¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 5/3/16 #57

It’s not what you think!

Tania wakes up to the sound of her ringing phone. She missed a running date with Connie. They agree to meet at school instead. Tania finally realizes she’s undressed and mutters “again?” while she groggily wraps a blanket around herself and stumbles off to the bathroom.

Eugenio announces to Magdalena that his guitar teacher is trying to get him into a school where he can get advanced training. Justino starts in on those schools being expensive…but he’s willing to chip in and help Eugenio pay for it, if guitar is what he loves. He just wants Eugenio to be well-trained. Magdalena and Eugenio trade confused looks at first, but Eugenio thanks him.

Justino tells Eugenio to find out what the classes will cost. He doesn’t have a lot, so Eugenio will have to save. Even Magdalena offers to sell some jewelry to chip in. Justino suddenly remembers that there’s a prestigious Cultural Center in Tijuana. He’ll just call up Eugenio’s Tío Gumaro and see if that mechanic job is still open and….

No. Eugenio will NOT leave his girlfriend. He can study in LA. Justino snits that he hopes Eugenio’s stubbornness doesn’t come back to bite him in the end. They get into an argument and Justino finally comes out with “I’ll help you, but it’s going to be under my conditions.” Eugenio says he can keep his money.

He asks his mom whether she was able to fix the necklace and they realize it’s missing.

Tania finds it on the floor of her room and comes to the wrong conclusion all over again.

Eugenio and Magdalena continue their frantic search, but Eugenio has to leave to go help Paloma at the flower shop.

Ugh. Breakfast.

Chamoy is coming over for breakfast. Sara is excited and preparing him a big breakfast. Inés (and pretty much everyone other than Yesenia, I’m sure) is less enthusiastic. But she understands.

“Pedro” comes down and declines juice or food. He’ll apologize to Sara’s “guest” and then go open the shop and eat something at the mercado. “There shouldn’t be anger in a family. We have to stick together!” “Pedro” says, with all due respect, that maybe if Sara had given Chamoy that important life lesson she would have saved them all a lot of headaches. Inés asks him to stop taking things out on Sara and please just drop it already.

“Pedro” goes out for some air, after emphasizing that he’s not running away and he WILL apologize.

Chamoy shows up to breakfast with those stupid gloves on his hands. Yesenia runs down to hug him enthusiastically and she and Sara fuss over him. Yesenia’s already started throwing a tantrum about “Pedro” not being there when Inés says he just stepped out for a minute and he’ll be back.


Termi and “Pedro” were only able to get about 15 of the store owners to agree to show up for the meeting. Somehow, they all thought he was inviting them to a party? Oh yeah, Pedro got stuff done, but he would party anytime, for any reason.

At the flower shop, Eugenio tells Paloma he thinks Renata is full of it. “Pedro” isn’t going to turn into an entirely different person when he gets his memory back. As far as Paloma’s concerned that’s what happened when he lost his memory. (Well, sure, but that was a special case.) Eugenio thinks she should trust “Pedro” if he says getting his memory back isn’t going to change his feelings for her. Plus what other woman could possibly compete with Paloma?

She thinks he’s flattering her to try to get her to go talk to Tania, but nope, everything with Tania is fine, she apologized yesterday, what can he say? He’s in love!

This ain’t a Burger King apology.

Breakfast is over, Chamoy is continuing his fake-nice act and Yesenia is fuming. Yesenia’s anger is getting on Inés’ nerves and she forbids her from going out looking for “Pedro.” Chamoy goes fishing for information about that picture of Inés in the red dress and finds out Pedro took it at someone’s wedding.

Yesenia starts screeching at “Pedro” as soon as he walks in and I seriously need her to shut up already. In fact, I think I might have said that out loud.

“Pedro” admits he made a mistake because these three women are the most important thing in the world to him, and if his mistake affected Chamoy then the offers an apology.

Yesenia yaps. Chamoy starts talking about how alike they are, gosh they could almost be TWINS. Inés freaks out. Chamoy keeps trying to needle “Pedro” and, I think, see if he’s really Pedro and ends up telling him he’s going to be around, keeping an eye on his family.

Chamoy leaves, Yesenia gripes at “Pedro” some more, and then Inés and “Pedro” are alone in the kitchen. He feels like Chamoy was trying to pass him coded messages or something. Inés says she didn’t notice.

“Pedro” catches up to him outside to say he might have made a mistake about the fire, but he still wants Chamoy to stay away from his family. More weird hints from Chamoy about his son being such a grand señor that make no sense to “Pedro.”

Sara hopes Inés doesn’t take Yesenia’s attitude to heart. They both know Yesenia is quick to anger, but she doesn’t hold a grudge. Inés sure hopes not. She’s tired of all the drama in the house lately. What Sara’s most concerned about are (*sigh*) Chamoy’s hands. Inés says he’ll recover before they know it.

Life in Leo Land

Nora and “Leonardo” talk honeymoon. He suggests a world tour in the style of U2 or Madonna. Paris, Italy, Egypt, Toluca. He’d take Fer on a 10 year honeymoon, if he could, and then build her a treehouse on a desert island. Like Doña Sara says, “The grass is always greener….” And who is Doña Sara? Ohhh, another student in his singing classes. She sings jazz.

Nora’s worried about “Leo” being out on vacation at the same time Humberto is out with Fabi. He convinces her to tell him what’s really bothering her and gives her a knowing look when he realizes that the company will be in the hands of Ingacio el Puercoespín.

Humberto comes in to invite “Leo” to ride to work with him so they can discuss the lingerie factory.

They arrive at the office. Humberto enjoyed “Leo’s” company on the ride to work. Ignacio does not enjoy eavesdropping and hearing how much Humberto enjoyed “Leo’s” company on the ride to work.

“Leo” gives Basi Humberto’s congratulations for that lingerie proposal. Well, Humberto congratulated “Leo,” but Basi did all the work. OK, not ALL the work. Pedro picked out the actual lingerie items.

Pedro changes the subject to the mysterious Martin Andrade. As many Martin Andrades as Basi found…including a stripper!…none of them seem to be the correct one. Basi tells him not to worry about it. He’ll find him before Pedro’s two dads meet. “Don’t say it’s cold until you can see the penguins.”

They’re still working on the mystery of Martin Andrade when Ivonne comes in, very serious, with the reports about Moretz. Pedro gets her to leave the file on Basi’s desk, uh, on Leonardo’s desk, where Basi is sitting. He asks about Fer, but she called in sick today. Something about the proximity to Basi gets to Ivonne and as she’s leaving the office she asks if he’s sending out an email. Because if he is, he should make sure to copy her.

Not discouraged by her grouchy tone, Basi and Pedro start celebrating as soon as she’s gone. Pedro gets sad, though, because he feels like Fernanda’s avoiding him. He decides to go check on her, just in case she needs someone to take her to the doctor.

Leaving  Tijuana 

I have no idea why Dani thought Santiago would get excited about having a cane.

Fer meets up with Santi, Dani, and Dr. Bellman in the hospital lobby. Santiago is being discharged. He’s completely recovered from the surgery, but he’s not going to recover his sight. Dr. Bellman clarifies that none of the tests indicate a reason for Santiago’s blindness, so he really has nowhere to start. He can’t guarantee that more tests later on will reveal a reason, but he also isn’t willing to give up yet.

Fer and Dani break it to Santi that he’s going to go live with Dani and not Fer. He feels like they’re making all the decisions for him and he’s already assuming he’s going to become a burden to them–he grouses that it would have been better if he had died.

By the time they get to Dani’s he’s decided the best thing to do is brush off anyone’s offers of help and insist he can do everything on his own. While Dani’s trying to console Fer she slips up and calls her “Isa” and Fer begs her to get out of that habit. She hopes Dani hasn’t said anything about her revenge plans to Renata and Dani reassures her that Santi’s not going to find out from either of them.

Renata comes out of the house to welcome Santi to his new home. (Mr. 5ft: “Can she get fixated on him instead?” Me: “Yes, please!”) She’s so happy to meet them both, finally, and Santi is already messing things up by insisting his sister’s name is “Isabela, but we call her Isa.” Awkward! Renata offers to help Santi inside and funny how he doesn’t reject her help. Once again, Dani has to swear Renata knows nothing, Dani just mentioned that Fer uses both names, neither she nor Santi will screw up Fer’s plans.

Cultural Center

Connie gets to the Cultural Center and Tania’s not there. She (literally) runs into Ruben. She’s been skipping his class since she started teaching, but she’d still like to help with his lucha libre film. Ruben says he’s not shooting any more footage for it. Change of plans. Candy la Candida doesn’t have the exotic story Ruben thought and so….

Eugenio arrives, wondering if anyone’s seen Tania. Connie explains that Tania overslept and was supposed to meet her at the Cultural Center, but she’s not there. Eugenio tries to call, but Tania sends it to voicemail. Ruben tells them to calm down. Something must have come up at the last minute. Connie and Eugenio decide to go to their classes and if Tania still hasn’t show up, they’ll go over to her place.

This jerk again

Tania is sitting in her bathroom when there’s a knock at the door. She hears Justino calling her and runs to open the door and rush into his arms, crying that her boyfriend has been drugging her. Why couldn’t she have waited and caught him breaking in?! Why can’t he be dead already?!

And what’s her evidence? That she saw his necklace on the floor this morning. Justino wastes no time saying “I told you so” and trying to isolate her from everyone again. He discourages her from calling the police, saying they might deport her. She just has to get away from her boyfriend right away and not let him hurt her again.

For starters, she shouldn’t go back to her job. Oh, he’ll take care of all her expenses and get her moved into a new place. Tania says she’d rather go stay with Connie. “How do you know you can trust her? How do you know she’s not his accomplice? She could have made an impression of your key in soap and made a copy.” He did not just mess with Connie! And now Connie’s support of Eugenio looks suspicious.

I hate that he sounds like he’s right due to the horrible combination of his brainwashing, the continued drugging, and all the contrivances that have kept Tania from actually meeting his family or having Lupita hear her suspicions. Not to mention she’s scared of having her father drag her back home (and she doesn’t realize that’s the last thing Justino wants) which means she’s obligated to do what Justino says, and he keeps reminding her of that and threatening to call her father every time she disagrees with him too openly.

If they’re not *trying* to use this subplot to show how sexism puts women at a disadvantage when dealing with creeps or to illustrate the warning signs of abusive relationships, then I have no idea what the point is. Because this shit is NOT “entertainment.”

The infamous date

Ignacio pulls his eyebrows up and tries to convince Ivonne he’s a good guy. It appears to work.

My two dads

Pedro can’t hail a cab but, no worries, Chamoy arrives and offers him a “raite.” Pedro turns him down.

“I told you to stay away from me and my father.”

“But I am your dad, Perico! Or are you going to try to tell me that you’ve got amnesia, too?”

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5 years ago

Thanks so much, Kat. Once again, you’ve obviated the need for me to actually watch the episode. Since Santi and Chamoy are back in the US, I guess there’s no more automatic text filling of “Tijuana.” Was that the whole point having part of the novela take place in Tijuana? It certainly hasn’t made any other sense.

5 years ago

another terrific recap 5ftL!

Tania spent the entire previous evening with Eugenio and didn’t notice he wasn’t wearing the necklace, what?

don’t know why Basi can’t find Martin Andrade, he was just on the news that Nora saw.

I’m glad they gave Santiago a smaller bandage, he was reminding me of a clown with the high hairline. Some dark glasses might help too.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Aargh this show!! Thanks for the recaps anyway Diva
I usually like Yesi, but I just had to throw my hands up at her constantly attacking “Pedro” I was wishing she’d shut up too.
If it wasn’t for Basico it wouldn’t be no fun at all.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

oh and I meant to say thanks Sara for coming up w/Basico