Secretos Wed-Thu 4/20-4/21/16 #12

It’s 3am. Someone’s drumming their fingers on the steering wheel of a car, like we saw way back in the first episode. It’s Aldo, still wearing Rafael’s cap. He walks up an alley and picks the lock at the front door of an apartment. Olimpia’s apartment? The door has a new, really heavy lock. He walks into her bedroom, where Olimpia’s sleeping in the bed and Elmer’s sleeping in the chair.

24 hours ago…

Aldo was all set to blow up Elmer’s car, with Elmer in it, when Olimpia came out of the house and got into the car with him. He watched them drive away.

In the car, Elmer and Olimpia argue about her going with him. Elmer’s phone starts beeping. Hernán calls him and asks if by any chance someone told him to go somewhere. “Don’t go. It’s dangerous. The best thing you can do is go back home.” He hangs up without waiting for a response. Elmer doesn’t answer when Olimpia asks him what’s happening.

He parks the car in the forest and locks Olimpia in, telling her not to make noise and wait for him. And if he hadn’t done something to the door locks, she wouldn’t be listening to him about either thing. She breaks the window crank in her frantic search for a way out. He’s going to feel really awful when he finds out he locked her in his car with a bomb while he went traipsing around in the woods.

Olimpia’s still trapped in the car when Aldo makes it out to the forest. She tries calling someone. Banging on the window, she turns and sees Aldo lurking behind a tree and ducks down into the front seat. Aldo takes out the cell phone detonator again and hesitates before tossing it into a trash can. He walks into the woods with his gun drawn instead. Olimpia sees him. She manages to get one of the small side windows open.

Elmer checks his watch and pulls out his gun. Aldo’s still doing that inexorable slow walk of the classic horror movie monster. Olimpia frantically beats on the window of Elmer’s car. Aldo comes up behind Elmer and takes refuge behind a tree. He takes aim and gets a shot off, but he misses.

Hernán appears and grabs the gun away from Aldo. They get into an argument, Hernán begging Aldo to just leave things as they are. They hear police sirens and start running for it, with Hernán holding Aldo’s gun. Elmer sees them and starts chasing after them. They run right across the road in front of the police and Elmer ends up getting stopped.

Boris gets back to the hideout. The camera advances towards the rear windows…and then the car pulls ahead. More suspense as Boris closes the big doors. He opens the back door to the car and….

Olimpia’s still waiting for Elmer. She’s calmer now, watching Elmer confer with the officers. They lost Aldo and Hernán’s trail. The big jerk chuckles as he goes to unlock the door. As soon as he does she gets out and yells at him for locking her in there. She slaps him across the face when he won’t stop laughing.

They get into an argument, but they’re really both saying the same thing–neither wants the other to get hurt. For Olimpia that means she wants to go everywhere with him and for Elmer that means he doesn’t want her to go everywhere with him. She doesn’t think it’s fair for him to keep putting himself in danger while she just lets him. He says that’s the way he is–he can’t change. He asks her to forgive him and grabs her up in a big hug. “You’re a strange man. Did you know that?” Yeah, he knows.

They get into the car and drive off. The cell phone detonator sits in the trash can. The bomb keeps blinking.

Aldo and Hernán walk back to the hideout and stop when they see the big outer doors aren’t closed all the way. Aldo has to ask twice before Hernán gives his gun back. They ease the two doors open. Aldo calls for Boris and gets no response. He turns the light on and looks at the dirt on the car. They both look back towards the other room where Laura and Efren were being kept. Efren’s lying on the floor on a mattress.

Wait, so, Matias picked Laura?! Oh, it’s on now!

Alma and Jaime open the door to Laura and Matias. Jaime hugs Laura and asks if she’s ok. Neither Laura or Matias say a word. Matias looks ashamed.

Aldo asks Efren where his mother is, what happened here. Efren just cries. Hernán brings Efren some tea and tells him to take deep breaths–he’ll be out of there soon. Hernán starts by asking IF he knows where Boris and his mother are. Efren tells them Boris took them both somewhere and his uncle was there.

Flashback: Boris tells Matias to pick one person to take with him. There is no “deal.” Laura begs him to take Efren. Matias hesitates.

At Jaime and Laura’s, Matias whines that Boris lied to him.

Flashback: Laura keeps begging him to save Efren, but Matias grabs Laura. Boris wrestles Efren back into the car. Laura screams that she can’t lose him again! She’ll go crazy! Matias just keeps holding her. When he lets her go she screams at him to call the cops. She gets into his car and leaves him there, trying to follow Boris. He’s in that huge jeep and she’s chasing after him in the rain in Matias’ car. Boris shoots out the window, randomly, and hits something that makes the car start steaming. It doesn’t matter. She pulls it over, gets out and starts running. She stops when the jeep gets too far away.

Efren says after that, Boris brought him back. He doesn’t know where he went. Efren looks up at Hernán and Hernán asks Aldo to step outside with him.

Jaime criticizes Matias for not calling him or calling the police. They sit there arguing about who has made what mistakes and who would have done the right thing and how if Jaime had gone out there he would have brought Efren back, oh but it was Jaime’s fault his finger got cut off in the first place….

Laura’s not even looking at the two of them as they just keep digging themselves deeper into a hole. She finally stands up and tells them both she’s sick of their little power struggle. What are they going to do if something else happens to Efren? Matias declares them both ungrateful and leaves the house. Jaime hugs Laura as she cries.

Aldo paces frantically. There’s nothing else to discuss. Boris deceived them and now he’s gone. Hernán says they’ve still got the kid. And maybe Boris hasn’t left and he’ll be back soon. Aldo calls him.

Boris, minus the beard and sporting only a mustache and soul patch, gets dropped off in front of a fancy hotel. He ignores Aldo’s call.

Aldo yells at the absent Boris for ditching them. He starts trashing the warehouse. He’s going to find Boris and make him pay! Hernan’s face: I came back for this?

Boris checks into the hotel with a fake ID. He pays for the room in cash.

Aldo can’t believe Boris would do this to him! On this job! Hernán says that’s how it goes. Bad people don’t care–they’ll cheat even their parents.

Dora shows up at the hotel. She’s dazzled by the briefcase full of cash, but she thinks he should have given Efren back instead of Laura. Boris thinks doing that would have been cheating Aldo. This way they can both still get something out of the deal. There’s a knock at the door and Dora panics. She begs him not to answer it, but he’s all smiles as he tells her to calm down. It’s just room service with fancy food and a big bowl of fruit and a bottle of champagne.

Laura has had a bath and Jaime is drying her hair. He begs her to talk. Jazmin comes running in and Laura hugs and kisses her. Jazmin asks if her mom went to see her brother. Why isn’t he home? Jaime says Efren didn’t have permission to leave camp, but they’ll all go pick him up later. He tells Jazmin she can sleep with them tonight. Jazmin snuggles up between them and Jaime holds Laura’s hand.

Olimpia wakes up to a phone call from Jaime. He tells her Laura is back. And of course, she’s happy to hear that. She goes downstairs to tell Elmer that Matias found Laura. She thinks they must be talking to the police right now. She looks down at the table and sees that Elmer made this big breakfast for her, and now they’ve got to leave!

The Sergeant asks Laura questions. She and Efren weren’t separated, but they were gagged, so they couldn’t talk. She thinks maybe it was an auto shop. She didn’t see any signs, but it’s not far, like the other house was. She could hear cars and children. He tells her to take her time, she’ll remember.

Elmer doesn’t want to go inside. He drops Olimpia off at Jaime and Laura’s, fumbling over a message for Laura and settles on “Just tell her I said hi.” In the living room, Laura and Olimpia hug tightly. She tells Laura to sit down. The Sergeant starts talking about composite sketches and looking at mug shots. Jaime starts giving Olimpia the puppy dog eyes and she says she’s going outside to send some emails. She leaves the back door open and takes out her phone as Laura starts describing Boris.

It doesn’t take long for Jaime to wander outside. He figures Olimpia’s going to be staying there…? Uh, no. Laura doesn’t need a friend right now, she needs a husband. Preferably one who loves, respects, and supports her. Matias wasn’t the one who should have brought her back, that should have been Jaime. He tells Olimpia Matias didn’t “find” Laura, they called him. He doesn’t know if it was all of them or just one.

Boris wakes up in bed with Dora. He tells her to hurry and get up. They’re going shopping and then they’ll see about a passport.

Aldo’s still all about finding Boris right now. He knows Boris was obsessed with leaving the country. So he’ll need a passport. And all the forgers are terrified of Hernán, or at least they were years ago. He still knows how to find them, at least.

The Sergeant is getting ready to leave. They’ll use the sketch to start the search while they’re on the way to the station. He asks the officer with him if they’ve sent someone to pick up Matias. Laura gets ready to go with the Sergeant and finally asks if Elmer’s isn’t coming with them.

The Sergeant, Olimpia and I all look to Jaime for his answer. A couple of us are smirking. One of us starts cackling when Jaime won’t answer Laura’s questions–Is he going to meet us there? Where is Elmer?

Once again it’s Olimpia who rats him out. Jaime fired him and asked him to give back the money. “What do you mean he was fired?!” Aw, Jaime. And just when you were enjoying being the good guy.

Grecia comes over to Elmer’s to take him to see his “wife.” AKA, the office. She’s had one day of vacation and she’s bored already. She baked! I don’t know what she baked, but she’s going to bake ten more pans of it and she’s out of neighbors to give it away to. OK, OK. He’ll get dressed.

“Was he rude? Did he betray us? What happened?” Jaime says he was useless and made so many mistakes. He got them into so much trouble. Laura has no idea what he’s talking about. She thinks he did everything possible to save Efren. Is there something she doesn’t know about? Olimpia’s definitely enjoying this. The Sergeant eventually has to look away from Jaime. I think he’s embarrassed for him.

When Jaime won’t answer, Laura quits asking. She TELLS him he’s going to fix this mistake immediately. He must know how important it is for Elmer to work with the family. She wants to see him today. Olimpia’s really smirking now. Also, Jaime is to apologize on behalf of the family. “Do it.” She leaves with the Sergeant and Olimpia says she’ll see him at the office.

FINALLY! Grecia goes to put the pan of whatever deliciousness she baked into the back of Elmer’s jeep and sees the bomb. They get out of the car and run!

Laura studies the book of photos and mug shots. She recognizes Boris. Matias isn’t sure–his face was covered.

The police are at Elmer’s checking over his car. He tells the officer questioning him that he’s a lawyer. Sure, he probably has enemies because he’s sent people to jail, but lately it’s been all paperwork. Grecia’s face: Seriously?!

The paparazzi are waiting outside the police station. Matias tells them to leave Laura alone, but she wants to say something. “I identified one of the kidnappers of my son. The police are looking for him and soon they’ll catch him. Efren, son, you’ll be home soon. You’ll be back, my love. You’ll see.”

Grecia can’t believe that even after he got fired he’d try to defend the Şarmans–as if the police didn’t know about his relationship with them or that he’s trying to catch the kidnappers. And then he made her lie, too! Elmer scoffs. She didn’t even say anything, and it’s not like she saw who put the bomb there!

There’s a knock at the door. Grecia gets up to answer and makes a face. Elmer’s startled to see Jaime there. What happened? Jaime just shakes his head. Elmer invites him to sit down. Yes, he heard about Laura and he’s glad. “And she…wants you…to be our lawyer again.” Elmer tells Jaime to blame it on him–just tell her he refused the job and that way Jaime won’t be in trouble. “You know she won’t believe me.” In that case, Elmer suggests he tell her the truth–he doesn’t want to work with Elmer. It’s his son and his case, after all. He can hire whoever he wants to.

As far as Jaime’s concerned, Laura is making him do this. Laura has no idea what’s been going on. And Jaime has no idea what Elmer’s been through. Elmer’s happy to explain it to Laura and she’ll probably understand. Jaime says she won’t, and she won’t change her mind. She only trusts Elmer. Not Jaime or anyone else. He gives her hope. Jaime says Elmer should just talk to her and see what happens.

Once he’s gone, Grecia asks if he’ll take the case again. She doesn’t want him to. If his mom knew what has been going on…! Look, she’s sorry about the kid, but they could all end up dead over this case! She offers to make tea.

Boris and Dora hang out at a café. He can’t believe his luck. And then he sees Laura on TV and his old mug shot and spits cappuccino foam. Dora asks what to do now. He says they have to calm down, for starters…and leave.

The same footage is playing at the hotel and the desk clerk frowns at Boris’ picture and starts thinking.

Dora assumes they’re as good as caught. Boris leaves her in the park to wait while he goes back to the hotel for the cash.

The desk clerk calls him over to ask how much longer he’s staying and if maybe they can upgrade him to a suite? Boris says they’re leaving today. He goes off to the elevators and the desk clerk picks up the phone.

Upstairs, Boris looks out the window and sees the police cars rolling up the drive. He grabs the briefcase and starts limping back to the elevator, but he hears the desk clerk with the police and goes back down the hall to take the stairs instead.

The police find the empty room and figure he went downstairs. One takes the stairs after him.

Boris comes out the door at the bottom of the stairs and sees a police car. He goes the other way before the officer can turn around and see him. He makes it to the park for Dora, saying he knows just where to hide.

Laura’s really sorry about whatever happened between Elmer and Jaime, and she apologizes on his behalf, and she’ll return the money, but he can’t leave them! She needs his help. For Efren. Elmer caves. But Laura can’t take things into her own hands again! She has to tell him what she’s doing. And yell at him if she has to! Laura promises.

Elmer asks if she told the police everything. Would she recognize them? Laura says there’s one whose face she didn’t see–they called him “Aldo.” Hernán was also there, and the one she identified, and the one who died. She starts to remember something. She thinks the one who died is the brother of the one who’s in charge. She’s not sure, it’s just something she put together from the conversations she heard. Is that helpful? Elmer says if they identify the body, it could give them the identity of his brother. Full names, parents, addresses.

Hernán talked to the forgers he knows, but no one’s heard from Boris. He’s sure it will be soon, though. Aldo begs Hernán not to abandon him. Of course he won’t. He wouldn’t put up with so much for anyone else. Private Number calls, but Aldo ignores it.

Olimpia comes over to Elmer’s. There’s something he didn’t want to tell her over the phone. He sits her down all serious and says she can’t stay there anymore. She says she’ll go home tonight. The door is fixed. She’s not going to stay where she’s not welcome. On the contrary, he needs her, but…she can’t stay because he can’t risk her. When he talked to Laura she told him she thinks the “kid” he shot is Aldo’s brother, the head of the kidnappers. Olimpia can tell that’s a good clue. Elmer says it’s also terrible news–if they are brothers, now he’s Aldo’s worst enemy. “Are you afraid?” Elmer says Aldo’s coming for the ones he loves.

Hernán thinks this has gone on too long. Just ask for whatever he wants. It’s hard for the kid and his mom. Everyone’s suffering. His family is against him. His son took out a loan without telling him and if he doesn’t pay…. Aldo’s too fixated on his own problems. He cries that everyone abandons him. His father…his mother…Rafael…and “Her.” Everyone he loves stabs him in the back, no matter who they are.

Elmer tells Olimpia about the bomb in his car. She really freaks out. And how dare he tell her to calm down! How could he not tell her! What if it had exploded! If something had happened to him…. They’re talking about a BOMB here. Elmer holds her and says everything is fine and she should calm down.

Boris and Dora are heading for the forger’s. The guy opens the door…and it’s Matias’ trusted henchman!

Alrighty, then. We’re talking bombs in cars, then Olimpia’s not leaving. If she can’t stay, he can’t stay.

Aldo gets tired of waiting and decides he’s going out. He’s got stuff to do. “Save your sermons for Boris. If they tell you where he is, call me.”

Boris tells the forger some BS story about beating up eight guys to get Dora out of a brothel. She owed them money. He just fell in love. The forger puts a gun to his head. Does Boris really think he can lie to him? He watches TV. He knows Boris is running away. If he calls Matias Şarman and says he’s got one of the kidnappers, he’ll get a million lira. Boris begs him–they’ll kill him! And he can give the forger a million lira. He opens the briefcase and hands over a stack of bills. “If even one of these is fake….” Boris says he’s not in a position to lie. The forger says he’ll have the passports ready by tomorrow and they can stay there in the meantime. As soon as Dora and Boris go into the room he pointed out, he pulls out his cell phone….

Elmer and Olimpia get into his car, both with bags. Boris, parked down the street, follows them. Elmer asks Olimpia if she’s thinking of her brother. She says the men of her family are her enemies. And the worst of it is, it wasn’t even over anything serious. Elmer notices the car following them. He slows down and when Aldo changes lanes, he figures he was wrong.

Dora, Boris, and the forger are having dinner. The doorbell rings and he tells Boris to chill. It’s not a stranger. It’s Hernán, come to whack the stupid out of him. He drags Boris outside. The forger tells Dora to let them settle their differences and finish her dinner.

“Did you really think you could get away with this?!” Hernán has Boris by the neck. Boris insists Aldo lied to them. He said it would be an easy job. He deceived them! Hernán’s going to drag him back anyway. Even if he doesn’t go back, Aldo will still hunt him down and kill him, so he’s dead either way. Boris begs–he’s spent his whole life being poor. Do they all have to end up like Rafael? Dying over nothing? By the time they have the money, they’ll be in jail or dead. Aldo’s gone crazy. He loves Dora and she’s believed in him–doesn’t he have the right to want to have a home and family and a normal life? He’s suffered his whole life and he’s tired of it. Boris cries.

Hernan asks where they’re going to go. He tells him not to stay long in Moldavia. Go somewhere else. Get married. And never come back here. They never saw each other tonight. Hernán tells him to go now. Boris gives him a stack of cash, but Hernán won’t take it. Boris insists and hugs Hernán. Hernán just awkwardly pats his back with a worried look on his face.

Olimpia gives Elmer one last chance to change his mind, but he’s determined to take the couch. She tells him to wake her up if he can’t sleep. They can trade. He wouldn’t wake her up, he says. Olimpia gives him a kiss goodnight that starts to turn into a proper snog, but she wriggles away before she can end up lying underneath him on the couch. “Don’t do this to me!” Elmer groans. From across the room, she calls back “I already did.” She dives into bed, grinning. Elmer laughs on the couch and has to content himself with a pillow.

Aldo watches the front door of the apartment.

Elmer hears knocking. He gets up and checks the front door and the hallway. He hears it again. The window over the sink is open and banging against the frame. Elmer closes it properly and heads back towards the couch. He stops at Olimpia’s bedroom door and looks in. He smiles and goes over to sit in the chair and watch her sleep. The clock by her bedside reads 1 am.

At 3am, Aldo gets out of the car. He goes into Olimpia’s apartment, stands at the doorway of her bedroom, and sees the two of them sleeping.

Flashback: Seagulls. Water. “It’s not working. What’s he going to do? What if we get married?” Olimpia asks if Aldo’s proposing to her. She laughs and kisses him. “What’s so funny?” She reminds him her father forbid her from seeing him. “What could he do? Stop us? We’re here together.” Olimpia asks if he’ll kidnap her. He says he’ll talk to her father first and say that he wants to marry his daughter and if not, there will be consequences. Olimpia says he won’t accept. She thinks Aldo needs to quit being stupid. She wants to finish school. They both need to work. It’s too long for Aldo to wait. He can’t be patient forever. It’s not that she doesn’t want to marry him. She does love him, he doesn’t even know how much. Aldo kisses her on the forehead and hugs her.

The song in the flashback plays louder as Aldo stands there.

Flashback: Olimpia walks down the stairs of her current apartment and sees Aldo. She gasps and asks what he’s doing there. How did he find her? “Did you think I couldn’t? I came to see you. Since you never came to see me. I came as soon as I got out.” He wants to start over, go back to the way things were. He forgives her. Well she doesn’t forgive him! He got the letter she sent? He remembers every word, but he wants to forget it. Olimpia says everything in the letter is still true. It’s over. He pins her against the wall and asks if she’s treating him like this over that imbecile. He says he’ll hurt her AND him. He’ll end them both! He’s sure she loves him. Laura screams that she doesn’t love him anymore. Not even a little. She never wants to see him again. She walks out of the building.

Aldo looks from Olimpia to Elmer.

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4 years ago

Hernan seems to be the only voice of reason. He let Boris go and is trying to convince Aldo to put an end to the craziness. Too bad Aldo is in his own world and won’t listen. Mattias is something else for not choosing his nephew. Thanks for the stellar recap!

J desde NYC
J desde NYC
4 years ago
Reply to  Paz

Thank you 5FL for the comprehensive recaps. All I can say about this novela is “curiouser and curiouser.” So, know we know Olimpia was for Aldo, the one who got away. I wonder if Aldo did some illegal stunt to win Olimpia and she ended up cutting her losses and break up with him? Paz, it was in Mattias’ best interest to pick Laura. Efren saw the aftermath of Mattias killing his wife, so he couldn’t pick Efren for fear of being exposed. However, Matty is delaying the inevitable and has to hope the kidnappers kill Efren out of anger… Read more »

4 years ago

I wonder how much could Mattias really fear Efrén’s testimony. The kid’s been traumatized by the kidnapping and no one (except maybe Elmer) is even still thinking that someone other than Mario killed Dafne.

4 years ago
Reply to  J desde NYC

Hello my fellow New Yorker! 🙂 Thanks for the explanation about Mattias. I missed the part where he killed his wife! Yikes! Seriously!? Was this earlier on in the novela? Now I got questions! 🙂 I. too, believe that Aldo probably did something illegal to win Olimpia back. Her reaction and rejection to him was really strong. Aldo could have received his ransom money a long time ago, but he seems off focused by other things. It seems like he kidnapped Efren for money and revenge (he seems to hate the family). Looks like the need for revenge has superseded… Read more »

4 years ago

Thanks for the explanation. I wasn’t paying much attention earlier on. Did they say why he killed her? And poor Efren, to witness something like that. It’s awful!

4 years ago
Reply to  Paz

Let’s review what we know about Aldo, Jaime and Olimipa: Aldo’s second flashback speaking to Olimpia: ” ‘Since you never came to see me. I came as soon as I got out.’ ” So this is after he went to prison (where he met Hernán.) “He wants to start over, go back to the way things were. He forgives her.” That suggests that she did something that got him sent to prison. “Well she doesn’t forgive him! He got the letter she sent? He remembers every word, but he wants to forget it. Olimpia says everything in the letter is… Read more »

4 years ago

Should be interesting to find out more about their relationship. I wish Hernan would wise up, however and cut his losses because Aldo is no good.

4 years ago

I hope he realizes that it is not helping him. And soon!

4 years ago

Wowzers! Fantastic recap, Kat. What a great episode. So it was Olimpia and Aldo, not Laura and Aldo. Olimpia heard Laura say that one of the kidnappers is named Aldo but she didn’t seem to react. She probably has no reason to think that what happened has any relation to her but it does confirm that Aldo is using his real name. So targeting Jaime and Laura made sense when we thought Aldo wanted vengeance against Jaime but not so much now. Olimpia is close to the Şarmans but the kidnapping doesn’t really hurt her the same way it does… Read more »

4 years ago

I’d forgotten about Jaime beating up Aldo. We don’t know when that was. If it had to do with Olimpia, then he definitely knows about Olivia and the Şarmans. More questions…