¿Quién es Quién? Monday 4/11/16 #42

Hit the Road, Jack

“Pedro” goes to see Chamoy. He wants the gum-chewing, beard combing fool to stay away from his family. Chamoy tries to play the wounded victim. *snort* “Pedro” sees right through it. He will not be a victim to Chamoy’s emotional manipulations *cough*Like Yesenia*cough* Chamoy asks Pedro for a couple of days to recuperate and says he’ll leave. Pedro offers him some money. Chamoy turns him down. Pedro hopes Chamoy keeps his word. Chamoy makes a quip about this now being Pedro’s territory and Pedro’s law.

Paloma whispers to a sleeping Cachito. Today was one of the best days of her life.

Breakfast of champions

Nora asks Humberto if he told Leo the truth. He didn’t have the chance, but he tells Nora there is no reason to break the promise to Sofia. Humberto’s PI told him that the shady lawyer’s office was burned down and all the files went with it.

Fabiola swans in and makes a big production about how wonderful Nora’s coffee and breakfast are. Humberto is so pleased Fabi is making an effort. Fabi just wants him happy. The recapper just wants to puke.

Termi spent the night on Cocó’s doorstep. There are googly eyes and corny declarations of love.

Cachito notes Paloma’s glow. It’s played off as being excited about the house they are going to have soon. Moving on to Ines, she mentions wanting to get back to work. Paloma wants her to rest. Sara goes into a tale about Ines trying to move a sofa all by herself right after Yesenia was born. Yesenia is in her own little world. When the family finally gets her attention, she just leaves in a hurry. Cachito calls her one of those “mujeres lunáticos” that they talk about on the telenovelas.

At Magdalena’s house, Eugenio is gushing about his new lady love. He wants to bring her over to meet mom. Justino basically tells Eugenio not to get the girl pregnant. After Justino leaves, Magdalena mentions having to go to her doctor. Her controlled substance sleeping drops are missing. hmmm.

“Pedro” tells Johnathan about Chamoy’s imminent departure. In true telenovela fashion, they decide that telling their significant others and family is a bad idea. They want to avoid arguments. *sigh*.

His suit says “Ignacio”, his villain skills say “Nacho”

Ignacio is like the Termi of villainy to me-meaning, a joke.  Ivonne brings Ignacio an envelope. In it is a picture of a guy with a bullet in his head. On the back is a note: “Don’t underestimate me. Are we going to talk business or not?”

Um. So who is this guy in the picture? I’ve obviously missed something. Or I can’t remember it.

Ignacio calls Chamoy, who wants to set up a meeting. Ignacio tries to threaten to send Chamoy back to jail. Ha! But Chamoy has a recording of Ignacio hiring him to kill Armando. My husband busted out laughing at this point and calls Ignacio an idiot. Do *not* mess with Chamoy.

At said meeting Chamoy asks for work at Fuentemayor Corp. (It does not look like he’ll be leaving in a couple of days.)  Ignacio finds it fishy that Chamoy doesn’t just want to blackmail him. What is Chamoy hiding? Chamoy responds “It’s not like you’re going to tell me what *you* have planned for the Fuentemayors.” Sooner or later Chamoy thinks he and Ignacio will just have to learn to work together. *combs beard*

Ignacio 0 Chamoy 1

Pedro really needs to stop signing things

Fer informs Ignacio that Santiago will get his operation soon. She worries that as soon as the operation is over, her brother will go back to jail. Ignacio promises to take care of that, but she needs to get “Leo” to sign those papers.

Fer takes the papers to “Leo”, who is awestruck every time he sees her. He invades her personal space and plants some smoochies on her. I get the impression that her discomfort is more because she really is starting to have some physical attraction to this Leo-something she hadn’t had up to now and it’s disconcerting for her.

Pedro signs the papers without even looking at them. Fer scuttles out as fast as she can.

Fer seems hot and bothered as she leaves “Leo’s” office. Daniela even notices.

Lupe moves in with Connie. They discuss rat bashing techniques. (Y’all probably aren’t watching Top Chef México, but I’m having Rat Soup flashbacks.)

Basi, P.I.

Basi tries to find out from Tencha who has what criminal record. He makes up some story about needing employees and they can’t have records. Tencha begins to point out people and why they’ve been sent to jail. The two crimes she talks about involve bodily “necesidades”  (human and canine.) Basi looks bored.

Basi reports to “Leo”. Elmer Homero is back in the barrio and causing problems for Ines and Johnathan. And Elmer Homero was assaulted, too. Basi goes through the entire chain of gossip (I catch a “Don Melesio”, a “Luismi the butcher” and Santa someone…) and Leo gets impatient about it.

“Leo” is really worried about Chamoy’s violent streak. Basi tries to assure him that the real Leo can handle Chamoy. He knows karate and feng-shui and stuff. Impostor Leo is not so sure. Chamoy is tough. The night before he went to jail, he hit Ines.  He wasn’t always this way. And Leo is sure Chamoy learned a few tricks in jail, too. Basi feels bad for fake Leo. He’s getting it from both sides: his real family and his “familia postiza” (fake family)

Fer tells Santiago he’ll be getting his operation soon. He is excited, but bummed. He’ll just have to go back to jail. Fer tells him that Ignacio is going to take care of that. Santiago figures out that Ignacio is someone important to Fer, but she sort of brushes off further questioning.

Johnathan must be worried about Chamoy, too. He doesn’t seem to want to leave Ines alone. She sees through it though. He’s just there because he’s worried Chamoy is going to bother them, right. Nope. Johnathan says he’s there to just be with her.

The Creeper

Paloma goes to visit Magdalena. She’s happy to hear that her father is being nicer and even helping to wash dishes. There are not enough dishes in the world, Justino.

Paloma swoons about Pedro and thanks her mother for being so supportive.

Eugenio goes to see Tania. Tania doesn’t seem thrilled about meeting his mother. I’m a little confused by that. He wants you to meet his mother! That’s a good sign! Maybe she’s just nervous. Meeting the suegra can be terrifying.

Anyhoo, they start the smoochies and Justino sees them. Then he starts wandering around and crying and caressing the gift box he had for Tania. ¡Qué asco! My husband is all “in what universe did he think she was interested in him?” All I can think about is scary stalker stories I’ve seen on the news. You know, where the stalker had this alternate reality where the victim filing a restraining order really was a secret love message.

Justino finally makes it home and collapses on the floor. Die, Justino!!

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Visita/ Guest

“Die Justino!” – I love it. Thanks for the great recap, Kat. Justino’s fake niceness to Magdalena was right up there in gag inducing with Fabi’s fake niceness to Nora. I guess Justino didn’t rape Tania? I’m glad they didn’t show us any more of whatever he did but it’s confusing. If Justino actually raped her, you’d think she would have realized something happened but she was back at work the next day and didn’t mention anything unusual. I thought maybe the picture that Chamoy sent Ignacio was of dead Armando but it didn’t really look like him and it… Read more »


That was Sara, actually.

And though I haven’t had a chance to watch the episode or read the recap yet–Gracias, partner-in-crime! If not for you there wouldn’t be a recap until tomorrow, at the rate I’m going 🙂

Visita/ Guest

Sorry, Sara. I didn’t look. Your recap is great. Thanks.

Visita/ Guest

Hi Sara!
Is the guy in the photo the dead lawyer?


Gracias, Sara! I’m finally caught up and agreeing with everything you had to say…although I believe my exact words at the end were “You go right ahead and die of that heart attack right the hell now!” I also share your disgust with saccharine Fabi. I don’t know what’s worse, when someone’s being so fake-nice or when nobody seems to notice, even though it’s SO over-the-top! I vote the picture was one of the three that attacked Chamoy the other night. What better way to prove that he IS the mero mero, and Ignacio is, as you said just Nacho.… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

A picture of the lawyer wouldn’t mean anything to Ignacio, he doesn’t know anything about that. If it was one of the three that attacked Chamoy, he was able to find them and kill at least one when, at least for his children, he barely seemed able to walk. It’s a mystery.

Visita/ Guest

BTW, Sara, I really loved this bon mot: ” Humberto is so pleased Fabi is making an effort. Fabi just wants him happy. The recapper just wants to puke.”
So when we say Chamoy’s name out loud, it comes out like “el mero mero,” or The Head Dude.