¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 4/19/16 #48


Sara helps Chamoy into bed and fusses over him not being able to do anything for himself. He’s still playing “poor me” when Inés calls to tell Sara that Jonathan is in Intensive Care, on oxygen for smoke inhalation. But at least he doesn’t have any burns. She lets Inés know that Chamoy is doing ok. I’m sure Chamoy’s happy to hear that Jonathan’s not dead.

The doctor lets Inés into Jonathan’s room with instructions not to touch him.

Inés remembers showing Jonathan how to make a piñata…but he only had eyes for her. He dreams of her and he’d be the happiest man in the world if she would accept his love. He loves her and wants to share his life with her and even if she just returned a tiny part of his love he’d be so happy. He asks if she wants to be his girlfriend and Inés laughs. Jonathan thinks she’s laughing at him, but she accepts. He picks her up and swings her around and says he loves her. Inés says she loves him, too.

She tells him she was just thinking about the day he asked her to be his girlfriend and how she already knew how she felt, but she was afraid to follow her heart. But he fought and he dealt with all the trabas (obstacles) she put in his way. So now here she is, completely in love with him and so now…well, he can’t leave her alone, right? He’s got to get better and fight for their love. Jonathan’s eyes flutter open.

Termi is crying at Cocó’s kitchen table. She tells him not to worry, they’ll send Jonathan lots of positive energy. And then she starts doing something that looks like a cross between Reiki and brushing lint off his shirt. He talks about how Jonathan’s like a big brother to him, he helped defend him from the other boys on the fútbol team who picked on him, and he turned Termi into a better player. He just can’t die! Not now when he’s about to get married. Cocó says he’s going to be fine and she’s going to help Termi get through this just like he helps her.

Inés, Yesenia, and “Pedro” get home. She only came home because they kicked her out of the ICU. The kids want her to rest and “Pedro” says he’ll go back and keep watch over Jonathan.

Which is a good plan, but unfortunately too late. Chamoy sneaks into Jonathan’s room not at all stealthily, thanks Jonathan for helping him look like a hero, takes off the oxygen mask, and smothers him with his pillow. He even manages to make it out of there before the nurse hears the alarms and runs over from the room across the hall.

He brushes right past “Pedro” and uses his “pain” (ok, maybe it’s real but I just don’t care) and need for stronger painkillers as his excuse for being there. Oh, Jonathan’s doing better? Well, he’s happy for Jonathan and Inés, no matter what the rest of them think. I swear if he had hair he would have tossed it before he flounced out of there, the creep.

Meanwhile, the doctors try to revive Jonathan.

Yesenia is staying in Inés’ room. Inés can’t sleep. She jumps up to answer her cell phone when it rings and then puts it down without saying anything. “Pedro” comes in and Inés tells them both that Jonathan is dead. “Pedro” must have gotten the news at the hospital and rushed home because when Inés asks how it happened he tells them the doctor said it was respiratory arrest. Inés just keeps repeating “It’s not fair.” while “Pedro” and Yesenia try to comfort her.

At the office where nobody works

Pedro is at the office early. When Basi arrives, he announces that he invested $1 in the Japanese stock market and made $0.28. He can’t wait until he feels more confident in what he’s doing and can start making some serious money. Basi’s proud of his little finance student! He printed out the picture of Inés from Pedro’s (real) cell phone like Pedro asked. Pedro gets all nostalgic about missing his mom and his family and wishing he could have a beer with Termi and Jonathan. (Oh, dear. It’s going to be that episode, then?) Basi’s a little hurt because he thought he was Pedro’s bestie…and indeed he is, on “this side” but Pedro’s known those other guys his whole life.

Pedro found a company that’s selling a Martian plush that’s really taking off. Instead of investing in them, though, he bought stock in their supplier. Basi approves of this move, but thinks it’s time to test Pedro’s skills on something a little more complicated. Humberto comes in and Basi goes back to playing “assistant” and excuses himself to “make some copies.” Humberto wants Pedro to analyze some info on a company they might buy and try to rehab. He notices the picture of Inés and asks who she is.

Pedro spins this whole story about the picture being attached to a résumé and he handed Basi too much stuff and it must have gotten separated and he’ll give him a good scolding ’cause they can’t have that kind of thing happening and where’s the stuff he’s supposed to be looking at he’ll get on it right away. Humberto thinks it’s an inappropriate photo to send with a résumé, but she’s beautiful. After he leaves, Pedro tells Photo-Inés that she’s got her something-something but he can’t have Humberto falling for her. (Yes, yes he can. It would piss off Fabi. Do it, show! Uh, after an appropriate period of mourning, though.)

Ivonne accepts delivery of a huge bouquet of long-stemmed red and pink roses in various hues. Too bad they’re from Ignacio (I’m guessing). She tosses them to Basi and he bizarrely starts throwing a bunch of Italian words into his speech and invites her out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. Bad move. She doesn’t like Italian food.

Basi comes into Leo’s office with the roses and gives them to Pedro. They’re nice and all, but, he’s already got Fer, so…Basi gets that they’re just friends, right? Basi isn’t in the mood to joke. He thought Ivonne was giving him the flowers, but it’s more like she wanted to get rid of them because she’s angry at Ignacio. Pedro’s getting a little annoyed at Ivonne. He hands Basi a pen and notepad. It’s time for The Love Doctor to hand over his most prized secrets for the getting of ladies. These techniques never fail.

Secret 1: “Look at her for 20 seconds exactly. Say nothing. And then kiss her.”

And why didn’t he try all these tricks on Fernanda? Um, well, he did eventually and see! They worked! Except now she’s off on her vacation helping her amiga…or is it “amigo”? Ooh, them’s fighting words, Basi! He’s just overwrought about Ivonne. And what if it wasn’t even Ignacio who gave her the flowers. Pedro says that is NOT his problem. All he needs to do is take advantage of the fact that she’s angry at Mr. Pelos de Puercoespín (porcupine hair)! She’s unclaimed territory! Go impose your law! (Dude, come on! That’s sexist and colonialist.) If she fires him Pedro will just hire him back.

 Tijuana bubble  

Fernanda. Still not getting that medicine may be a science but it’s not an EXACT science and nothing is guaranteed. That 72 hour estimate was just that–an estimate. Santi still hasn’t woken up and his eyes are bandaged so he doesn’t try to hurt himself and so the light doesn’t damage his retinas. (Uh, he had brain surgery, not Lasik?)

Bellman starts asking if Fer doesn’t have anyone else who can help her. She’s always there and it can be exhausting to take care of a sick person all alone. He admires her strength. Fer and I both think that was a come-on and she moves away from him. Bellman doesn’t take it any further. He excuses himself and says he’ll be back tomorrow. Fernanda immediately starts hassling Santiago about how he needs to wake up and I wish Bellman had kicked her out of there!

Remembering Jonathan

Inés and the extended family walk in from…the visitation? The funeral? “Pedro” and Yesenia try to interest her in some food or drink, but Inés just wants to go upstairs. She says she doesn’t want to be crying and depressed. Jonathan wouldn’t have wanted that. Paloma has to convince Yesenia to let Inés be alone. Sara can’t figure out how this happened, if he was feeling better. “Pedro” and Paloma both leave–to “run an errand” and “pick up Cachito,” respectively.

Inés cries alone over a picture of her and Jonathan.

“Pedro” goes over to Chamoy’s room and tells him he talked to the police and told them to investigate the fire. Chamoy doesn’t look impressed. I think it was a mistake to warn him. Chamoy denies having anything to do with it, of course, and sticks to his story. Sure, ok, maybe he wasn’t *trying* to kill Jonathan, but he was jealous. Maybe he just meant to give him a scare and things got out of hand and Jonathan died. “Pedro” asks if he’s wrong about that.

Yesenia really doesn’t like leaving Inés alone like this, but Sara says that’s what she wants. She seems almost angry, saying Inés has had a difficult enough life as it is, so many losses…. Yesenia doesn’t know what she’s talking about since Inés grew up without a family. (Oh…that just added a whole other layer to this entire situation and seriously amped up my dislike of Chamoy.) Sara backtracks and says that’s what she’s talking about, that Inés grew up alone and then her marriage broke up. They’ve got to support her right now, but no, not by going upstairs.

Chamoy goes into “anger” mode, swearing he’d smack “Pedro” if his hands didn’t hurt so much. How dare he be so ungrateful! Chamoy seems to think it would matter to the cops that Pedro refused to visit him in jail. “Pedro” thinks they’d be more interested in the beating he gave Inés for refusing to be his accomplice. And he’s not worried about his alleged “theft.” It’s Chamoy’s record that’s going to look way worse to them. No way would they believe “Pedro” was the one who tried to kill Jonathan and pin it all on Chamoy. And if he takes off now, he’ll look even more guilty. When “Pedro” finally leaves Chamoy looks maybe a touch nervous, but not nearly nervous enough.

Lupe tells Connie and Tania the sad tale of Inés and Jonathan. Tania heard about it from Eugenio, too. Connie heard the sirens.

At the Community Center, Eugenio tells Ruben that it still hasn’t hit him yet. Ruben was so busy working on his documentary that he didn’t know what was happening. He’s worried about how Yesenia’s doing. Eugenio tells him to go find her.

Termi goes into the cheese shop alone. “Pedro” stops by to visit. Termi just didn’t want everyone to see him crying. He still can’t believe Jonathan’s gone. He thought he’d come by and say goodbye by closing up the shop. He reminisces about Jonathan getting so furious about Termi having a beer before their grand opening. He’s sorry “Pedro” can’t remember all the good times. “Pedro” tells Termi to go on telling him stories and maybe it’ll come back to him.

Sara and Yesenia prep dinner. Sara’s sure “Pedro” and Chamoy will make up. “Pedro” will realize that Chamoy’s not the terrible guy he thinks he is. (SMH….) Ruben comes by to talk to Yesenia. Sara excuses herself to deal with the laundry and leave them alone. Roben says he heard what happened and asks how Inés is doing. And how Yesenia is doing. And says he hasn’t seen “Candy la Candida” since…you know, if she wanted to know. He leaves and Yesenia complains that he’s been out there drooling over her every night, the liar. She’s just less grumpy about it than usual.

Well, there was that time they were playing a wedding and this drunk lady was blowing kisses at Pedro. And then she caught up to them in the parking lot and said she’d almost buy Pedro a car for one night of passion. And out comes her husband with a llave de cruz (cross-shaped lug wrench), furious! They explained that she was coming on to Pedro and the husband asked her “Why do you do this to me?” and she said she liked it when he got jealous. And he said he liked it when she got all hembra (woman). And then Jonathan showed up and whacked the guy with his guitar. He saw the llave de cruz and thought the guy was getting violent with them. He kept yelling at them to get into the van. That was Jonathan–always looking out for them.

“Pedro” asks about his family. His father died and his mother and the rest of his family are still in Mexico. Termi gets to work on closing up the shop.

Inés dreams about walking with Jonathan across a bridge. He tells her how much he’s always liked her smile and he doesn’t want her to cry or let her sadness erase all the good moments they had together. He wants her to remember them with happiness, not sadness. If she’s sad, he can’t go in peace. He’ll be there whenever she needs him, even if she can’t see him…in the wind and the rain and the moonlight. He’ll always be there, loving her. Inés smiles in her sleep.

Icky Iggy Investigates

Ignacio nervously parks his car in the ‘hood, in front of the house where “Leo” was with “the other woman.” He can’t wait to bust him. He zooms in on Paloma’s face and starts studying all the people walking by.

Oh dear. It’s Doña Tencha’s house he’s parked in front of. At least she wants to know why Ignacio is looking for Paloma before she gives up the goods. How dare he imply she looks like a gossip! The nerve! She tells him nothing.

Ignacio gives up. He’s getting into his car when he sees Paloma with Cachito. Cachito is asking if Inés will find someone else to marry now.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat. I loved your description of Cocó and her Reiki-lint removal technique.

“Do it, show!” Yassss. Please! That would be sweet! My husband loved the idea, too.

I’m just sick about Johnathan. Why? (Oh… Maybe to set up a Hmberto-Ines ship?… But still…)

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva thanks for not letting the sadness of losing Jonathan color the whole recap, for me it tinted the whole epi but the recap is still upbeat.
Chamoy is officially going to the special hell.
Um wait, I think I missed something, how does Leo know about this – ““Pedro” thinks they’d be more interested in the beating he gave Inés for refusing to be his accomplice. ” I mean Perico knows but when did Leo/fakePedro find out?