¿Quién es Quién? Friday 5/6/16 #60

Yet another awkward dinner party at Casa Fuentemayor

Humberto asks Nora to leave so he can deal with Fabi on his own. Telling her it was a secret Sofia asked them to keep doesn’t help. She’s angry he doesn’t trust her. Hm…I’m sure some percentage of that is genuine, but the rest is just “How can I manipulate you if you don’t trust me?!”

Pedro noticed Fernanda and Ignacio got quiet when he walked in. Ignacio not-jokes that they were just plotting against him. He whines that they’ve been waiting for dinner and Pedro says he was, uh, in deep meditation. After some authentic-looking smoochies and sweet talk with Fernanda, he suggests they head into the dining room so Nachito can eat something.

Humberto is getting nowhere with Fabiola. Or rather, she’s getting nowhere by trying to guilt him–you trust the maid more than you trust me–so she pretends to give up.

I love the roses at the dinner table. There kind of a…what would you say, coral? I love that I have them to distract me from listening to Fabiola. Her fake praise of “Leonardo” on Fer’s behalf has him saying he’s the lucky one, that she’d be interested in a “pobre diablo” like him.

Humberto is alarmed. “Leo’s” a Fuentemayor! Oh, right, um, it’s just that Fernanda’s like an angel, so that makes him an imp.

Blah, blah, blah, honeymoon, blah, blah, blah. Pedro and Humberto sit there uncomfortably and then look up at each other at the same time and say “Can we talk?”

In the study, the conversation predictably goes nowhere as they both avoid saying anything directly. Humberto finally points out that Pedro is calling him “usted” and demands to know what Basilio told him about Martin Andrade.

In the dining room, they’re all wondering what’s going on. Fer’s a little weirded out at Fabiola’s talk of bugging the study and Leonardo’s office at Fuentemayor Corp. She excuses herself, saying she has a headache. It was probably Fabiola talking about “our plan” that did it.

Fabiola scoffs to Ignacio about Fer’s “rudeness.” He tried to tell her–Fer’s not doing this out of ambition. Fabiola laughs that off because of course la leona cree que todos son de su condición…a.

Humberto’s blood pressure is going up, or he’s starting to have an anxiety attack or something. Pedro gets him a glass of water and starts making excuses. Basi must have seen the name “Martin Andrade” on some paperwork, maybe it’s not even the same Martin Andrade Humberto’s thinking of. Humberto says he and Martin Andrade had a huge fight before Leonardo was born and he thought maybe someone was trying to use the name to get something out of “Leonardo”…?

Pedro denies it, but now he doesn’t want to tell Humberto what’s really wrong. Humberto insists, so Pedro does the Pedro thing and babbles and makes Humberto nervous all over again and then promises he’ll tell him tomorrow. When Humberto’s calmer. Yes, the wedding is two days from now, but he’s not backing out.

Fabi, in the absence of any real information, comes to the conclusion that what Nora and Humberto are hiding from “Leonardo” must be that Sofia had a history of mental illness. She thinks it’s the perfect explanation for, well, “Leonardo.” Ignacio’s practically salivating at the idea of getting proof that “Leo” is “crazy.” It would be the cherry on the cake. (Jerk!)

“Leo” and Humberto come back to the table and Fabi starts laying into them about being gone so long. Fer said she had a headache, but she was probably bored. Humberto makes an excuse about needing to consult with “Leo” on a business thing they’re going to have to deal with tomorrow. “Leo” gives up on dinner and goes to bed.

When Justino’s happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Justino lulls Magdalena into a false sense of security, asking her opinion about whether he’s too harsh with Eugenio. Once she admits she thinks so, he starts in on how he was too soft on Paloma and now….

She gets up from the table, angry that every time she thinks he’s in a good mood, there he goes again. Eugenio comes home, turns down dinner, and goes right to bed. If Justino wasn’t in a good mood before, he is now.

Tania is in tears, thinking of kissing Eugenio. He may have lied, but no, not Connie. She gets up to call her and realizes her cell phone is missing.


“Pedro” wraps up his presentation. The mercado vendors can all have higher profits individually, plus the mercado as a whole can do better. They can compete against other mercados instead of each other.

Tencha’s in. So is Cocó–in fact, she’s going to start getting the avocados for her face mask from Don Alvaro. She’d give “Pedro” a free sample, but he already has skin like a baby. Termi does not like hearing that!

The meeting breaks up. Ruben comes over to chat with Yesenia and that goes as badly as ever, though at a lower volume than usual. He thanks her for the piñata and claims he enjoyed smashing it to pieces. Riiiiight.

Ruben starts helping to clean up and narrowly escapes a conversation about Yesenia’s workplace by allowing himself to be led away by Sara. Perhaps he could explain some of that fancy stuff “Pedro” was talking about. Oh, sneaky granny!

As a few more vendors are filing out, “Pedro” reminds them he’s available for personal consultations. That’s music to Cocó’s ears…not so much to Termi’s. He hustles her out of there while “Pedro” holds on to Paloma like a shield. At least Paloma thought it was funny.

I’m not sure it was necessary, but Sara got Ruben to promise not to tell Inés anything about Yesenia’s job.

Finally everyone’s gone and Sara tells “Pedro” she, Paloma and Inés are his fan club.

Two steps forward, two steps back

Renata is thinking about “Pedro” dumping her, therapeutically, when Dani comes downstairs with Santi’s uneaten dinner on a tray. She advises Dani to give him time. He’s having a normal grief reaction and it’s going to take as long as it takes. She shouldn’t pressure him. (Why is she so good as long as it has nothing to do with “Pedro”?)

Or, wait…Is Dani in love with him? She’s not sure. They were friends for a long time, and she knows she wants the best for him. She wants him to be happy. But, love? She doesn’t know. Dani changes the subject to “Pedro.”

“I should have hit the brakes as soon as I realized I was having feelings for my patient.” Finally, Renata is showing some self-awareness! She was caught off guard because she’s usually so logical, and “Pedro’s” not her type…but he’s so refined, he knows about economics and finance. (That gets Dani thinking.) He’s a huge mystery and that’s why she can’t lose him as a patient. So much for self-awareness.

Put him out of my misery already!

Termi goes back to Cocó’s with her and gives her a hard time for flirting with “Pedro.” But, hey, how’s a girl to resist a guy who talks business? Termi tries some business babbling, but he can’t pull it off.

Anyway…pan y chocolate? Cocó starts to make it, but Termi interrupts her, wanting to ask her a question…about what’s in her heart. She thinks he’s trying to alburear her (draw her into an albur; get her to say something seemingly innocent that he can make a dirty joke about) but, no, he just wants to know if she’s still in love with “Pedro.”

Ok, seriously, am I missing something? Is Termi in some kind of a hurry that he’s pushing so hard? He’s been in love with her forever, by his count…what’s a few more weeks or months or years, even? (And why does everybody’s milk come in that same container as Tania’s? It’s creeping me out!)

After all his speechifying her answer is…”If you want bread, you’ll have to go buy some because the leftovers from yesterday are stale.” She smiles indulgently at him when he rushes off to buy some.

Inés Investigations

Inés is convinced that Sara knows where Yesenia works. And she’d better spill or Inés will sell the TV. *gasp* No more telenovelas? Or old movies?

In the dressing room at the Bar-ena, Yesenia hopes her mom was thrown off the track. She doesn’t want to lose this job. Where else is she going to make as much money? Lupe teases that she likes dancing around half-naked or she wouldn’t do it with such passion and something-something.

Eh, Yesenia did like it at first. She liked seeing the stupid look on Ruben’s face. But now if he’s around at all, he just looks grumpy.

Inés gets her first look at the arena and her eyes nearly pop out of her head. Once the match is over, Melquiades gets security into the ring and announces the moment they’ve all been waiting for…”Candy la Candida!”

The crowd chants her name as she slowly makes her way to…..eek! She sees Inés and runs back up the stairs to share her panic with Lupe. She refuses to go out there! Lupe agrees, but Melquiades? He doesn’t even think Inés being there is a big deal until Yesenia explains she’ll recognize her birthmark. Well then…Lupe will have to go out there. “But I don’t dance!” Yesenia hands over the cape and runs up to the dressing room.

Meanwhile a confused Inés wonders who the crowd is chanting for, since there doesn’t appear to be anyone showing up. Inés tries to head for the stairs, but Melquiades blocks her path. She cuts to the chase–she heard Yesenia was working there. Is it true? She sure does, as a waitress in the family area. He offers to take Inés, just as “Candy la Candida’s” show starts.

And it must be “Candy” right, because it says so right there on the back of the cape. Lupe gives the crowd her best moves, but they’re, um, not good. Inés is baffled–what’s with the girl in the ring, writhing around like a lizard in heat?! Melquiades is affronted. It’s vanguardia (avant-garde)! It’s how the shows in Vegas start!

Pobre de Lupe. Yesenia owes her big time. And mad props to the actress for her awesome bad dancing!

Up in the “family area” Inés is all “Duh, this is a CANTINA!” And sure enough, here comes Yesenia, bringing out a customer’s order. She claims she lied because she knew Inés would object. Well, duh! People drink here! There could be violence! It’s dangerous! Yesenia points out they have security…there’s a guy…outside. And yeah, she’s all made up, but that’s the uniform. Inés is not buying it.

Pobre de Lupita gets back to the dressing room and hopes what she’s drenched in is beer (no que security was supposed to deal with that?). Mel adds insult to injury by sticking his head in and telling her dancing is not her thing.

Abusive behavior RED FLAG: I’m only insulting, controlling, and isolating you for your own good

Eugenio thinks about what Connie said, about Tania thinking he might be drugging her, and asks out loud how Tania could think that. He tells Magdalena Tania is gone for good, but she encourages him not to give up.

Tania opens the door for Justino. He thinks he’s being sneaky when he slips her phone out of his pocket and puts it back on top of the refrigerator. Tania watches him as he puts away the groceries he brought and brags about how he got the owner of the pensión to tell anyone who asks that she’s gone back to Mexico. Then she asks him why he took her phone.

“Well, um, I didn’t want you to call that guy. I know you women are weak.” She does NOT appreciate that. She tells him to quit treating her like a ten-year-old.

So, of course, he starts in on how he heard more bad stuff about Eugenio from the police. It’s a little convoluted. Somehow, Eugenio’s had reports made, but there’s not enough evidence to do anything because he always picks girls who are undocumented. “Then how did the police hear about him at all?” From…family members…of those girls…who wanted to warn them. “So how come I didn’t hear about it from anyone at the Cultural Center?”

He resorts to the “Are you calling me a liar?”defense. And for good measure, adds “What better proof is there than finding that necklace on the floor? See, that’s why I say you women are weak. You pay attention to jerks who say pretty things. See how you are?”

Magdalena can’t get Eugenio to cheer up or think of the future. He’s just too bummed. He gets up the guts to ask her if she’s heard anything about a guy named Eugenio in the neighborhood who…?

She’s outraged! Yes, there are gang members in the neighborhood and some shady stuff goes on, but someone with his name? What is going on? Eugenio says it’s just gossip.

Justino found Tania a new place to live, but she doesn’t want to give up her job. She’ll be fine as long as she’s away from Eugenio. Justino says he knows better than her and if she wants to keep living in this country, she’s got to pay attention to him. Tania’s had enough BS for one day, so she says she’ll think about it tomorrow. Justino takes his leave.

Business is sexay!

“Pedro” and Paloma hang out at her place while he talks about his ideas for marketing the mercado as “A little corner of Mexico in Los Angeles” and bringing in more than just the neighborhood crowd. Paloma digs his business talk and rewards him with some kisses. “Pedro” thinks he can be inspired to come up with some more ideas if she keeps doing that. She already inspires him to be a better person. *smoochies*

Even when he’s not around, he’s still screwing things up.

Fernanda gets back to her apartment, thinks about seeing “Leonardo” giving Chamoy money, and says he brought it on himself. He’s going to pay for what he did to her and her family.

Pedro is also thinking of Chamoy and his half a mil demand. He doesn’t want to be like Chamoy, but he doesn’t have the guts to tell the truth. He looks at Fernanda’s picture and says she’s going to be heartbroken when she finds out he’s nothing more than a talking perico.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. Let’s hope it is a good sign that Tania saw that Justino stole her phone. Maybe she will reconsider his true motives. Otherwise we’re still on the bummer parade. At least “Pedro” and Paloma are still together but I’m sure something will happen to separate them. Two hours a day will certainly make the whole thing move faster!

4 years ago

Thanks, Diva!
” And mad props to the actress for her awesome bad dancing!” She was great! At being not great, I mean. Ha ha.
“Abusive behavior RED FLAG: I’m only insulting, controlling, and isolating you for your own good” This guy’s just desserts can’t come soon enough.
I’m dying to see what happens when Leonardo gets his memory back.