Secretos Friday 4/15/16 #10

The sounds of digging. A pickaxe hitting the ground. Dirt being shoveled. A body put in the grave and buried.

20 hours ago…

A team of police officers are in Olimpia’s house, searching for evidence. She explains it wasn’t a theft, but Elmer says they took a disk. “Why would he want to take that disk?” Olimpia says she doesn’t understand. She asks them to wait–she made a report and hid it in the desk–she checks the desk and says it’s gone. The disk for a big project at work that was supposed to be a secret. She’ll have to tell Jaime. She didn’t seriously think she could lie to Elmer, did she?

Fernando hands over the disk to Jaime and he breaks it without even checking to make sure it was the right one. Fernando’s still pushing for Olimpia to be killed. Jaime is freaking out about the guy who stole the disk. What if the police catch him? Fernando cryptically says he hired someone who can’t be caught, so Jaime should stop worrying about it. By the way, did Alma get Bruno’s letter? He explains he sent a letter from Bruno with a lot of cash in it so they’ll leave Jaime alone and not go to the police. Fernando is acting so proud of himself.

Alma is worried about Laura, but Carlos thinks she’s overreacting. Alma tried calling Jaime, but his phone is off. She wants to call Elmer, but Carlos tells her to quit worrying.

Jaime starts to leave his dad’s place, but he has a vision of Bruno in his back seat. He tries not to look at him, but he can still hear him…telling him one day everyone will find out. Jaime mutters to himself that it’s not real, he’s going to open his eyes and he Bruno won’t be there. And sure enough, Bruno’s not in the back seat anymore. BECAUSE HE’S IN THE FRONT SEAT! Jaime tries shutting his eyes again and begging God for help. He opens his eyes and this time Bruno is gone. Not that he can stop looking. He starts the car and drives away.

Elmer looks around Olimpia’s. She sees the officers to the door. Elmer is in her bedroom, saying it looks like he searched the entire apartment. “And he was standing here…and you were there….” He realized she must have tried to stop him and he wants to know what would have been worth risking her life like that. What’s on that disk?

Jaime gets home and finds out from Alma that Laura hasn’t been home all night.

“Do you think I’m lying to you? What’s with the questions?” Elmer says he’s not saying she’s lying, but he noticed her hesitation. Does someone want to hurt her? Is she hiding something? She starts cleaning up, avoiding his questions and trying to turn it back on him for assuming everyone hides something. He backs off and apologizes for being paranoid. Olimpia breaks down in tears and says she was afraid he was there to hurt her. She doesn’t know why he was trying to steal her work. He tells her to pack. He wants to take her to a hotel for a few days while they fix her door. There will be room, don’t worry. It’s called Elmer Palace. The owner says inappropriate things to people and he never takes “no” for an answer.

Jaime is furious with Alma for not telling him sooner…not that his phone was on! Alma didn’t want to call the police or Elmer without consulting him. She didn’t think of calling Matias. Jaime tries him now. Matias is confused–what does he mean Laura is missing? He tells Jaime to calm down, he’ll be right there.

Grecia fell asleep at the laptop. She wakes up when Elmer and Olimpia come in. She sees the bags first…then Elmer, then Olimpia. “What does this mean?” Nobody really answers her so she starts apologizing for the mess and cleaning up. Elmer explains they’ve taken over the living room as their office while Inés and his mom are away. Olimpia sees the laptop screen, but Elmer says he can’t tell her what that is or she’ll be his accomplice. He shows her to his room and tells her to get some sleep. He’ll be downstairs. She thanks him for everything.

Matias gets to the house and gets a big hug from his niece before Alma hustles her back upstairs. Jaime’s in the living room, basically doing nothing. Mattas doesn’t want to call the police until they know what’s going on, but seriously? These two don’t know a thing! Jaime makes vague excuses about visiting his father and spending the night at his house. He just needed someone to talk to. They need to find Laura, but Jaime really doesn’t want to call Elmer.

They decide to just ask if he knows where she is. And then Jaime tells him she’s missing and Elmer says he’s going over there. Olimpia comes downstairs in time to hear that Laura is missing. She doesn’t think Laura would have gone to visit a family member. She decides to go over to the house with Elmer.

Rafael and Boris make it back to the hideout. Aldo is annoyed, but they say it took a while to dig the grave. He tells them there’s been a problem and “it” is over there. “It” being Laura, all trussed up on the floor of Efren’s room, gagged with her own scarf.

Flashback: Aldo wakes up to the sound of Laura calling for Efren. He sneaks up on her and grabs her from behind.

The kidnappers all stare stupidly at each other.

Alma explains to Elmer about Laura’s dreams and Señor Effendi. On the first trip, he didn’t say anything, but Laura saw him again yesterday. Jaime says he called early and she left, but he didn’t hear their conversation. Alma explains that Laura came home, locked herself in the office, and then left. Elmer thinks talking to Señor Effendi would be a good place to start. Olimpia invites herself along while Jaime and Matias are to stay at the house and call the Sergeant.

Boris and Rafael are panicking and Aldo just keeps trying to pretend he’s got everything under control. Boris blames Hernán and earns himself a dirty look from Aldo.

Laura wakes up. She sits up and tries to get closer to Efren. She’s tied to the handle of a trunk. She sees the ropes around his hands and feet and the sweatshirt and looks relieved. She starts struggling against her ropes.

Boris comes in with a mask over his face and blindfolds her. Laura shrieks behind her gag. Boris tells her not to scream or they’ll hurt Efren. He takes the gag out of her mouth and she starts begging them not to hurt Efren. Boris asks how she found them. He doesn’t believe she saw the house in a dream and a man who interprets dreams had the same dream. She swears she’s telling the truth. Rafael looks concerned. Boris asks if the man she’s talking about happens to be named Hernán. She cries that Hernán never told them anything. He asks if anyone knows she’s here. Laura says no one knows she’s here, but someone might be looking.

Elmer and Olimpia go to Señor Effendi’s, but he’s not there. His wife says he went out to the village and there’s no phone out there. He doesn’t even have a cell phone. Elmer asks what he said to Laura and she reluctantly tells him that her husband woke up agitated and he called Laura, but she has no idea what he told her or what he dreamed about. That’s all she can remember. She closes the door and Elmer and Olimpia stand on her front step wondering what to do now.

Laura begs to see Efren. She cries that she won’t shout she won’t even move, she just wants to see him. She keeps up a steady stream of begging until Aldo visibly cracks and nods to Boris. Boris puts his ski mask back on, pulls off her blindfold, and leaves the room. She starts trying to rouse Efren.

Aldo gets a call from an unknown number, which apparently means it’s the boss. He races outside to take the call. He explains that “they” have a problem. He tells his boss, contact, whoever it is on the other end that Laura somehow found them, all on her own. He wants Person X to find out if Laura was followed. For whatever reason, they can’t and Aldo gripes about having to deal with it on his own.

Rafael is worried that they’ll have to move again, but he doesn’t know where they can go. Boris doesn’t even want to think about it and tells Rafael to quit whining. Aldo comes in and Rafael asks what “The Boss” said. He’s not going to help them. They have to deal with it on their own. They all look so stressed I can’t help laughing

Elmer and Olimpia come back to the house and have to face Jaime and Matias’ snotty attitudes. Elmer asks Alma if Laura talked to anyone before she left and Alma admits she didn’t hear anything, but Laura was in her office a good long while and she forgot her cell phone. Elmer starts checking Laura’s call history, but Jaime insists that’s for him to do. Olimpia can’t keep herself from rolling her eyes. Turns out Laura’s last call was to Elmer.

Aldo asks about the cave. You know, the cave where they’re supposed to have taken Dora to kill her? Oh, they don’t think that would be a good place to hide. If they find the house, the first place anyone will look is the cave. It’s too close. Aldo agrees and Rafael and Boris trade guilty looks behind his back. Hernán calls Aldo, asking for a favor. He’s got a big problem. He needs money. Aldo understands him abandoning the shipwreck, but he’ll need one last favor from Hernán before he can hand over his share. They need a new place to hide and a car.

Elmer checks Laura’s computer. Jaime bugs him about not getting into their personal files. Matias accuses him of getting paid to waste time and demands he at least tell them what he’s doing. Is his paycheck actually big enough to compensate him for putting up with these two jerks? Elmer says Laura was searching for towns in a region…. Jaime: “We’ll call the police. They can start searching.” Elmer says it’s not a small region. He finally notices the notepad on the desk. Woo hoo! We’re going old school! He finds a pencil and starts rubbing it over the top remaining page of the notebook to find the list of towns Laura wrote down.

Efren wakes up and sees his mom. He scoots off the couch to throw his arms around her. They hug and cry and she kisses his face. He cries that he wants to leave now. More tears and kisses and the two of them finally smile at each other.

Elmer gives the Sergeant the list of towns. Matias is all worried about word getting out that Laura was following up on a lead she got in her dreams. Goodness, how embarrassing! Elmer says there’s nothing weird about it. Sure, there are charlatans out there, but there are also people with real abilities and the police consult them to solve cases. His mom does it. Every time something bad happens to him, she dreams about it before. It’s like a special mom power. And if the mom in question happens to be the only one worried about finding her child…. Jaime loses his cool and I laugh. No one else finds it as amusing.

Jaime’s phone rings, pulling him out of the room. He tells Fernando about Laura and promises to keep him informed. When he turns around, Olimpia is staring at him.

Elmer and Matias are still back in the office, staring at each other. Matias flounces out of the room because he can’t be near a murderer’s accomplice. “Unless you’re representing him,” Elmer counters. Matias smirks. Martin arrives to tell them that Mario escaped from the hospital.

Olimpia tells Jaime that his plan worked, his friend took the disk. She knows his father sent someone. He can’t lie to her and he doesn’t have the guts to hire someone to hurt her. They both know what’s going on. Jaime: “You made me do it.” She reminds him disks can be copied and he won’t find the copy. Carlos comes in and starts eavesdropping. She tells Jaime if he won’t leave her alone everyone will know what he did to Bruno.

Mario apparently just walked right out of the hospital. Elmer can’t understand how he got away from his guards. Martin looks guilty.

Flashback: Martin visits Mario. Matias sent him. Prison sucks, huh? Artists don’t do well there. Matias has contacts all over the place, so Mario can claim innocence all he wants to, but Matias’ friends won’t believe it. Martin would hate to be in his shoes. Elmer’s a good lawyer, but compared to Matias’ army of lawyers…? And even if Elmer can clear him, it will take years. Martin tells him to think about it. Hospitals are so much less secure than prisons. And it’s easy to get past the guards. Martin slips something into his hand. When he leaves, Mario sees a name and number written on a piece of paper.

Martin keeps standing by the door trying not to look shady and failing miserably. Elmer thinks Mario had to have help. Matias is outraged that a killer has gone free. *snort* Elmer thinks he got desperate, not wanting to get killed in prison. Elmer leaves to go check out the villages. He says he won’t let Olimpia come with him this time, but she begs. She only feels safe with him. He agrees, but only if she does as he says.

Aldo tells Boris and Rafael they’re leaving. Hernán is going to help them. They have to start cleaning everything.

Laura and Efren are working on Laura’s ropes when Rafael comes in with a bucket and an uncovered face to start wiping everything down. Laura studies him. She notices Efren is pretending to be asleep.

Boris wraps the bag of fake money in some sheets so he can sneak it out the front door. He grabs a shovel and buries it out in the garden. Uh, did they not tell him it was fake?

Elmer and Olimpia start checking villages.

Rafael is mostly trying to get things cleaned up and doesn’t even notice that Laura’s hands are partly untied. As soon as he’s gone, Efren gets her hands free and she starts to untie him. She looks out the windows and curses.

Boris gets back and Aldo is waiting outside for him complaining that he took to long. Rafael emerges saying everything is clean. Aldo’s phone beeps and he seems frustrated. He calls Hernán. Hernán’s on his way. He found them a warehouse, but he tells them to please be ready when he gets there. Aldo tells the other two that Hernán is on his way. Laura looks out the window and sees them all standing out front. She and Efren try to sneak out the door upstairs, but it won’t open. Laura tries the window, but she’s having no luck there either. The window in the room Boris was using opens and they try to make a jump for it. Efren makes it and she tells him to run when she realizes they’re back in the house. He hesitates until he sees Boris, and then starts running. Rafael drags Laura back inside.

Efren sees a building of some kind near train tracks and ducks between the trains to get away from Boris. Boris has a hard time following with his injured leg. Efren hides under a train and Boris climbs over the top going in the wrong direction. A man in a uniform comes out of the building and Boris claims he’s playing hide-and-seek with his son. Has he seen him? Efren climbs onto the open bed of a train car and then into a structure sitting on top that looks something like a playhouse. The man in uniform blows a whistle and the train starts moving. Efren grins in relief. Boris climbs onto another car of the train.

Alma pulls Carlos into the kitchen so he can repeat exactly what he heard. “What he did to Bruno?” Carlos thinks she was trying to scare Jaime, but maybe he misheard? Maybe they were talking about something else. He tells Alma not to be sad.

Laura is tied up and gagged again.

The Sergeant found Laura’s car by the side of the road. Elmer and Olimpia meet up with him there. They agree to split up and by chance, Elmer and Olimpia are the ones driving down the dirt road while the Sergeant goes the other direction.

Aldo is getting frustrated because Boris is taking too long. Rafael starts to tell him something…and in walks Boris with Efren.

Hernán starts driving across a field. Elmer and Olimpia drive up the cobbled street to the house and decide it matches Alma’s description. Elmer goes to check the house and Olimpia gets into the driver’s seat so she can take off if anything happens. Elmer looks in the front windows, then knocks on the door. He shoves it open and goes inside. The room where Laura and Efren were is already empty. He goes up the stairs and finds the rest of the house is empty as well. Looking out a window on the upper floor, he sees Hernán’s vehicle driving away. He runs out front, kicks Olimpia out of the car, and tells her to call the Sergeant while he chases after them.

It doesn’t take long for the Sergeant to arrive. The Sergeant’s men think they could be heading for the caves.

As Hernan drives down the dirt road, Aldo sits up front, Boris and Rafael in the second row of seats, and Laura and Efren look like they’re lying on the floor in the third row or the cargo space. Hernán realizes they’re being followed.

The Sergeant, his men, and Olimpia make it to the caves.

Hernán can’t shake Elmer so Aldo starts firing at him out the window. Boris wants to help, but he can’t from that side of the car. Instead of moving, Rafael takes the gun and starts shooting. Elmer ducks as far down as he can and keeps driving as more and more shots hit the windshield.

One of the officers calls out that they found someone. Dora was left tied up in the cave.

Flashback: Rafael and Boris walked her into the cave, but Boris couldn’t shoot. Rafael reminds him that Dora’s the one who treated his leg. What can she possibly do to them? Boris doesn’t want Aldo to kill him. Rafael convinces him that as long as they say they killed and buried her, Aldo will never know. Boris swears if Rafael says a word, he’ll kill him.

The officers help Dora out of the caves and into the back of a car.

Rafael, despite appearing to shoot with his eyes closed, shoots out one of Elmer’s tires. Aldo laughs and congratulates him. Elmer gets out of his car and takes one shot as they turn off the road, unfortunately not hitting the tire, as he had hoped. Instead, he shoots Rafael in the head through the open window. Hernán stops the car.

The Sergeant and his men make it to where Elmer was waiting by the side of the road.

Suddenly, it’s night and Aldo is sobbing over Rafael’s body at the side of the dirt road, insisting he’s not dead and he just needs to get up. He re-ties Rafael’s shoes and weeps. Even Boris is upset. Hernán begs Aldo to get up so they can leave, but he won’t leave Rafael. Hernán says they’ll bury him.

Flashback: Aldo remembers the sound of crying. A woman is giving birth. Everyone keeps telling him to get out. A baby starts crying. His mother says it’s ok, he can come in. Aldo looks at the wrapped up bundle as his mother asks if he’s thought of a name for his little brother. “Rafael.”

Rafael is all wrapped up in a sheet. Aldo weeps over his body as Hernán and Boris dig the grave. Hernán comes to tell him it’s time. Aldo still won’t let him go. Hernán starts praying. Aldo carries Rafael’s body over to the grave and puts him in. Aldo looks like he’d just as soon sit in Rafael’s grave with him, but Hernán pulls him out. Once Rafael is buried, they all pray. Aldo vows revenge.

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4 years ago

Thanks so much for another great recap, Kat! This was a really powerful episode. I was practically tearing up when Efrén woke up and found his mother there. Even Aldo’s grief over the death of his brother was moving. Of all the kidnappers, Rafael deserved to die the least. Did Aldo et al bring a shovel with them in the getaway car in case they needed to bury somebody? I was so hoping that Efrén would escape. The bum leg didn’t seem to bother Boris very much chasing him. The only reason I can imagine that Mattias sent Martín to… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Jean

That should have been, “sent Martín to get poor Mario out of the hospital,” not the prison.

4 years ago

At least you get a break from recapping a 2 hour show next week!

4 years ago

Thank you, Kat. I just watched this yesterday. I’m so sad. Poor Rafael.