Amor de Barrio Friday 4/15/16 #5

In the dim confines of La Luciérnaga, Raúl firmly turns down Monalisa’s advances. She doesn’t seem to be accustomed to hearing the word “no.”

Dora Luz is in tears over Daniel leaving the house. She actually WANTS Catalina to be manipulative for once and tell him she’s sick. Adalberto looks surprised. More whining from Catalina about how nobody loves her. She sends Dora Luz to bed so she can talk to Adalberto alone. So, about this sickness? Adalberto mocks her for thinking Daniel would believe her lies. Because, DOCTOR. Daniel’s a grown man and Catalina pushed him too hard. She has no intention of backing off, either, and orders Adalberto to cut off all his accounts–credit cards, bank accounts, cell phone. “He’s a doctor! He needs a phone!” Well, duh, when he has nothing, he’ll come home and ask forgiveness. Good luck with that, Catalina. My money’s on Daniel.

Paloma finally agrees to go home, but she’ll be back at the hospital bright and early once she’s gotten the case file. They can’t decide whether “goodbye” is a handshake or a kiss. Raúl pops into this random hospital hallway, apologizing for interrupting their passionate handshake and asking if Paloma knows that girl he (literally) ran into the other night. Dude, like totes. Paloma talks up Laura’s mad computer skillz and Raúl wants to pass along his contact info because he needs someone with mad computer skillz. Paloma starts to chatter about Laura and her personal problems, and why she’s only just now finishing prepa, but realizes what she’s doing in time and stops before she can say too much.

As Paloma walks away, Raúl reminds Daniel that his fiancée is arriving tomorrow. Yeah, Daniel remembers, but Paloma…he just luuuuuurves being with her. Raúl gets it. He admits he didn’t just come there to visit Daniel, he was hoping he’d run into Paloma and get info about Laura.

Over at the bag/coat check desk, Monalisa confides in Laura about the edible papi chulo who came in earlier (gross…is she Tamara or isn’t she?! This is going to bug me!). Ooh, Laura can see how excited Monalisa is–does she like him enough that she’d quit this job? Monalisa looks haunted and says no…but maybe, if he asked, she would. Paloma arrives wanting to talk to Laura and Monalisa gets the feeling she’s not wanted. It seems like an old argument, Monalisa suggesting Laura and Paloma should work there and make lots of money the two of them saying it’s not their thing. Monalisa saunters away. Paloma hands Laura the note and Laura repeats “Raúl” over and over.

Raúl can’t believe his aunt is being such a jerk. Daniel can’t believe she’s trying to fake him out with a fake illness. He turns down Raúl’s offer to move into his house, use one of his cars, etc., and even turns down the cash Raúl offers. He’s determined to make it on his own. Raúl may have been disbelieving before, but now he can see ahead to Catalina’s next move and doesn’t think Daniel’s credit cards and accounts are going to be there for him. Well, Daniel doesn’t care. He’s not moving back into the house.

Laura can’t wait to give Raúl a call. Edmundo asks her to go home and check on Rosa and they get into a huge argument. Laura’s tired of him being a jerk and threatening to throw them out and/or put Rosa in an icewater bath. Edmundo is tired of Rosa drinking. Paloma reminds Laura that Rosa and Edmundo are legally married, so Rosa has rights. He can’t throw them out.

Raúl waits while Daniel tries his ATM card and his cell phone and confirms that everything is cut off. He hates to say “I told you so.” but he says it anyway.

Back at home, Raúl tells his dad he’s not going to turn his back on his cousin. And he’s not worried about his aunt. He knows how to deal with her.

Those red sparkly boots sneak their way into the house, through a back entrance that leads to Tamara’s closet, and from there to Tamara’s bedroom where Delfina is waiting. Monalisa drops her coat and wig and declares that Raúl will be hers.

By the time they’ve moved on to talking about Tamara and her horrible headaches, which Raúl doesn’t believe are even possible in this day and age (uh, migraines?), Tamara herself walks in on the conversation. She doesn’t even have so much as a kink in her hair from those tight braids.

Yes, Rosa is hitting both the booze and the mints. Laura comes home and she insists it was just a few drinks. She’s not drunk or anything. I stop to rant about how Laura and Edmundo both are annoying the crap out of me. They both want Rosa to quit drinking, but Laura is being too permissive and Edmundo’s being too much of a jerk. And they’re too busy fighting with each other to just sit down and agree about what to do. At least Laura pours out the booze this time.

She happily tells Rosa about the new job she hasn’t even gotten yet and how her boss will be SO CUTE! That raises major red flags for Rosa! She tells Laura NOT to fall in love with her boss. In fact, don’t fall in love with a rich man. That way leads to marrying a guy like Edmundo. Well, what’s the deal with Edmundo anyway? Rosa says he offered to give Laura his name and she figured that way Laura would at least have a roof over her head. Laura wonders why Rosa never married her father. *cough*Catalina*cough* Rosa says it just didn’t work out. So, please, don’t fall in love with your boss! Don’t throw away your life. Laura takes that personally, as if Rosa was calling HER a mistake and the reason Rosa threw her life away. She doesn’t give Rosa the chance to apologize.

Tamara gives Raúl the rundown of her diagnoses and tells him he can check it out with Daniel. Dalfina shows up with a tray of tea or coffee, but Tamara dismisses her. She asks Ariel about his earlier visit and praises him to Raúl for being such an angel. Raúl excuses himself. Tamara invites Ariel to spend the night, but he’d rather she rest if she isn’t feeling well. He kisses her on the forehead and Tamara leaves, disappointed.

Gabriel tells Paloma that he heard from Rodrigo that their dad got fired from the office where he was working, but Gabriel thinks he really quit because they didn’t pay him. Paloma points out that something has to be done–she barely makes enough to pay half the bills. Gabriel’s brilliant suggestion is that she get a day job. Oh, and don’t wake him up early for breakfast tomorrow, okay?

Raúl thinks about Laura and Laura thinks about Raúl. And looks up the meaning of his name. “Daring in war” among other things. As well as “willing to help others.”

Blanca Estela’s “case file” is a bankers box. Daniel sees her carrying it and offers to help. Blanca Estela seems to be improving. He did his part, now it’s up to Paloma to get her out of prison. Speaking of prison, Eugenia shows up and Daniel gives Paloma an “Um, did I mention I had a fiancée?” look. He introduces them and they glare at each other. Paloma goes off to see Blanca Estela. Eugenia makes fun of her name, whines about wanting brunch and how she’s more important than Daniel’s patients, and drags him away. He doesn’t even seem to like her, much less want to marry her.

Paloma goes into Blanca Estela’s hospital room and cries. When Blanca Estela wakes up, she says she’s going to start working on her case. Blanca Estela just needs to worry about getting better. Paloma needs to ask her one question though, and she’ll never ask it again. Did Blanca Estela kill him? No, but no one ever listened to her. Paloma promises she’ll get her out of prison.

Laura has a run-in with the Patio Chismosas in the bucket line the next morning. Gabriel comes down and they inform him Paloma was already there two hours ago.

Tamara has a good laugh over last night’s escapades, but Delfina is more cautious. Tamara waves off her worries–if Raúl had recognized her, he would have said something. That’s the way he is. Direct. Predictable. And last night she realized she wants him. Oh yes, he will be hers. In the absence of a mustache to twirl, she fondles her hair.

Ariel stayed home today to avoid dealing with Catalina, though he looks like he might have a headache, too. Tamara goes into his office to ask about her situation, should anything happen to him. Delfina lurks in the hallway to listen. Ariel is totally ok with Tamara asking, in fact he thinks it’s something they should talk about, and he wants her to know…his will is in order and she’ll be taken care of. Tamara gives him a grateful hug. I’m wondering what exactly that means? And if he thought it was so important, why didn’t he volunteer the information before? Or bother telling her they’ve been living in his son’s house?

Paloma talks to Gustavo’s old boss at what seems to be a real estate office, while Rodrigo waits outside. He hates to break it to her, but Gustavo has been doing poor work. He finally had to fire him because he lost the paperwork for a house and he hopes the owner doesn’t complain or he’ll have to sue Gustavo. He thinks Gustavo has been having problems with depression.

Outside the office, Paloma thanks Rodrigo for coming with her, but says there’s nothing they can do. Her father has been lying to them for a long time. “The first thing you need to do is talk to him.” No, the first thing she needs to do is pay the rent, figure out how she’ll pay the other bills, and get another job. She hugs him and cries on his shoulder for a long time in the elevator. When she pulls herself together, Rodrigo says she shouldn’t have to deal with this on her own. He asks her to marry him. She can’t even think about that right now.

At the car dealership, Catalina is fuming because Daniel hasn’t bothered to call her. Adalberto blandly tells her Daniel has probably figured out by now that he can’t access his accounts and if he hasn’t called it’s because his phone got cut off, too. That was unexpectedly hilarious. Comedy hour continues… “Eugenia will be back from New York by now with her trousseau.” “To marry whom?” And how’s Daniel only going to live for Catalina, the way she thinks he should, if he’s marrying Eugenia. Oh, Catalina’s just using Eugenia to get Daniel back.

Zelma knits a bufanda (scarf). Garter stitch, I think. Continental? Delfina approaches to get suggestions for a gift for Raúl, but Zelma thinks the only good gift would be Delfina’s obedience. Oh, by the way, has she happened to notice shadows moving around in the trees near the house at night? Zelma could have sworn she saw something moving toward the house the other night. She hopes it’s not…ghosts.

Raúl bikes to work. The two uncooperative board members are plotting to take all the credit for yesterday’s promotions when Conchita (Raúl’s assistant) snaps at them that Raúl has been waiting hours for them. They make their convoluted way into Raúl’s office. He’s summoned them because they’re the two who have been there the longest and he wants their support. One is asked to analyze lost clients for the last five years and come up with a plan to win them back. The other is asked to do market research about how people perceive the company. Raúl wants to try to shore up their reputation by offering different products.

Gustavo comes home and finds the box with Blanca Estela’s case file, but he’s interrupted by Gabriel’s arrival before he can read much. Gabriel’s in a hurry–he’s got to replace a guitar string before tonight’s gig. Gustavo tells him he’s been fired and Gabriel needs to get a job to help Paloma with the household expenses. Oh, no, Gabriel couldn’t possibly! He’s not cut out to be a *sneer* server, or a messenger, or a bricklayer! He’s an ARTIST! It’s Gustavo’s obligation to get another job, and Paloma should also look for another job. She’ll be fine. Have faith in her. His mind and heart are occupied with his art 24/7…. Gustavo tunes him out. I just let his babbling fuel my rage. He’s no artist, he’s just an entitled, whiny jerk.

Laura arrives at Raúl’s company and Tweedlecreep and Tweedlecreepier immediately accost her, claim to have no idea who Raúl is, there aren’t any jobs available, but maybe they can help her out, if she’s nice to them, it’ll be worth her while. Laura’s about to get back in the elevator when Raúl rounds a corner. I hope she’s not so dazzled at the sight of him that she doesn’t report those two and get their sorry asses fired.

Rodrigo walks Paloma home, begging the whole way for her to give him just one chance, just one, and if it doesn’t work out they can still be friends. Remembering Eugenia snogging Daniel at the hospital she agrees. Just no pressure and no talking about marriage! She’s about to kiss Rodrigo when Daniel shows up asking to speak to her and having the audacity to look pissed off.

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