¿Quién es Quién? Monday 4/25/16 #52

I demand you find only the evidence that supports my theory!

Chamoy gives Ignacio the “information” about Paloma. Sure enough, Chamoy tries to pass off Eugenio as Paloma’s “husband” to whom she is happily married and has been for years. Ignacio is displeased. Heh.

Chamoy is confused–what was it Ignacio wanted? He insists he did his job, so he expects Ignacio to pay up. If this isn’t what he wanted to know, then he needs to say so.

Well, fine, he wants to know if Leonardo Fuentemayor has a relationship with Paloma. Chamoy’s face: What are you smoking?

Alrighty then, if that’s what Ignacio wanted to know, then Chamoy can investigate from that angle. The question is, what if there’s no connection? Ignacio tells him to just keep investigating for a few more weeks. He hands over $75K to encourage Chamoy to keep working.

Chamoy suggests if Leonardo is the one Ignacio’s really interested in, then he should get Chamoy into the company so he can keep an eye on Leonardo directly. Ignacio’s face: I don’t like it when other people have good ideas.

At the mercado

The detective who showed up to question Yesenia wants to ask her about the fire (well, ok, but she wasn’t actually there).

Tencha continues telling Basi about the fire, Chamoy’s apparent heroism, and the death of Jonathan.

 Tijuana, México 

The tests are taking forever. Fernanda and Dani are waiting in Santiago’s room.

Fernanda gets a call from her lawyer–Santiago is free! A judge ordered his immediate release. She and Dani hug in relief. The lawyer doesn’t tell her why Santiago is being released, but she thinks it’s because Leonardo must have dropped the charges. They can’t wait to tell Santiago.

Dani suddenly realizes they have to figure out where Santiago’s going to go after he’s released from the hospital. She offers to let him move in with her.

Santiago’s in a foul mood when he gets back from testing. He’s tired of waiting. He wants to know what’s going to happen. He even snaps at Fer when she says she has good news. And then he seems more confused by the news than anything else. He just doesn’t get it. Fer promises as soon as she gets the chance, she’ll ask for the details.

Finally, Santi cracks a smile. He IS relieved, but he’s sure those creeps only dropped the charges because they felt guilty. Sure, he’s free, but he wants his and his fathers’ names cleared. Fer understands and wants that, too. She tells Santiago they’re going to fight together to find the real culprit…but Santi is convinced that’s Leonardo.

Looking for answers

Connie announces to Tania that she’s got the money AND a doctor’s appointment. Tania’s upset that she’s starting to feel creeped out around Eugenio and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She feels horrible about the way she’s feeling. Connie tells her to slow her roll. She needs to go to the doctor and get checked out. Luckily the appointment is in less than an hour, so that doesn’t give her time to second-guess.

Justino’s abusive behavior escalates

Eugenio’s at home with Magdalena. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but his girlfriend is acting weird, like he did something. Magdalena tells him dudes can be stupid, so he needs to think about it and figure out what he did or said. He can’t think of anything, but his girlfriend seemed scared of him.

Justino listens in on the conversation.

Now that really makes no sense to Magdalena–maybe Eugenio’s imagining it. Who could be afraid of him? He should talk to her. Maybe she’s worried about something and she doesn’t know how to tell him.

Frickin’ Justino comes barreling into the room with the oh-so-helpful suggestion that maybe she found someone “better” and wants to break up with him and doesn’t know how. Sorry, y’all, my lasers are still on the fritz. He’s saying this for Eugenio’s own good. You can’t trust these modern women. They have no morals. They date two or three guys at a time. Eugenio, out of respect, is going to quit listening to Justino so he doesn’t bash his face in. I may be embellishing a little. Because I have no respect for Justino.

Later, Magdalena interrupts Justino reading the paper in their bedroom with his boots on the comforter to tell him she doesn’t like the way he treated Eugenio. Justino complains it’s Magdalena’s fault Eugenio turned out this way–not having the pantalones to hang on to a woman–because she always solves his problems for him.

He starts getting ready to go out and gets that vacant look when she says one day that girl’s going to realize what a good man her son is, and if he took an interest in her it must be because she must be good for him. She thinks maybe she ought to track that girl down and meet her. Justino FORBIDS her from doing that and grabs her roughly to make sure he intimidates her into obeying him. Then he blames her for “making” him hurt her.

This was a first, according to Magdalena, and she can’t understand why he’s doing this. She keeps going about how Eugenio’s girlfriend might not be as terrible as Justino keeps assuming she must be. He tells her to shut up–he’s got a headache. Then he growls out an apology and says he really doesn’t feel well. I hope that part’s true.

Magdalena goes to get him something. I have a number of suggestions.

Heartbreak all over again

Pedro asks Gwen where Basi is. That’s an easy one, he’s at the mercado. Does Gwen think that Ignacio has found his clon with Paloma and that’s why he thinks “Leo” is having an affair? “Información no procesada.” Would he like her to research articles on cloning palomas? He tells her to shut down instead.

Humberto comes in, wondering why Nora was there. Pedro tells him it was about wedding planning stuff. But, hey, while Humberto’s there, um, has he happened to hear any gossip about “Leo”? He swears he hasn’t done anything, but you know how people will talk.

Anyway, about that lenceria (lingerie) business they were thinking about rescuing, the camisoles are pretty, the tangas are pretty small…that was not the kind of analysis Humberto was hoping for. Oh, don’t worry, “Leo” did the other kind of analysis, too.

Basi gets back to the office and breaks the news of Jonathan’s death. Pedro’s worried about how his mom’s doing…do they need money? What can he do? He dissolves into tears. Jonathan’s the one who encouraged him to start singing. And now he’s never going to get the chance to thank him for being like a big brother, for helping support the family…and he won’t get the chance to ask his forgiveness for not listening when he found out Jonathan was with Inés and for all the stuff he said. Basi and Pedro cry together.

I’m with “Pedro.”

“Pedro” is waiting for Yesenia to get home before he shares some news with the family, but she shares her “news” first. “Pedro’s” an ungrateful creep! She talks around the actual issue until Sara demands she cut it out and “Pedro” tells them he asked the police to investigate Chamoy for what happened to Jonathan. That’s what he wanted to tell them.

Yesenia goes off about how “Pedro” has had this vendetta against Chamoy since he went to prison and he was only stealing to give them a better life. Inés contradicts her–stealing is stealing. Oh, yeah, well…for all that “Pedro” is criticizing Chamoy for being macho, he’s just as bad, if not worse! She storms out of the house.

Sara is more sad that he did it. “Pedro” apologizes to Inés. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty and he asks her to promise that if the police find out Chamoy did it, she won’t blame herself. Inés just says she’s going to go talk to Sara.

That leaves Paloma to try to comfort him. He knew this would happen. Everything has gone wrong since Chamoy got out of prison.

Moving on

Termi cleans the back of the cheese shop and talks to Jonathan about how he’s going to keep the shop running and support his family and make Jonathan proud. Cocó hears some of this and tells Termi Jonathan always knew Termi loved him and he would be proud of him.

Termi swears he’ll work night and day to make this a success. He can’t let Jonathan down. Cocó says he has to take care of himself, too. Jonathan wouldn’t want him making himself sick.

Cocó brought him some bubble wrap to cheer him up a little. What really cheers him up is that she left the house, and without a disguise at that! She just had to be with him and damn the gossips! But hey, they’re just friends, got it? Now, let’s pop!

At least Yesenia’s not taking everything out on Ruben anymore?

Yesenia whacks a parrot piñata. I’m sure we all understand the significance of that, even without her screaming at it that if it were possible to divorce siblings, she would!

Ruben comes in and hopes that piñata didn’t have his name on it. He asks what’s going on, and he has all the time in the world to listen. Even if she doesn’t want anything more to do with him, he still cares about her and he’s here for her as a friend.

He listens to her ranting until “Pedro” comes in, and no, she won’t talk to him! Ruben pulls her back before she can piñata-ize him and “Pedro” tells her that he saw Chamoy at the hospital right around the time Jonathan died. He didn’t tell anyone this, but that’s why he asked the police to investigate. There are too many coincidences–he just happened to be walking by Jonathan’s right when the house went up in flames?

Somehow she jumps to the conclusion that he just wants to be angry at somebody and if Chamoy were still in jail, it would be her. Huh? “Pedro” would be more than happy to find out Chamoy had nothing to do with it, but that’s for the police to figure out, not for them to decide. Yesenia asks what he’s going to come up with when it turns out Chamoy is innocent. Rather than answer the question, “Pedro” says what happened was serious and neither one of them should be ignoring it.

He leaves and Yesenia asks Ruben to please not tell anyone what he just heard. Ruben hugs her.

Casa Fuentemayor

Fabiola cuddles with Humberto on the couch and whines that he likes work better than her. She mentions wanting to take a cruise around the Greek isles. He’d like to, but “Leonardo’s” going to get married and go on his honeymoon–they can’t both be traveling at the same time.

She tries to convince him to just let Ignacio run the company. He can’t tank it in two weeks, right? Humberto will “think about it” which mostly involves snogging Fabi on the couch. Fabi bills this cruise as their “honeymoon.” Humberto’s more interested in taking the snogfest upstairs.

Ignacio arrives. “We were just talking about you!” Um, really? ‘Cause that’s not what I wrote down. Humberto says it was all good. Fabi fills in the details and Ignacio says of course Humberto could trust him.

Humberto goes off to take a call in his office while Fabi asks Ignacio what he found out about Paloma. Ignacio’s convinced they made a mistake. Fabi doesn’t trust what Chamoy said. Ignacio has to find that connection–it’s the only way to get Fernanda back on their side. Ignacio thinks he’s found a better way, though. He says he’s going to go all-in, but he doesn’t say how.

At least she won’t be home

Tania and Connie get back to Connie’s house. They’ll have the test results tomorrow. Tania’s already worrying about what happens if they find out Eugenio did rape her. Connie says flat-out they’ll press charges. Lupita comes in, wondering why the two of them are looking so down. She’s on her way to work. Connie lets her know Tania will be spending the night.

Just do it, already!

Inés is crying when she walks back to the house. She spends some time outside, trying to get her crying under control before she goes inside. Pedro and Basi watch from the Basimobile. He hates that he can’t say anything to her when the last time he saw her, he yelled at her. He reaches for the door handle–he’s determined to be with his mother.

This can’t be good.

At the office, Ivonne is working late. Chamoy, dressed as a security guard, startles us both.

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4 years ago

Hi Diva. Super recap as always. I especially like your titles.
Like “I demand you find only the evidence that supports my theory!”. So exact.
$75K for some info on a person? Oh, come on. $7,500 would already be over the top, no? The amounts seem to be way off in this novela. Maybe they sound normal to the Mexican audience.

4 years ago

Thanks, Kat. I second this being a super recap. As a long-time recap writer, I really appreciate good titles and yours are the best. I actually watched this episode, which I guess is a step forward. Poor “Leonardo.” He can’t even comfort his mother or grieve himself.
We’ll see how the bad guys get on with their evil plans.

4 years ago

I know Santi has been in jail for something he didn’t do and then almost went blind, but does anyone else find him to be a little whiney?

And why did Ruben hug Paloma when she really needs a smack upside the head? Or maybe Ines should finally tell her the truth about what Chamoy did, even though she’ll probably still defend him because she’s stupid?

And last, how did Chamoy get such a ridiculous nickname? Ohhhh, I’m sticky sweet goop that’s good on mango ice cream. Fear me. Someone kill him already.

Ok, I’m done. Excellent recap as always!

4 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

LOL – You nailed it, Kelly!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

I still think like Yesi and think she’s cute and funny but you’re spot on about Chamoy’s nickname and you made me lol anyway Kelly I kinda blame Ines for Yesi being in denial about her dad, Ines has been hiding how bad he is to protect Yesi but she’s not doing her any favors, its really realistic that Yesi is blaming and being mad at the wrong people, in my experience that’s how it goes when Mom tries to make Dad seem like a good guy when he’s not. When Yesi finds out who Chamoy really is, not only… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva, I have to third the motion, this is a super recap, I loved the titles too
I’m very sad your lasers are still on the fritz. Justino deserves to go sizzle.

Coco’s outfits are starting to grown on me and Termi w/his $$ apron and Coco w/her eyeball skirt kinda matched. Why can’t these two crazy kids get together?