¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 4/20/16 #49

¡Ay, este niño!

Cachito’s usually way more sensitive than this. He’s asking if Inés is going to find someone else to marry, or is she still crying. Grandpa says only women cry. Kid, don’t even get me started on your grandpa. Paloma says grandpa’s wrong–men cry too. Ignacio approaches them and asks for directions out of the barrio.

Paloma gives Ignacio directions while he stares at Cachito instead. Ignacio does the “sister” thing and Cachito corrects him–she’s his mom and, yes, she’s pretty, but she’s already got a boyfriend. Paloma, embarrassed, starts to pick up the groceries she set on the ground and Ignacio helpfully yanks up the bag…and the bottom falls out. They start picking up the food.

Ignacio offers to give them a ride home and of course Cachito is won over by the fancy car.

When they get back to the house, Cachito gets to sit in the driver’s seat. He talks with Ignacio about wanting a car like this one day and getting one for his mom. Ignacio introduces himself as “Gerardo Cadena,” with barely a pause. Paloma acts like she can’t wait to get away from him. Ignacio snaps a picture before they walk into the house.

Inside, Paloma starts lecturing him about how he’s not supposed to talk to strangers. Some people seem friendly, but they’re bad people and they might be drug dealers or kidnappers. You can never tell. “Caras vemos…” “…corazones no sabemos,” Cachito finishes reluctantly. The little snot actually calls his mother paranoid before going off to his room…

And Paloma’s just waiting for it. He calls out to her to come look. His car bed arrived and it’s the absolute coolest thing EVER! He’s so excited…but it’s not his birthday or Christmas or anything. She says it’s just because she loves him is all. And he loves her to, to infinity and another infinity and she’s the bestest prettiest mom in the entire world and all of outer space.


Termi’s worried about Jonathan’s mom and sisters. Jonathan always sent them money. “Pedro” suggests that Termi could keep the cheese shop running with Jonathan’s mom and sisters as the owners. They’re his heirs after all. Termi can check the business account (since he has access to it) and figure out how much money he needs to run the place and how much Jonathan usually sent home. Termi’s digging this idea and they decide to go get the death certificate from Inés and head down to the bank.

Melquiades visits Chamoy. He’s a little doubtful of Chamoy’s heroism. Chamoy tells him to back off. He called him here for something else–he wants Mel’s contact at the police to find out how the investigation into the fire is going.

Mel says if Chamoy set that fire, even getting advance warning from his friend isn’t going to help. Chamoy insists there’s no proof he did it, and nothing’s going to happen without proof. Mel’s friend will want payment, which is just fine with Chamoy, but he warns Mel to keep his mouth shut about this, or else.

Icky Iggy

Ignacio shows Fabiola the picture of Paloma and says he found her, but he still doesn’t know what she has to do with Leonardo. Leo isn’t one to have lovers. Ah, but Fabi reminds him it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. You can tell from the picture they’re close. Maybe going out there was too big a risk. Ignacio swears he didn’t leave any clues behind.

Fabiola’s surprised to hear that Paloma has a son. What if it’s Leonardo’s son?! She insists they have to be prepared. Humberto could put everything in the kid’s name. What if this is why he stood Fernanda up the first time?

Ignacio is sure if Leonardo had a son they would have known. But he still thinks he can use this to turn Fer against “Leo” again. “Leo” scored major points by paying for Santiago’s surgery and now Fernanda is determined to find out who really framed her brother. He’s sure she won’t figure out it was him. He didn’t leave a trail behind.

Fabiola doesn’t think just telling her “Leo” has an amante and a child is enough. They need something more “definitive.” Ignacio suggests killing Santiago. Fabi doesn’t like it when he talks about killing people.

They’re interrupted by a call from Chamoy asking about his job. And since Ignacio doesn’t have one for him yet, the price has gone up. Now Chamoy needs a $150K “loan.”


Pedro calls Fernanda to see when she’ll be back. Fer says her “friend” has been getting better more slowly than anticipated. He’d be more than happy to send Bellman over to check on her friend…yeah, he talked to him, but not much, he just heard Santiagio’s operation went ok.

Fer says it’s not necessary, her friend has a doctor. And he doesn’t have to cry for her at night, he can dream about her instead and think about how much she loves him.

Behind her, Santiago starts to wake up, so she hangs up quickly. He says he’s cold, so she pulls the covers over him and goes to find Bellman.

Bellman starts out by asking Santiago easy questions, then he has the nurse lower the lights as dramatic music plays and he cuts off the bandages. He tells Santiago to open his eyes slowly. And he still can’t see. Fer starts crying.

Santiago’s getting agitated and Fer’s not far behind, but Bellman insists the surgery WAS successful. There was never a guarantee that dealing with the aneurism would heal the optic nerve (OK, now, they’re just throwing stuff out there).

And no, he’s not going back to jail. There are more tests to be done. They have to find out whether this might be temporary. Yes, Fer, it might be temporary. Bellman says they’re working at 100% to make sure he heals, but Santiago has GOT to calm down.

Fer goes back into cheerleader mode. It’s not working. Though, oddly, the fact that Santiago tells her to get out and let him sleep seems like something of an improvement.

Dani visits. Fer tells her about Santiago and wishes she had “Leo” there to comfort her. Dani tells her to get out of there, go to LA. If she wants to be with Leo, she should go be with him and start building their future together. The better the relationship is, the more he’ll be willing to understand why she did what she did. Just get out there and quit thinking about it!

Moving forward

Sara and Yesenia wish they could do something to help Inés. Sara’s going to go take Chamoy some food, so she asks Yesenia to stay with Inés. Yesenia’s saying she’s missed a lot of work lately when Inés comes downstairs. No, she’s not better. And she won’t be for a long time. But she has to keep going. It’s what Jonathan would have wanted.

Yesenia doesn’t want Inés to have to act strong, but Inés says that when we lose the one we love with our entire soul and we feel the pain is consuming us, there are two options. One is to let yourself be carried away by the pain and be sad every hour…every minute…every day…until you end up dying, even though you’re still alive. The other is echarle ganas (give it your all), try to keep going, every hour, every day. One day at a time. Sadness doesn’t go away. It’s just there. And you have to learn to live with it. Life goes on. So Sara should go feed her son and Yesenia should go to work. Inés is going to be ok.


Incognito Ignacio comes over to Chamoy’s hotel. He’s curious about the bandages and Chamoy claims he burned his hands cooking. No, Ignacio doesn’t have his money, but he’ll get it. And he’ll have a job, too–working for Ignacio. Right now what Ignacio needs is to know everything about a certain woman.

Ignacio hands over his cell phone to show Chamoy the picture of Paloma. Chamoy claims he’s never seen her before. What does Ignacio want to know exactly? “Everything.” Everything about her, her family, what she does, whether she’s got a boyfriend or is married…and if she is, he wants a picture of the guy. Well, this should be interesting.

Ignacio is expecting information by tomorrow. He hands over Paloma’s address. Before he leaves, Chamoy tries one last time to suggest that he and Ignacio should share more information (like why Santiago wants to know about Paloma) but Ignacio ignores him and leaves.

Chamoy wonders what Ignacio knows about his sons. Does he even know Leonardo has a twin?

Sara comes over with dinner and insists on feeding Chamoy, and he whines about it, but submits. He asks how Inés is doing and Sara talks about how she’s hurting, but she keeps on going.

He remembers–like after the baby died. She’d cry alone and they didn’t even know about it until they saw her eyes. She’s made of madera especial (“special wood”; she’s unique).

The whiny overgrown baby complains that she’s trying to say he’s made of rotten wood. He even questions whether she’s really proud of him or just blowing smoke. “You know me. I don’t lie about that stuff.”

Anyway, she nearly slipped up and told Yesenia about Pedro’s twin. She can’t believe she did that after so many years. Chamoy never understood why Inés never wanted anyone to know. Sara says she explained it to her once.

Inés was also a twin and her mother and sister died when she was born. She always felt guilty and she didn’t want Pedro to feel that way.

Chamoy’s all bitter that she never trusted him enough to tell him. Shut up, Chamoy. Sara reminds him she trusted him enough to walk across half of Mexico pregnant. Chamoy says he lost her trust because he was stupid, but he loves her. He’s always loved her.

Casa Fuentemayor

Fabiola remembers asking Ignacio not to go visit Chamoy, or at least not at night. She gives in to her anxiety and starts to call him, but Humberto startles her and she drops the phone. Too bad all Ignacio says is “I’m fine. I’m on my way home.”

Humberto’s wondering what’s going on and why Fabi is so nervous over Ignacio, when she wasn’t this nervous over Connie. Well, um, Ignacio’s an adult and adult problems are more complicated? She says Ignacio has been depressed and drinking too much and she’s worried he’ll cometer una locura (do something crazy; i.e., do something drastic like hurting himself or someone else).

Humberto sure hasn’t seen him drinking at the office. “That’s just what I was afraid of.” Ignacio is being extra-good at work because he feels Humberto doesn’t value him. Blah, blah, blah, lies, lies, Ignacio is devastated. Humberto never intended him to feel that way. “Leonardo” comes home and stops briefly in the living room to confirm that no, Fernanda’s not home yet. Then he’s off to the kitchen for some dinner.

They continue the conversation, but Fabiola asks him to let her take care of Ignacio. He should make sure “Leo” and Fernanda actually get married this time. “Leo” never really did give them a good reason for breaking it off before and Fabi just can’t get the idea out of her head that he must have someone else. She leaves Humberto with that thought.

“Leo” sits down to a nice big plate of something wonderful Nora cooked and pouts about how very sad he is. Nora laughs that he just wants to eat is all. She jokingly complains about how she doesn’t go to his office and whine every time she gets depressed. Suddenly “Leo” is interested in how she’s doing. He thinks she needs some TLC. Maybe they could go dancing? Check out a club with some male strippers? Nora starts cracking up and tells him to just eat his dinner.


Yesenia’s not in the mood to dance tonight. Lupita tells her to let it distract her. But Yesenia can’t stop thinking about her mom’s face. Lupita is sure she’ll start to forget soon. It took Yesenia a while to come around to it, but she realized Jonathan was the love of Inés’ life and she doesn’t know if her mom can get over it.

Mel comes in griping about Yesenia missing work, but he knows why and he’s sorry about all that. Anyway, he lost a lot of money and if she does it again she’s fired.

Yesenia screams after him that if it weren’t for her he wouldn’t be filling this place up every night. Lupita agrees and says he’s not going to fire her–she’s his gold mine.


“Pedro” comes over to Paloma’s. He’s sad he missed Cachito’s happy face when he saw his new bed, but Paloma thinks he’ll be wearing the face for a while. She asks about Inés. She’s still in her room, she doesn’t want to see anybody. Paloma starts working out the knots in his shoulders. “Pedro” says he feels lucky they have this great love.

“Pedro” tells Paloma that he went to the police. He wanted to warn her, because they’ll probably start coming around and asking questions. Paloma has a hard time believing that Chamoy had anything to do with it, but “Pedro” can’t ignore his gut.

Look, he doesn’t know Chamoy killed Jonathan, but that’s why he needs the police to investigate. And if he did it, “Pedro” will make sure he pays. He knows it’ll make him the bad guy with Yesenia and Sara, but he has to do this and he’s willing to face the consequences.

Paloma’s on his side. She doesn’t know what to think about Chamoy, but “Pedro’s” feelings are enough for her. If he turns out to be wrong, she’ll still support him. “And this is how it’s going to be? Even when we’re married? You’ll agree with me on everything?” Heh. Nice try. She’ll be there for the important stuff, but they’ll probably disagree on day to day things…lemonade or agua de jamaica? Huevos rancheros or divorciados? Oh, definitely not divorciados (with 2 kinds of salsa, but it’s more for the “divorced” joke). The kids start snogging on the couch until Cachito interrupts with, “MOOOOOOOM! COME HERE!” Good thing they find him charming.

Paloma comes out of Cachito’s bedroom and “Pedro” is nearly asleep. Cachito was just so excited about his new bed he had a hard time getting to sleep. Also, he’s worried about whether “Pedro” is going to stay all night. “So he wants me to leave? Am I going to have to leave every night when we’re married too?” Paloma says it’s going to be a while for that. But why? “Pedro” says he doesn’t have a ring or anything, but…he offers her one of Cachito’s action figures and asks if she’ll marry him.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. I could barely stay watching it (in the evening.) Sara feeding Chamoy was gross. In fact, everything about Chamoy is gross.

4 years ago

Thanks, Diva. Super recap.
“Ay, este niño.” Yeah, see, this is exactly what kids do. Someone once said that the reason God made 1 year olds so cute is so that you don’t kill them. Cachito isn’t a 1 year old, but the same principle applies, I think.