¿Quién es Quién? Friday 4/15/16 #46


“Pedro” is not the least bit swayed by Renata’s fake concern or any of the bogus reasons she has for why he shouldn’t trust his feelings for Paloma. The one thing she maybe has a point about is that he did propose marriage to someone and he’s never figured out who it was, which would seem to indicate that there was someone else he had strong feelings for before the accident.

The thing is, yes, “Pedro” was bothered by all those old memories that seemed to have nothing to do with his current life. But now he’s feeling so much more calm and more connected to everyone–not just Paloma, but his family and his friends. And he’s not interested in digging into the past. Renata’s just concerned that one day he could get his memories back and be in for quite a shock. But she’s going to be there for him. And she still wants him to meet with that specialist who’s going to be arriving in a few weeks. “Pedro” agrees.

The wedding approaches

Inés and Jonathan hang out at the mercado food court. He can’t believe they’re going to be married soon. Inés wonders how the others will live without her in the house, but he’s sure they’ll figure it out. Paloma comes up, giddy–she’s just signed the papers, the house is hers, it’s right around the corner from Jonathan’s and she can’t wait to throw Inés’ bachelorette party! Doña Tencha also looks pleased, probably because she just scored the chisme before anyone else.

No, wait, she’s pleased because now she gets to butt into their conversation and snark that it would be less a despedida de soltera and more a despedida de divorciada. Inés and Jonathan leave so Inés can get back to the shop, while Paloma stays behind to give Tencha and Melquiades what-for. She finds their attitude nothing more than an extension of machismo. Older men with younger women, older women with younger men, it’s the same thing. Couples get together for all sorts of reasons and what Inés and Jonathan have is love. And what it sounds to her like Tencha and Melquiades have is a case of jealousy.

Moooooom! She broke up with me!

Ignacio comes home and starts throwing a tantrum. Fabiola shoves him into the office so they can get some privacy after she closes all fifty of the doors. He says Fernanda is going back on their plan because she’s in love with “Leonardo.” None of this makes any sense without her. He loves her.

 Tres Días Después 

Be still my heart! We have a new text bubble! Three days later…

Party prep

Lupe and Yesenia decorate for the bachelorette party, an idea of which they approve in general because why should bachelors have all the fun with strippers and all that? Yesenia jokes about a stripper cop showing up. Sara comes in and Lupe is startled. “Tell her about the miracle, grandma,” Yesenia jokes. Oh yes, there was a miracle, the skies parted, a beam of light fell on the patio, and she heard a voice in her ear saying “Walk, Sara!” and she walked. “Really?” No, but if anybody at the mercado asks, that’s what Lupe should tell them.

Inés is putting the finishing touches on the cake she made for her party. Jonathan starts getting frisky and suggests they send a text and tell everyone to party with out her. She breaks it to him he’s en ayunas (fasting), so no frisky business until after the wedding so they can have a super-romantic wedding night. But snogging is totally allowed.

Chamoy lurks across the street, watching Inés and Jonathan walk the cake over to Paloma’s house. Jonathan’s still trying to get Inés to come back to the house with him. He promises revenge for the lack of sex–she won’t even be able to get out of bed for a week. (Is that a threat or a promise?)

Inés has a bad feeling and starts looking around. She wonders if she left her keys back at the house. Jonathan thinks she’s making excuses to go back with him, but she finds the keys in her purse. They walk on.

Paloma and “Pedro” are setting food out on the table. Paloma’s fretting that there’s no mole because the gas hasn’t been turned on yet. “Pedro” says they’re going to have a good time anyway and Paloma agrees. She’s even got some “games” planned. Cue the sexy snogging. Inés and Jonathan interrupt. From outside, someone calls that they need some strong men. As Jonathan and “Pedro” head outside, Paloma notices Inés’ face and asks what’s wrong.

Eugenio tries to convince Tania to come to the party with him and meet his sister and his mom, but she’s got an English test tomorrow and she really needs to study. Justino comes home right before Eugenio hangs up the phone and Magdalena comes into the living room. She tries to get Justino to come with them, but he wouldn’t dream of giving his blessing to his daughter, much less that brazen hussy Inés…jumping into bed with a younger man…as if! They’ve barely even let him finish his rant before they’re out the door.

Termi is having a difficult time convincing Cocó to go to the party. But the thing is, she’s wearing earrings the size of her head and metallic gold wedges, so it seems like going to a party would be the only logical thing to do. He has to resort to saying there’s a snake in her kitchen to get her to run out the door, then he coolly puts her purse (which looks like a hamster ball suspended on a gold chain) on his arm and walks out after her.


Tijuana, México. Some text bubbles get all the action. It’s the day of the operation. Santiago is scared, but Fer pulls out the pom-poms. He feels like he’s made her life more difficult, but she says it wasn’t his fault, she has nothing to forgive him for. She has nothing but love for him. Dani comes in with the nurse. She and Fer kiss him and wish him luck and the nurse starts to prep him for surgery

Pedro is also worried. He considers going down to Tijuana, but Basi thinks Santiago’s sister will knock his teeth out if she sees him there. Humberto comes in demanding to know whether what the company lawyer just told him is true. Did “Leo” drop the charges against Santiago? Welllllll…his excuse that it was more like considering the case closed doesn’t fly. He explains Santiago’s physical condition after the beating, which seems to get Humberto’s attention. Pedro finally says that sending him back to jail wasn’t going to get them anything but guilt, and he was already feeling guilty enough.

Fernanda and Dani are waiting in Santiago’s room, even though it’s going to be hours. Fer won’t even go down to the cafeteria and Dani won’t leave her. Ignacio calls to pretend to care about Santiago. Once he’s ended the call, Ivonne comes into his office with a little pouch that she says contains what IT was able to retrieve from Connie’s computer. It’s only 70% of what was on her hard drive and the file names are all messed up, so she’ll have to check them. Ivonne tells him the chisme about Santiago’s charges being dropped.

Humberto has concerns about how dropping the charges is going to make them look–like they’re easy to fool? “Leo” thinks they’ll just look like decent people. Humberto says you can’t make these kinds of huge, sudden changes. It has to be done paulatinamente (a little at a time, gradually). Basi stands there in “Leo’s” office agreeing with both Humberto and Pedro. I’m surprised Humberto doesn’t throw him out. Pedro thinks Humberto would agree with his decision, if only he’d seen Santiago in the hospital. “You went to the hospital?!” Oooooops….

Pedro says he did go to the hospital, to check things out first-hand, and Humberto’s worries about what “the press” would think if they found out about his visit are completely unfounded. The guy was alone. Not even the reporter who did the interview was there, checking on him. He just couldn’t leave him there like that, dying, unable to see. Ignacio interrupts, asks if the rumor is true, and snaps at Basi for being the one to confirm it. Basi excuses himself and Pedro tells Ignacio his interference is not needed. He and Humberto are dealing with the situation and he had better not EVER talk to Basi like that again. Ignacio claims that he agrees with Pedro that Santiago should be released, but they should do it quietly. Hire a lawyer for him who will take their orders and get him out, compensate him financially, but without letting anyone know. Humberto agrees with Ignacio and tells the two of them to come up with a plan and keep him informed.


It’s a co-ed all-ages despedida, as we discover when Sara pulls a pink see-thru frilly babydoll out of a gift bag, Cachito asks if it’s a dress or pajamas, and Termi admits it’s from him. Yesenia is not amused. She starts chasing after Termi and the room erupts into chatter about whether or not it’s an appropriate gift, etc. Doña Tencha arrives and the room gets quiet. And here Cocó thought everyone would be staring at her! Tencha apologizes for being rude to Inés the other day and to say she hopes they’ll be very happy. Inés invites her to stay and Jonathan says she should stay–and tomorrow she can tell everyone at the mercado what a fabulous party they had. Ines hugs her while Jonathan grabs her a chair and Paloma hands her a drink.

Inés and Paloma have a quiet moment in the kitchen. Paloma is glad Inés is having a good time, especially after she looked so serious earlier. Inés explains about the weird feeling she had earlier when they were on their way over. Paloma thinks it’s just leftover anxiety from the attack, plus being nervous about the wedding

“Pedro” checks with Jonathan to ask if Chamoy has been around lately. Nobody’s seen or heard from him. “Pedro” thinks that’s a good sign. He knows Yesenia wasn’t really happy about him asking Chamoy to leave, but it’s understandable. She doesn’t know everything that happened. Jonathan wonders if it isn’t time she was told, so she doesn’t have this unrealistic image of him. “Pedro” agrees, but Inés doesn’t and he’s not going to contradict her. Termi brings them beers and pulls them back to the party.

Yesenia tells Lupe that Ruben hasn’t spoken to either of her, but he’s still filming “Candy” from afar. Look, she HAD to test him and make sure he was faithful. She didn’t want to end up with a guy like Pedro! Lupe says “Pedro” has certainly settled down, though, now that he’s with Paloma.

Jonathan makes a toast. He says he loves all of them and he wants to toast to the woman he loves, who’s beautiful inside and out. He’s glad she decided to marry him. He’s toasting to Inés, the love of his life. Inés kisses him and everyone cheers.

Inés thanks Jonathan. Life is giving her a chance to start over with him. She’s glad he showed up just when she needed him. Termi drunkenly interrupts. Inés tells him to pipe down, she’s not done! She also wants her kids to know she loves them and she’s glad they understand her love for Jonathan.

And then Sara gets up to make a toast and freaks everyone out. She tells them the story of the “miracle” only now she’s embellishing. Even Inés is enthralled. “…y andé.“Anduve,” Yesenia pipes up. “Oh, you walked too?” “No! You say ‘anduve’ not ‘ande.'” Well, whatever, the point is it happened and it’s a miracle. Everybody cheers for Sara and she dances for them.

Everybody’s working late tonight

Basi starts teaching Pedro about profit margins and how stable profits from one year to the next are actually a failure. Pedro’s really not cool with the idea of shutting down branches or laying people off just because profits don’t go up. Well, that’s business. They have to keep growing or they’ll get eaten by a bigger fish. Pedro needs to learn this stuff, learn to make calm, cold decisions, learn to swim with the current.

Fer and Dani are still waiting in Santiago’s room. Dani distracts her by asking about Ignacio. Fer hasn’t been able to talk to him without him whining about how she betrayed him. It gets Dani’s attention that Ignacio doesn’t want to find out who actually committed the fraud. “It’s not his money,” Fer says. He just wants to get his hands on the company. And she doesn’t buy that he “loves” her. He doesn’t love anything but himself and his ambition.

Ignacio plugs the USB stick into his work computer. He remembers Fabiola telling him about Connie’s footage of Leonardo with another woman. He’s willing to search the files all night to find that video.

Might as well put all the bad stuff in one place

Chamoy breaks into Jonathan’s house, rewires a light switch, and blows out the pilot lights on Jonathan’s stove.

Tania is studying when Justino comes over. He admits he hasn’t been feeling well lately and that’s why he hasn’t come to visit her. He’s sick in his soul, but he thinks he’ll feel better if he spends time with her. Tania invites him in and clears all her books away. Justino wants her to just sit and chat with him. *shudder*

Tania asks about what’s bothering him and says she’s there to listen to him. Justino says it’s his family. His kids are ungrateful and his wife puts him down. He thinks his wife is faking her illness to manipulate him. She’s a terrible woman and he’s miserable with her.

If ever there were a time for pants to actually catch on fire.

Tania feels bad for him. Since he starts to leave on his own, Tania asks him to stay. She sees him as a father. Justino wishes she’d see him differently…uh, as a friend. Someone she trusts. And then he asks her to prove that she does by telling him about her boyfriend. And so she does. He sure hopes it’s not the Eugenio he’s thinking of, a guy he heard drugged and raped a woman, right here in this very barrio.

I’ve had a request to try harder at killing Justino with my laser death beam eyes, but honestly, I don’t know how I could be trying any harder than I already am. He really should have been burned to a crisp by now.

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4 years ago

Excellent recap, Kat, but ugh, I don’t like where this novela is going. I don’t want to see Renata try and convince “Pedro” that he doesn’t love Paloma. I don’t want to see Justino try and convince Tania that Eugenio is a rapist and I sure hope he doesn’t try and convince her by drugging and raping her himself. I don’t want to see Chamoy blow up Jonathan’s house. Maybe you should see an opthamologist about the problem with your laser death beam eyes. 🙂 Mine aren’t working either!

4 years ago

I forgot to mention that I laughed out loud at your description of Cocó’s get up – earrings as big as her head and a hamster ball purse!

4 years ago

What a great recap, Diva.
Loved these observations:
“Yesenia tells Lupe that Ruben hasn’t spoken to either of her.” Ha ha ha.
“If ever there were a time for pants to actually catch on fire.” Oh yeah.
So that’s where this is going. Justino is going to commit all kinds of perverse mayhem and pin it all on Eugenio. Arghh.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Great recap thanks Diva I laughed out loud when Termi picked up Coco’s mirror ball purse and put it on his wrist. ” Ignacio claims that he agrees with Pedro that Santiago should be released, but they should do it quietly” hmm now that can’t be leading anywhere good Ok so I just ff> Justino now but there was a lot of dialogue with him in it so I owe you big time for those sections, but the news that the lazer death beam eyes are on the blink isn’t good. ‘K why does TJ get a text bubble but… Read more »