¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 4/27/16 #54

Sell it somewhere else, pal.

Oh, getting Santiago out of prison was all Ignacio’s doing? Well, guess what–Fer’s not buying it this time. She’s convinced “Leonardo” is a good guy and she wants Ignacio to undo all the things they had planned. Fernanda is surprised at how easily Ignacio agrees to drop “their” plans, but he insists he was doing it all for her. He says he’ll give back the papers she had “Leonardo” sign. He just hopes she realizes that he’s the one who really loves her, not “Leonardo.”

Yes, get out!

Paloma visits Magdalena. Magdalena tells her she feels like things are getting worse. She tried to confront Justino and demand to know who he’s cheating with, but not only did he not answer, he’s barely spoken to her since then. She feels like she’s losing him.

Paloma tells her confronting him was the right thing to do. Magdalena sure doesn’t feel like it–she doesn’t think she accomplished anything. And now Justino’s being nasty to Eugenio, too, talking smack about his girlfriend, calling her a slut when he’s never even met her!

Magdalena’s seriously thinking about going to Mexico to live with her sister Lola. If Justino doesn’t love her anymore, then what’s the point of staying there? She’s not entirely sure about what she wants to do, but if she just spends a few days at Paloma’s she’ll still be running into Justino all the time. What she really needs is peace. Paloma says if Magdalena really wants to go to Mexico then she supports her.

Magdalena can’t believe her marriage is ending this way. Paloma doesn’t think she was ever happy. Magdalena has a dim view of happiness–she doesn’t think anyone is “really” happy. And when it comes to marriage, happiness just means very few problems. Paloma is more optimistic and thinks there are happy couples out there.

You forgot the popcorn.

Pedro’s a little subdued at the office but, as he tells Basi, at least coming to work will distract him. He’s not planning to go barging back into his old life until he has a better idea of what happened. He tells Basi about going to Fernanda’s last night and how sweet she was and how grateful he is to have found her.

Basi is trying to give Pedro another finance lesson–this time about math and game theory–when Pedro’s cell phone starts ringing. Ignacio is waiting downstairs for him. Don Fermin, et al, are in town and want to meet with “Leo” and Ignacio. Ignacio wants them to carpool so he can talk to “Leo” about something on the way. Basi asks if he’s up to this test of his finance knowledge and Pedro says if all else fails he’ll just keep his mouth shut. Basi is reassured. I’m not.

In the car, Ignacio thinks about his conversation with Chamoy. Chamoy claimed he’s so interested in “Leonardo” because “Leo” owes him a debt and just doesn’t remember. He needs time to talk to him and make him remember.

Ignacio watches Chamoy approach “Leo” and watches Fernanda arrive at just the right time to see the two of them talking. Fernanda remembers threatening Chamoy in prison. Damn. Well played, Ignacio, you creep.

Fernanda can’t understand what “Leo” is doing talking to that guy. He’s not talking so much as trying to figure out how to get away as Chamoy babbles about needing to tell him something important about his father. In his nervousness, Pedro drops his jacket and nearly leaves Chamoy holding it. He gives him some money to leave him and his father alone. “Do you even know who your father is? Ask him about Martin Andrade.” Pedro gets his jacket back and goes back inside the building. Chamoy boosted his keys.

Ignacio calls “Leo” and says the meeting got canceled. Then he goes over to Fernanda’s car to innocently ask what’s wrong. Fernanda says she’ll meet him back at her place.

Food court drama

Yesenia is ranting to Lupe in the middle of the mercado food court about Ruben and how it’s not like she can take things back, when who should show up but Ruben and Eugenio. Ruben avoids them, but Eugenio comes over to ask about Tania. Lupe doesn’t know why she’s not at work, but she’s probably with Connie–she spent the night at the house last night. Eugenio goes to sit with Ruben while Lupe tells Yesenia she can tell that yes, Yesenia can undo everything.

Ruben can’t stop staring at her. Eugenio recognizes it as a look of despecho (spite). So what happened–did she cheat? “No. She made me think I was in love with two women.” Eugenio doesn’t get it. I mean…you’re the only one who knows if you’re in love, right? Except sometimes you think you love someone one way and then you realize you actually loved them in another way–was it something like that? No? He asks Ruben to explain it.

Yesenia’s trying to kill Ruben with her eyes. Lupe tells her to take it down a notch. Yesenia rants about how HE should leave because he knows she eats breakfast there every day.

Ruben explains the situation to Eugenio and he can’t stop saying “Wow!” The only time he’s seen Yesenia in a dress was the day of “Pedro’s” non-wedding. Ruben says she’s not just sexy when she’s in the ring she’s bomba (amazing, the bomb). Everyone just shuts up and watches. But he tells Eugenio to keep it quiet–nobody knows it’s her and it should probably stay that way. (Um, did y’all check to see where Doña Tencha is? Just asking….)

Seek. Supervision. NOW!

“Pedro” complains to Renata about the reactions he got for going to the police about Chamoy. She thinks it’s a good sign that he has stronger bonds with his family. “Pedro” agrees. He no longer has any doubts that they ARE his family, just like he has no doubt Paloma’s the love of his life.

Renata snaps at him that it’s too soon to say that and “Pedro” snaps right back that she’s always supportive when it comes to having stronger emotional ties to his family, so why is she so opposed to it when it comes to Paloma? Renata blames her attitude on him still not having his memory back–what if he gets it back and his feelings for Paloma change? She thinks they should up the frequency of his sessions to once per day.

But he can’t–he’s got to finish organizing the store owners at the mercado and blah blah productivity blah blah short-term profits blah blah current workforce. Renata looks at him in amazement. He’s talking like an expert in finance, but he’s a singer. Yeah, well, he can’t sing anymore! This just gives her more ammo to say they need more hypnosis sessions if he wants to get his old life back.

She’s out in daylight again.

Cocó comes over to the back room at the cheese shop. Termi’s tuning Jonathan’s guitar. He talks about how Jonathan inherited it from Don Palemon Tavares a famous mariachi. So famous a ton of people went to his funeral. Including Termi, Jonathan, and Pedro.

OK, well, they were actually there by accident. Some guy hired them for a gig and Pedro saw all these people and said they should go inside. When they realized it was a funeral, Termi and Pedro froze, but Jonathan said they were there to sing Don Palemon’s favorite song.

Cocó laughs. Typical Jonathan. No wonder he was such a good salesman. But anyway, what’s she doing there with her donut-themed ensemble? She brought Termi some food. (For the record, yes on the t-shirt, but I can’t back that skirt.)

Chamoy screws up everything.

Basi goes into Leo’s office and finds Pedro there panicking over seeing Chamoy in the parking lot. First he was in the garage in a disguise, then he walked up to him on the street, and now he’s got a job there? How? HR should have checked his record, but well, Chamoy’s apparently sneaky enough to have gotten past that.

And he was saying all this crazy stuff about “Leo’s” father, did “Leo” know who was really his father, and he brought up a name, “Martin Andrade.” Pedro gave him money to try to get him to go away. Basi can’t believe he has any real dirt on Don Humberto, because Don Humberto’s a gentleman in every sense of the word. And come on, wasn’t Chamoy the one who saved Leonardo and Jonathan from the fire?

Basi proposes he get close to Chamoy the way he did with Tencha, but Pedro says it’s too dangerous. A random beeping reminds them they’re not using all their resources. Oh, Gwen, dear…can you find all the places where the names “Martin Andrade” and “Humberto Fuentemayor” appear together. She doesn’t find anything. Pedro wonders how Chamoy could know something Humberto doesn’t. Basi suggests maybe he does and “Leonardo” is going to have to ask him about it directly.

Back at her apartment, Fernanda explains to Ignacio that she saw “Leonardo” talking to the guy who beat Santiago up in jail. He starts trying to convince her “Leonardo” must have been the one behind the beatings. So far, Fer is holding firm–she can’t believe “Leonardo” would stoop that low, and she’s sure if Chamoy got himself hired it was by falsifying his records not by having “Leonardo” get the job for him.

In Tijuana, Santiago is being his usual cheerful, optimistic self in the face of Dani Downer’s attitude. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Fer calls her to tell her the guy who beat Santiago showed up at Fuentemayor Corp and she’s going to call the hospital and get extra security for Santiago.

Ignacio offers to hire extra security for Santiago himself. Fer starts to wonder if maybe he’s there looking for HER and the fact that he was talking to “Leonardo” was just a coincidence. Ignacio says he’ll call his lawyer and find out when and how Chamoy got out of prison. Does she remember his name? “Elmer Perez”

Ignacio calls the lawyer and “finds out” that someone probably paid a lot of money for Chamoy to be released before his sentence was up. And he just happened to have been released right after Santiago was beaten. There’s no point investigating who–he probably used a false name–but whoever paid for Chamoy to get out must have been the one behind Santiago’s assault. Fer’s not willing to blame “Leonardo” without proof. Ignacio gets a copy of Chamoy’s release papers from his lawyer and gives Fer his phone so she can read them.


Tania and Connie go back to Tania’s place after their appointment with the gynecologist. Tania feels better knowing she wasn’t raped, though the gynecologist says being drugged and raped isn’t unheard of. She feels bad for suspecting Eugenio, but she’s glad she didn’t screw things up too badly with him. Connie laughs that isn’t nothing a few kisses won’t make up for.

Connie goes off to teach her class and Tania promises Neno the bear that she’ll never doubt Eugenio again.

Tania’s just finishing dinner when there’s a knock at the door. She gets all excited and starts primping, thinking it’s Eugenio, but it’s not. Justino gets a little threatening about her spending the night at a friend’s last night–she’d better not be lying to him. He’d hate to have to tell her dad that she’s going down a bad path.

Whine and cheese

Fabiola takes Ivonne out for wine and wheedling. Ivonne’s not entirely convinced that Ignacio didn’t put her up to this. She doesn’t look like she believes Fabiola when she says she’s never seen Ignacio so in love. Fabi’s really laying it on thick–he can’t eat, he can’t sleep, she found him crying in the garden last night. Fabi heard they broke up because Ivonne was being jealous of Fernanda, but Fernanda’s totally not Ignacio’s type. He needs someone like Ivonne.

Two ethical violations, at least

Renata goes over to the flower shop to plant some seeds of doubt. Paloma says “Pedro” was always clear that he had no feelings for Cocó, but she and “Pedro” love each other. Renata says if she really loves “Pedro,” they should slow down. The best thing for “Pedro” is to postpone the wedding.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat, for your usual great recap. I particularly liked, “Whine and cheese.” What can I say. The baddies: Chamoy, Ignacio, Justino, Fabi and Renata (in my order of badness) are still having it all their way. The stupids: chiefly, Ruben and Yesenia and the gullible: Fernanda are just as stupid and gullible as ever. Sigh.

4 years ago

Thanks Diva 🙂
Love your titles!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks for the recap – I completely agree w/you about Renata, how can she think this a good idea? oh cripes, why, show why, I wanted Ignacio to be inept, and I hate that Chamoy is a smart thug. Why couldn’t he be a bruto brute? What I want most of all is for Leo and Perico to get together and work together with their respective sweeties and share info. I’m happy though that Fernanda is sticking by “Leo” so far but Ignacio’s plan, precarious as it is, is pretty good. Yesi and Reuben and Coco and Termi are the… Read more »