¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 4/14/16 #45

Just a slight delay

Fernanda’s reason for wanting to postpone the wedding is she has a “friend” having an operation the same day and she doesn’t want to be worrying about them during the wedding and the honeymoon. Pedro asks if she’s sure she’s not having doubts. He’d understand if she was. Fernanda says it’s just because of her friend. Well, ok then. Fer’s the reina, so whatever she wants, she gets.

That’s terrible advice

Dani’s advice, hypothetically, if she were a psychologist and she was madly in love with her patient, based on what she’d do, is screw the career and go for the guy. Mine is seek supervision. Can you tell which one of us has training?

Good stuff

“Pedro” does the books for the piñateria. Paloma comes in to tell him that the real estate office called and all the paperwork is ready for her signature. He wants to cancel his appointment with Renata, but Paloma doesn’t want him to. They’ll only be missing each other for a while. And she’s decided that the first event in her house is going to be Inés bachelorette party. It’ll be fun. And she’s decided they need to have some fun and not just broncas (problems). She kisses him goodbye and goes back to the flower shop.

Pedro sneaks into the house and starts spreading the joy around. He even compliments Fabiola’s sporty look and says Nacho’s not looking half bad, either. Then he goes bounding up the stairs to tell Humberto he’s got a big surprise for him

Finally, the truth!

Sara has no appetite this morning. She admits to Inés that she went to see Chamoy para jalarle bien duro las orejas (to give his ears a good yank; to lay the smackdown on him) and she couldn’t sleep all night. Who is she to give him a hard time when she’s just as bad as he is? She demonstrates by getting out of the wheelchair and walking a few steps.

Sara explains that she was paralyzed when she first fell down the stairs, but then slowly she started getting feeling back. By then, everyone had been so kind to her, taking care of her, and she was finally getting a rest after all those years of work and she just…she liked it. And now she feels awful and she understands completely if Inés wants to throw her out of the house. Inés turns around to try to collect herself. She starts to shake and Sara asks if she’s laughing or crying. Both! Because she’s laughing and it hurts!

Inés just can’t quit laughing. She admits she had a suspicion because Sara never asked for any help dressing or bathing or going to the bathroom. And the doctor never did find any damage to her spine. If anyone should be angry here, it’s Sara who should be angry at herself. Look at all the things she missed out on for all these years!

Sara dances around the living room, talking about how much she missed it! And dressing up for the Cinco de Mayo pageant. And she never did want to do it in the wheelchair. She wants to play fútbol with Cachito the way she used to with Pedro and Yesenia! But what will people say? Inés thinks it would be ridiculous for her to get back in the wheelchair. There’s a knock at the door and that’s exactly what she does. Inés rolls her eyes and goes to answer the door. It’s Jonathan with a big bunch of colorful flowers. They smooch.

It’s hard to come to a conclusion when you don’t have all the facts.

Paloma and Eugenio discuss Justino’s ridiculous plan. She thinks he hasn’t figured out they’re adults and don’t have to obey him. Eugenio says Justino didn’t talk to him at all this morning, but he thinks he’s feeling guilty. He won’t even look him in the eyes. That doesn’t make sense to Paloma, not after she saw the way he rushed to apologize when he thought Magdalena was going to leave him. She doesn’t think he feels guilty for what he does. Eugenio says it may not be over trying to send him away, but there’s definitely something making him feel guilty. Paloma remembers her mom saying she thought Justino was cheating on her.

Eugenio doesn’t feel like going over to the produce stand. Justino’s been neglecting it, running off every afternoon and then when Eugenio gets back from school he finds out there have been no sales. Paloma thinks they might as well give up. They’ve tried to get him to change their whole lives and he never does. Eugenio nods in agreement, but he’s going over all the same. There’s new stock and the boxes are heavy.

Tania is still weirded out after last night. She tells Connie she doesn’t think anything is missing, but with the way she keeps passing out at night–what if someone’s trying to get into her room? Connie tells her not to get paranoid over it, but she does think Tania should move in with her and Lupe. Then she’ll feel safer and they can keep an eye on her in case she’s sleepwalking or something. Tania hates to lose that much money. She hopes getting a new lock on her door will help her feel safer. (Not if you-know-who keeps a key, it won’t.) Ruben arrives and asks to speak to Connie.

The tide has turned

Fernanda tells Dani that “Leo” is paying for Santiago’s operation. He’s so not the guy he used to be. He really understands how wrong he was. She not only doesn’t hate him…she shagged him last night and she realized she loves him. She doesn’t know when it happened, she just started feeling things and she was so confused. It’s as if this huge wall came down when she found out he was paying for the operation. He’s not an ass–he’s got a big heart. He thinks someone framed Santiago. All this time she thought that was “Leo” but now she realizes she was wrong. Dani points out she wasn’t just hurting “Leo” by hating him all this time, but she was also hurting herself.

Basi is lecturing Pedro on income, expenses, and profits, but Pedro’s busy thinking about Fernanda and scribbling in his notebook. He tells Basi the enchilada sauce was an aphrodisiac. Basi says they’d better write down the recipe…you know…in case they need it later.

For now, Fer asked to put the wedding off for a few days. She’s not going to tell him who she is yet. She still needs to find out what happened and who framed Santiago. Dani asks if she’s sure it wasn’t Leonardo? No, Fer’s convinced it’s just that he reacted harshly. She’ll have to start her investigations over again, but for now she’s focusing on getting Santiago through his surgery. She feels like a huge weight has been lifted, though.

The huge weight…I mean, the overbearing jerk…I mean, Ignacio is in his office thinking about Fabi’s doubts that Fer will do what he wants and her suggestion that they try to get the whole company and not just part.

Daniela wonders who could have framed Santiago and why. Fernanda is sure when she finds out the “Who?” she’ll know the “Why?” Dani reminds her she was ready to swindle them out of the whole company…no, no, only out of the part that belonged to her father. And she was never doing it out of ambition. Ignacio walks in, asking to speak to Fer alone.

Pedro continues his account of the early part of the evening for Basi so they can analyze what happened and figure out what exactly he did to bring about the later part of the evening. Ah, if he told Basi what he saw…uh, Basi would rather not know. Could make things a little awkward around the office. No, dude! Not that! He saw the spark, the glow. She gave him her heart. Her eyes can’t lie to him.

The one thing about last night that Pedro didn’t like is that Fer has a friend going in for surgery and wants to push back the wedding date. If not for that, it would have been the perfect morning. Basi tells him not to be ungrateful. At least he has love. Basi, on the other hand…. Cue the waterworks. He’s lost all hope with Ivonne. He just doesn’t have that little something-something that makes Pedro irresistible. He can’t stop thinking of Ivonne. Pedro tries to comfort him by saying he used to fall for chicks like that all the time. One, after another, after another, after another, ad inf, ad naus, and then he met Fer and fell harder than he knew he could fall. So, see, Basi shouldn’t lose hope! OK, well, it’s not lost, just misplaced. They’ll find it. Basi pulls it together and says they’ve got to get back to work on turning Pedro in to a tigre of finance!

Ignacio exhausts my patience and it’s all downhill from there

Ignacio has yet another set of papers needing “Leo’s” signature. This time, it’s a fake copy of the pre-nup, but in this version the “infidelity” penalty is ALL Leo’s shares of the company, not just part. Ignacio will just find the copy of the original pre-nup and swap them out. No one will ever know. By then “Leo” will be in jail or in the “manicomio” (“nut-house,” “loony bin”) and Humberto won’t survive the scandal.

Fernanda doesn’t care if Ignacio doesn’t like it, she’s going to tell him anyway. He underestimates “Leonardo!” Ignacio mocks that idea–she should have seen him this morning jumping for joy because she said she loves him! “You nearly had the presidency twice and BOTH times he took it away from you and you didn’t even see it coming!” Ignacio tells her to shut up and demands to know why he should only settle for a part of the company when he can have it all. He grabs Fer and she slaps him and tells him this is over. She’s not going to destroy the Fuentemayors.

He accuses her of betraying him so she can keep everything for herself. Has she forgotten who helped her when the Fuentemayors destroyed her family? Who brought her here so she could get her revenge? She knows that and she IS grateful and that’s why she can’t let him go through with this. “You’re just like everyone else–you think Leonardo’s better than me!” Dude! It’s not about that! But “Leo” is impredecible (unpredictable), he’s dangerous, they can’t mess with him, there are things neither of them knew. Like what? He found out where Santiago was and paid all the fees for his operation. “Did you know that?” I think we all know what the answer to that will be.

Fer is talking too much about “Leo,” last night, the operation, her new suspicions. Just about the only thing she doesn’t tell Ignacio about is the sex. He accuses her of being naïve and “Leo” of manipulating her.

Fernanda no longer believes that “Leo” is the one who had Santiago beaten in prison, and there’s never been any proof he framed Santiago for fraud. Oh, but Ignacio told her he overheard a phone conversation where Leo was talking about what he was going to do with her father’s companies. Is his word not good enough anymore? (Seriously, Fer!? Why was it ever?) Fer tells him to show her the paperwork that proves that Leonardo moved the money to frame Santiago and then she’ll be sure.

He mocks her for forgiving her enemies so easily. But it’s not that–she’s just not going to submit some innocent person to the same injustices Santiago’s had to survive. “You weren’t like this when we met, when you fell in love with me. I did all this to help you! And now all of a sudden you think Leonardo’s a saint!” Fer asks him what he’s getting at. Ignacio says until now she hasn’t wanted to “make love” to Leonardo…has she changed her mind? Is she in love with him? He demands an answer. Was the sex so good that now she’s defending him? Fer wonders how he can even run this company with that tiny mind of his. All she’s doing is recognizing she made a mistake. She doesn’t care what Ignacio thinks. She’s gotten to know “Leo” and she’s realized he’s not her enemy and that’s it.

And just when I’m realizing this conversation has gone absolutely nowhere we get one last round of “You’re naïve, I did this all for you, I love you,” and “Count me out of your plans, I’m not going after Leonardo.” And next time I’m just summing it up that way because the only thing we learned is that she was basing this whole thing on one allegedly-overheard phone conversation as reported by a gaslighting, psychologically abusive, greedy little creep.

No, seriously, you don’t understand, and that’s not just teen angst talking!

Ruben thought Fabiola was sincere. I agree with Connie–I thought he was smarter than that too. What a disappointment.

Connie calls Fabi and tells her to leave Ruben alone. Fabi grins and smarms about how she misses her dear daughter and wants her to come home. She laughs at Connie’s anger and says it sounds like she’s falling for her teacher. Connie warns her to back off or she’ll go tell Humberto all Fabi’s secrets. She hangs up and leaves Fabi fuming.

Tania notices the flames shooting out of Connie’s eyes and asks who she was talking to. She decides to try to lay some wisdom on Connie. One day her mom’s going to die and she won’t be able to take back all the things she said, so don’t get caught up in anger. Tania lost her mom a few years ago and she still hasn’t gotten over it. I don’t think Connie’s actually thinking of Fabi when she gets tears in her eyes–she’s just feeling sympathy for Tania.

Why is she still in this story?

Cocó’s running out of money. She answers her door in her cute pajamas with hearts and frogs and I don’t even know what else all over them and when she sees it’s “Pedro” she turns on the charm. Oh, honey, no. He feels bad about her not leaving the house and he wants to help her. He doesn’t want her to be angry at Termi–he means well. Cocó says the only way she can be redeemed in the eyes of the public is for him to marry her. [Insert unintelligible noises indicating extreme recapper frustration here.]

Yeah, no. He’s marrying Paloma. I’m not even going to dignify Cocó’s remarks about Paloma having a child by repeating them. They settle on Cocó coming up with some lie about “Pedro” as long as it isn’t too bad. Yeah, that ought to go well.

“Pedro” gets her to agree to let Termi in. Termi practically screams at her to go open her shop up again. She mocks him for not even having a shop of his own. “Oh, ok! We’ll start over, then. I’ll quit the cheese shop, you ditch your shop and we’ll open up a new one. How about…desserts?” Oh, he knows how to make desserts? OK, how do you make bon-bons? “Well, you get the boy bon-bon and the girl bon-bon and then….” No. No. No. Out of Cocó’s house and off my screen.

Why is he not dead yet?

Yesenia goes over to Chamoy’s hotel so he can whine about how his mommy told him to go away. Poor him. Everybody makes him out to be the bad guy. No, no, he’ll go, even though he has nothing. It’s so terrible when people turn their backs on you.

I’m just going to sum up the rest of this with “Yesenia falls for his BS.”

OK, that’s the last straw!

“Pedro” meets with Renata. He tells her about his visit to Cocó’s, about being in love with Paloma and how great he feels when he’s around her. He feels like he can’t do the wrong thing around her–anything he does is right. When Renata points out her maturity and having a child, I start feeling a little hostile. And then Renata tells him he’s idealizing Paloma, she was there for him when he was emotionally vulnerable, and he could be making a mistake.

Congratulations, Renata. You just went over to the dark side.

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Thanks Diva, love the recap (also the ones before I didn’t comment on I liked too, but time got away from me)

Oh usually Dani gives good advice, mostly to Fer, like ‘don’t commit fraud to send somebody else to prison for committing fraud’ but the advice to her sister was just terrible, terrible advice. Does she secretly not like her sister?

“(Seriously, Fer!? Why was it ever?)” This perfectly described my reaction too.

I <3 Termi. He makes my screen happy.