¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 4/13/16 #44

Pedro’s big night

Pedro continues his conversation with Bellman long enough that it should be clear to Fernanda that he (a) actually does want Santiago to recover and (b) is paying for it. She’s flustered and says dinner is ready and she’ll set the table. Pedro realizes she heard his phone call.

Fernanda doesn’t want to talk about the phone call, but “Leo” doesn’t want to hide anything from her. He heard about how bad Santiago is doing, he visited him in the hospital and the doctors told him Bellman was the only one who could help, so he decided to bring him in.

Pedro asks her not to say anything to Humberto. She asks if they’re the ones who had Santiago beaten. Pedro is shocked and swears he had nothing to do with it. In fact, he thinks Santiago was set up and “he” (Leo) was too hard on him–she knows what “he” was like, always putting money first. He found out all the stuff that happened to Santiago and he decided to help him. Santi has been through enough and it just doesn’t seem fair that he should be laid up in a hospital while they’re out having a good time. He’s doing this because of Fer. He wants to be a better person and deserve her love. He asks her not to cry or it will make him cry too! Fernanda grabs him and cries on his shoulder.

She’s kind of freaking Pedro out and he jokes if she keeps crying she’ll get dehydrated (I’m a desert dweller–that’s no joke!). Fer thinks it’s sweet that he always wants to make her laugh. Well, she’s pretty when she smiles. He asks her what’s wrong and Fer says she’s realized how stupid she’s been. Pedro won’t let her talk about herself like that. Fer starts giving him a look that makes Pedro a little nervous, and then she grabs him and snogs him with everything she’s got.

Fernanda doesn’t want to think anymore tonight. She just wants to, ahem, feel the truth between them. IfyouknowwhatImean. AndIthinkPedrodoes.

Pedro and Fer cuddle after, presumably, he made all her dreams come true…or at least the one she had the other night. She can’t believe this is actually happening. Well, Pedro was sure it would. He’s known from the first time he saw her that he was born to be with her. “How can I show you?” Oh, he knows. He knows.

Casa Fuentemayor

Fabi apologizes for putting Ignacio in this “delicate” position. Whatever he needs, she’s ready to help. He doesn’t really think she’s capable. He dismissively tells her to just enjoy her lifestyle and leave the work to him. Fabi reassures him that he has her loyalty, not Humberto. They’re in this together.

Ignacio explains that he and Fernanda are framing Humberto and Leonardo for fraud. She’ll be married to Leonardo at that point and so part of the company will be in her name. Fabi has her doubts about whether Fer will do what Ignacio wants, but he thinks he’s got her under control. She’ll end up being his wife, whether she likes it or not, and he’ll end up with everything. Fabi thinks they can do better…maybe even keeping the entire fortune instead of just a part.

Humberto comes home and Fabi fixes him a drink. He’s still riding high on the Moretz investment.

Ignacio watches Humberto and Fabi snuggling on the couch and blows smoke about Humberto being the best partner for his mom. Humberto gets to talking about how well the company’s doing, so they both have to hide their “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”faces. Fabi hopes once “Leo” and Fernanda get married “Leo” will get back to normal, but some of his new weirdness is what’s been bringing him and Humberto closer together so Humberto rather hopes not.

Watch it–I’m still your mother!

Sara’s worried about what Chamoy is up to. She always wonders what she did wrong, but Inés says it’s not her fault. Kids do what they do. Sara reminds Inés she loves her like a daughter, but she doesn’t think she deserves Inés’ love in return.

Yesenia stops on her way out to work and Sara begs her to drop her off at her knitting club. At this time of night?! Well, it’s an emergency…Tenchita’s finishing a sweater for her niece and she doesn’t know how to finish the sleeves and it’s a birthday present. They wait for Inés to leave and Yesenia refuses to take Sara to the fights. But that’s not where she wants to go and Yesenia had better not argue or everyone’s going to find out about her little side job. Yesenia tries to counter-blackmail about the wheelchair being just for show, but Sara’s having none of that…what do they call her? The Innocent Dove? “Candy la Candida!” Yesenia corrects her and starts wheeling her out the door.

Sara WALKS into Chamoy’s hotel room and brushes off his mockery about her miraculous recovery. She sends Yesenia out of the room so she can say some things to her wayward offspring in private. And when she calls him “Elmer Homero” it sure as hell doesn’t sound like he’s the one in charge.

Sara doesn’t know when Chamoy changed or why, but family always used to be important to him. She doesn’t want to hear is whining about how the family turned their backs on him. Doesn’t he remember what he told her when the baby died because of his stupidity in making Inés travel? He swore up and down he’d always look after them, he’d take care of them. He swears he did, but it was all for nothing. At the first opportunity Inés betrayed him! Sara says HE betrayed Inés when he hit her, and she’s not going to be manipulated by him. She’s here to make one thing clear to him–if he makes Inés cry so much as one tear, he can forget he has a mother.

He whines about how she already forgot about him when he went to prison. He was getting beat on and having to sleep with one eye open and none of them cared. He mocks her for praying for him from the comfort of her own home. He lays a guilt trip on her for never visiting him when it obviously wasn’t because she couldn’t walk. Fine, that’s not the reason. She didn’t visit because she was ashamed of him. Ashamed to have a son so cowardly that he would hit a woman. “I didn’t raise you that way!” She also didn’t raise him to put the life of his wife and children in danger. This isn’t about “Pedro” running to her with chisme–he came to ASK Chamoy to leave. Sara’s TELLING him. This hurts her and she hoped when he got out of prison they could start over, but it’s impossible. She doesn’t know what he’s up to, but she can’t let him put Inés and the kids in danger. “Just go. Show me you have a little bit of dignity and generosity left in that hard heart of yours. Assuming you still have a heart.” She starts to give him a blessing and then waves it off and leaves.

Chamoy remembers being in a bar and giving someone their cut of money from a job and warning them to be ready for the next one. He’d already scoped out a business with good cash flow and lousy security. Melquiades walked in and told Chamoy the police were looking for him.

Casa Connie

Connie and Lupe lay down the law. Since Tania’s family isn’t here, it’s up to them to vet Eugenio and make sure he’s good enough. Eugenio tells Tania not to worry–it will take a lot more than what they can dish out to drive him away. Lupe makes a joke about them kissing in front of her, “don’t eat in front of the hungry,” and Connie clarifies that she’s just fine on her own, thanks. Well, Lupe would love it if Eugenio could introduce her to someone…she has a long list of requirements and he admits that, no, he doesn’t know anyone who meets them. Tania tells her to shorten the list or she’ll end up “vistiendo santos” (“dressing saints,” i.e., she’ll be an old maid who helps out around the church). Heh, Lupe would rather vestir santos que encuerar borrachos (dress saints than strip drunks).

Tania asks if Connie has a thing for Ruben, but she insists he’s her teacher, her colleague, and that’s all. Lupe is off to work. And Connie is off to, uh, read a book. Leaving Tania and Eugenio alone in the living room, so they can snog if they want to. Tania’s not thinking about snogging. “So now are you going to tell me why you had that face when you got here?”

The other trio

Jonathan, “Pedro,” and Termi have beers. Termi has to ask–what the hell does Paloma even see in him? “‘Cause I’ve gotta say, if I were a chick, I wouldn’t date you.” Jonathan’s like, no way, Pedro’s pretty. But Termi has come to realize he has his charms. Women want him so badly they keep it to themselves. For years. Um, who are we talking about? Termi says gentlemen have no memory. But what he can say is that one never knows what secrets a woman may be hiding. [insert J. Law thumbs up “oh yeah” gif here]

Beers: Round 2. More Termi pontificating. “Pedro” wonders what happened with Cocó anyway. He hasn’t seen her lately. He’s sorry for how things went (between him and Termi, not him and Cocó). Before, Termi would have suggested they go take Cocó a serenata, but since “Pedro” doesn’t even sing in self-defense now…. Jonathan gets them back on track, saying Cocó really does need to leave the house so she doesn’t go crazy. Termi screams that his love will save her…and pass the peanuts.

Couldn’t he have just died and spared us the trouble?

Magdalena tries talking to Justino reasonably about Eugenio. He’s sending him away because he doesn’t want Eugenio wasting his time with the guitar or knocking up some girl.

Magdalena tells Justino to give it a rest. They raised him well. Justino needs to chill. Paloma comes over to check on them both and Justino moves so she can’t kiss him on the cheek. He angrily tells her he doesn’t want her lover in this house–he doesn’t want to see Pedro Perez there again. He goes off to his room and Magdalena says something about Eugenio having a girlfriend ticked him off.

Magdalena tells Paloma about Justino’s sudden obsession with sending Eugenio to Tijuana. Paloma said he was bound to go back to being the same Justino he was before.

Paloma brings Magdalena a glass of warm milk, but she’s way past the point where that will help. Paloma doesn’t even care anymore what Justino says, nobody is going to make her give up “Pedro.” Magdalena asks if she remembers when she warned her about Justino? That his “change” wasn’t going to last? How does she know “Pedro’s” not still a womanizer? She just knows. And he’s been proving it every day. Magdalena just wants her to be happy. Paloma wants her mom to be happy, too–but that’s not going to happen if she stays with Justino.

Eugenio walks Tania home. He says it really is as bad as it sounds. When his dad gets an idea in his head, he doesn’t let it go. Tania offers to go beg on Eugenio’s behalf (*shudder*). He explains that he wanted to introduce them because his dad was in a good mood, but now he’d rather not so his dad doesn’t say anything rude to her. Eugenio leaves and Justino appears in the hallway and starts looking through the little windows over the door.

Justino uses his key again and goes into Tania’s room. She comes out of the shower in a towel and asks what he’s doing there and how he got in. And she doesn’t believe she left the door open, either. He makes a big show of pretending the door doesn’t latch properly. Well, fine, why is he there so late? He came to warn her because he heard there were assaults in the neighborhood. He’s told her before, it’s a dangerous neighborhood. She thanks him, but she can take care of herself. He suggests they put a stronger lock on the door and she agrees. He babbles about making sure the door is locked behind him. She not only locks it, but looks out the window. He’s hiding, pressed up against the wall where she can’t see him.

Other things that happen that night

“Pedro” and Paloma get home. Paloma’s worried about her mom. And frustrated because she doesn’t understand how she stays with someone who treats her so badly “just” because she’s afraid of being alone. “Pedro” asks if his dad has ever hit her. No, but the psychological maltreatment does a lot more damage. He says such awful things–that she’s useless, that she’s worthless, that she’s not good for anything. “Pedro” says with words, attitudes, and silence it’s possible to destroy someone’s self-esteem. Paloma agrees. And her mom is old school. She was raised to believe she had to put up with everything and suffer in silence, no matter how abusive her husband gets. “Pedro” says that’s the example Paloma was raised with and she doesn’t believe it. He likes that about her, how her inner strength shines out. It’s why he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Paloma gives him a tearful kiss. “Pedro” likes that, too.

You know what I’m going to say… Even though Paloma and Leo both did a good job of outlining the reasons (they just failed to consider those things FROM Magdalena’s point of view instead of their own) you can also review this page from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Paloma is comforting Cachito after he had a bad dream. He asks her to stay with him. “Pedro” peeks in and listens to Paloma humming to Cachito.

“Candy” dances. Ruben watches.

Well, ok, since you brought coffee

Dani invades Renata’s recinto sagrado (sacred space, aka the office) with coffee. And doesn’t Renata look pretty today. Is her favorite patient coming? Renata says she just felt like looking extra good today, that’s all. Oh, and her bad mood from yesterday had nothing to do with her favorite patient missing his session? Dani wishes she’d just admit her interest in him isn’t just professional. “Here, let me analyze you today!” She sits Renata down in the “patient” chair.

The family that plots together….

Ignacio is up early. Fabi is sure her precious baby will be the bestest President ever, once this all belongs to them. Oh, don’t worry, Humberto’s in the shower and Nora’s out talking to the gardener, so no one can hear them. Ignacio takes a call from Chamoy and says to call back in three days–it’s not only up to him. Fabi thinks it’s easier for Ignacio if he just gives the guy a job. The problem is Fernanda knows him and knows he beat up Santiago. If Ignacio hires him, she’ll suspect him.

Fabi is surprised that Ignacio had to resort to having Santiago beat up to get Fernanda to do what he wants. He says she hates Leonardo and Humberto, but sometimes she needs a little push to take things all the way. OK, she gets it. She just had no idea her baby boy was so determined. She toasts him with her orange juice. Of course she’ll help him–and like him, she’s willing to do anything.

Will you still love me tomorrow?

“Pedro” tries waking up Fernanda by kissing every one of her freckles. But he loses count and has to start over. She reminds him they have to go to work. “But I’m the boss, so I order you to take the day off and spend it with me.” But he has a meeting with HIS boss and she’s got work to do. He groans at her not to say those things to him so early. There’s something important she needs to ask for…

They need to postpone the wedding.

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Thanks for the great recap, Kat. It was nice that “Leo” and Fer got together. I assume that Fer wants to postpone the wedding to frustrate Ignacio’s plans. I guess she won’t ask “Leo” to sign anymore papers either. Ignacio is not going to be happy about this development. The party with Tania, Connie, Lupe and Eugenio was cute. It’s nice to see Connie having some fun. She was so right to get out of chilly casa Fuentemayor. Do we think Termi was really hinting at something he knows about “Pedro” or is just blowing smoke. I am still assuming… Read more »