused about what happened, but he did admit to Eugenio that he kissed another woman and he shouldn’t have. He just can’t figure out how Yesenia knows! He likes Yesenia and Candy both–actually he thinks if you put them together, they’d be the perfect woman for him. Eugenio jokes that unless they want un poliamor (a polyamorous relationship) he’s kinda screwed. Ruben finally decides it must have been LUPE who told Yesenia about the kiss.

Terminators, man.

Terminator goes to visit Cocó, makes some kind of noise that makes her think he might have hurt himself, and gets her to let him in. He blames that kiss earlier on pheromones, animal magnetism, and possibly a change in deodorant. Cocó explains that he ruined her story about why she called off the wedding. He tries to get Cocó to admit she loves him, but she shoos him out of her house with a broom.

Cake, man!

The house is all decked out for Inés Welcome Home party. Inés is touched they went to all this effort. She and Sara get really teary about how much they love each other… “As if you were my own daughter.” Paloma calls for an end to the mush and the cutting of cake.

Chamoy’s new score

If there was any doubt as to Chamoy’s feelings for his family, I think they might be cleared up when he tells Melquiades that he’s found himself a new gold mine and just doesn’t know exactly how he’s going to exploit it. He doesn’t need a partner on this one, but he does need someone to explain to him how to use a tablet. He’s heard he can get all kinds of information out of one.

Considering that’s not exactly how it works, I call shenanigans on him being able to look up information about Humberto and Leonardo online so quickly and easily. Maybe he’s a natural. He’s scrolling and zooming and marveling at how far his “son” got.

The episode ends with Humberto asking to talk to “Leo” about something…personal.

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4 years ago

Great recap, Kat. I love the titles, man. We finally get the poop on what happened when Pedro and Leo were born. I guess Chamoy sold the baby to get the money to get them into the US – so Ines and the twins and Chamoy, of course, are all [undocumented]. “Leo” should be having more doubts about marrying Fernanda. She’s not even pretending to want to be near him. Rich folks like Humberto and dead wife couldn’t adopt a baby legally? Humberto’s not a bad guy but he did seem a little too concerned about bad publicity for the… Read more »

4 years ago

Thanks for this excellent resumen, Diva. My DVR was misbehaving and I only saw part of the episode.
So we are getting a better idea of how these twins got separated and how even their own mother wasn’t aware of her child’s disappearance. It’s fun watching both of the twins evolve.

4 years ago

Thank you, Kat! Wonderful as always. I liked Cocó’s blingy hat as well.

As awful as his actions are, I am finding Chamoy comical. My husband cracks jokes about his gum chewing, beard combing and glasses slinging every time we watch. It makes it hard to see Chamoy as menacing.