Amor de Barrio Wednesday 4/20/16 #8

Not again!

Laura’s end of the call was pretty clear, but Raúl still asks what happened. She grabs her purse so she can go home and tells him her mom has a problem with alcohol and she needs to go. Raúl tries to grab his keys and go with her, but the elevator doors are already closed and the stairs only go up.

He makes it downstairs, but Laura has already boarded the bus and the security guard didn’t really notice her.

Laura gets off the bus and goes running down the street. Edmundo’s warning Rosa that if Laura doesn’t show up it’s going to be all her fault. The reason Laura allegedly had to leave work is that Rosa wouldn’t let anyone else help her.

She walks Rosa past the gauntlet of chismosas. Sinfa tells the other chismosas to quit being mean, and also she calls dibs on Edmundo.

Laura puts Rosa to bed. Poor Edmundo, he just came back to tell Rosa he doesn’t want to fight and look at the state she’s in! Laura seems to think something must have happened because Rosa was fine when she left. Edmundo blames it on her being gone all the time now and Rosa feeling lonely and gosh, he hopes one of them is close next time Rosa does this or there’s no telling what could happen. Laura promises her mom she’ll make a lot of money and get her out of this dump.

When Rosa wakes up, Laura tries to get her to eat some soup. Rosa cries about being a bad mother and decides she’s going to tell Laura about her father. For once, Laura doesn’t want to hear, but Rosa insists. Except she won’t say his name because it’s too dangerous. Edmundo threatened to kill both him and Laura if Rosa ever went looking for him. And that’s not the worst of it. Laura’s aunt is the devil. It’s her fault Rosa’s BFF is dead and if she finds them there’s no telling what will happen. Laura calms her down and tells her to finish her soup. Then she wonders what the truth is.


Where Eugenia thought having the electricity cut off was funny, Daniel seems to be fighting not to laugh at Rodrigo for saying of course he’s going to pay because Paloma is his “Princess” and he’s highly concerned about everything that happens to her or her family. I’m with Daniel–he’s laying it on way too thick.

Paloma attempts to escape, saying she’s WORKING and needs to visit la Señora Bernal. Rodrigo’s response is to pull her back and kiss her for Daniel’s benefit. Paloma doesn’t deck him for it, unfortunately, and Rodrigo makes sure Daniel and Eugenia see him wipe his mouth before he leaves. Classy.

The other classy one reminds Daniel yet again that it’s his father’s memorial Mass today *incongruous grin* and she’ll pick him up. He says he’s capable of getting there on his own, kisses her on the cheek, and leaves her fuming that he likes that “vieja.” Mr. 5ft notes a resemblance to Veruca from Buffy.

Blanca Estela’s feeling better and she thanks Paloma for the flowers she brought the other day. Which makes her cry again because of all the things she missed in prison. Paloma finally finished reading her file and now they’re ready to prepare her defense against Catalina Lopezreina (Drink! And also, don’t you mean the state? This wasn’t a civil case.)

Daniel juuuust misses hearing his mother’s name uttered. And when he says Blanca Estela will be transferred to a regular room soon, and Paloma says she’ll be strong enough to fight against “that woman” wouldn’t you just know Paloma doesn’t say her name again. Blanca Estela falls asleep.

In the hallway, Daniel tries to talk to Paloma and they argue about their respective unwanted significant others who neither is dumping but each is expecting the other to just not worry about. Paloma’s bowing out of the drama so she can focus on Señora Bernal’s case. Or until he bats his eyelashes at her again.

It’s a cha-cha

Dora Luz gets herself in trouble for saying Daniel will be at the Mass, then reminding Catalina that he doesn’t have anything to wear. Her punishment is checking the flowers at the church. Catalina won’t let Daniel make her look ridiculous in front of all those people coming to pay respects to Saul. Her hat can do that all on its own.

She goes over to the hospital, minus the hat, to try to get Daniel to talk to her. Or possibly to kidnap him. But her evil plan is foiled because he won’t get into the back of the car.

At least not until she wears him down. And tells the driver to take them home. And tells him to act “like a man” and not contradict her in front of the servants because her word is law. Dude…is there a child lock on that door? Can you not reach out the window and open it from the outside? Get out!

At the house, he tells her to start talking. “I need you.” Ha! She needs him or her puppet? Dora Luz watches from upstairs as Catalina slaps Daniel. She runs down to beg him to take her with him and he says he will.

Catalina dismisses her so they can have some privacy while she continues trying to manipulate Daniel. The threat of not having either of them around gets Catalina to apologize, on her knees, for hitting him. She refuses to get up until he forgives her. Well, you can’t say she’s not committed! Look, he forgives her, but she doesn’t need him. She just needs to control him and Dora Luz.

She whines about how he has to run the company. Nope. He doesn’t need to do that, either. And there’s no point talking to her when she won’t listen. He’s going to the mass, but after that he’s done. He doesn’t want to see or hear from her again. And she’d better quit tormenting Dora Luz or she’ll leave too. So much for saying he’d take her with him. Daniel walks out and Catalina swears he’ll be back.

It was worth a shot?

Paloma goes down to El Mexicano to try to beg Don Cosme for an advance. Has she not met Don Cosme? Before he gets there to turn her down like everybody knew damn well he would, she tells Mina she has to break up with Rodrigo. She loves him, but only as a friend.

Not everybody loves Laura

Raúl tries to track down Laura by calling El Mexicano and asking for Paloma. So not happening. He can’t believe HR doesn’t have her info. I can’t believe he’s asking Navarette (creep) and Robles (non-creep) why. He was in such a hurry he told HR to just hire her right away.

He calls HR and tells them to get ALL Laura’s contact info tomorrow AND give her a cell phone just like all the executives have. Navarette takes offense at this, but covers by saying he was just asking. As they leave, Raúl looks as if he might be catching on to Navarette’s attitude.

Outside the office, Robles warns him to calm down. Navarette has no intention of calming down. He can’t believe that “idiot” just put Laura on the same level as them! The first chance he gets, he’s going to make her look bad so she leaves with her tail between her legs.

He storms off as the other Creep comes in and starts berating the extra for not doing any work.

A BS artist, maybe

In the interest of minimizing time spent on Gabriel: he has zero talent. He got Gustavo a “job” selling cleaning products door-to-door. Gustavo’s baffled. As am I.

Paloma’s ready to fly

Rodrigo’s in a foul mood and taking it out on everyone at the carpentry shop. He complains to Tico that he’s ready to settle down with Paloma, but she just keeps doing things to hurt him. And he can’t ignore her because she’s the love of his life and without her he’ll either go crazy or kill himself.

Paloma hears the last part and asks him not to talk like that, but he says he’ll die without her. So very many RED FLAGS here!

He reviews his qualifications: he has his own business, he’s known her and her family forever, she knows his entire life. As for Daniel, he’s a broke loser who’s probably hiding things and coming to live in the vecindad proves it. Can’t she see how very, very shady that is?

When next we see them, Paloma’s rushing to an appointment with her professor while attempting to explain to Rodrigo that YES saying he’d kill himself if he doesn’t “have” her/she breaks up with him/someone “steals” her IS emotionally manipulative. “No it’s not, it’s the truth! I’m just telling you how I feel! Fine, I’m sorry if my feelings make you feel bad. It won’t happen again.”

Paloma gives up and goes into the café for her appointment. She’s late, but at least he ordered some food that looks pretty good, so I’m sure he’s not too upset.

Getting down to legal business, Paloma has read the file and found a human rights violation and lots of procedural violations. She’s going to start by requesting an amparo (a blanket term for various legal procedures a defendant can use to protect themselves, there’s not a direct analogue in US legal terms; in this case probably an appeal on the grounds of a human rights violation). Next she’ll ask for restitution under the new modalidad del juicio oral (oral trial procedures; vs. a “trial” on paper). Her professor reminds her that if she wins this appeal, she’ll have a guaranteed job in his firm.

He reviews the file and agrees with Paloma’s assessment, but she’ll be pissing off some powerful people. This could be the beginning and end of her legal career. Puh-leeze, Paloma’s so going to do this. She promised Señora Bernal and she believes in her innocence. She reminds him that he told her in her first year that the law’s worth nothing if no one will enforce it. Well, he’ll be behind her the whole way…and really she needs to have a jirafa (a really big quesadilla) because they’re sooooo good!

The infamous memorial Mass

Daniel runs into Eugenia outside the church, but she skips out on the service, claiming the incense is just too much and she feels faint. Meh, it’s cool with him.

The church isn’t terribly full, but Catalina spouts some nonsense about how many people are there showing their continued friendship and “loyalty” to her…er, her husband.

Daniel gets up to talk and says he just wants to say that every year he misses his dad more and he’s sure things would be different if he were here. (ha!) He’s sure if Saul were around, he’d be very proud of Dora.

Usually he reads something Saul had written about how much he loved them all (the way Catalina smirks I seriously doubt Saul wrote it) but not this year. This year, he simply thanks them on behalf of himself and Dora for being there for all these years.

He walks out without waiting for the priest to finish the Mass. Catalina follows him outside to berate him for making her look ridiculous by not reading what she sent him. “I didn’t read it because it’s what YOU wanted me to say and not how I feel about my dad.” Blah, blah, blah, where did I go wrong, why do you hate me? Daniel tiredly says he doesn’t hate her, she hasn’t been a bad mom, and yes she can have a kiss. And then he’s off.

Raúl comes chasing after him and offers to give him a ride to wherever and oh, by the way does he know where Laura lives?

Back at the house, Dora Luz goes straight up to her room while Adalberto ask Catalina if she doesn’t think she’s going too far? She cancelled the rest of Saul’s deathday extravaganza just because Daniel didn’t read what she wanted. She whines that she’s losing him forever.

Speaking of losing him forever, Eugenia comes running in to whine that she’s losing Daniel to some filthy, smelly barrio girl!

Barrio chisme

Josh walks into the vecindad courtyard just long enough to get into it with Rodrigo over Daniel. Hell, no, he’s not going to get rid of Daniel! He can stay as long as he likes. And if Rodrigo thought getting rid of him would help him with Paloma, he’s so far off-base! It would only bring them closer together.

Oh, and by the way, Daniel joined Josh’s fútbol team. So, gosh, he hopes they don’t apedrear el rancho (throw rocks at the ranch; an Argentinean saying meaning something like encouraging someone to leave–as in, by throwing rocks at their house) or they’re going to nickname Rodrigo “La Coladera” (the strainer).

Up in the apartment, Raúl slips some cash into Daniel’s lab coat. He asks if Daniel wouldn’t rather move into an apartment with some furniture so he has somewhere to sleep…? Daniel laughs, saying he likes the people and he feels more free there. Raúl thinks if his aunt saw this she’d fall over dead! Daniel’s not worried about that–she’d never set foot in here, she’d just stay in the car.

But seriously, wouldn’t he rather live in an apartment…? Oh, Daniel knows there are people who don’t want him there, but he’s not leaving. Because Paloma. Paloma stands outside the window and listens to him say he loves her and he’s got an education and he thinks he can work hard to give her a better life. She leaves before Raúl asks what’s going to happen when she finds out he’s “rich.” She’s going to think he’s been messing with her all this time. Anyway…which way is Laura’s?

Paloma gets home and sighs over Daniel…and then she notices the boxes of stuff in the middle of the floor. Oh no! Gustavo went for the “job” with the cleaning supplies…which isn’t a “job” so much as an MLM for which he had to invest money he doesn’t have to buy products he may or may not be able to sell. Paloma gives me the Spanish word for this…píramidos multinivel.

Gabriel thinks this is SUCH a brilliant idea, but Paloma and I both have steam coming out of our ears. Especially when he says it was only a 5000 peso ($287 today) investment and they borrowed the money from Rodrigo and told him Paloma would repay it! Dude…hold me back!

On the way to Laura’s Raúl suddenly balks…how is he supposed to explain how he’s just casually dropping by Laura’s house without an invitation when even HR doesn’t have her address? Daniel laughs at him for going on about how he can’t stop thinking about her…her eyes…her skin. OK, ok, he’s laughing at the himself too because he and Raúl have got it bad.

Laura’s thinking about rushing out of the office when there’s a knock at the door and Raúl pokes his head in. Yeah, I don’t think she really cares WHY he’s there and his babbled answer certainly doesn’t bother her. She brings him in to meet Rosa and I’m just thinking he must not resemble his dad too much because she doesn’t have that spark of recognition…and then he says his name is “Raúl Lopezreina” and Rosa stares at him in terror!

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