¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 4/26/16 #53

Casing the joint

Ivonne and Chamoy make small talk. He says he’s new there and she tells him there aren’t usually a lot of people around this late, just her because she’s a “workaholic.” But she’s done with work, so she’ll be leaving now.

Chamoy ups his sleaze quotient by shining his flashlight on her ass as she walks out. Ivonne never even looks back to see what he’s doing as he wanders around, shining the flashlight everywhere. She’s gone by the time he gets caught by another two guards who are nice enough to assume he just got off on the wrong floor.

Casa Perico

Basi pulls Pedro back and turns on the door locks. He doesn’t want him to just go running out without thinking about it. They see Leonardo walk out of the house and comfort Inés, but Pedro can’t do what Basi suggests and think of it as him being there in a way. Basi thinks it’s going to be too much for Inés to handle if he goes barging in there in the middle of all this other drama. Pedro agrees and tells Basi to start driving.

Inés is embarrassed that “Pedro” saw her being “weak.” He tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of–she has the right to have as many moments of weakness as she needs to. He tries to talk to Yesenia before she leaves for work. He doesn’t want to fight with her and upset Inés. He promises that if the police say Chamoy had nothing to do with Jonathan’s death, he’ll apologize to him.

Casa Fuentemayor

Ignacio loves the idea of this cruise. I love those roses! Such a vibrant pink. And Humberto agrees he can take the vacation. *groan* He goes off to have Nora fix him tea and go up to bed.

Ignacio tells Fabi this is awesome! He can do all his embezzling while Humberto’s out of the office.

Humberto drinks his tea in the kitchen and asks about Nora’s trip to the office. Good thing Nora tells the same story about wedding plans. As for “Leo” asking if Humberto had heard anything about him, well, he’s just taking a sudden interest in what other people think of him, that’s all.

Humberto gets the feeling Nora’s covering for “Leo” like she used to when he was younger, but she insists if he were doing anything he shouldn’t be she’d be the first one to scold him for it.

He tells her about his upcoming trip and he wants her opinion, but Nora doesn’t want to give it. She finally caves and asks why he decided to travel. OK, sure, he’s working hard and it’s good to take time off. Humberto brings up leaving Ignacio in charge. “Do you really trust him? Are you sure of his loyalty?” Humberto thinks this is about Nora and Fabi’s “feud.” He leaves the kitchen in a snit.

Fabi is fussing to Ignacio about Nora spying on her. And she doesn’t like Ignacio hiring a killer. He says he’ll get rid of him as soon as he has what he needs. He needs a favor from Fabi–he needs her help with Ivonne.

Pedro needs comforting

Fernanda gets home and finds an “I love you” balloon in her dining room. She thinks about coming home to Club Leo the other night and smiles.

“Leo” isn’t smiling when he arrives and tells Fernanda something bad happened. A friend he hadn’t seen in a long time died. Someone she never met. He missed the funeral. He would have liked Fer to meet him. He tearfully tells her the story of someone stealing his lunch in elementary school and how they were inseparable after that. And now his best friend is gone.

Pedro’s curled up in Fernanda’s bed. She offers him some tea so he can sleep, but he mostly wants to think about his friend. Fernanda feels like she’s finally seeing “the real Leonardo.” Pedro says business is one thing–you have to be cold, calculating, pretend money is important. Then someone dies and…what’s it all worth? Fer’s happy she didn’t marry him earlier or she never would have gotten to see this side of him. Pedro says that’s probably true. He’s not going to hide what he’s feeling, least of all from her.


Connie and Tania eat ice cream out of the carton and watch scary movies on Connie’s tablet. Connie’s trying to get Tania’s mind off of Eugenio, but the last time she watched a scary movie was with him. Connie puts on music and tries to get Tania to dance…but the last time she danced was with Eugenio. Connie tells her to think about something else, but Tania can’t get her mind off of hombres maltratadores (abusive men).

Connie agrees it’s ridiculous that here we are in the 21st century and there are still guys acting like macho Neanderthals, thinking they can just drag women back to their caves by the hair. Did they not get the memo that the world has changed?

Connie points out that women also promote machismo. She fights it, but she’s always been given the message that it’s her job to be pretty and snag herself a rich husband. Tania says that’s true–a lot of women think they have to have their prince in order to be happy. Connie jokes that they end up spending a lot of time kissing frogs. But Tania doesn’t think all men are Neanderthals. Some have evolved.

But what kind is Eugenio? Honestly, Connie thinks Eugenio is a good guy. They’ll just wait and see what the doctors say.

Paloma sings Cachito to sleep. She hears a knock at the front door.

Eugenio came over to talk to her about the problems he’s having with his girlfriend. Everything was fine, but suddenly she changed. He’s been calling her all night, he went by her room…he doesn’t know if he should be worried or angry. She said she’d be at a friend’s house, but he didn’t think she was going to stay there all night! Well, it’s not like she had to keep him informed of that, did she?

Eugenio thinks maybe Justino was right. She found someone else. Paloma tells him not to repeat Justino’s macho BS. “Not you.” Eugenio calms down. He agrees with Paloma. She offers to go find his girlfriend and talk to her for him. Eventually, though, it’s Eugenio who’s going to have to talk to her. He sadly says that the problem is he has no idea what the problem is. And until he does, Paloma says, there’s no way to fix it.

Justino breaks into Tania’s room and finds it empty.


Candy la Candida’s having an off night, but the crowd doesn’t seem to care. Ruben notices, though. Finally the crowd starts to boo, though half of them are still chanting “Candy.” She thinks about “Pedro” saying he saw Chamoy at the hospital fifteen minutes before they told him Jonathan was dead. Some guy starts yelling that she’s no good and they should refund his money. As the popcorn flies, Lupe pulls her out of the ring before she can kick anyone in the head.

Back in the dressing room, Melquiades and Yesenia argue. Ruben can hear them shouting at each other and pushes past Lupe. He misses Melquiades calling her “Yesenia” but by the time he walks in, she’s dared Mel to find himself a better dancer and ripped off that stupid mask. There’s no denying the truth now.

Uh, at least I hope not. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

Melquiades tries to throw Ruben out, but Ruben puts his self-defense classes to good use and shoves Mel out the door, telling him he’s welcome to find someone to throw Ruben out if he wants to. Lupe leaves without an argument.

And then Ruben demands an explanation. Yesenia insists she’s the one who’s owed an explanation. Nope, sorry, he’s not the one who wore a disguise and tried to pretend he was someone else. The words “You cheated on me with me” might have been uttered, but I’m tuning them both out. Until Ruben very sincerely explains that it messed him up, thinking he was IN LOVE with two women. Yeah, Yesenia, he was doubting his feelings and it wasn’t even necessary.

Yesenia’s talking again. I’m ignoring her. Ruben says some stuff. Mel knocks on the door. Yesenia answers it and drags the security guy, Eleuterio, in asking where he was while she was getting beer thrown at her. Drinking at the bar? Ruben leaves, with Yesenia yelling stupid stuff after him about how she hopes his desire for the two of her grows. And then she reminds Mel that she quit.

Oh, he’s all about making peace now. Jonathan’s death has been difficult for her. They should start over. He’ll make sure someone guards her in the ring. “Fine, but if there’s no one there, then I’m leaving. Now get out so I can change!” Mel and Eleuterio leave and Lupe demands a recap! Ruben said she was conflictiva (difficult). Can you imagine!

Casing the joint, part 2

Chamoy goes back up to the executive floor, this time checking for other security guards first. In Leo’s office, he mumbles about looking for a key. Before he can find anything, there’s a knock at the door and he hides behind it. One of the other security guards shines a light inside from the doorway and declares everything ok.

The best part of waking up

Pedro and Fernanda wake up in bed together. She tells him to sleep a little more and asks how he’s feeling. Better, but still sad. Being near her helps. She agrees, being around him takes away a lot of her troubles.

Fer’s phone starts ringing and Pedro, trying to be helpful, hands it to her, but he can’t help seeing it’s Ignacio. Why is he calling at this hour? Fernanda says he’s just being annoying because he wanted a press release written yesterday. Nothing important. She’ll call him later. Pedro loves that she doesn’t let anybody push her around. Fer says he comes first.

Pedro and Fer have coffee. He mopes a little that he doesn’t want to leave her. Sure, he’ll see her at the office, but at the office he can’t do the stuff he does to her here. Oh, well, they’ve gotta work, right? ‘Cause God made them pretty, but he didn’t make them rich. He suggests they schedule a little office hanky panky for later and Fer is amenable. There are many goodbye smoochies at the door.

She’s just not that into you.

Ignacio is now frantically texting Fer. He fusses at Fabiola that she won’t answer his messages. Fabiola tells him to meterla en cintura (get her under control) or all his work will have been for nothing. Ignacio goes off, presumably to do just that, and reminds her about the favor he asked (talking to Ivonne).


Back at his room, Chamoy’s hands might actually be hurting now. Ask me if I care. Those leather gloves probably trapped a lot of heat. He’s about to change his bandages when Melquiades comes over.

Mel handed the money over to his friend this morning. He tells Chamoy to be patient. Chamoy counters that he should tell his friend who he’s dealing with. Mel laughs. “You wouldn’t kill a cop.” Chamoy stares at him until Mel turns around. “Neither you nor your friend really want to find out what I’m capable of, understand?”

According to Melquiades, his friend on the force is an honest crook. He’s never let him down, as long as he gets paid. Mel asks about the security job–is he planning to rob the safe? Chamoy says he won’t have to steal a thing, the money will just come to him. He reminds Mel that curiosity killed the cat. He’ll tell Mel more when it’s time.

Melquides suggest Chamoy go get his hands bandaged properly, but Chamoy says he needs to get back to work. He asks for help putting his gloves back on. (Dare I hope infection sets in?)

Shut. Up.

Sara and Yesenia keep working on the “poor Chamoy” campaign. Yesenia moves on to “Perico sucks.” Inés would really like them to take it down a notch. When Yesenia won’t stop, Inés starts screaming at her to cut it out already. “Pedro” said he would apologize if it turned out he was wrong. She doesn’t want them talking about it anymore! Inés goes upstairs and Sara stage whispers that this time “we” really metimos la pata (screwed up).

About that plan….

Termi’s stocking the back room at the cheese shop. He tells “Pedro” he talked to Jonathan’s mom and sisters and they would like him to keep running the shop. If they sell it, the money won’t last. They’d rather have a steady income. “Pedro” reminds him about those plans to make the entire Mercado do better. Uh, Termi totally understood the plans but, um, nobody else did. “Pedro” says they’ll have to explain it to everyone again, but for now “Pedro” is off to see Renata.

Blame Justino

Eugenio shows up at the Cultural Center with his guitar. He hears from Ruben that Tania took the day off. Ruben can tell something’s wrong and Eugenio says nobody understands chicks. Ruben agrees. Dudes…Yesenia is not a representative sample and Tania has her reasons, so just…cool it with that.

Ignacio is so very tiresome.

Ignacio shows up at Fer’s apartment before she can leave for work. She blames not talking to him on the bad cell reception in Tijuana. Yeah, she knows Santiago’s free, her lawyer told her. She thinks it was Leonardo, but Ignacio says it was all his lawyer’s doing. He claims the Fuentemayors’ lawyers were fighting it the whole way.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Kat, for the great recap. There’s still not much to be happy about here. I feel confident that Ignacio will succeed in turning Fer against “Leo” and then the only happy couple will be “Pedro” and Paloma and how long will that last? I’m just holding on until the tide turns.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Diva 🙂 Super as usual.
” Ruben agrees. Dudes…Yesenia is not a representative sample and Tania has her reasons, so just…cool it with that.” Okay, true, but how I love to say, “Guys do this, and guys do that.” Sure, sure, not ALL guys. But we can legitimately do SOME generalizing, no?
Luv ya.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Diva thanks for the recap – I especially liked your describing Humberto this way “He leaves the kitchen in a snit” so apt he needs to pull his head out asap 🙂 ” (Dare I hope infection sets in?)” Sure, why not, I am. awww sad Perico makes me cry 🙁 Eugenio said problems w/Justino were el pan de cada dia (everyday bread, everyday stuff) – never noticed that phrase before but I like it, I think I’ll upload it to the memory braink. Speaking of phrases ” meterla en cintura (get her under control) ” why does this sound… Read more »