¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 4/12/16 #43

So, about that collapse

As we saw last night, Justino interrupted a nice mother-daughter chat by walking in and collapsing in the living room. Paloma has her mother call 911.

Connie interrupts Tania and Eugenio’s snog-fest at the desk of the Cultural Center with an invitation to her housewarming party. Eugenio declares himself “más puesto que un calcetín” (meaning: count me in; literally: “more ‘on’ than a sock”; “puesto,” as a shortening of “dispuesto” meaning available, ready, disposed to [attend] also “puesto” as a form of “poner” to put on [hence the sock bit]). She’s looking forward to introducing them to Lupe. Eugenio gets the call about Justino and goes running out.

“Pedro” keeps interrogating Yesenia about the attack the other night. As much as she tries to insist it was random, she’s a terrible liar. She finally admits that, ok, one of the guys did call their dad “Chamoy” but it’s not his fault if they were after him, he hasn’t done anything since he got out of prison!

Inés and Jonathan are folding laundry and he jokes about it feeling like they’re “playing house.” He’s snuggling her and saying everything they do together is fun when Paloma and Cachito come running in. Inés is fine with watching Cachito while Paloma goes to the hospital, but they have to talk Cachito into staying. Jonathan distracts him with a game of fút out back while Paloma tells Inés that Justino had a pre-heart attack.

Yesenia argues that obviously Chamoy learned to defend himself while he was in prison with all those “bad” people and that shouldn’t be held against him. “Pedro” is furious that she can’t see he’s putting them all in danger and drawing a bad element into the barrio. Their argument is interrupted by the call from Paloma and he goes running out of the shop, leaving a defensive Yesenia behind.

The fútbol match didn’t last long. Cachito’s worried again and of all the possibly excuses Jonathan gives for why they could be taking so long, the one he finds most plausible is that his grandpa needed to pee and they couldn’t find a clean bathroom. Jonathan further distracts him by zooming him around the room like an airplane and then eating him up like a chocolate. Sara comes in and while she and Cachito are hugging and talking, Inés asks Jonathan if he doesn’t want children.

Well, sure he does, but not as much as he wants to be with Inés. And hey, if they decide they want kids then they can try to have some or they can adopt–assuming she really wants to go there again with the crying and the diapers and all that. Whatever happens, he’d like a proper honeymoon, with time for them to be alone.

At the office

Pedro’s anxious about Inés and tells Basi to work his genius brain and come up with a way to help her. Suggestion 1: An extended honeymoon for Inés and Jonathan…Hawaii to Maui to Japan to China to Italy to Brussels…. Um, you lost him at “honeymoon.” Well, how about Suggestion 2: Send ELMER on a long vacation. Nah, he’ll just try to extort more money. As a funeral march plays, Basi makes a speech about fate punishing them, but they have to meet it with their heads held high.

Nacho henchman

Ignacio and Chamoy are still doing their stupid little dance. Stupid because, as Chamoy points out, he and Ignacio are “agarraditos de los bajos” (they’ve got each other by the balls). Chamoy expects him to just do what Chamoy wants and Chamoy will totally be there for Ignacio when he’s ready to carry out his own plans. Ignacio says he’ll think about it.

The vase survives

Fabi and Nora trade death glares while Nora fusses with an arrangement of leaves in a vase in the living room. Fabi tells her to go back to the kitchen and then goes into Humberto’s office.


Yesenia calls to check up on Chamoy. He tells her he’s got a great new job lined up at a big company. Oh, the guys from the other night? He’s sure the cops are tracking them down, but the important thing is she wasn’t hurt. She’ll stop by later and see him.

Yesenia sees Ruben. The same old crap. Oh, here’s something new–he actually thought they were still a thing and just having problems, but nope, as far as she’s concerned they WERE a thing.

Why is that not enough to put him off? She mentions Candy’s “Take me! Make me yours!” and seriously, dude, how many more clues do you need?! But he buys her excuse, that that’s what “a girl like that” would say. And ok, NOW, he agrees it’s over and he’ll leave her alone.

In Tijuana

Fernanda feeds Santi and talks about him going away somewhere, maybe to New York, when this is all over. First off, Santi questions whether he’ll even survive the operation (no mention of doubting they can get him out of prison). Second…why would he be going alone? Fernanda says she has lots of stuff to do in LA and she’ll join him once it’s all taken care of.

Santiago must be getting bored–he asks Fer if she’s got boyfriends back in LA. Dr. Bellman arrives to do the pre-op exam. He seems really cheerful about it, too. Genuinely enjoys surgery or thinking of the $$?

Fer takes the time that Santi is out of the room to call “Leo” and tell him she’ll be home late…no, like really late…really, really late. He’s determined to come over, no matter how late it is and spoil her with homemade enchiladas and a massage. She’s just starting to get into it when Bellman comes back in with Santiago. She hangs up the phone, but not before Pedro hears him call her “Señorita Blanco.”

Santiago’s aneurism has stayed the same size, so surgery will go on as planned. Fer tells him it had better. There were already delays…because of the money, she supposes? He tells her there’s nothing to worry about, but can’t tell her who’s paying for it.

Par for the course at the office

Basi is supposed to be giving Pedro a finance lesson, but he’s distracted by the puzzle of “Señorita Blanco.” Isn’t that Santiago’s last name? Well, maybe there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation like she’s in a meeting with a bunch of people and someone else is “Señorita Blanco”? It’s a sort of common name, right? Like Cuauhtémoc…Blanco. Or Techu…. Pedro gives him a disapproving look.

Google “techo blanco” and “albures” (puns/double-entendres) and if you can figure out where that was going beyond being a Wayne’s World “A sphincter says what?” kind of joke then explain it to me. Actually maybe the key to understanding all Basi-Pedro conversations is to imagine them as Wayne and Garth. Just a thought.

Anyway, they need to get down to the finance lesson and then go shopping for supplies for his big night with Fer later.

Crisis averted? OK, then.

Justino’s back home. All he wants to do is sleep. Paloma reminds him to follow all the instructions the doctor gave him. She tells Eugenio he should be fine, but keep an eye on him and call her if he needs to. And then she and “Pedro” are off.

Termi and Jonathan discuss “the attack.” Jonathan wonders if Chamoy really did report it. Termi remembers Chamoy being such a great guy…but then, they were younger, so maybe they just didn’t know any better and/or he was better at hiding his shadiness. Jonathan does NOT want Inés finding out about this. Hm…because she’ll be nervous or because he’s tired of her looking for reasons to break off the engagement?

Paloma and “Pedro” get back to the house and Paloma confesses she’s as worried as Eugenio. She’s sure there’s something going on with her dad that he’s hiding from all of them. “Pedro” thinks it’s a good sign he didn’t say anything when he saw them together, but Paloma says that’s part of the problem–he stays quiet for a long time, then he explodes. Cachito sees them sitting with Paloma’s head on “Pedro’s” shoulder and thinks his grandpa died, but Paloma says he’s doing fine. He gives her a hug and kiss and then supposes “Pedro” wants one, too. I think when Leo gets his memory back he’s going to be surprised at how many hugs he got in such a short period of time–and how much he enjoyed them.

Cachito is getting over his very emotional day with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk (WANT!). He’s glad his grandpa is ok and he hopes Chamoy is ok too. Whaaaaaaat?! Yeah, Miguelito’s dad saw the whole fight and he said those guys nearly killed Chamoy and Yesenia was there too, but they didn’t do anything to her. So much for not telling Inés.

Magdalena and Eugenio are fussing over Justino and how he needs to rest, but he’s thinking about seeing Eugenio and Tania kissing so he decides he needs to send Eugenio to Tijuana to live with his uncle Gumaro so that Eugenio can learn a trade. I think my look of bafflement is about the same as the one Magdalena made only with a helluva lot more anger. All of a sudden he starts in on how Eugenio’s some lazy loser with no job prospects he needs to go learn to be a mechanic. That’s it, no discussion, the decision’s made. Eugenio is not just going to go along with this and yeah, Magdalena, now’s not a good time to be arguing with him, but I agree with Eugenio–he’s not going to throw away his whole life just to avoid an argument.

Seriously, no, Eugenio’s NOT going. Justino even lets slip an “I don’t want you here” in the middle of all the “Because I say so” and “Being a musician isn’t a real job” crap. Well, too bad. Eugenio isn’t going to leave his girlfriend.

Wait, WHAT happened the other night?

Cachito is sent upstairs to finish his homework while the grownups all give each other Significant Looks. “Pedro” has to confess that yes, it’s true…but it all turned out ok! Jonathan and Termi showed up and scared the guys off. Inés is pissed that everybody was keeping this from her and glad Jonathan and Termi showed up.

Inés admits she’s going to be nervous having Chamoy anywhere near the family. Sara says hey, she gave birth to him, she loves him, but she knows what he’s like. “Pedro” brings up his “promise” to go away, but well, even Sara thinks they’ll have to wait and see.


Renata calls “Pedro”–he forgot their session. She harps on his need for consistent treatment and he asks if he can come by tomorrow instead. And ok, yes, she’s right, but she’s also got a crush and she hasn’t dealt with it, so I glare in her general direction because whose needs is she really worried about more?

Oops, spoke too soon, Dani’s got her number. Since when does she go chasing after patients? Aren’t they supposed to take responsibility for their own behavior? Ohhh, this one’s “special”? Dani thinks she’s obsessed. Thanks for being my stand-in, Dani!

Nacho mama

Ignacio is home, guzzling Humberto’s good booze. He tells Fabi that thanks to her sex drive, the guy he hired to bump off her lover has a recording of Ignacio hiring him for the job. Squabbling ensues. He can’t have him killed and the guy doesn’t want money. He wants to be close to the Fuentemayors.


At the Cultural Center Connie and Tania nosh on mangos with chile and Tania tells Connie she had another weird night where she passed out cold, woke up in bed almost naked (*shudder*) and can’t remember a thing. It’s not that she doesn’t want to go to the doctor, but it’s expensive. She’d rather wait a while and see if maybe it passes on its own first.

Looks like we’ve got a 3-way-bestie situation going on at Casa Connie. Lupe does Connie’s nails and tells the story of that time “Perico” lost his memory and went looking for his fiancée and nearly got hitched to Cocó, but then a giant cat interrupted the wedding…well, actually it was this guy named Terminator Maldonado. There is much giggling and accidental spitting of popcorn at the name “Terminator.”

Bestiepalooza 2016 , part 2. The jokes about Lupe’s cousin with narcolepsy and Tania sleepwalking naked in Vegas would be funnier if not for he-who-shall-not-be-named and his pilfered sleep drops. It’s settled, nothing bad is going to happen to Tania because Connie is going to take her to a doctor (which Lupe mispronounces as p-sicologa). I mean settled as far as they’re concerned. Dare I hope it will be that easy?

Bestiefest continues with dinner. Lupe claims the only diet she’ll go on is the “T” diet. That’s tacos, tamales, y tortas. I’d put my seal of approval on that one. Eugenio arrives to make an honorary 4th. All he tells Tania is that his dad wasn’t doing well, but he’s fine now. Nothing about the attempt to ship him off. He jokes about Lupe being there that “el diablo les hace y ellas se juntan” (a play on “dios los hace….”; birds of a feather).

Honey, I’m home!

Pedro and Basi are at Fer’s working on the enchilada sauce for enchiladas potosinas. (Duuuuuude…chile IN the tortillas…BRING IT!) It’s hellaspicy and has them gulping water. Fernanda comes home to this lovely domestic scene and tries the sauce herself. Hm…a little spicy, sure, but she can fix it. Basi excuses himself while Fer starts adding water to the sauce.

Fernanda lowered the heat on the enchilada sauce, but the heat everywhere else is rising, despite her dire warnings about burning the sauce and smacking “Leo” with the spoon. He gets a phone call from Dr. Bellman and she hears him ask Dr. Bellman to take very good care of Santiago and make sure the operation goes well. Oh dear, how’s Fer going to take that?

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks so much, Kat, for the great recap. I love how you explain the slang and the puns. I totally miss those. I like the snark, too.
“Actually maybe the key to understanding all Basi-Pedro conversations is to imagine them as Wayne and Garth. Just a thought” LOL!

I guess Justino didn’t take his brush with death as a sign from God to stay away from Tania.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks for the very helpful recap. Chamoy said something to Ignacio I couldn’t figure out- No busque moros con cachetes. Do you know what this means? Also, is Basilio’s calling Elmer “El Mero-mero” a reference to something, or just a made-up nickname?

I’ve started fast-forwarding through all the Yesi/Ruben scenes. Its too stupid for me to bear (and that’s saying a lot, I watched all of Aurora!)

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat. I just love how Bestiefest and Bestiepalooza sound. It’s so nice to see them getting along.

OT: Is it just me, or are close, supportive female friendships among young women rare in telenovelas? Sure, there are comadres running all over the place, but most of the time the younger set seem to be at each other’s throats. Please correct me if I’m wrong…in the open thread, of course 🙂

Well. Justino is still with us…and causing trouble. Dude. Just get over yourself.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks Diva. You catch lots of stuff that I don’t.
Hey, I pointed out “El Mero Mero” a couple of episodes ago. I guess the thread had kind of run out by the time I got there.