¿Quién es Quién? Friday 4/22/16 #51

Poor Inés

“Pedro” is adamantly opposed to Chamoy coming back to live with them (stand firm, Pedro!) Sara is sad that Pedro has such a hard heart (He’s just practical, Sara.) She excuses herself and leaves the table. Ines asks Pedro if he would change his mind if she asked him to.

Pedro is dumbfounded. After all Chamoy has done, Inés would have him back? He’ll destroy any peace Ines has. Inés reminds Pedro that Chamoy saved him and Johnathan from the fire. This doesn’t seem to move Pedro. He still doesn’t want Chamoy living with them.

Later Inés talks to Paloma about Chamoy and Pedro. It really bothers Ines that Pedro is being so harsh and unforgiving with his father. It’s like he blames Chamoy for Johnathan’s death. Paloma thinks it’s a good thing that at least Pedro told Inés his suspicions. Inés is cara de huh? What does Paloma know that Inés doesn’t?

Paloma now has to tell Inés that Pedro asked the police to fully investigate Chamoy and the fire. Inés is distraught. Sara and Yesenia will not be happy about this. And what if it turns out that Chamoy is guilty? How can Inés live with knowing that Johnathan’s death is her fault? If she had broken up with him, he’d still be alive.

I hate Chamoy

Reason #1 I hate Chamoy: Inés feels like Johnathan’s death is her fault because she didn’t break up with Chamoy. WTH?

I also hate Chamoy because he’s a manipulative bully and a scumbag. He meets with Melquiades, who informs him that the police think the fire was intentional. They are going to investigate further and find out if Johnathan had any enemies. Chamoy wants to pay off Melquiades’ friend in the department. It’s going to cost Chamoy 50,000 to “dar un carpetazo” (to put and end to) the matter. Chamoy promises part of the money now and the rest after the matter is over, plus a little extra for getting it done quickly. Melquiades wonders how Chamoy is going to get all that money and Chamoy tells him it’s none of Mel’s business. Yesenia arrives and Melquiades leaves.

Yesenia is worried about her dad and offers to give him money from her night job. Chamoy turns her down. He makes a production about paying for her breakfast and needing help getting to his wallet (oh! His poor hand!…*eyeroll*) He jokes about Yesenia worrying over him like his mother is. After breakfast there’s a close up as Chamoy deftly puts his wallet back in his pocket with no problems. Yesenia has a look on her face like she noticed and that maybe she’s starting to realize Chamoy is a manipulator.

Buena onda, pero un poco bruto

Termi and “Pedro” discuss what to do with Johnathan’s cheese stand. “Pedro” launches into all the business options available to Johnathan’s family. Termi could be an administrator and send reports. Or there could be a business partnership blah blah blah. Termi is dumbfounded by Pedro’s sudden “Wall Street” talk. Pedro certainly wasn’t like that before the accident. He was a nice guy, but kind of dumb.

There’s a special place in Hell for Fabi

Fabi yells at some woman about being out of money and they need to plan some dinner for new members. Must be Junior League or something. Nora makes the mistake of DOING HER JOB, which unfortunately means having to be near Fabi. Fabi thinks she’s eavesdropping and trying to get dirt on Fabi and Ignacio. Nora denies it, but it does seem to her that Fabi is hiding something from Humberto. Fabi calls Nora a mere servant and even grabs her! Nora stands her ground and tells Fabi to never touch her. Nora tells Nora to go ahead and hit her, then they’ll see who’s side Humberto is on. Nora is sure Fabi will never be able to remove Nora from her special place in the family. Fabi just scoffs at the idea of Nora being “family.” After the confrontation, Nora is shaking so much she has to sit down. Even Karen wonders if she’s ok.

But Fabi isn’t done. Connie comes home while everyone is out. She runs upstairs to her room and starts emptying out her jewelry box. Unfortunately, Fabi made it home and came upstairs to give Connie hell. She snidely asks if Connie robbing them in order to get some money. Connie denies that she took anything of theirs. She only took the things her grandfather gave her. As she leaves, she tells Fabi to leave her alone and to stop looking for her. Then she tells Fabi to leave Ruben alone. Fabi doesn’t think Connie has the right to tell her who she can and can’t see. Then she makes fun of Connie for liking her teacher and the feeling not being reciprocated. Maybe if Connie went back to being the rich girl, Ruben might be interested. Money is the only thing that would make Connie interesting. (I fume. This woman is so hateful.) Connie tells her mom she must know what she’s talking about, Armando was only with Fabi for the money. I think Connie scored a point with that one.


“Leo” and Fer get ready for work after her homecoming. Leo will have to wear his tux to the office since he was in such a rush to prepare her surprise he forgot to pack an overnight bag.

Fer asks the “jefe” for the day off. She has lots of errands to run. He denies her request and whines about not having her in the office to illuminate it. Or to have her legs to look at as she sashays around. (Hmmm. I’ll cut him some slack.) He tells her to come to the office and let Basi run the errands. She says there are just too many. “Leo” finally relents, but still pouts a little.

Fer goes to visit Santiago in the hospital. He’s out for tests, so that gives Fer and Daniela time to talk. Fer gushes over “Leo’s” homecoming surprise. She’s so over the moon about him. She almost told him the truth. She really isn’t sure if she can marry “Leo” without him knowing the truth, but she needs to find out who’s really responsible for Santiago being in jail. Daniela suggests that Fer marry Leo and then tell him the truth. Fer and I agree that that might not be the wisest course of action. Daniela wants to know how Fer was willing to marry Leo when she hated him, but now that Fer actually loves him she won’t marry him.

Ignacio and Ivonne

Ignacio asks to see Ivonne in his office. He offers her a very expensive necklace. Ivonne is rightly offended. She can’t be bought. Ignacio claims it’s just a way for him to show her how important she is to him. Ivonne is not stupid. She knows what she heard. She’d love to believe him, but she can’t. To make matters worse, she feels like a traitor. She has to tell Leo what’s going on with Ignacio and Fer.

Ignacio quickly tries to talk her out of that. She can’t go running to Leo with that gossip. Why don’t they ask Fer if she knows about them (meaning Ignacio and Ivonne.) Ivonne is sure Fer would say she had no idea. Ignacio says she’d ruin a lot of lives if she told Leo what she “supposedly” heard. And what about Humberto. He’s a sick man. It would kill him if Leo and Fer broke up.

Poor Eugenio

Eugenio goes to see Tania at the Cultural Center. Unfortunately he says exactly the wrong thing: “You wouldn’t believe the lovely things you and I did in my dreams last night.”  Thanks to Justino’s lies about Eugenio the neighborhood rapist, Tania takes this in the skeeviest way possible. She’s obviously uncomfortable around him now. She’s not happy with his comments and worries that she could get fired. Eugenio is confused by her sudden change of behavior.

Basi, Ladies’ Man

Basi brought a change of clothes to the office for “Leo.” “Leo” changes and tells Basi all about the homecoming. Basi admires Leo. If only he could sing or play the guitar, then Basi would serenade Ivonne. “Leo” reminds Basi that he actually has a way with words. “Leo” thinks Basi is quite the poet. He encourages Basi to go up to Ivonne and look at her for 20 seconds (not 19, not 21) and then give her one of Basi’s special “frases.” Basi heads out the door. He’ll look at her for 20 seconds (not 19, not 18) and lay a “frase” on her.

He only manages to look at her for 17 seconds before she walks away, disgusted.


Nora comes to the office to talk to “Leo”. She asks point blank if he has a lover. He swears he does not and asks where she got such an idea. She tells him about the conversation she heard between Ignacio (who is dubbed “porcupine hair” by “Leo”) and Fabi (dubbed “the lady with eyebrows to her tailbone.”) Ignacio saw him with another woman.

“Leo” is not sure what those two are up to, but he promises Nora that Fer is the only name written on his heart.

When Basi comes back from his defeat, “Leo” tells him about Nora’s visit. Basi doesn’t want to worry “Leo”, but what if Ignacio and Fabi were talking about Paloma. Basi reminds him about that time he caught him at the mercado. Well, Ignacio had followed. Maybe Ignacio saw the real Leo with Paloma. “Leo” sends Basi to go talk to his informant at the mercado.

Mercado and its environs

Basi finds Tencha and starts asking about Mercado gossip. She tells him about the death of Johnathan.

Chamoy watches Paloma and “Pedro” enter her house. Once they are inside, they discuss Ines. Pedro hates that his suspicion of Chamoy is just making Ines feel more guilty. He also thinks he needs to tell Sara and Yesenia.

Yesenia hawks piñatas “for a birthday or as a substitute for an enemy that needs a beating.” The last bit was meant for Ruben of course. A police detective comes up and wants to ask her some questions.

Chamoy slides into Ignacio’s car. He has all the information that Ignacio asked for. The lady’s name is Paloma and he has pictures of her and the guy she’s going out with. Ignacio flips through the pictures.

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5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

Gracias, Sara! Ditto to everything. What a bummer of a week–I feel like Jonathan just keeps dying over and over and over again. And now Basi’s going to have to give Pedro the news. “I hate Chamoy”–Word. For all the reasons you listed. And I feel like it goes even farther back, like he picked Inés because she was alone in the world. And now he keeps separating her from people. Leonardo, Jonathan. I hope you’re right that Yesenia is starting to realize what he’s really like. “I fume. This woman is so hateful.” I agree. And it’s those scenes… Read more »

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto
Reply to  Sara

Just the idea that she has a crush on Ruben is throwing me off and I don’t know if it’s because it felt like it came out of nowhere or because she’s not doing the telenovela-standard jealousy and “he will be mine.” She may have a crush, but she doesn’t act like she’s terribly invested in it. I hadn’t considered before that maybe it’s because Fabi got to her, so she’s not putting herself out there to avoid getting hurt.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Maybe Connie is just sensitive and realizes Reuben doesn’t see her that way and doesn’t want to make things awkward with him. I hope that with a guy who was into her she’d be more daring. I hope we get to find out.

4 years ago

Thanks for the great recap, Sara. Now I don’t have to watch the episode. I’m with Kat – it’s been a bummer week. I know all (or most) novelas have to have the bad buys get their way before the tables turn but I don’t have to like it or in this case watch it.

4 years ago

Thanks for the great read, Sara.
Just the idea of Chamoy moving into the house with Inés and family (shudder and grrrrr). Kind of like when Prince Charles married What’s-Her-Name.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Sara, thanks, great recap.
So many many reasons to hate Chamoy. We should make a list
You go Ivonne! Don’t fall for Ignacio’s bs and follow your feelings to tell “Leo”
Those boots Connie was wearing looked like good kicking boots, I was kinda hoping she’d kick her mom in the shins if she didn’t let her past. (I can’t believe I just typed that. But I meant it. Mother’s Day is coming up too. I should be ashamed. Kinda not though.)

5ftLatina, La Diva del Desierto

I totally went there too, thinking I wouldn’t mind much if Connie had to shove her to get past her.