¿Quién es Quién? Friday 4/9/16 #41

Ignacio’s car

Ignacio quits playing tough guy and tells Chamoy what he knows about Leonardo. He’s Ignacio’s boss, they live together, his mom is Leonardo’s dad’s girlfriend. He starts babbling about all the money he can offer Chamoy. Fuentemayor money, of course. And Chamoy’s cool with that, but…he doesn’t want Leonardo killed. It’s none of Ignacio’s business why, he’d just better not touch him.

Leonardo’s office

Pedro remembers pulling Chamoy off of Inés and getting into a fight with him in the living room. Inés swore if he ever touched her or one of the kids again, she’d have him thrown in jail. He and Inés convinced Chamoy to leave. Inés told him Chamoy was a thief and she threatened to send him to jail–that’s why Chamoy was angry.

Fernanda’s apartment

Dani calls to tell her Santiago’s sleeping right now. Fernanda can’t wait to tell him the news about the operation.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Pedro. He surprises her with a needy hug. He talks about feeling afraid–afraid of losing her. He just doesn’t think he could take it. He has to know…would she still love him no matter what? Fer’s a scary-good liar. She says she loves him enough not to be afraid of the future.

“Leo” has calmed down now and is lying with his head in Fernanda’s lap. He says he feels better just being with her. And she’s been so patient. She even put up with him before, when he was a total jackass who didn’t care about his employees. “Leo” wants to fix his past errors.

He really shouldn’t have reminded her about the past. Fernanda starts to ask him what he’s talking about. Is he feeling guilty for something he did in the past that he didn’t tell her about? “Leo” asks if it would change the way she feels about him. He admits he’s not a saint…and kind of hints at his previous Perico ways…but only because he never thought a love like what he has with her was even possible. Fer wants him to speak plainly.

Well, it’s just…the attack at the office made him think. His life could end any time and he feels like he hasn’t loved her enough yet. And it’s her love that gives him strength to go on.

Casa Perico

Sara will be babysitting Cachito while Paloma and “Pedro” go…out…somewhere…. Sara’s going to read him some cuentas de hadas (fairy tales). Suuuuuure. As soon as the grown ups are gone, it’s party time! Sara brings out a deck of cards and I wonder if it’s Go Fish tonight or if she’s teaching him to gamble.

Upstairs, Yesenia is getting Inés tucked into bed. Inés notices something is wrong and Yesenia admits she fell in love with the wrong guy. A guy who’s a worse womanizer than Perico. (Ok, 1. He’s not like that anymore. And 2. Please, Ruben would have to try WAY harder to be worse than Perico!)

Inés is surprised, too. Ruben seemed like such a nice guy. Yesenia informs her that he was trying to be with some other girl AND her at the same time. [Insert recapper death glare here.] And then Yesenia’s off to work.

Still better than living with Fabi

Connie is at her kitchen table, working, when she’s startled by a noise. She jumps up and tells the rat that if it doesn’t want to end up like its relative, it had better get the hell out of there! She’s startled again, this time by a knock at the door. It’s Lupe, asking if she’s still looking for a roommate. Well, let’s start with the big questions first: “Are you afraid of rats?”

Casa Fuentemayor

Fabi gets home and asks Nora where Humberto is. She actually doesn’t know–he hasn’t come home yet. Fabi hates the way Nora se le llena la boca (fills her mouth; she just can’t stop saying) Humberto’s name. Nora’s so igualada (dares to act as if they’re equals). She’s glad Humberto didn’t fire her because Fabi’s going to have fun making her life miserable. Starting with dropping a glass vase full of roses on the floor. I’m so incensed, I can’t even decide which part of that pissed me off the most–the fact that Nora had just brought that vase in? The waste of the roses? The broken glass? Her snotty attitude?

Justino is ruining this story

He’s having dinner with Magdalena at home and lost in his own sick thoughts about Tania. Magdalena offers him coffee and mentions that she saw Cachito today. He really misses Justino. Maybe Paloma could bring him over? Not only does Justino say it’s ok if that’s what she wants, he takes his plate to the sink and starts washing dishes. Magdalena looks disturbed.

Tania and Eugenio are saying their heated goodbyes at her door. She won’t let him in or she knows they’ll end up doing something “crazy.” And it’s too soon. He agrees. When he leaves, Tania pours herself a glass of milk and I’m begging for it to have gone sour. No such luck.

Justino is going out to play dominos with some friends…unless Magdalena would rather he didn’t? Oh, no, she’s fine with him going out. Besides, Eugenio will be home soon. And sure enough, he walks in just as Justino’s walking out. He finds Justino’s behavior weird. Magdalena thinks he’s finally come to his senses, but Eugenio doesn’t think this new demeanor will last.

Justino, of course, heads over to Tania’s, where the milk has taken effect.

Click for details. Again, I'm only telling you in case you tend to imagine the worst.
He babbles about wanting to watch her sleep. Later, we can see that he undressed her and is still babbling about wanting to take care of her as he stares at her and touches her.
Chamoy’s hotel

He’s hanging out, doing more research. Who would’ve thought his son would come back into his life? And now the kid is going to make him rich.

Yesenia shows up for a talk. She explains that she loves him, but she loves her mom too. She wants Chamoy to leave Inés alone. He had his chance, and things didn’t work out. Inés deserves to be happy. She didn’t send Yesenia–Yesenia can see what’s going on. She’s begging him.

Chamoy whines about how hard it when the woman you’ve loved (*barf*) the most in your life is in love with someone else. Uh, Yessie kind of gets that, but he’s who Inés wants. And Jonathan’s a good guy, really, so back off! Chamoy does his “Only because you’re asking me to” and throws in a bizarro “But just so you know, she’ll always be my woman.” What does that even mean?!

Yesenia’s gotta go to work, but Chamoy insists on walking her. Uh oh.

Yesenia’s still trying to get Chamoy to let her walk the rest of the way alone when three guys jump out of a car and start attacking Chamoy. One holds Yesenia back while the other grabs Chamoy and the third hits him. Chamoy ends up on the ground, but Yesenia manages to free herself and gets some good smacks in. Unfortunately, they grab her again. She starts screaming at them to let her go.

Termi still has not let go about the age difference thing and he’s blabbing about it to Jonathan yet again. The realize they’re hearing screams and it sounds like Yesenia.

By this time, one of the guys has pulled out a knife and talks about taking Yesenia with them, but first he’s got to finish with Chamoy…. Except for, nope, because Termi and Jonathan show up and do some ass-kicking of their own. Even though the driver jumps out to help, between the two of them and Yesenia they run the guys off. Termi even has time to get a picture of the license plate. Yesenia thanks them for helping out and Chamoy reluctantly gives Jonathan a thankful nod.

Icky Iggy

Ignacio thinks about Chamoy threatening him not to touch Leonardo. When “Leo” gets home, Ignacio says he’s fine, it’s cool, he’s chillin’ without all that pesky work responsibility. “Leo” is pleased to hear that Ignacio thinks of him like a brother. (Dude, Cain and Abel were brothers, too. Just saying.) “Leo” goes up to bed and Ignacio wonders what the connection could be between him and Chamoy.

Pedro sits up in bed later, thinking about Chamoy approaching him outside the parking garage, and wonders the same thing.

Ignacio gets a call from the guys who attacked Chamoy. He doesn’t care what happened, he doesn’t care how many guys there were, they’d better finish the job.

Back to Chamoy’s hotel

Jonathan and Termi help Chamoy get back. Termi says the neighborhood sure is getting dangerous. First the attack on Inés and Jonathan and now this. He brags about getting a picture of the license plate and Chamoy has him write down the number. Jonathan asks if there’s anything else they can do and Chamoy insists they walk Yesenia to work. She argues that she’d rather stay in case he needs anything, but Termi pipes up with something about Chamoy’s “wisdom.” Did he get hit on the head during that fight? Anyway, Chamoy thanks them BOTH again.

Once they’re gone, Chamoy calls Melquiades to ask if he’s still got that friend on the police force. Chamoy needs a favor.

I guess they’re prepared now

At Paloma’s house, “Pedro” is laying a blanket out on the floor while Paloma lights candles and hopes the police don’t decide to check things out–the house is supposed to be empty. “Pedro” jokes that no bell is going to save her this time. No worries, Paloma doesn’t want anybody saving her. (Go, Paloma!)

Leo can’t stop telling Paloma how much he loves her. She’s always loved him and always will. He’s grateful and she’s crying from the intensity of…everything….

Afterwards they bask in the soft glow of the candles while Danna Paola gets to sing her chill, acoustic version of the main theme. (Can we get an album already, please?) Paloma says they’re like two dancers who are completely in sync with each other. “Pedro” doesn’t dance well, but that’s ok, she can teach him in time for the wedding. Which he hopes will be soon. Like, yesterday.

Paloma says they should go. She doesn’t want Cachito to wake up and she’s not there. “Pedro” thanks her for the best moment of his life. Sure, he can’t remember most of his life, but he knows this was the best moment. Nothing could be better than this. He’d know if it was.

Fer’s brain

Fer is enjoying a dream about “Leonardo.” And I mean enjoying. A lot. So much it freaks her out when she wakes up.


Yesenia finally made it to work. Physically anyway. She just stares at her reflection as Lupe babbles on about how she gets to move out of the room she was sharing with Tencha and the new house and she hopes Yesenia doesn’t mind, but her new roomie is, um, that girl from the mercado who was filming them and ok, what is up with Yesenia? Is she upset because of Ruben? No answer.

Not so glowy

“Pedro” and Paloma come home to a quiet house. Paloma goes upstairs to sleep, but “Pedro” gets a phone call.

He meets Jonathan outside and Jonathan sums up their evening as “Someone wants to kill Chamoy.”

Chamoy’s getting his gun ready when there’s a knock on his door. It’s “Pedro.” He won’t even walk into the room as he comments on the state Chamoy is in. “You make it sound like it’s my fault.” “Pedro” walks in and says he’s putting his family in danger. He needs to go away and leave Inés and Yesenia alone.

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Great recap, as usual, Kat. Thanks so much. So now both his children have asked Chamoy to let Inés go and Jonathan has saved his life. I wonder how those things will affect Chamoy’s determination to get rid of Jonathan – probably not too much. Ignacio had better watch out, though. I agree – the creepy Justino lusting after Tania story doesn’t belong in this novela. On the tu and usted front, I noticed that as you would expect, Nora uses usted with Fabiola. The dropping the vase thing was so petty and nasty – just like Fabi! So now… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Diva.
Love this título: “Still better than living with Fabi.” Ha ha ha.