¿Quién es Quién? Monday 5/2/16 #56

Square one

Well, here we go again with Fer thinking Leonardo is the root of all evil and trusting Ignacio. Not entirely, though…she certainly doesn’t believe him when he says he’ll do whatever *she* wants. She knows he’s after the company. She just wants to get back what her family lost. And ok, get some revenge, too.

Sure, “Leo” paid for Santiago’s surgery, but he’s still blind, and her father is still dead. She wants Ignacio to hold on to the papers she had “Leo” sign until she’s ready to use them.

And as for her relationship with Ignacio, they’re just allies. She’s done believing in the same words of love he’s probably used on Ivonne and warns him not to hold his breath waiting for her to change her mind. All she cares about is making the Fuentemayors pay.

She changes her mind about the paperwork–she’ll keep it and she’ll get “Leo” to sign the new pre-nup that gives her all his shares if he’s unfaithful.

 Tijuana, Mexico 

Santi’s still a little down and not entirely trusting that he’s going to be leaving the hospital soon. Dani’s not going to go running back for Renata, not while Santi and “Isa” need her.

Best couple eva!

At a nice, quiet bar, Pedro and Basi have snifters of brandy while Pedro mopes about Fernanda putting him off again. A background actress keeps eyeing him. Or possibly the camera. (Just saying, sister, don’t pull focus!) Basi asks for some love lessons.

Lesson #1: YOU make the romantic moment. With your charisma, your presence, your magnetism.

Lesson #2: You can say anything, as long as you say it the right way. (This apparently involves a tilt of the head and some eyebrow action.)

Basi tries out his masculine wiles on Pedro just as the background blonde walks up. “Oops. Sorry…you make a cute couple.” Yes. Yes, they do.

Casa Fuentemayor

Humberto is really weirded out by Fabi’s rejection. It seems like more than just being tired–she acted like he repulsed her. Fabi puts it all on him, accusing him of only caring about his own satisfaction. She realizes she’s gone too far when Humberto starts asking how she feels about him. She promises they’ll make like bunnies once they’re on their vacation.

Although Fabi had complained about being tired and feeling grimy earlier, she ends up still in her same outfit down in Humberto’s study giving Ignacio an evil pep talk about how much more vengeful Fernanda will be now that she feels like “Leonardo” deceived her. And as for her no longer wanting a relationship–that’s nothing to worry about. She’s just hurting. If Ignacio could make her hate “Leonardo” surely he can make Fernanda love him again.

Moving on, what about Humberto? Fabiola vows that she will get him out of town so that Ignacio can carry out the rest of his nefarious plan without any interference. As for Ivonne, she’s agreed to go out with him again tomorrow night, so, thanks mom! Fabi reminds him not to screw up and call her by the wrong name again. All they were missing was a high-five and a “Go Team Evil!”

Fabi does have a concern–Chamoy. She tells Ignacio to be careful. He’s a double-edged weapon. Humberto interrupts to say he’s going to bed and Fabi goes upstairs with him, leaving Ignacio alone to make a call.

Pedro and Fernanda are thinking of each other before bed, but Fernanda’s thoughts are more along the lines of “Who are you? How can you be such a creep? I hate you!”

Thanks, Renata.

Paloma sits down to an uncomfortable dinner with “Pedro.” Uncomfortable because she made a salad and he brought over Beaujolais and Camembert and bread and fruit. And he knows how to pronounce Beaujolais and that the grape harvest was good that year.

To “Pedro” it’s nothing sinister–Termi had the cheese at the shop and he knew where to pick up the other stuff, and “Pedro” probably read about the wine on the Internet. Paloma wonders if maybe where he really learned it all is from the mystery woman he proposed to and never found. “Pedro” doesn’t agree with that theory, but even if it’s correct no one knows who she is and she certainly never came looking for him, so why worry about her?

Paloma confesses that Renata came to talk to her and while she thought Renata was kind of a jerk about it, she also thought she might be right. “Pedro” tells her the same thing he told Renata–nothing’s going to change his feelings for her.

The jig is up.

Chamoy’s in Leonardo’s office and not in the mood to talk to Ignacio. Ignacio leaves him a voicemail about “complications.” Chamoy pulls out the stolen keys and prepares to open Leo’s desk.

He’s surprised to find the photo of Inés and comes to the conclusion that Pedro takes after him and took Leonardo’s place to scam the Fuentemayors.

He finally answers his phone so Ignacio can tell him that HR found out about his record and Chamoy needs to quit before he gets fired. Noooooo problem! Now that Chamoy thinks he’s found a gold mine, he’s in no hurry to have Ignacio get him another “job.”

Late night confessions…almost

Neither Nora nor Humberto can sleep. He finds her in the kitchen looking through an old photo album and gets nostalgic. Is she joking when she says she’s only 12 in the picture where she’s holding a baby Leo? Humberto says she was still at the age where she was playing with dolls. And Leo was like a doll to her. She wanted to play with him all the time, but her mother would scold her to do her homework instead.

They talk about how happy things were back then, before Nora’s mother and Sofia died. Humberto never would have survived losing Sofia if not for Nora. She was barely 20, but she knew how to console Leo. Nora gets choked up, wishing she could have done a better job. Humberto thinks Nora did plenty, Leo just needed to fall in love.

Humberto knows Nora sacrificed her own personal life to look after him and Leonardo–and he knows she had plenty of boyfriends, but she sent them all packing after a while. Wasn’t she ever in love? Fabi interrupts before Nora can answer and takes Humberto upstairs with her for what seems like the hundredth time tonight.


Yesenia dances while Lupe gets to witness an argument between Ruben and Melquiades. Spoiler alert: Ruben wins. He’s not leaving the Bar-ena and if Mel tries to have security throw him out instead of guarding “Candy” Ruben will make sure the police receive footage proving that Mel’s running an illegal operation. Plus he’ll spread it all over social media that Mel doesn’t protect his “artistas.”

Color Lupe impressed. She makes sure to tell Yesenia the whole story back in the dressing room. She teases Yesenia that she’s got a boyfriend who’s looking out for her.

Everyone’s least favorite subplot

Eugenio and Tania go back to her place after their date. He really wants to know why she acted scared of him yesterday. Tania finally admits she heard a rumor about a “Eugenio” but it turned out not to be him, so will he forgive her? Of course, after a good hearty snog. Her “It’s time to tell Eugenio to go home” alarm on her phone goes off and he tells her not to worry about it–he’s not ready for sex either. As soon as he’s gone, she calls Connie.

It takes a total of two minutes for Connie to come over so she can get all the details in person and watch Tania’s face change colors. Tania tells her about giving Eugenio a “present”…no, Connie, you perv, not THAT, a necklace. Connie declares it “cursi” (cheesy) but laughs. As Tania continues telling Connie about the apology and the date and the kissing, she decides she wants her evening glass of milk now.

Tania’s still bugging Connie about whether the necklace is really soooo bad when she starts getting sleepy. Connie, “la bruja” bids Tania “la principessa” a good night and walks off down one hallway while Justino emerges from the other. And takes a hit off that damn breath spray.

In her room, Justino adds drops to another container of milk and whispers to Tania that no one will separate them. And with him she’ll stay “pure,” no one will mancillarla (sully her). Disgusting creep!

Justino does something to the window after he’s undressed Tania. He whispers to her about how Eugenio’s all wrong for her and he’s the only one who’s willing to forgo sex to keep her “intact.” Disgusting creep! He suddenly notices the two glasses on the nightstand (one from Connie) and leaves Eugenio’s necklace on the floor for Tania to find.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. Back to Square One, indeed. I loved, “All they were missing was a high-five and a ‘Go Team Evil!'” When are things going to turn? I ask peevishly.

Autora/ Author

Gracias, Kat. Your recaps are always so entertaining.

“Everyone’s least favorite subplot”

So true. I wish Justino would just go away.

We are un that portion of the story when the liars seem to be getting their way. Grrr.