¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 4/7/16 #40

The big talk

Humberto seems to chicken out of telling “Leonardo” the truth and instead tells him that he knows he’s screwed up a lot since his mom died and he’s sorry. He wants him to know he’s proud of him. More than proud, actually. He loves him. And he hopes that “Leo” won’t judge him too harshly for making mistakes and will remember that he and Sofia were/are the most important people in his life. Pedro calls Humberto back before he walks out of the office to give him a big hug.

Basi comes back to the office, but Pedro can’t figure out what Humberto’s visit was really about. He thinks Humberto didn’t actually say what he wanted to say. He suddenly worries that maybe Leo is sick and only has two days to live and nobody told him! Seriously–Humberto was on the verge of tears! Basi thinks maybe Humberto is just reacting to the overall Pedro vibe that’s been permeating the office. He says “vé tú a saber” (your guess is as good as mine) in English. And by that I mean he translates it literally and says “Go you to know.”

Well, anyway. Lunch? Shrimp tacos? ‘Cause sleeping shrimp…end up in tacos! (It’s a reference to the dicho Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente; sleeping shrimp are carried away by the current; don’t let life pass you by.) Oh, these two. I swear they’re ad-libbing.

Who let that riff raff in here?

At the Cultural Center, Connie tells Tania and Eugenio that the house echoes and she imagines every noise is a rat, or a monster, or intergalactic zombies. She hasn’t gotten anyone to answer her audition notice for the part of “Roommate.” She’d love for Tania to move in, but Tania paid 2 months’ rent in advance (*sob*). She and Eugenio will help out, though. For starters, they want to go have coffee.

Connie sees Fabiola and says she’ll catch up with them later, at Tania’s place. Fabiola can’t imagine Connie would stoop so low as to want to hang out with poor people. How can she trust them? What if they’re drug dealers?

Look, Connie’s NOT coming home and Fabi needs to understand that. Fabiola’s sure she will once her savings run out. “I’ll wash dishes and scrub floors before I ask you for a cent! And quit trying to cause trouble. Nora already told me she didn’t tell you where to find me. And yeah, I trust her more than I trust you.” Fabiola decides Nora’s the one giving Connie money, to turn her against Fabi.

Ruben walked in on the middle of this conversation and he asks if everything’s ok…? Fabiola turns on the charm, even deigning to shake his hand and spout some BS about being a concerned mother. At least she leaves.

Ruben is once again trying to use his experience with his own mom to counsel Connie to have patience with hers, but here’s the thing–his mom wasn’t a raving shrew out to destroy every possible shred of self-confidence he had and making his life a living hell. At least, that’s not how he’s described her. Connie tells him this really isn’t just some adolescent whim of hers. She decides she’d rather skip film class to work on the class she’s teaching tomorrow.

How are we going to keep that riff raff out?

At Casa Perico, everyone noshes on cake. And speaking of cake…when’s the wedding?! Paloma suggests Inés finish recovering first and then they can start dress shopping. Inés is so grateful to everyone. Paloma calls for an end to the “party” so Inés can get some rest. She’s just about to head upstairs when Terminator arrives.

He just needed to tell Yesenia that, well, it’s, uh, never gonna happen. He’s in love with someone else. Look, they’ve had their good moments, but his heart belongs to another. Yesenia sniffs sadly, asking if he’s going to donate it or something? She keeps up the sorrowful act as Termintor apologizes and tells her to think of him as just a dream of her youth. Now that she’s a grown woman, she needs to find a man who’s free to love her the way she deserves. Yesenia says he should have put that to music, it’s so beautiful. He tells her she needs to keep going and never get tied to the past. And remember him affectionately, because he’ll always remember her.

Jonathan comes over to ask what’s going on and Yesenia explains that Termi just broke her heart, so she’s, uh, gonna go cry somewhere else. And then she’s out the front door and Termi’s giving her a sorrowful “Hasta la vista, baby.” No, seriously, he says that. I would never joke about such an iconic moment in American cinema.


Ok, sorry, I’m good now. *snort*

Termi tells Jonathan it’s better this way. Jonathan’s like “Ok, whatever. Here’s the keys to the cheese shop.”

Paloma gets Inés propped up in bed and then asks what’s going on. She could tell Inés got nervous when they started talking about the wedding. Isn’t she excited about it? Inés tells herself she deserves to be happy and be loved, but she’s afraid. She knows she can tell Paloma. Paloma agrees, she’ll there for Inés, always. What is Inés afraid of? Or is it “who”?

While Sara and Cachito catch up on their telenovelas, Jonathan catches “Pedro” up on the drama at the hospital. When Paloma comes downstairs she says Inés is going to need some time to regain her strength. And as for her mood–she’s worried. “Pedro” suggests getting a restraining order on Chamoy, but they need a reason for that. Jonathan and “Pedro” both think he was behind the attack. Paloma thinks the best thing to do is for Jonathan to marry her and take her somewhere far away. Jonathan’s angry that he and Inés should be the ones who have to go on the run. “Pedro” agrees–Chamoy’s the one who’s not needed around here. Paloma’s only worried about Inés’ peace of mind.

Inés wakes up to Jonathan lounging on her bed, telling her she’s soooo pretty…and he’ll bring her a mirror so she can see for herself. Jonathan doesn’t want Inés constantly worried about some jerk who won’t let go. He proposes the two of them go somewhere else and start a new life together.

Inés doesn’t like this idea. She can’t leave the kids–she won’t leave the kids. Her life is here. Her family, her kids, the house, the business she started when she moved here. And what about him? His business? He asks if that means he’s going to have to get used to seeing her look so sad and worried. Inés tells him to let things calm down some, let Chamoy get used to the idea that it’s really seriously completely for realz OVER. She asks him for time and he asks if she’s sure.

The riff raff is already inside

Ignacio hasn’t even closed Fernanda’s door the whole way yet before he calls Fernanda “mi amor.” He has more paperwork he wants her to get “Leo” to sign. This time she actually reads the paperwork–a transfer of thousands of dollars. He figures she can just tell him it’s about the Moretz deal.

Fer doesn’t want to risk screwing up the wedding, but Ignacio thinks the sooner “Leo” is behind bars for fraud, the better. She just thinks it’s too many transfers too close together (so maybe that’s what the last batch was). He’s smart and he’s dangerous–they were all so sure the Moretz deal was a dud and look what happened! They can’t underestimate him.

Ignacio thinks his plan is a sure bet–he’ll make a transfer tomorrow, another Monday, and so on. In a few weeks, the Spanish will notice the fraud and all the paperwork will have Leonardo’s signature. He’s so thrilled with his own cleverness, but Fer’s mind is on Santiago. When the operation is finished, he’ll go back to jail and she can’t fail him now. Ignacio swears there’s no way to connect Fernanda to any of this. She finally agrees she’ll do it.

The riffiest raff of them all

After lunch, Pedro wonders if they should go let Santi know that he’s having the operation. Basi nixes that idea–what if his sister is there?

As they’re deciding against it, Pedro hears Chamoy calling out to him, “Mr. Fuentemayor, can I have a word?” Craaaaaaaaap!

Pedro turns around and asks if he knows him. Elmer offers his full name “Elmer Homero Perez.” Basi and I are both caught off guard at the joke…seriously, El Mero Mero? (the big boss) Chamoy doesn’t appreciate the joke.

Well, anyway, if Mr. Fuentemayor’s, er, secretary here says Mr. Fuentemayor has never met him then they’ll be going now. Nope, Chamoy has something “important” to tell him about his father. Please, like he could know Don Humberto Fuentemayor! Basi reminds him about that important meeting they have in a few minutes. It wouldn’t do to leave Mr. Bill Gates waiting.

The security guard asks if everything’s ok and Pedro says Chamoy was just leaving.

Up in the office, Pedro is freaking out! He can’t tell if Chamoy knows that he’s Pedro…yes, THAT’S his dad. What is he up to? Now Basi is freaking out, too.

Meanwhile, Chamoy is lurking outside the building. Ignacio nearly runs him over and instead of standing around arguing about what he’s doing there, Ignacio tells him to get in.

Pedro is sure his dad was surprised to see him in the parking garage, but what they can’t figure out is why he tried to attack Don Humberto, but make nice with Pedro. He’s sure Chamoy is up to something–he probably checked out the Fuentemayor family. Basi thinks Chamoy came out of prison some kind of supercriminal. Pedro agrees, he picked up some new skills on the inside and now he wants to use them.

Relationship status: unecessarily complicated

Yesenia is telling Lupe the funny story about how Termi bought the whole “I’m in love with you” thing and came over to break up with her and hahaha it was so funny! Lupe doesn’t think it’s funny. But, but, but…she had to put Ruben in his place! How’s he going to be dating her and then cheat on her with her? (With herself? Sorry, y’all grammar is failing me with this scenario.)

Lupe says Yesenia did this to herself–she fell in love with a guy and then she scared him away. “No, I’m not in love. That’s why it’s a good thing I found out he was cheating on me before I fell in love!” Lupe thinks if Ruben likes Candy it’s because Candy is Yesenia (I’m having an ’80s TV flashback–A Different World, Walter singing “Jaleesa is Sheila, Sheila is Jaleesa….” Anybody? Bueller?). He may not know that in his head, but he knows it in his heart. He’s in love with her no matter what she looks like. She could dress up like a doctor or in a fluffy bunny suit or as some horrible monster and he’s still going to be into her! Because SHE’S the one behind all the disguises. Does she get it yet?!

Fabi shows up while Ruben is setting up for class. She feeds Ruben a bunch of BS about how Connie’s fragile and naïve and she’s going to get taken advantage of. She’s so afraid something terrible will happen to Connie or she’ll make a bad decision she’ll regret later. She begs Ruben to help. She hasn’t been able to sleep worrying about Connie being raped or killed or getting involved in drugs. Oh, sure, those are risks in every part of town, but at least at home she was being watched over.

Ruben reassures Fab that Connie is surrounded by people who are looking out for her and want the best for her. Fabi gives Ruben big doe eyes and says she’s so glad Connie has him. Why, Fabi feels like she can trust him completely.

Yesenia shows up at the Cultural Center. I brace myself for disaster. Wait, maybe she’ll take it out on Fabi and not Ruben? Here’s hoping…. Lupe talks her into actually TALKING to Ruben so she doesn’t end up crying later that she drove the love of her life away.

Fab convinced Ruben to talk to Connie and she’s just soooo grateful. Here’s her number–he can call her any time. Gosh, he’s such a sensitive, attractive young man, and a delightful person.

They’re (thankfully) interrupted by Yesenia, who is more than happy to come meet the mom of one of Ruben’s students, but no she’s not his girlfriend, she’s his ex. Fab makes the excuse that she’s sick to avoid shaking Yesenia’s hand. She reminds Ruben he can call her…anytime…and leaves.

Rather than making sure Yesenia (and we!) know that he’s totally onto Fabiola’s BS, he focuses on the “ex” thing. Cue more of Yesenia’s ridiculous ranting.

Lupe’s looking at Connie’s roommate flyer as Fabi sashays out of the Cultural Center, ignoring Lupe’s greeting.

Speaking of potential future roommates

Paloma’s talking about her plans for the house and where she can get almost-new furniture for cheap and what about that window in the kitchen and maybe Cachito would like one of those car beds and…

“Pedro” keeps nuzzling her and smooching on her until she asks if she’s boring him. “Never. But Cachito’s outside and my mom’s with Jonathan….” That gets him a change of subject.

She hopes he convinced Inés to leave, but “Pedro” doubts it. It’s going to be difficult to get her to leave Yesenia. As for him, he’ll be relocating soon…to a nice little house nearby, with almost-new furniture and a window in the kitchen and one of those car beds. They declare their mutual love and smooch some more.

Still no work going on at the office

Fernanda looks over the paperwork and remembers what Ignacio said about making it look like Leo committed fraud. I’m thinking it sounds like maybe he’s done this before. Is Fernanda?

Dani comes into say she’s on her way to visit Santi, but Fer’s phone rings. It’s Bellman’s assistant calling to say the surgery is scheduled for next week.

Basi checks with security, but they haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary. Pedro’s worried that Chamoy will go after Inés. Just having him show up at all is making Pedro nervous. He wants to go out there and check on Inés right now, but Basi tells him not to worry…Leonardo’s a martial arts expert. Karate, Feng Shui, Tai Chi…. Basi will go to the mercado tomorrow morning and gather intel from his contacts.

Riff raff^2

Ignacio drove Chamoy to some quiet place where he can give him an unfavorable evaluation on his last project. He insists Chamoy’s not going to get out of doing the job, but now they’ve beefed up security. If he was going to be a coward about it, Ignacio would have hired someone else. Why didn’t he shoot Humberto and Leonardo both when he had the chance?!

Chamoy feels the need to explain that when one is in prison one suffers all sorts of assaults until one day one decides not to put up with that crap anymore and then one shanks the next person who so much as looks at them sideways and whaddayaknow, suddenly one earns the respect of one’s peers and no one would dare refer to one as a “coward” anymore, lest they court death.

Ignacio doesn’t take the hint. He tells Chamoy not to threaten him. He can have Chamoy sent back to prison any time he wants to. And if anything happens to him, his “people” will get a letter to the police telling them everything Ignacio knows about Chamoy.

Chamoy agrees Ignacio’s got him there, so maybe they should talk business instead. Nah, Ignacio’s done with him. He tells Chamoy to get out of the car and he’d better not see him lurking around there again. But Chamoy needs information–What does Ignacio know about Leonardo Fuentemayor? Ignacio tries to avoid the question, but Chamoy pulls out a gun and tells Ignacio he asked nicely. Ignacio had better not make him ask another way.

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5 years ago

Wow, Kat, I am so impressed at your ability to produce such great recaps day after day! I totally missed all the puns and pop culture references. I did find Termi’s confession to Termi very funny. He is very cute (and so is she but unfortunately, her character is rather annoying. Lupe would be a good roommate for Connie. She is very practical but of course that leaves Tania at the mercy of Justino. It’s not really relevant to yesterday’s episode but I still don’t understand why Santiago and Chamoy are/were in prison in Mexico when their crimes seem to… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

There must be some reason the writers decided to have Santiago and Chamoy in prison in Mexico. Maybe we’ll find out eventually.
I forgot to mention how surprised I was that Nora addressed Humberto in the familiar “tu” form. I know that she is “practically one of the family” but I would have thought that, as an employee, if not exactly a servant, she would have used usted with him.

5 years ago

Thanks so much for these great and thorough recaps- I really love novelas but am not fluent in Spanish and can’t access the English caps, so I miss some details (mainly the fast talk of Perico and Yesi!). It helps that the characters have basically the same conversations over and over, but the Mexican slang and idioms trip me up. How can Google translate have no translation for so many words like güey, orale, chamaco, and jefe (meaning parents)? Anyway, thanks a bunch!