¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 5/5/16 #59

Signed, sealed, delivered

So, um, yeah…a pre-nup. And this “Leo” isn’t practical, like the old Leo, so to him a pre-nup means she doesn’t trust him. And he trusts her, con los ojos cerrados (with his eyes closed). She tries saying it’s for his protection, she’s doing it because she loves him, marriage is a contract too…finally “Ok, but we’ll have to explain it to Humberto” is the one that gets Pedro to sigh and sign. “If this is the way eccentric millionaires do things….”

So, now that it’s signed, can they run away? Enough of this life that’s all about money. He wants to live a life that’s all about her. He wants to travel–go buy some flip-flops and a bikini and shorts and hit the tropics. Fernanda is really suspicious that he’s running from something. Why is he so nervous? “Leo” said he just wanted to have a little romantic locura (craziness), but if she’s not interested, ok. She sends him back to his office.

Nothing stays buried

Not only is Nora denying knowing anything about Martin Andrade, she gets downright hostile with Basi. Why would she know? Where did he hear that name anyway? Basi tries making up a story about seeing his name in a file with some ripped out pages and….

He gives up and starts to go back to the office, but Nora asks him to wait. She doesn’t like him investigating Humberto. He’d better stick to his work or she’ll tell Humberto to fire him for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Nora remembers hearing about Sofia’s death. Young Humberto blamed himself for driving late when Sofia begged him not to. He wondered how to tell this to Leonardo. Young Nora said she’d do it for him. Young Humberto promised Sofia, and she wanted Young Nora to promise too, that Leonardo would never find out he was adopted.

It’s a family place, I swear!

Inés heard more than it seemed–she heard something about Yesenia and protection in the ring. What ring? Is she fighting or something? Yesenia laughs that off, on account of her flabby biceps. Inés doesn’t think it’s so unrealistic–she’s always been good at defending herself. Look, if it’s not that, then what is it? She’s not giving up until she gets an answer, so Yesenia better spill!

Yesenia tries to make a run for it, so Inés takes the interrogation out to the front of the piñateria. With Lupe gesturing behind Inés, Yesenia says she and Lupe are waitresses at a place where sometimes they show the fights. Inés doesn’t like the idea of them working at a place that serves alcohol. And what about this “Candy”? Ohhhh, she’s the other waitress, yeah. And why does Candy need protection, but Lupe and Yesenia don’t? Ohhhh, she twisted her foot, and she fell….

Not sorry

Chamoy’s hands do look horrible. And according to Sara, he’s got a fever. He keeps insisting it’s all under control.

Effin’ Justino

By the time Justino’s leaving Tania’s, she’s in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin, feeling horrible about not trusting Connie. He insists she shouldn’t talk to ANYONE and he’ll be back to see her later. He steals her phone before he goes.

Eugenio is panicking about all the horrible things that could be happening to Tania. Connie would really like him to calm down and quit making her nervous. She gets a text from “Tania” saying she’s gone back to Mexico to take care of her sick father. She wants Eugenio to stop looking for her.

Connie’s not convinced–this doesn’t sound like Tania. If she’s in such a hurry, why did she have time to send a message saying Eugenio shouldn’t look for her?

Justino’s sooooo proud of himself. Magdalena is furious with him for leaving her alone at the mercado all day again while he handles whatever “business” he doesn’t want to tell her about.


Termi comes over to see Cocó. He’s still sad about Jonathan. He brought over a cheese. A really big cheese. A Dutch cheese. That expires today. She nearly knocks him over when she throws it at him.

Fine, he’ll go. With his expired cheese. And his love that has no expiration date. Cocó relents. If he eats some and doesn’t keel over, she’s keeping the cheese.

Turns out it’s good cheese. Cocó makes a little daytime fondue (*eyebrow wiggle*) for her and Termi. No, seriously, she makes actual fondue. And then she turns down his latest romantic overture, saying he needs an honest woman, a being of light. She’s just telling him for his own good.

Um, Termi has something to tell her for her own good, too. There’s another store opening up, similar to hers. Wait, seriously, we’re getting another Cocó! Did I just say that like I’m happy about it? Yes, I think I did. Anyway, Cocó’s store has been closed for a while and this new person moved in with three months’ advance rent, so…maybe she should come with him to “Pedro’s” meeting and learn some stuff.

Hell yeah, she’s going. Nobody, but nobody steals her clientele! Ginormous earrings will not be denied!

No contract required

“Pedro” watches Paloma stocking the shop and wonders who’s prettier: Paloma or the flowers? He promises he’ll never regret being with her and he’d give up everything else before he gives her up. Whoever that mystery woman is, she means nothing to him. He won’t let anyone get between him and Paloma. That includes Renata. He loves Paloma and that’s that. *smoochies* And then he’s got to go to prepare for the big meeting.

I refuse to believe this is over.

Connie and Lupe have been out looking for Tania and nobody has seen her. Connie is starting to succumb to Eugenio’s earlier fears, plus her own love of scary movies, and thinking the worst.

Eugenio comes over and tells them Tania left this morning. He talked to the owner of the pensión. She took all her stuff. Lupe’s sorry, but if Tania’s gone, all they can do is miss her. She goes off to work.

Eugenio just can’t accept it. He’s convinced something happened to her and he has to find out what. It’s just too strange for her to have given him a piece of jewelry one day and taken off the next. Did she say anything to Connie?

Connie tells him about “Tania’s dad’s friend’s” allegations and Eugenio’s jaw drops. How could she think that? Connie explains she kept getting knocked out at night, couldn’t remember anything, and would wake up undressed. They went to the gynecologist first and when the gynecologist said she hadn’t been raped, Tania felt better. That’s what her apology was about, and the kisses and the present. And that’s why Connie thinks if Tania left it wasn’t because of Eugenio.

This, either

Basi makes it back to the office, excited that they have a lead on Martin Andrade, but Pedro pushes that aside. They’ve got bigger problems. Chamoy knows who he really is and he wants half a million dollars to start with.

Pedro refuses to pay him or it would feel like they’re stealing FOR him. It’s over. Pedro can’t see a way out. Basi tells him to chill–think of how close he is to marrying Fernanda….

NO! If Pedro marries Fernanda, then Chamoy will use her to get money out of him. He won’t put her in danger like that and he won’t steal from Humberto.

Basi tells him, again, to chill. Like the poet Arjona said, the problem isn’t the problem, the problem is in the solution to the problem. (That gets me laughing. That’s not quite how the song goes.) They’ve got to breathe, oxygenate their brains, reflect. Basi thinks they should sleep on it, too, but that doesn’t work for Pedro. He’d rather get the truth out there all at once and be done with it.

It’s a meeting, not a party

Inés and Sara prep some food. “Pedro” scolds them, saying it’s a business meeting, but ok, if they want to do it….

He asks about Yesenia and Inés brings up her concerns that Yesenia’s not exactly working in “a restaurant that serves alcohol” so much as a cantina. She doesn’t want him to talk to her about it, but maybe he could check it out? It must be someplace nearby.

“Pedro” goes off to get a board for the meeting and Inés turns to Sara. Funny how she wasn’t listening in on the conversation, hm? Sara claims she was so engrossed in her culinary labors, aka stirring the bean dip, that she didn’t hear a word.

People are starting to arrive for the meeting. Tencha scoffs to Melquiades’ that “Pedro” doesn’t know how to do anything but sing and score chicks. Yesenia tells Lupita her mom hasn’t said anything more about Yesenia’s “job.” They agree not to talk about “work” at the mercado. “Pedro’s” getting fussy because it’s already fifteen minutes past and people are still missing. Don Benjamin asks when “Pedro’s” bringing out the beers and Paloma says this ain’t that kind of meeting.

Yesenia complains some more to Lupita about stupid “Pedro” teaching them “business” stuff, pfft! Sara comes over with a tray of appetizers and tells Yesenia she can see how Inés figured out about her job, the way she runs her mouth. Inés told “Pedro” to start investigating so maybe Yesenia should try to be nice to him so he doesn’t rat her out.

“Pedro” (with unnecessary assists from Termi) talks about how what makes their mercado special is the relationships between the vendors. Some of them sell the raw materials that others use in their shops. Like Don Alvaro, who sells the avocados to Doña Maria, who makes the guacamole that is so internationally famous, according to Tencha, that it’s the only thing the Democrats and Republicans in this city can agree on. (Damn. I wonder what would bring about world peace? Enchiladas? Tamales? Does she just need to bring the guacamole to a wider audience?)

What “Pedro” has in mind is for the mercado to increase that kind of cooperation (between materials vendors and finished goods vendors) and become more self-sufficient. At Cocó’s request he backs up to draw a diagram and explain it a little better. Ruben comes in and he and Yesenia exchange longing glances.

Still not caring

Chamoy is seriously unwell. Writhing in pain. Sweating with fever. Self-medicating with booze and pills.

Casa Fuentemayor

Fabiola and Humberto are back from the travel agent’s. Fabi offers him a preview of the vacation nookie he’ll be getting (*barf*).

Nora comes in and Humberto tells her the trip plans are made and they’re leaving the Monday after the wedding. Nora asks to show Humberto something, but Fabi interferes, so she says it can wait.

Ignacio gets home (*barf*). Fernanda arrives for dinner, but they’re still waiting for “Leonardo.” Humberto is sure he lost track of time at work.

While he goes off to call “Leonardo,” Fabiola toasts to Fer resuming her *ahem* plans and to being like Fabi–a woman who knows what she wants. Wow, that…that’s not praise, Fabi.

In the kitchen, Humberto and Nora panic together because HOW DID BASI FIND OUT?! Nora doesn’t think he knows the truth, he’s just asking questions and she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t think he’s trying to blackmail Humberto or anything. She’s only telling him so he can be on guard and maybe, finally, tell Leonardo the truth.

So much for keeping things quiet. Fer’s upset at Fabi and Ignacio says she’s just being friendly. He’ll talk to her. So, did “Leonardo” sign the papers? Yes, but he didn’t read them. She sneers as she tells him “Leonardo” didn’t even want to sign at first because he thought it was an affront to their love. They both think it’s weird, but Ignacio says all that mattered is that he signed. They’ve got him in their hands now. “Leo” himself finally arrives for dinner.

Humberto is still in the kitchen, angry that this is coming back up again when everything seems to be going so well. He doesn’t want to tell “Leonardo.” If Basi is investigating, that means he doesn’t know anything. Nora insists, there are no guarantees he won’t find out some other way. Humberto refuses again, neither Leonardo nor anyone else has to know. “Know what,” Fabi wanders in to ask.

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5 years ago

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. I actually watched this episode. Lupe doing charades behind Inés while she was talking to Yesenia was very funny as was Basi trying to calm “Leo” down enough to come up with a solution to their Chamoy problem. Thanks for the link. I had never heard of Arjona but it was a nice video, filmed in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities. Speaking of Chamoy, I guess it’s too much to hope for that he would die of an overdose of pain pills and booze. I hope this is not a way for him… Read more »