¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 4/28/16 #55


We return to Renata’s relationship sabotage in progress. With her perfectly reasonable sounding tone of voice she tells Paloma that “Pedro’s” treating her like the consolation prize for the memories he can’t get back. He’s given up on even trying anymore because he likes his current life too much and he’s afraid of losing Paloma. Renata hints that “Pedro’s” feelings may not be what he thinks they are. What’s going to happen when he gets his memory back? And he did propose to somebody else and they’ve never found out who. Paloma thanks Renata for her concern…and when Renata leaves, she looks concerned herself.


Justino keeps up the threats while Tania insists she’s not doing anything wrong and Eugenio’s not a creep. Well, ok, then, he won’t call her dad as long as she follows all of his advice. And then he offers her a pair of earrings.

She’s not wearing them when she sees Eugenio at the Cultural Center. She apologizes for yesterday, but Eugenio would like to know what was wrong. Tania would rather he forget it and she gives him a necklace with half a heard for a pendant. She’s got the other half. They smooch the smoochies of forgiveness.

Still mourning

Termi’s telling Cocó how Jonathan practically delivered Don Palomon’s eulogy and had everyone in tears–including Termi. And then he started telling jokes…

Once there was a dinosaur and he didn’t live near any lady dinosaurs, so someone told him to go check out a place nearby and sure enough there were a bunch of lady dinosaurs. So he started flirting with one and then he thought he’d try to put the moves on her and he said “Hey, look at that meteorite up there,” and it killed them all. Wah, wah, wah.

At least Cocó laughed. And she got Termi to eat some soup. Chicken soup. With cayenne and curry spices. Fusion cooking, you know. And he’s got plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. Termi looks like he’s not really into fusion cooking.

Here we go again.

According to the paperwork Ignacio’s lawyer sent over, Chamoy’s release was against all the rules. Fer asks Ignacio to leave, but before he goes, he says he’ll have Chamoy fired. And Fer is back to blaming “Leonardo” again.

She calls Dani to tell her what she just found out and how confused she is. Dani would really like her to do some more investigating before she does anything she regrets.

Fer’s lawyer calls. He’s been looking into Chamoy’s release and while he doesn’t know exactly who paid for it, Chamoy’s cellmate did say there was someone rich who paid Chamoy to assault Santiago.

Fuentemayor Corp.

Pedro has doubts about this story that Chamoy saved Jonathan from the fire. Well, that’s how Basi heard it from Tencha and she said he burned his hands doing it. That explains the gloves. So now Pedro feels bad for wanting to fire him. Basi and Pedro go ’round in circles about whether to fire Chamoy or not.

Ignacio shows up at the office and tries to sweet-talk Ivonne. She still looks not entirely trusting.

Score another one for the bad guys

Paloma tells Inés she’s worried about what Renata said. On the one hand it all makes sense, but on the other hand…she thinks maybe Renata has feelings for “Pedro.” She feels bad for even thinking it.

“Pedro” comes home all energized and wanting to hold a vendor meeting at the house. They lie to him in tandem that he didn’t interrupt anything.

Paloma loves seeing “Pedro” so excited about his project. He says of course he’s excited–he has the perfect woman by his side.

Yesenia comes home and tries to go up to her room without talking to anyone. Pedro invites her to the meeting and she starts sniping at him about the topic being “How to behave so you don’t get mistaken for a criminal.”And since she’s in such a great mood, of course the cops come over NOW to talk to “Pedro” about the results of the investigation. And then Sara and Cachito get home and Paloma hauls Cachito out of there.

The detective starts with the disclaimers about a thorough investigation, and then says the fire was an accident. It looked suspicious, but these things happen in older houses. As for Elmer being at the hospital near the time of Jonathan’s death, a nurse corroborated his story that he was getting a different medication.

Sara is grateful, Inés looks worried about “Pedro” and Yesenia keeps lashing out at “Pedro.” She just does NOT want to drop it and she demands that “Pedro” bring Chamoy there and apologize in front of ALL of them. “Pedro” agrees and leaves the house. Inés snaps at Yesenia that she hopes after this all the fighting will be OVER. One look at Yesenia’s lemon-sucking face and I seriously doubt it.

Upstairs, Inés cries over the picture of her with Jonathan. At least now she doesn’t feel like it’s her “fault” that he’s dead. Sara comes by Inés’ room to apologize for making Inés feel bad. Inés just doesn’t want to argue anymore. Sara knew deep down her boy wasn’t so bad. And of course, he did everything he could to save Jonathan. Inés suggests they just put this behind them and quit treating Pedro like the bad guy–he’s just trying to look out for them. Sara’s glad to have Inés for a daughter and Inés agrees she sees Sara as her mother.

What’s he planning now?

Eugenio is happy, Magdalena’s happy that he’s happy, and Justino’s waiting for his chance to screw things up again. Eugenio’s all dressed up for a date with Tania and he shows Magdalena the necklace, but it breaks. He leaves it with her to fix it or find a stronger chain and then he leaves for his date.

Justino doesn’t even speak to him. Magdalena leaves Justino’s dinner on the table and goes to her room to avoid his crappy attitude. Justino looks at the necklace and grins. He’s holding it when Margarita comes back to the kitchen and he shoves it in his pocket.


Fernanda tortures herself by thinking about some of the cryptic things “Leonardo” has said about the past, mistakes, etc. “Leo” comes over. When she doesn’t answer the door, he calls her. He can hear her cell phone ringing inside.

He convinces the doorman to come upstairs with him, but not to open the door. Pedro offers to call her cell phone again so he can hear it–what if it’s an emergency.

Fernanda answers the phone before the doorman can open the door. She says she took a migraine pill and she just needs to sleep. She’ll see him at the office tomorrow.

Pedro goes back down with his buddy the doorman, chuckling about headaches and all women being alike. It’s not his most charming moment.

Someone has to get things done around here.

Ivonne’s working late. Ignacio tries to get her to go home, but she’s got some more stuff to finish. She agrees to go to dinner with him tomorrow, but she doesn’t look to happy about it. At least not until after he leaves.


Cachito is pretty sure Paloma hauled him out of “Pedro’s” house because he and Yesenia were going to fight again. Paloma says it was just his bedtime, that’s all. He turns down a song because he’s not a baby, but Paloma grabs him anyway. She lays him in her lap like a baby and sings a song about how this big boy needs to go to sleep so he can wake up on time for school. He joins in on the part about how he’s a cachito de su corazón.

In the kitchen, Paloma can’t stop thinking about what Renata said earlier. “Pedro” comes over and tells her the news. He can’t help thinking they screwed up the investigation. Paloma points out that this result is probably best for everyone–Inés won’t feel guilty, and Yesenia and Sara won’t be hurt. “Pedro” just can’t help it; he feels nothing but rejection for Chamoy. He figures it’s because of something in his past he can’t remember.

When Mel thinks you’re being a jerk….

Chamoy thinks about his conversation with “Leonardo” earlier and how the boys are so alike they even look scared the same way. He thinks something fishy’s going on here.

Melquiades comes over. Turns out it was his friend who delivered the news. Chamoy hands over the rest of the payment, plus some for Mel. Chamoy mixes pills and booze and insists to a worried Mel that it’s the only way he can get any relief.

Melquiades tells him Pedro didn’t really believe that Chamoy’s innocent, but Sara and Yesenia did. Chamoy gloats that he’s happy for once that the police did their job well.

Yesenia calls him so he can whine about his pain and ask him over for breakfast tomorrow so “Pedro” can apologize. “It’s the least he can do, after how badly he treated me.”

He gets off the phone and cackles wildly to Melquiades. “I’m a genius!” Mel thinks Chamoy’s going too far. His family are good peeps–why doesn’t he leave them alone? Chamoy says they’re *his* family and that means they can’t abandon him and they’ll have to dance to his tune.

Is more going on here than we know about?

Fabiola gets home late, whining about having to deal with those awful women at “The Association,” that she wouldn’t even bother with if she wasn’t so determined to help her fellow man (What? There’s a charity that benefits gold diggers?). Humberto is feeling frisky and Fabi has a hard time getting him to back off.

I guess that’s progress.

Renata calls Dani. She needed someone to talk to. (Try a supervisor.) Renata admits she’s not sure she did the right thing. She’s convinced telling Paloma to slow the relationship down was the right thing to do, but she knows she was doing it for herself, too. She likes him too much. Santi woke up soon after the call started, so he got to listen in to Dani’s end.

Because there’s only one “rich guy” on the planet?

Fernanda’s drinking when Ignacio comes over. Her lawyer called. Chamoy’s cellmate said a rich guy who hates her brother paid to get him out of prison. She tells Ignacio to congratulate himself. He was right all along. Leonardo’s a hypocrite and a jerk and he deserves the worst.

There's a Billboard Awards post-show special on the schedule for tomorrow. If that's accurate, this is the last episode for the week.
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Jean Bickal
Jean Bickal
4 years ago

Thanks for another great recap, Kat. Sorry to be so late commenting. The recap is so good that I don’t feel any need to actually watch the episode. 😉 I’m sure I’ll go back to actually watching this novela (maybe when Sectretos (Peligrosos) is over) but now it’s just too much of a downer. I’m so glad we have you!

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Secretos is bad stuff but done in an interesting way that keeps you guessing and wanting to know what will happen next. Quién isn’t bad (I’ve seen plenty worse) and I like Leo and Pedro but it is the predictable novela story arc – the good characters stupidly believe everything the bad characters say when it would be easy to check, the bad characters get away with all kinds of crimes, the innocent are unjustly accused and the police are useless. But there isn’t really any suspense – we know it will all turn around at the end and the… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi Diva 🙂 Super recap.
“When Mel thinks you’re being a jerk….” Ha ha. Love this one. So true.
I’m lovin’ this novela, but the writers could give us some relief from the downers by giving us some little victories along the way, ¿no?
For example, Tania could tell that SOB that is Justino to back off on being the creepiest of all creeps. Okay, not those words, but something anyway.