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Monalisa’s theft of the wallet sets a lot of things in motion for Rosa. Because she hid the wallet in Rosa’s purse, Rosa was arrested. On the way to the police station, she had a panic attack and the officers brought her into the ER.

Everyone rushed to get Daniel there (as he is the only doctor in the DF) and he gave the family the bad news that Rosa has severe cirrhosis and her next drink could be her last.

While Rosa is in the hospital, she has a flashback and realizes that Adalberto is Laura’s father, not Ariel. Catalina drugged her drink at a party and Adalberto raped her and had someone take pictures (conveniently leaving out his face) so that Ariel would break up with her.

Rosa escapes from the hospital and decides she has to tell Ariel what happened. On her way to find him, she gets hit by a car.

From a hint during a conversation with Tamara, it sounds like Delfina may have killed someone in the past to get them out of Tamara’s way. Raúl asks Tamara to give Laura a makeover.

Dora Luz wants to study English Lit in London. This sparks an argument with Catalina (because she can’t stand to have anybody actually thinking for themselves) and she slaps Dora Luz. Adalberto tells Catalina (alone) that she can treat her son any way she wants to, but from now on Adalberto will be in charge of his daughter.

Eugenia and Rodrigo decide to team up to separate Daniel and Paloma. So far, this consists of trading cell phone numbers. Rodrigo sees Paloma and Daniel getting lovey in the general vicinity of Blanca Estela’s case file…but will he call Eugenia?

Daniel is convinced Catalina bought the apartment to get at him (rather than at Paloma). Catalina takes advantage of this and offers to not evict everyone if he’ll come home. She really needs to own stock in Visine…she sobs about having to raise him and Dora Luz alone with no help and nobody respects her, blah, blah, blah. Daniel is actually *thinking* about moving back home.

A notario, Paul Dumont, insists on speaking to Catalina about Saul’s will. He left money for Blanca Estela that has never been paid out. Also, Daniel needs to get married before he turns 28 in order to become the sole heir of Saul’s estate, and that’s in 2 months. Catalina should start preparing for an audit. Nervous looks good on her!


The thing is, Catalina had an arrangement with the lawyer handling Saul’s will. Too bad, that lawyer died and Paul is his replacement. Paul’s not into bribes. He gives her the dates for the various audits. Turns out Adalberto didn’t know about the arrangement or why this should be such a big deal. Catalina’s willing to tell him, but only after he gets rid of Paul.

Adalberto tries the bribery route first, then he gets hung up on something Paul says…Daniel’s not the SOLE heir. The estate was split between him and Dora Luz. Heh, that was BEFORE Saul found out Dora Luz wasn’t his biological daughter. He changed his will after he found out.

The good news is, Rosa’s not dead. The bad news is, she ends up at the Cruz Roja hooked up to all kinds of machines and the doctor thinks only a miracle is going to save her and even then she might have serious impairments. Instead of a miracle, she gets Tamara and Delfina, who tracked her down and had her transferred to a swanky private hospital.

Tamara convinced the doctor that “Lolita” is a poor homeless woman Tamara always gave money to and now she wants to help her, out of the kindness of her heart. She’s a giver, that Tamara. And also, she figures this will help her manage the Raúl-Laura romance. She lies to Edmundo and tells him Rosa wasn’t at the Cruz Roja. BTW, Edmundo was in on the wallet scam that started all this.

Paloma pissed off a secretary at the police station so much, the woman was willing to risk her job by NOT telling her boss that Paloma just happened to be asking about a woman that fit the description of the Jane Doe he took to the Cruz Roja. Then later she also lied to the PI Raúl hired AND lied to her boss saying that he was really looking for his missing son.

Laura found old pictures of Rosa with Blanca Estela and Ariel, but Raúl didn’t actually look at the pictures while he was comforting her and Paloma only vaguely recognizes Blanca Estela. Laura’s planning to keep working, on the advice of pretty much everyone from Raúl to the parish priest. In fact, Raúl suggested that letting Tamara take her shopping for her work wardrobe would help keep her mind off things.

Daniel proposed to Paloma over Blanca Estela’s case file, but she thinks it’s too soon.

Rodrigo didn’t call Eugenia, instead he brought over tortas for dinner and complained to Gustavo that he thinks he’s “losing” Paloma. Daniel behaves like a jerk because Paloma didn’t introduce him to her dad and brother as her boyfriend, plus he’s tired of Rodrigo always being around. He ends up talking to Blanca Estela, who advises him to TRUST Paloma.

Paloma has a talk with Gustavo and he can tell she loves Daniel, but he also doesn’t think Daniel is of their class. She gives him the same story about Daniel’s mom that Daniel gave her and Gustavo is somewhat pacified. Then he asks her to teach him to iron so he can help around the house.

Daniel and Rodrigo get into it again over breakfast fighting over who gets to bring Paloma flowers. Laura lays into them for being lousy friends–her mom is missing and she needs their support!

Paloma takes Rodrigo out for a walk and tells him it’s over for the hundredth time. He’s obviously not getting it because he kisses her.


As that one-sided kiss indicates, Rodrigo has no intention of “giving up.” Thanks for announcing your stalkery intentions.

According to Paul, not only did Saul change his will, but he specified that Dora Luz was out of the will because she’s Adalberto’s daughter. Paul threatens legal action against Catalina and Adalberto.

Adalberto thinks Catalina must have told Saul. He confronts Catalina and her non-answers confirm it for him. (The weird thing is–didn’t Saul say he heard it from Adalberto in the first episode?)

Before she goes to work, Laura looks for Rosa while Jorge Daher’s “Eres Única en el Mundo” plays. At the insurance agency, the PI reports he had no luck last night. They’re going to try to age that photo of Rosa with Blanca Estela so they can try to use social media to find her. Tamara offers to help by passing the photo along to her charity contacts and shelters. Once the picture is ready, Laura goes back out with flyers.

Catalina succeeded in intimidating Dora Luz into staying. And now she wants to get her married off and turn her into a proper Mini-Catalina.

Catalina finally visits the vecindad and hires Doña Mica to spy on Daniel and Paloma in exchange for free rent and a raise. Doña Mica paints herself as the savior of the barrio–she claims she begged Catalina not to throw anyone out.

Gustavo thinks Blanca Estela killed Saul because they were having an affair and he was going to leave her. Blanca Estela tells Paloma the real story, including the changed will and the names Saul, Catalina, Dalia, and Adalberto. Gustavo can’t take the lying anymore and tells the Padre he wants to tell the kids the truth, but he doesn’t want to put them in danger. Catalina’s the one who told Gustavo the story about the alleged affair and claimed she caught Saul with Blanca Estela.

Eugenia shows up at the hospital to continue guilting Daniel while Paloma eavesdrops. She adds to the accident story that Daniel isn’t in jail because her father pardoned him. She gets a moment alone with Paloma to tell her that her dad is very influential in the field of medicine. If Paloma doesn’t leave Daniel alone, her dad will ruin his medical career.

Eugenia and Paloma argue so loud Blanca Estela and one of the nurses get to hear the whole argument. It kind of gives Blanca Estela flashbacks–rich people follow through on their threats. Paloma brings up her family, but Blanca Estela hasn’t seen her husband since the sentencing and has no idea where to find him.

The Comandante asks the secretary about his Jane Doe and she informs him she’s been transferred and her name is “Dolores Rojas.” She nearly gets busted again when Raúl’s PI shows up with Rosa’s picture. She gets rid of the Comandante, tells the PI she’ll put the picture up on their website, and then trashes it once he’s gone.

Tamara accidentally-on-purpose lets slip that the company has never given anyone a clothing allowance before and turns it into a dig about Laura’s “simple” style. She backhandedly gloats about women being jealous of her and having money.

Eugenia’s dad heard from a friend who was at Adalberto’s lunch with Paul that Daniel is Saul’s real heir and Catalina is only the trustee. Eugenia begs him to start screwing with Daniel’s career and he agrees since the guilt over leaving him in the wheelchair seems to be wearing off.

Daniel and Paloma compare notes–their respective stalkers aren’t going to give up. Oh well, if the whole world’s against them, then they’ll fight the whole world.

Comandante Correa goes down to the Cruz Roja and hears the story about the transfer. He gets suspicious and goes to check up on “Lolita” at the private hospital. Delfina’s telling the story about helping this poor homeless woman when Rosa wakes up.

Somehow Laura still agrees to go shopping. She looks miserable as she tries on the stuff Tamara picked out. Raúl has his own ideas about what Laura should be wearing and sends the sales associates in with his picks.

Daniel gets fired from the hospital.


Blanca Estela, the nurse, and Paloma are all sure Eugenia got Daniel fired. The hospital director blames budget cuts, but the actual letter makes Daniel sound negligent. The director confesses he’s getting pressure from higher up, but he decides he’s close to retirement anyway. He’ll ignore his orders and if they want to fire Daniel, they can fire them both. JUSTICE!

Rosa doesn’t recognize Delfina, but she also doesn’t know her own name. A team of doctors and nurses have to come in and sedate her. She was talking about a daughter and the Comandante insists on finding her. Tamara isn’t pleased to hear this.

Dalia comes over to tell Rodrigo that he got a call about reserving a field for the next fútbol game. She interrupts him while he’s telling Tico that his dad “Leo” was technically his stepfather.

Catalina says she’ll come clean to Adalberto. Daniel has to get married before he turns 28 and then everything will be his and Catalina, Adalberto, and Dora Luz will have practically nothing (from her POV anyway). He’ll also get a sealed addendum to the will that explains that he has a half-brother that he’s now responsible for him. Catalina only knows that his mother’s name is Dalia and she’s been trying to get his name from Blanca Estela, which is why she kept her locked up for the last 23 years. Adalberto wants to try to get the name out of Blanca Estela and kill Daniel’s half-brother.

Edmundo told the barrio chismosas that he had news about Rosa, but lost Laura’s contact info. Sure enough, they handed it over and Edmundo went over to the insurance agency looking for her. He tries her cell phone, but she’s actually over at Raúl’s house meeting Zelma and getting the tour.

Raúl leaves her in the library while he goes to change clothes and she finds an old picture of Ariel, Catalina, and Adalberto. And then Ariel comes home and asks her to call him “Ariel” instead of “sir” and she remembers her mother saying that name.

Gustavo tries to start a conversation with Gabriel about his mom and Gabriel shows some actual human emotion. He’s angry that Gustavo never allowed them to talk about her and threw out all her pictures and then he asks him out of the blue if he remembers her? How is he supposed to remember her? Paloma walks in on their conversation.

Daniel goes to Catalina’s office, thinking she’s the one who tried to get him fired. She’s completely shocked by his angry declaration that he’s not coming back home and asks Adalberto to talk to him.

Cañaveral plays “No te voy a perdonar” at La Luciérnaga. At El Mexicano, Paloma scores an audition for Gabriel at Don Cosme’s bar.

Gabriel and Gustavo apologize to each other. It was really hard for Gabriel to lose his mom and lose Gustavo too, in a way. And then they moved to this place where there was nothing of her. Gabriel wants to get Gustavo out of the deal with Perro and start paying Rodrigo back and change and make him and Paloma proud. (His reformation does not extend to actually eating what Gustavo cooked, but at least he doesn’t tell him it was bad!)

Tamara gets permission from Ariel to take “Delfina’s friend” to their house in Valle del Bravo to recover.

Adalberto takes Daniel out for drinks and pretends to be on his side. They get to talking about Dora Luz. Daniel breaks it to him that Dora Luz knows he has a relationship with Catalina. The thing is, she thinks it’s been going on for a long time and somehow it’s the reason her father died. Adalberto changes the subject to Eugenia and finds out that Daniel is in love with someone else now. And he’s more than happy to support Daniel if Daniel wants to marry her.

At the law firm, Paul’s assistant informs him that Daniel has zero social media presence and (thanks to Catalina) no accounts of any kind that they can use to find him. They’ve got someone watching his (Catalina’s) house so they can try to reach him that way. Paul leaves her there working alone. Four guys in masks break in and one holds her at gunpoint when the others search.

When Laura gets home with her new clothes, Edmundo gets violent with her and accuses her of sleeping with Raúl. Someone starts banging on the door.

Daniel gets mugged, but he’s got nothing on him. Rodrigo just happens to be walking by and tries to help. He, Daniel, and one of the muggers end up fighting for the same gun, which goes off multiple times.


Rodrigo got shot and Daniel got a cut on his neck from the knife one of the muggers was holding on him. At the hospital–surprise, surprise–they find out Rodrigo has a rare blood type that Daniel just happens to share. So, of course Daniel both donates blood AND operates, because it’s not enough for Rodrigo to hate him for only doing one of those things.

Rodrigo is going to be fine and he wastes no time bad-mouthing Daniel to Paloma and informing her that even dead, she’ll never be rid of him. His mom still thinks they’re “together” and he refuses to tell her they aren’t–if Paloma wants to do it, she can go right ahead.

Raúl interrupts Edmundo’s assault and decides that Laura’s going to come live at his house until they find Rosa and then he’ll get an apartment for them. Laura’s a little squeamish about sharing any physical affection with Raúl. And then it gets even weirder in the morning when Ariel tells her to think of him as the father she never had.

The guys who broke into Paul’s office and terrorized his assistant, Aurora, just happen to have stolen nothing but Saul’s file. Paul still won’t be cowed. He’s going to go handle the case from New York and Aurora can just tell anyone who asks that he’s out of the country and she doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

At La Luciérnaga, Orquesta La Típica plays “Eres Mia.”

In less than two days, Rosa has gone from “If she survives, it will be a miracle,” to having nothing more wrong with her than some bruises and memory loss. Delfina doesn’t like her (although, does she really like anyone?) and Tamara has to threaten her to be nice or she’s fired.

Catalina wanted Dora Luz to be a Mini-Cat? Well, ok, Dora Luz puts on a snooty outfit, makeup job, hairdo, and attitude and fires all the staff. Because she can’t run a household without people she selected and trained herself, right? She recommends Catalina eat out until the new hires get started. Intriguing question from Catalina: “Did you get into my pills again?” That didn’t come off like a joke.

Catalina is further upset by the notice that Blanca Estela’s case is being reopened. Her attorneys complain that they warned her Paloma is being backed up by Ignacio Quesada, the best criminal attorney in the country. Who they attempt to bribe.

Gabriel’s audition doesn’t suck. I know–unexpected, right? There may be a technical term, but it’s sort of a cross between cumbia and rap. Don Cosme “hires” them, but he’s only going to pay Gabriel. The band will have to pass the hat. I know they’re excited to have a gig, but that’s not cool.

Edmundo seriously tries to go whine to Gustavo and Paloma about how that ungrateful Laura left the house for no reason. As soon as Laura tells Paloma the reason, Edmundo gets major stink-eye from both of them.

Paloma gets the case notice and lies that it’s a credit card application she requested. Gustavo warns her credit cards are the gateway to the devil. And also that she should warn Laura to be careful because Edmundo’s a vengeful jerk.

At the insurance company, Laura shows Paloma the photo aging software and runs “Ariel’s” picture through it. She’s now convinced he’s her dad and Raúl might be her brother.

When the chatty nurse insisted on cleaning up Daniel’s knife wound (which probably shouldn’t have been open all through surgery) she mentioned she was glad Dr. Zavala didn’t fire him even after Eugenia’s threats. Say what?

He realizes he owes Catalina an apology and goes over to the dealership to both apologize AND tell her that it was actually Eugenia/her dad who tried to have him fired and Claudio is now bad-mouthing him to the entire Mexican medical establishment.

Catalina summons Eugenia and Claudio to her office and slaps Claudio.

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Thanks so much, amiga. I’ve gotten behind in this and I really wanted to know what was going on. Thanks to your summary, I’m filled in. I can jump right to this week’s episodes and watch these later. “So, of course Daniel both donates blood AND operates, because it’s not enough for Rodrigo to hate him for only doing one of those things.” This was laugh out loud funny. This show is…. I don’t know. I like it. It’s definitely one I want to see, but apparently not every day. There are some continuity things (or maybe I don’t pay… Read more »