¿Quién es Quién? Monday 4/18/16 #47

Let’s get this out of the way

Tania is sure it’s not her Eugenio. She’s sure as soon as Justino meets him, he’ll agree that Eugenio’s a great guy. Well, he hopes so, because if he ever hurts her, that guy will have to answer to Justino. Gross. He leaves after reminding her yet again about how dangerous the neighborhood is.


Everybody’s dancing at the party. Yesenia’s still pretending not to pine over Ruben. Lupe tells her to just make up with him already and quit being jealous of anyone and everything. Yesenia tells her she’s como agua para chocolate (about to boil over) so don’t go there.

Jonathan and Inés are talking to Paloma at the food table. Jonathan has a honeymoon planned, which is news to Inés. “Pedro” announces they’ve run out of wine…but Jonathan has more at his house. “Pedro” is going to go with him, but Jonathan turns him down. Inés gets a bad feeling and sends “Pedro” to go after him anyway.

Chamoy watches Jonathan walk up to his front door, and then sees “Pedro” follow him.

Yesenia asks if Sara is going to turn her in now that she has no blackmail material. Sara just laughs, but not in a mean way.

“Pedro” smells the gas and they start to open the windows, but “Pedro” touches the rigged light switch and there’s a spark.

At Paloma’s house, the sound of the explosion shuts everyone up.

There’s a fire in Jonathan’s kitchen. Jonathan is still alive, and makes his way over to “Pedro,” trying to rouse him. Chamoy comes in and knocks Jonathan out, saying he won’t get out alive this time.

Paloma and Inés go running to Jonathan’s to see what happened. Half the party guests follow. Cachito’s two grandmas try to tell him everything’s ok, but they’re clearly shaken.

The house is on fire when Paloma, Inés, et al, arrive and Chamoy comes out with “Pedro.” Inés screams at him to go back in for Jonathan and he does. “Pedro” regains consciousness and starts asking for Jonathan. Chamoy carries Jonathan out of the house and lays him down in the driveway. Inés starts trying to get him to wake up and Chamoy takes this opportunity to start taking credit for saving him.


Pedro calls Fernanda to check up on her. He’s still at the office, but he jokes that he’s just wearing a robe, but it’s sooooooo hot. She laughs at him. He suggests maybe he should go join her, but Fer tells him to be patient. She’ll be back the day after tomorrow.

Dani’s happy to see Fernanda so much in love. Fer gets sad. There’s no way this can go anywhere, especially once he finds out the truth. Dani doesn’t think he’ll care. She begs Fer not to throw away the chance for happiness after spending the last few years going after revenge.

Doctor Bellman comes in to tell them he was able to fix the aneurism, but the damage was worse than it appeared on the imaging. He can’t guarantee there will be no aftereffects. Fernanda wants to know things more definitely, but it doesn’t work that way. They’ll have to wait 72 hours to find out whether the operation was a success.

Fernanda is stressing about how Santiago HAS to be ok. Dani plays cheerleader. He’ll be fine and Fer will be happy again, with the man she loves.

Dani thinks Fer should tell “Leo” the truth. She’s been thinking about it, but she doesn’t know how he’ll react. Dani is sure he’ll still love her. Fer sends Dani home to rest, but she only agrees to go if when she comes back in the morning Fer takes a break.

Mother figure-daughter dinner

Connie and Nora have enchiladas. Connie complains about Fabiola’s latest attempt at manipulation. Nora can’t believe Ruben fell for it, but Fabi’s a pro. They decide to talk about something happier. Nora brings up “Leo’s” wedding. Connie likes “Leo” and even better now that he’s more fun, but Fernanda? Eh, not so much. Nora just wants “Leo” to be happy and Fer makes him happy.

Connie talks about how much more confident she feels as a teacher. They hear the sirens at Jonathan’s. Nora lectures her about being careful. Sure there are good people in this neighborhood, but there are gangs, too. It worries them back at the house. Humberto misses her. Connie’s gratified to hear that, but she thinks she’s no better than Fabiola if she doesn’t try to live on her own. She tells Nora about the rats and her awesome roommate. Nora’s happy to know she’s not living alone. And as for her love life…yes, she has a thing for Ruben, but he sees her as a child.

After hours hanky-panky

Ignacio finally finds the crucial footage. He gloats, asking how “Leo” is going to explain this to Fernanda. Ivonne comes into his office. She got home and realized she left her keys at the office. So, what’s he doing–watching porn?

Ignacio has a “better” idea. OK, but did we have to see it? Ignacio’s not really into it until he thinks about Fernanda and…”Ay, Fer!” Oooooh, Ivonne clearly heard him. Good luck denying that.

She already suspected it. It all makes sense now, the way they’d get quiet whenever she walked in. And he was using her to cover it up!

Ignacio tries to deny it and blames it on Ivonne’s “insecurity.” He offers to take her out tonight and “show” her how he feels. Ivonne angrily says she’s tired. They’ll see each other tomorrow.

Casa Fuentemayor

Pedro gets to the mansion and finds Humberto eating a sandwich for dinner. Poor thing. Everyone left him all alone. Humberto has been thinking about Santiago and it’s not that he doesn’t care, but he does have to worry about the company image. Pedro totally agrees with him that a lot of people depend on them and to him that means they have to show the same care to their employees and partners that they want from them.

Humberto is enthralled listening to Pedro’s theory about the human need for love. He wants to start something called Finances with Heart. Forgetting about the numbers and focusing on the “human capital.” Humberto has no idea what he means, but he was on to something with the piñata thing. He’s changed a lot lately. Is it because of Fernanda? Of course! Humberto says love conquers all and love cures all. Pedro slips up and says his mom always says…uh, always said that. When he was little. Humberto still misses her. Humberto says they’ll go ahead with Pedro’s idea, in honor of Sofia. But he still agrees with Ignacio about keeping their involvement with helping Santiago quiet.

Fabiola comes home from a night out with a “friend.” She starts in on “Leo” about the wedding plans and all the changes and how inconvenient it is for her and Nora. “Leo” apologizes and goes off to bed so he can work on his new project tomorrow. She asks about his new plan and Humberto happily says he has no idea–only “Leo” understands “Leo” but the results are always spectacular.

Pedro gets ready for bed by stretching in his pajamas. He sneaks his cell phone out of his hiding place and looks at a picture of Inés with badass ’70s hair. He begs her to just wait one more month and he’ll be home.

Humberto misses Connie. Fabiola claims to miss her, too. She blames it on Connie taking after he father. And also it’s Nora’s fault for helping her.

The totally authentic reformation of Chamoy (also, I have a bridge….)

“Pedro” gets checked out at the hospital and he’s fine, but they’re waiting for news on Jonathan. Pedro is suspicious about Chamoy being there. He shows up with his hands bandaged, trying to act like the big noble hero, brushing off Inés’ and Pedro’s thanks. But Pedro still wants to know why he was there–did he have something to do with it?

Chamoy plays innocent, but “Pedro” insists on hearing a reasonable explanation for why he was there. Inés and Yesenia want him to drop it, but he won’t back down! Chamoy finally says he was there because he heard about the party and he wanted to tell Inés he’s still in love with her, but he was going to leave her alone. He just happened to be walking by Jonathan’s when it happened. Of course he saved “Pedro” first…he’s his blood! And then he went in after Jonathan because Inés told him to and of course, what wouldn’t he do for her? (Stop stalking her and respect that she’s not his property?)

A few people stayed behind at Paloma’s. Sara feels like she should have gone with them, but she didn’t want to leave Cachito with his other grandma.

Chamoy is full of crap and Yesenia is buying all of it, even if it means going against her brother. Oh, sure, NOW he offers to leave. But Yesenia should totally stay with her mom. He avoids a fist bump because oh, his poor hands!

Paloma tries to get Inés to be optimistic, but she just has such a bad feeling about all this. “Pedro” reminds Inés that Jonathan was freaking out when she was in surgery, but he pulled it together for her. And now it’s her turn to be optimistic for him.

“Pedro” asks Paloma if maybe he was too hard on Chamoy? Yeah, she thinks so. He can’t help thinking it was too much of a coincidence.

Inés calls Sara with an update and like Yesenia, she’s also too quick to think Chamoy’s the hero in all this. Yesenia’s still bitter about “Pedro’s” attitude, but she agrees they all need to stick together on this..

Yesenia and Paloma are back to calming Inés down. “Pedro” got someone to tell him that Jonathan is stable, but the specialist just arrived. Inés sends Paloma home to be with Cachito. Paloma tells her again that everything is going to be fine. “Pedro” leaves to walk her home and he’ll be right back.

Paloma gets home. Cachito couldn’t sleep. Now that he knows she’s fine, he has no excuse not to get back to sleep. Eugenio takes him back to bed. Magdalena goes home. “Pedro” and Paloma are left alone in the living room. Paloma tries to joke about “Pedro” spending the night, but she ends up getting teary thinking about how worried she was.

Sara goes over to Chamoy’s hotel. She apologizes for being unfair to him. I’m not going to dignify his BS by repeating it. The jerk rolls his eyes behind Sara’s back when she hugs him.

Inés talks to Yesenia about Jonathan and the surprise honeymoon plans and how she knows Yesenia doesn’t really “get” the two of them being together. But Yesenia says she finally figured it out, on her own, and so has everyone else. A nurse comes out to tell Inés….

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks for another great recap, Kat. I thought maybe being knocked out by the explosion would restore “Pedro’s” memory in the time-honored – one blow causes amnesia and another ends it – but I guess not. That’s ok – I don’t really want the old Leo back. I assume that Ignacio is going to show the picture of “Leo” with Paloma to Fer. I would think that since “Leo” is so glib he would be able to come up with some explanation – helping the disadvantaged or something. A very elementary investigation should reveal that the explosion at Jonathan’s house… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Muchas gracias, Kat!
“The totally authentic reformation of Chamoy (also, I have a bridge….)” You are such a genius with headings! This one was especially funny to me. Chamoy, what an ass.

And I’m so weary of Yesenia. Like others, I’ve just started FFing whenever she starts to talk.

And why do they have to set up a triangle with Connie? Ruben is an idiot. Find someone worthy of Connie.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Diva! Love those headings.
“And then he went in after Jonathan because Inés told him to and of course, what wouldn’t he do for her? (Stop stalking her and respect that she’s not his property?)” Uh, yeah. He’s such a great villain.
So Fer thinks she’s not worthy of “Leonardo,” and he believes he is in jeopardy of the same thing. I think this makes them even.

stealth cacophohy
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophohy

Thanks for the recap. Its good but the story is starting to affect my mood, I feel frustrated about the lives of imaginary people. What would Renata make of that I wonder.
I like Yesi a lot. I can’t wait till she sees what a crappy person her dad really is, though I’ll probably feel bad when she does ’cause it’ll make her super sad.