¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 4/21/16 #50

The answer is…?

“Pedro’s” totally serious. He wants to marry Paloma, be Cachito’s dad, send him to fancy schools. Paloma wasn’t expecting this. Well, ok, given Original Recipe Pedro it would be a surprise, but Pedro 2.0? Cachito calls out to Paloma again before the snogging can get too serious.

When Paloma comes back out to the living room after checking on Cachito she jokes that “Pedro” had better be prepared for constant interruptions to their nocturnal amusements when he lives there. OK, that’s not really a joke, that’s just life. Paloma wants to wait a few weeks before they tell everybody, to respect Inés’ mourning. He agrees.

He mentions going to the bank with Termi to see about the cheese shop and sending money to Jonathan’s family. Paloma can’t imagine how Inés and Jonathan’s family must be feeling right now. She loves that he’s thinking about how to keep supporting Jonathan’s family.

Leo in love

Nora talks to Pedro about Connie. She’s worried about her. He’s more worried about the rats! As for Connie, she’s a grown woman, she’s plenty tough, and she’ll come back home when she’s good and ready.

Fernanda calls him and he says he’ll pick her up at the airport…but first he has Gwen connect him to “the best event place in Los Angeles” so he can prepare an unforgettable welcome. Pedro’s really getting into the “rich guy” lifestyle. He offers someone on the phone double their usual rental rate if he can have the things he asked for tonight.

He brags about it to Nora, but she’s still worrying about Connie, even though Connie’s telling her everything is fine. He reminds her that if Connie did have a serious problem, Nora’s the first one she would call–so what’s she worried about? Nora isn’t convinced. She spends all day worrying whether Connie’s eating, if she needs anything. And Fabiola doesn’t seem to care. Yeah, Pedro’s noticed she’s quite a piece of work. He thinks Nora might as well tell her off already. But of course, Nora doesn’t want Fabi to take it out on Humberto. Pedro offers to bring her with him when he marries Fernanda, but no…Humberto needs her.

Pedro thanks Nora for dinner and gets ready to go out and pick up all the stuff for Fernanda’s homecoming. Nora says she’ll love it, but “Leo’s” crazy! Pedro’s checking in with Gwen when Humberto comes in and gets the news that Fer is on her way back. He asks what “Leo” is up to and Nora says it’s a big surprise for Fernanda.

Over tea, Humberto wonders if “Leo” is going to back out again. Nora thinks things are different this time. Yes, he’s changed, but it’s been for the better. He was so formal and correct before, and that’s how he was with Fer, but now he’s oozing love out of his pores. Why is Humberto worried all of a sudden? Humberto says it’s his change in attitude and personality–how can they be sure he won’t go back to being the way he was before? Nora thinks once you conquer your fears, there’s no going back.


Sara clears the table while Chamoy mopes. The room depresses him as much as prison did. What good is being out of prison if he can’t be near his family? Before he ducks into the bathroom, he looks back to see if he’s getting anywhere with Sara.

“Pedro’s” surprised to find Inés sewing when he gets home. She has a big basket of clothes to donate, but she wanted to mend them first. Sara and Yesenia are out. Life goes on. “Pedro” says he’s proud to be her son. He wishes he could take away Inés’ pain–he’d give her his amnesia if he could, but she wants to keep the good memories.

They’re hugging when Sara gets home. She says Chamoy’s doing so terribly with his poor hands. “Pedro” gets up to avoid the conversation. Sara goes on about his tiny cruddy room and his suffering and it just breaks her heart and maybe he could come live here in the spare room while he heals.

“Pedro” says there’s no way he’s letting that guy into this house. Sara reminds him that Chamoy is his father and saved his life. And he got hurt saving his life. Well, “Pedro” thanked him for that. But he’s not going to tolerate him being in this house. “Pedro” stomps off upstairs. Inés says she’ll talk to him, though even she’s not sure if she wants Chamoy there.

Why hasn’t the milk spoiled yet?

Eugenio and Tania are smooching in her doorway and he’s begging to come in, just for a minute, but on no! She knows how that goes! It’s how her cousin Coquita ended up with five kids with different dads. Eugenio thinks that’s funny. They agree they both get a little carried away, but Tania holds firm–she wants her first time to be different and she wants to be sure before she takes this step.

Eugenio departs, leaving Tania alone to have her customary glass of milk while we weep. She wakes up naked in bed in the middle of the night.

Eugenio is having a glass of water when Justino comes in. Eugenio is surprised he was out so late, but when he asks where he was and if something’s going on Justino ignores him.

Bare-ena interlude

Yesenia may be having an off night, personally, but the crowd doesn’t care. They’re cheering as loud as ever.


Fernanda comes home to a red carpet lined with lights. Pedro rented enough stuff to turn her apartment into a nightclub. I can’t even hear what he’s singing because I’m laughing so hard. It’s cute and all, but it’s really over the top. I’m not saying I don’t want one of those disco ball lights he’s got on the floor there. I’m just…. Well, Fer likes it. And Gwen’s there, with her display changed to a glowing pink heart, to run the sound system so Pedro doesn’t have to quit holding her to get the song to repeat.

I guess it’s after last call. Leo carries Fernanda to bed and says the night’s not over yet. But it’s 3am and she’s had a rough trip and the flight was delayed. Oh, no worries, he factored everything in. The rest of his big plans include getting rid of his jacket and their shoes and holding her while she sleeps.

Pedro and Fer wake up in bed together. He’s all giddy at the thought of waking up like this every morning, but Fer’s crying. She tells him to ignore her, she’s crying with happiness. He does some bodybuilder posing to cheer her up. And who wouldn’t that cheer up? Con todo respeto al cuerpazo que tiene, it’s the sense of humor that really does it.

So, um, does “Leo” remember the time he said he wanted to be a better person for Fernanda? She’s going through the same thing. She’s not the woman he knew before. His love opened her eyes. “And what do you see now that you didn’t before?” Good question!

Fernanda says there are things she hasn’t told him. Of course, he wants to hear it all. Well, she used to think about the past and the present, but now she’s thinking about the future–with him. And there’s no telling what will happen. But she wants him to remember that what she’s feeling for him is real.

Pedro’s all about making up for the days they weren’t together, but Fernanda really wants him to get that she loves him. Like really, really, for realz. For serious. He suggests a contract. That he “writes” on the comforter with his finger. “We are not going to think about the people we used to be before. You and I, the ones we are now, will keep loving each other no mater what happens.” And then he signs it. Fer laughs that it’s nice to do business with him. And she can sign here…and here….

Connie and Tania

Tania goes over to Connie’s early. She woke up naked again. Connie insists on taking her to the doctor to deal with this sleepwalking issue. Tania doesn’t think it’s sleepwalking. And she’s got a really bad headache, too. She thinks someone’s drugging her.

Connie asks where she got this idea. She doesn’t see what’s suspicious about getting all hot and bothered with Eugenio and sending him home. Doesn’t the fact that he left mean he respects her? Well, her special friend Don Pepe said there’s a guy named Eugenio who’s been running around drugging women so he can rape them.

Connie can’t believe that about their good friend Eugenio. Tania’s stuck on the fact that Eugenio’s not a common name. And he IS really nice and she’s in love with him, but…when she woke up like that she couldn’t help feeling anxious. She can’t stop thinking about what Don Pepe said.

Connie has Tania do some deep-breathing exercises and get her brain going, so they can break this down. Lupita knows Eugenio, so if she heard he was a bad guy, she would have warned Tania, right? So they’ll just ask Lupita–does “our” Eugenio have a reputation as a rapist. Tania doesn’t want to ask. She agrees–if Lupita knew something about this, she would have told her.

OK, then, it’s time to go to the doctor. Tania refuses. It’s too expensive, especially without insurance! Connie says she’ll get the money. Or is Tania afraid of the doctor? Is she afraid of needles? Connie will hold her hand. Tania doesn’t want the doctor to call immigration on her and get her deported. Connie says she’s seen too many movies–doctors don’t run around playing cop or detective.


Eugenio shows up to Paloma’s late, saying he couldn’t find the keys that she insisted were “right there.” But anyway, he’s here and he’s going to take care of Cachito. He gives Cachito an airplane ride in the driveway while Chamoy watches. He snaps a picture of Eugenio and Cachito.

Magdalena is losing patience

Justino makes excuses about where he was last night. He failed to consider all the stuff that’s happened in the neighborhood lately and that Magdalena might actually be worried about him. So worried, she called ALL his friends. And since when does he drink? Why can’t he even look at her.

He says he’ll go have his coffee somewhere else, it’s just impossible for him to be there. Magdalena blocks his way to the door and accuses him of cheating on her. She demands to know who with. He turns it around on her, saying she made him look bad in front of his friends. He scoffs that she’s being jealous, as if he’s some telenovela galan.

Magdalena reminds him they haven’t had sex in a long time and it’s not out of line to ask why. Plenty of people have sex all the way into old age. What’s wrong with wanting sex with her husband? So, of course, if he doesn’t want her, there must be someone else.

He says she’s so stupid she probably heard that from Paloma and is just repeating it. She’s still insisting he should just confess when Eugenio walks in and interrupts. Justino storms out of the house and Magdalena tells Eugenio it’s just the same old stuff.

It’s not her fault you talk too loud.

Fabi and Ignacio argue about his trip to Chamoy’s. Nora is about to come in when she hears Ignacio saying soon they’ll know what the relationship is between Leo and that woman and whether they’re lovers. She finally comes in with the fruit and Ignacio and Fabi wonder what she heard. “We have to be careful what we say in the house.” Really, Ignacio?

He’s not even living here and he’s already causing problems.

Sara’s giving “Pedro” the cold shoulder at breakfast. She thinks he’s being disrespectful calling his father “Chamoy” and not calling her “grandma.” Inés tells them both to cut it out. “Pedro” denies he’s being disrespectful, he’s just making his position clear. They’ve done just fine without “that man,” and he thinks it’s best they keep living without him.

Sara thinks Chamoy has paid for his mistakes, but “Pedro” says it wasn’t just the stealing. He did a lot of other things they ALL know about, but fine, he’ll shut up now. Sara accuses him of having a hard heart. She gets up from the table. Inés asks if he would change his mind if she asked him to. “Pedro” can’t believe she would even consider letting Chamoy live there after everything he’s done.

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Thanks, Diva. I love reading your recaps.
“It’s not her fault you talk too loud.” Exactly. Of course overheard conversations are the life blood of telenovela land.
I think that Tania keeps buying more milk, and Justino keeps “refreshing” it.

stealth cacophony
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stealth cacophony

Diva thanks, as always you fill in the blanks in my understanding and entertain doing it.

“Con todo respeto al cuerpazo que tiene, it’s the sense of humor that really does it.” I could not agree more and I was laughing all through “Leo”‘s act too, such a character