Secretos Friday 4/8/16 #5

Matias waits in his car, in the woods. Aldo’s car drives up. It’s the doctor. Efren is in the car, but he wants the money first. Matias hands over the bag.

24 hours ago….

Bruno’s definitely dead. There’s a second camera in the warehouse, so Aldo gets to watch Jaime’s angst as he talks to him on the phone. Jaime thought he would be getting Efren back, but no…Aldo just won’t hurt him. For now.

Aldo tells Jaime he’d better worry about getting rid of the body. Jaime panics momentarily when he hears police sirens, but they leave right away. He sees a blanket lying on the floor.

In a scene similar to the opener, Matias meets Doctor Nuri on a dirt road near the woods. This time, though, the car the doctor is driving is white and he’s alone. He gets into Matias’ car where Matias attempts to offer him a check. Nuri will hold out for cash and meet him there tomorrow. As he drives out of there, Elmer follows, leaving Matias to deal with the arrival of the police by himself.

Of course the police knew where Matias was going, they tapped everyone’s phones. (So why did it matter whether he kept them informed or not?) Matias tells the Sergeant in charge of Efren’s case that it was a bust. The guy didn’t know anything. He just wanted money.

Laura sits at home watching home movies. Whoever was holding the camera asked Efren which parent he loved more and he wouldn’t answer, but he said his mom’s the prettiest mom in the world and he loves her. Laura cries as she watches Efren pick her up and swing her around on the video.

Alma and Carlos are worrying about Bruno.

Unfortunately, he’s wrapped up in the blanket Jaime found, being dragged down a flight of stairs. Boris finds this funny. Aldo has a flashback to kicking Jaime in the guts, saying he’ll kill him, he’ll make him sorry.

Laura asks Olimpia where Jaime and Elmer are. She’s content with the explanation that Elmer must be tracking down some clue. But not that Jaime needed some time alone to deal with Laura’s anger. It was all his fault! He shouldn’t have taken the risk!

Jaime continues dragging Bruno’s blanket-wrapped body out of the warehouse. He sees the SUV. He doesn’t see that Aldo and Boris are now watching him in person, from the truck. Aldo has a flashback to Bruno walking into the warehouse and Boris knocking him out from behind.

Jaime continues to struggle with getting the body into the back of the SUV. Boris mocks him, saying it’s not like running a company. Aldo wants to keep watching–he’s waited years to see this. Jaime finally drives off, running over a homeless man’s leg in the process. The man gets a good look at his license plate.

Laura is convinced Jaime’s cheating on her…again. He’s been behaving differently.

Olimpia has a flashback to arguing with Jaime. He always has an excuse for not telling Laura about them. Olimpia feels guilty looking at Laura. She’d rather break up with him. He swears he’ll divorce Laura, he just needs time. But she’s sure he’ll never do it. He’s too afraid to lose Laura.

Olimpia says Jaime adores Laura, and Laura agrees, the relationship has been good lately. But Laura worries the stress might drive him to cheat again. And she doesn’t even care. She’s only worried about Efren right now. Olimpia is sure Jaime must also be worrying about Efren. She’s going to stay and keep Laura company, though she might run home for a change of clothes. They kind of laugh about Olimpia having been in the same dress for days.

In the morning, Laura wakes up to someone knocking at the front door. She looks, but there’s no one there. When she opens the door, she hears Efren calling for her. He’s lying on the porch, bleeding. Laura runs to him, but he dies.

She’s calling out in her sleep and Olimpia and Alma manage to wake her and tell her she was just having a nightmare. Laura goes running out to the porch and breaks down, screaming and crying that they killed her son. Carlos and the two cops guarding the house witness this.

Jaime finally answers his cell phone. He lies, telling Olimpia that he waited all night and no one showed up. She tells him Laura’s not doing well and she needs him to come home.

Boris and Aldo follow Jaime home, but decide to leave. The body in the trunk of the SUV is Jaime’s problem, not theirs.

Carlos is in the driveway, taking tea to the two police officers, when Jaime pulls up. Jaime has to stop and roll up his sleeves to hide the blood. He goes in, leaving the dirty car in the driveway.

Jaime comes in and Laura won’t let him touch her. He asks if anyone has called a doctor for Laura. She says he’s the one who looks terrible–where was he all night? Who was he with? Jaime tries to play the “You’re not the only one hurting, what about my feelings?” card, but Laura says he should have thought of that before he went to the police in the first place. Jaime smashes a bunch of figurines on a shelf.

Carlos is still looking at the car when Alma comes out with the trash bag full of broken glass and asks him to throw it away. They realize Jaime must have seen Bruno, since he came back in the SUV. Alma will ask him, but in the meantime she wants Carlos to wash the car.

Jaime sees Carlos from the bathroom window and rushes out of the house, not even bothering to answer Alma. He takes the keys from Carlos, who’s busy scrubbing near the license plate, and drives off. Carlos stares after him, suspicious.

The doctor parks his car by the side of the road in the woods. Elmer watches as Hernán pulls up in Aldo’s car and tells the doctor to get in and put on a blindfold.

Hernán notices Elmer and asks if Nuri was followed. He pulls over, leaving Elmer no choice but to keep driving, and Hernán takes the opportunity to shoot out Elmer’s front tire. He crashes the car into a tree. Nuri still has his blindfold on and Hernán clarifies he didn’t shoot “anyone.” They drive off again.

Elmer calls someone and asks them to send help. He says it was just an accident and he’ll wait with the car.

The tow truck finally arrives and they agree they’ll have to tow the car in (remolcarlo). As they’re driving back up the road, Elmer sees Nuri’s car and tells the tow truck driver to leave him there. He’ll find his own way back.

Jaime calls his father, crying, and tells him he needs his help. They meet near the water and Jaime hands him the keys and tells him to check the trunk. Of course, he finds Bruno’s body. Jaime tells him he had to do it–they would have killed Efren if he didn’t. His father reassures him that he didn’t have a choice and tells him they’ll handle it. Does Jaime still have the boat…?

When Nuri and Hernán get to the hideout, Rafael is asleep on the couch. They head downstairs. Efren’s bandages are soaked. Nuri says this isn’t good and sends Hernán for water and towels. He tells Efren he’s here to save him, but neither one of them knows where they are. Nuri starts searching the room. When Hernán gets back, he says he was just looking for some alcohol. He thinks Efren needs a hospital, but Hernán begs him to just give him something for the infection. Nuri agrees, loads up a syringe…and injects Hernán.

When Aldo and Boris get back, they find Rafael asleep, Efren gone, and Hernán knocked out. When they finally get him to wake up enough, Hernán says Nuri must have injected him.

Nuri is driving Aldo’s car somewhere, telling Efren that he’ll sleep in his own bed tonight.

Hernán tells Aldo that Nuri was saying Efren had an infection and it was spreading…and the he turned around and injected him. He didn’t think Nuri would do something like this. He explains that he picked Nuri up in the forest and had him blindfolded. Someone was following them, but he shot out the tires. Aldo sends Boris to find Nuri’s car.

Aldo is disappointed. He wouldn’t have expected this from Hernán, but Hernán says he had no choice–Aldo didn’t keep his promise.

In a flashback, Aldo tells Hernan he already has Boris and Rafael on the team. Aldo promises he won’t hurt the child. He won’t hurt anyone.

Hernán believed Aldo’s promise, but he didn’t keep it and now the child may die. Aldo has no right to criticize Hernán. Aldo reminds him that if they don’t find Nuri, they’re going back to prison. Aldo goes back upstairs. His phone rings and he tells the person on the other end that everything is fine. He makes Rafael promise not to drink any more alcohol until the job is finished.

Nuri gets Efren back to his and Dora’s hideout and starts to clean up his wound again. Efren would rather they call his parents and get him to a hospital, but Nuri says they’re being watched by those evil men who took him, and their phones are tapped.

Aldo asks Hernán where to find Nuri, but Hernán doesn’t know–he probably left when the police raided his old place.

Elmer is breaking into Nuri’s car. He finds some passports and tickets in the glove compartment. Olimpia calls him and he tells her he had a car accident. She offers to send a driver out to pick him up. Boris sees him getting out of Nuri’s car and calls Aldo to tell him some other guy is at the doctor’s car. Aldo tells him to deal with it.

Elmer and Olimpia are flirting with each other. Olimpia tells him about Jaime going out last night. They’re flirting again when Bruno hits him from behind, smashes his cell phone, and drags him into the woods. That makes two of Elmer’s cell phones lost or destroyed so far.

Olimpia runs out of the house, telling Carlos that if anyone asks, she went back to the office. Alma is still worried about Bruno and Carlos remembers what he said earlier about getting rich. He doesn’t think his dad was talking about gambling. They agree not to involve the police and Alma begs Carlos to ask Jaime about Bruno.

Jaime unties his boat and drives it out of the marina.

Dora pulls up to Nuri’s car in a taxi. She’s starting to drive it away when Boris pops up from the back seat, holding a gun to her neck. He tells her to turn the car around. He’d hate to have to mess up her pretty neck. Shut up, Boris.

Olimpia sees something on the side of the road that gets her to stop. She gets out of the car and notices Elmer’s smashed phone. She heads into the woods and pretty quickly find him tied up, hugging a tree. She cracks up laughing at the sight of him. There’s more flirting as she digs his Swiss army knife out of the pocket of his jeans. Surely the corkscrew is going to come in handy later. She explains she saw the tie from his jacket and pulled over. He teases her about how fast she must have driven to get there, but she did save him from getting eaten by wild animals, so…. When she mentions there wasn’t an other car by the side of the road, he gets distracted by the actual case and totally ruins the vibe. Aw, Elmer! Priorities, man!

They get back to flirting and laughing on the drive. Elmer is sure Matias is up to something. He’s got a lot of secrets. It’s not good to have so many. But before Elmer says anything to the police, he needs to be sure. As far as who knocked him out just now, he thinks it was the car’s owner. Before he does anything else, he needs food.

They grab some sandwiches from a street vendor by the water and Elmer teases her about the Snow Queen eating street food. Olimpia says she’s not royalty. He says she is cold, though. The first time he saw her that’s what he thought. Olympia gets serious as he says maybe she just opens up more to people she’s known longer. Maybe because she doesn’t trust people. But there’s always a distance. He tells her she’s making that face again. Olympia agrees, she doesn’t trust people. She’s had her heart broken too many times.

Elmer encourages her to smile more–she can think of him in the forest. Olimpia breaks into laughter again, saying it really was funny. She can’t stop laughing. Elmer wonders what other weird situations she’s going to find him in with this case. He asks about Jaime and she repeats what he said about no one showing up for the meeting. Elmer thinks that’s strange. He’s bothered that they’re all acting behind each other’s backs. He declares it time to get back to work. She’ll have to take him home to pick up his car. Olimpia asks who he’s going to follow now. Well, he’d love to be following someone else (hint, hint)…but he’ll follow Matias since he doesn’t know where Jaime is.

Jaime drives the boat up to a spot by the water where his father is waiting with the SUV. They get Bruno’s body onto the boat.

Boris has Dora pick up Aldo by the road. He asks where the doctor is and she claims she doesn’t know–she was just told to pick up his car. Aldo holds a knife to her throat and asks her again where to find Nuri.

Nuri is busy trying to call Dora, but getting an out-of-area message. Efren is awake, with a clean bandage on his hand. He’s angry that he was locked in the room. Nuri says he’ll take him home, but they have to wait until after dark.

Jazmin notices Laura praying and kissing Efren’s picture. She wants to kiss it, too, but Laura says she can give him a kiss in person, soon enough. She cuddles Jazmin while Jazmin looks at Efren’s picture on the mantel.

Matias meets with his trusted henchman again. The guy brought him a bunch of counterfeit cash that he swears even the police wouldn’t be able to detect. Matias needs armed men by tomorrow. Henchman says that’s not a problem.

Elmer watches the henchman drive away.

Dora drives Aldo and Boris to the hideout, but when Aldo goes inside there’s no one there.

Night finally falls. Laura reads a fairy tale to Jazmin. Olimpia gets back to the house and stops in the doorway to listen.

Jaime and his father tie an anchor to Bruno’s body and throw it into the water.

We’re back to the opening scene. The exchange goes sideways–Nuri realizes the cash is fake. He’s about to drive away with Efren when Elmer arrives, holding a gun on him. Efren hesitates, but eventually gets out of the car. Matias grins one of his ambiguous, suspicious-looking grins just before Boris and Aldo show up, shooting at all four of them from the red truck. Nuri gets shot in the back. Matias hides behind his car. Efren and Elmer hide behind Aldo’s. Boris grabs the fake money and stows it in the back of the truck. Elmer tells Efren to run on his signal, but when he comes out from behind Aldo’s car, Aldo shoots him in the chest.

Did we seriously just lose our leading man?

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5 years ago

Wow! Great recap, Kat. On Friday, my Spanish teacher told me how good these Turkish novelas are and that Secretos had just started. I decided to check it out and watched the first episode on demand, was hooked, read your recaps for the other three (I don’t have 6 hours to spare) and then watched #5. It’s really good. How did Aldo et al find out where Nuri was going to do the exchange? I suppose Dora knew. Where are Matias’ henchmen? What kind of game is Matias playing? Efran could implicate him in the death of Dafne so he… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Jean

I also find Elmer very attractive!

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Olimpia-I guess I’m supposed to sort of distrust her or not like her because of her affair with Jaime. Thing is I *do* like her and I feel bad that she got involved with Jaime.

I really don’t like Jaime. I wish Aldo had chosen a more direct attack. I have no doubt Jaime needs to be punished for something, but it’s not fair that Efren and Laura and Bruno are the ones paying.

J desde NYC
J desde NYC
4 years ago
Reply to  Sara

I didn’t like Olimpia until I saw she broke up the adulterous affair she and Jaime were having. She realized that Jaime was being selfish and playing games and she took herself out of the game. That being said, she should tell Laura about the affair after Efren comes back. It’s just wrong for her to pretend to be Laura’s friend with a knife that deep in her back. I am very interested in how Elmer will take knowing Olimpia was with Jaime. He already guessed she had a sugar daddy based on that blingy watch she wore, so he… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  J desde NYC

And the fact that she was hiding it when it could have been important to the investigation (and Efren’s safety) should also have repercussions as well.

I really love that there are only 18 episodes of this. Things will get resolved so quickly!

4 years ago

Thank you so much, Kat! I watched the first episode today on demand and like Jean I am reading recaps and jumping in on Monday. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

4 years ago

I ended up watching this episode, too. Elmer can’t be dead. He can’t be.

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I’m hoping for bulletproof vest. Or lighter, or cigarette case or *something* .

J desde NYC
J desde NYC
4 years ago

Great recap 5Ft Latina! I’m glad people from the Caray Caray commentariat are watching this along with you. I’m falling in love with the Turkish dramas. I love the sense of realism they have-they never seem to film on soundstages but strictly on location-and the beanie-inducing moments are far fewer. Did the Spanish dubbing team have to rename Mehmet to Elmer? ¡Qué horror! In ¿Qué Culpa Tiene Fatmagül? the Turkish names were kept and everyone managed to get the characters. Farehttin and Mukaddes are hard Turkish names and the audience still got it. Any who, Elmer is a diamond in… Read more »