¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 5/4/16 #58

Misc. openers

Now that Chamoy knows, Pedro can’t keep up the lie. He gets into Chamoy’s car.

Ivonne and Ignacio are back together, but he’d better not cheat on her or he’ll get to know her dangerous side.


“Pedro” has lost his appetite after dealing with Chamoy and vents to Paloma. Chamoy really gets under his skin when he says they’re “the same,” and “Pedro” is sure he does it on purpose.

Speaking of getting under people’s skin…Paloma can’t let go of her fear that this “Pedro” could disappear at a moment’s notice. Even Renata can’t guarantee he’ll be the same person after he gets his memory back. “Pedro” isn’t happy that Renata took it upon herself to bring this up with Paloma and upset her.

Later, “Pedro’s” gone and Paloma remembers her conversation with Renata. Cachito has to shout to get her attention to help with his math homework. She insists she’s fine, so he wheedles permission to go visit his friend Catoño. Paloma gives in–who could say no to that face?!

Santi’s new digs

Dani takes Santi to get him settled into his room, leaving Fernanda and Renata alone. Fer babbles nervously and Renata notices that she keeps twisting the ring on her left hand. She offers to listen if Fer wants to tell her the truth about what’s going on.

Santi doesn’t want Dani making so much effort to be helpful. He’d feel better if she would just treat him like a “normal” person. He hangs out in his room while Dani goes back downstairs.

Renata would be happy to do terapia de duelo (grief counseling) with Santiago for his loss of vision–if Santi is up for it–but what Fer had in mind was an evaluation to see if his loss of vision is psychosomatic. She and Dani explain that the surgery was deemed a success and there’s no apparent medical reason why Santi didn’t recover his vision. They tell her about Santi’s hopeless attitude, which she says is understandable. If there’s anything she can do for him, she will.

The conversation is interrupted by “Pedro” knocking at the door. Fer hears Leonardo’s voice and jumps up from her seat. She and Dani both try to get a look at him, but he and Renata go around to the office door. Dani tells Fer she had the same reaction when she first heard “Pedro” but he’s just some poor guy with amnesia, and the patient Renata worries about most.

Fer, or rather ISA, is ready to leave and trying to give Santiago another pep talk, but he’s over it. He’s resigned to going along with whatever decisions she and Dani make, but he’d really like ISA to quit lying and just tell him what’s going on. She tells him he’s imagining things. He demands an explanation for why they have to stay in LA and why everyone calls her “Fernanda.” She seriously needs to stop telling him he’s just “imagining things.” She makes excuses about work, about things falling into place.

Santi knows what’s up. He knows she can’t stand injustice. She once mounted a campaign to get someone who abused a dog thrown in jail and wouldn’t rest until it was done. He knows if he were in her place, he’d be looking for the person responsible for everything that had happened to him and trying to make them pay. At least now she says she doesn’t want him involved. He asks if she still wants to get the Fuentemayors thrown in jail and clear their family’s name.

Fer/Isa swears she’s dealing with things in a totally legal way. She begs him to get those ideas out of his head that she’d do anything chueco (crooked, illegal). He calms down, but I don’t think he believes her.

“Pedro’s” need for an emergency session with Renata was to yell at her for talking to Paloma behind his back. I swear she gets whiny when she tells him he’s, like, her most interesting case ever and she just feels soooo terrible for not being able to help him more.

“Pedro” thinks the healthiest thing to do is quit therapy. He’s grateful for everything she’s done, but things have gotten complicated. She says she can’t make him keep getting therapy, but she’d really like him, as a favor, to let the French psychologist who’s coming all this way to see him give him an evaluation.

Seriously? How is he supposed to say “no” to that without coming off like a jerk? Could we not have had a competent, ethical mental health professional for flipping once?!


Justino makes soup for Tania. Great, so now he’s ruining soup on top of everything else!? Tania is devastated this is happening to her and his fake consolation is sickening.

Justino might have overplayed his hand. Tania’s talking about going back to Mexico or sleeping and never waking up. Connie and Eugenio come knocking on the door, saying they’re worried about her and Justino motions to her to be quiet. She keeps wanting to call out to them, but Justino convinces her not to.

Finally, Connie slips a note under the door and they leave. Tania starts to crack. How can Connie be Eugenio’s “accomplice”–she’s been nice to her, she’s taken her to the doctor. Justino twists it, saying she must have done it to throw off suspicion. But if she can’t trust Connie, then she’s lost. Justino tries to tell her she still has him, she can trust him. Tania just shakes her head.

The first non-annoyance I’ve felt all episode

Yesenia goes to the Cultural Center to bring Ruben a present. She heard he was at the Bar-ena the other night. Inside a plain cardboard box with a big red bow, she packed a lucha libre manual, a piñata in the shape of a “Y,” and a lucha libre mask. But the best gift of all? There’s no screaming in this scene!

Lupe catches Yesenia pulling the petals off a daisy. There’s a vendor outside selling yerbas para mal de amores (herbs for lovesickness) and Lupe jokes about buying some for her. Yesenia’s starting to go on another rant because Ruben said “nothing” about his present, and she’s been thinking that if he went to the fights, it was to see “Candy.” Inés hears that last bit and asks who this “Candy” chick is. Yessi and Lupe look guilty.

Basilio Martinez. PhD, PI

Basi hangs out in Leo’s office, having lunch, and finds a video online with the news report about Martin Andrade’s death. Gwen saves it for “Leonardo” to watch later and tells Basi the word is “computadora,” not “compu.”

Gwen finds an article about Martin Andrade’s illegal adoption agency and Basi reads that it opened 30 years ago.

Basi visits Nora in the Fuentemayor kitchen. He’s usually so tongue-tied around Ivonne, but he lets loose a stream of piropos for Nora. And he brought her favorite chocolate, too, all wrapped up and tied with a bow. After unleashing some more flattery about memory and wisdom, he gets to his point: Does she or Don Humberto know someone named “Martin Andrade”? I don’t think Nora covered her surprise quickly enough.

The other creep

Chamoy takes Pedro to his hotel room. Pedro wants him to get to the point–what does he want? He doesn’t believe Chamoy’s “I missed you” routine, or that he got a job at Fuentemayor Corp for any reason other than to steal. Chamoy gets to throw that back in his face–Pedro recognized him in the parking lot and didn’t expose him. That means he’s there to scam them.

Chamoy is 2 for 2 on annoying his sons by saying they’re like him. Chamoy knows Pedro’s been pretending to be Leonardo Fuentemayor, so he can cut the “I’m just another employee, I earn my money” crap. Pedro says it’s a long story and he’s not going to tell it. He brags about how he hasn’t taken anything that he hasn’t earned and he’s even made the company a bunch of money.

Wrong thing to say to Chamoy! He wants dollar amounts. Pedro tries to threaten to come clean and end this whole mess, but Chamoy calls his bluff and says he’ll call Leonardo right now. He slips up a bit, bringing up how alike the two are and that no, he never cheated on Inés, but Pedro’s too nervous to catch it. Chamoy wants in on the deal–how can he help Pedro?

Pedro doesn’t need his help. It’s a misunderstanding and it’s going to get cleared up. Chamoy disagrees. He thinks Pedro has committed identity theft and could go to jail for it. The Fuentemayors don’t tend to show mercy. He brings up Santiago, without naming him, as someone who screwed over the Fuentemayors and paid the price. (Too bad Pedro didn’t ask for his name.)

He only sees one way out of this. Pedro will just have to keep being Leonardo Fuentemayor for his whole life. No one knows but him and Chamoy, Leonardo has amnesia, they’ll just keep their mouths shut.

Pedro is sure Chamoy wants money in exchange. He smarms about Pedro needing money for a trial or to run away. Pedro’s sick of this–instead of going round and round, why doesn’t Chamoy just name an amount to disappear without saying a word? “Ten million and a boat.” No, no, Chamoy’s just kidding. Half a mil. The company may be struggling, but that’s exactly why they’ve got to get while the getting’s good. He shows Pedro to the door.

Chamoy’s hands are hurting again and he’s almost in tears. Perfect timing, Sara (one of the only 2 people who might care) shows up and declares his hands infected.

Fuentemayor Corp

Humberto is sending Ignacio on some errand we don’t get to hear about. Fernanda shows up at work (finally) and has to dodge Humberto’s perfectly friendly questions and accept a dinner invitation. Humberto asks to speak to Ivonne in his office.

As soon as the coast is clear, Ignacio heads for Fernanda’s office. He pretends to care how Santiago is doing. Fer changes the subject; she needs to know that their plan isn’t going to take longer than six months. Ignacio gives her the new pre-nup for “Leonardo” to sign.

Pedro’s in his office, remembering what Chamoy said. Ivonne comes in with the lingerie company’s articles of incorporation for him to review. Basi ran out of the office a while ago and hasn’t come back yet. Fer’s in her office.

Ignacio wants Fer to make sure she keeps “Leonardo” out of the office for a month, at least, after the wedding. Fabiola will take care of Humberto. Fernanda is not happy that he let Fabiola in on the plan without asking her permission first. Pedro interrupts their plotting.

He’s so worried about Chamoy he accepts Ignacio’s excuse that they were just talking business and he’d like “Leonardo” to take a look at some paperwork and blah, blah, blah. He also accepts Fer’s apology for being so distant, but she just wasn’t feeling up to dealing with anyone. Pedro’s just glad she’s feeling better.

Fernanda mentions her work backlog and then says she has some paperwork she needs him to sign. Pedro starts pushing about wanting to be married to her already. He asks what she would say if he asked her to run away with him to another country right now. While he’s trying to hold her, she fumbles the folder and he actually LOOKS at the paperwork for once and sees it’s a pre-nuptial agreement.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Kat. Maybe things are moving forward a little bit.

Visita/ Guest

How long is this show? Really, I just want to know how long we have to suffer before we get to see Chamoy die a horrible painful slow death. I’m really hoping the two boys find out about each other before too long an can pull one over on their jerk if a father. Luckily Basi is on the case!

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Diva. Love your headings (Basilio Martinez. PhD, PI) Ha ha .Love your descriptions.(Justino makes soup for Tania. Great, so now he’s ruining soup on top of everything else!?) Exactly.
And love your vocab. (Terapia de duelo – Missed that one.)
Yesenia looked so pretty when she was talking to Rubén – a little less gangsta.