¿Quién es Quién? Monday 5/9/16 #61

Pedro calls Fernanda to apologize and ask if he can come over, but it’s late and she’s got to get up early tomorrow.

The Cultural Center

Connie is already missing Tania. Ruben is disappointed she won’t be around anymore. Speaking of disappointment, Fabiola shows up.

As Ruben walks away, Fabiola makes sure to drool over him before asking if he’s still ignoring Connie, just for maximum grossness. Officially, she’s there to invite Connie to the wedding.

Fabi has taken the liberty of ordering a dress for Connie, as if Connie would care about that. Blah, blah, blah, family, blah, blah, good things. Connie calls her on using that same phrase right before Fabi left her dad. When Fabi says “good things” are on the way for the family, what she really means is “good things” are coming for HER and someone else is getting hurt.

Fabiola can’t stand talking about her ex. She tells Connie her dad never calls her because he’s more interested in getting revenge on Fabi by not giving her a divorce than he is in his own daughter. She thinks she did nothing wrong, just “saved” Connie and Ignacio from a life of mediocrity.

Casa Perico

Sara’s in the middle of her stories when Yesenia gets home and accuses Sara of ratting her out to Inés. Inés hears the fuss and comes over to tell Yesenia to leave her grandmother alone! She still hasn’t decided whether she’s going to let Yesenia keep her job.

Paloma comes over for coffee and tells everyone “Pedro’s idea for the mercado–a little corner of Mexico in Los Angeles. Sara calls it “Un rincón cerca del cielo” (like the line from Si nos dejan). Everyone loves that.

The love-fest ends when Chamoy stumbles in and passes out in the living room. Paloma can tell he’s running a fever from the infection and strongly suggests they get him to a hospital.

Paloma and Sara stay back at the house. Sara babbles to Paloma about how her son’s not a bad guy, not really.

Nobody’s answering their phones and Sara insists on going to the hospital in person, but “Pedro” comes in. Chamoy’s going to be fine. They got his fever under control and in a couple of hours they’ll decide whether they’re going to keep him or release him. Sara is relieved and tells “Pedro” and Paloma they should go on and go to work–she’ll be ok now.

Before they go, they have a quiet conversation about Chamoy. “Pedro” thinks he neglected himself on purpose, to gain sympathy.

And then there’s some whispered flirting and smoochies.

“She’s not there” turns into “There she is!”

Eugenio sees Tania out on the street and demands an explanation for why she’s hiding from him. She demands an explanation for drugging her. He swears he didn’t and suggests they go to the police or go back to the neighborhood and she can ask around and see if anyone has anything negative to say about him. She tells him she found his necklace on the floor and he looks guilty.

Eugenio explains the necklace broke and he left it with his mom to fix. He has no idea how it ended up at her apartment. She won’t believe him if she doesn’t see it. She never wants to see him again.

Eugenio comes home and starts frantically searching for the necklace, but Magdalena has already looked everywhere. Justino hears the commotion and comes in to bray about how Eugenio should quit crying like a little boy over “that woman” and start acting “like a man.”

Justino continues his ranting, telling Eugenio to just go find himself another woman. After all, there are plenty of them out there. He wouldn’t be such a good-for-nothing if Magdalena wasn’t always defending him like a child and letting him hide behind her skirts. And then the enormous jackass leaves the house.

Connie’s giving a pep talk to a student when Eugenio comes in to beg her to help him convince Tania he’s not a rapist.

Tania tells Justino about running into Eugenio while he drugs her tea. Of course, it’s té de valeriana (valerian, to aid with sleep) so he’s got a built-in excuse when she passes out again, plus he can blame it on Eugenio again now that Eugenio knows she didn’t leave the country. And tomorrow he’s going to move her into her new place.

Outside Tania’s room, Connie sees Justino locking the door. He claims it’s his room, he’s not this “Don Pepe.” Connie tries to look through the window, but she doesn’t knock. Tania is sleeping.

Basi’s very bad day

When Basilio gets to work, Ivonne tells him that Humberto is looking for him. Humberto hands him his severance pay and tells him to sign the paperwork at Ivonne’s desk. Humberto has no problem telling him it’s because he was asking around about Martin Andrade. It doesn’t help that Basi can’t give him a good answer about how he heard the name.

He refuses to tell him how he heard the name or why he was asking Nora about him, because he promised he wouldn’t. He refuses to break his promise.

Ivonne’s surprised to hear Basi was fired. He cries over how much he’ll miss the copy machine…and the elevator. He begs Ivonne to remember him fondly. And then she hugs him and he gets a little too comfortable with that.

“Leonardo” finally makes it to the office (after trying to talk to Chamoy, who as we know wasn’t “home”) and Ivonne snags him right inside the lobby door downstairs to tell him about Basi’s firing. He swears he’ll do everything he can to get Basi back! Ivonne says she’ll leave it in his hands. Pedro calls Basi and rushes right back out of the building to wherever he is.

Pedro finds Basi at a bar. They each blame themselves–Basi for not being discreet enough and Pedro for asking him to look into it in the first place. Basi doesn’t hold it against Pedro. But he sure will miss Katita…the copy machine. Basi figured Humberto heard from Nora, since she did threaten to have him fired. Pedro thinks this means they were on to something, otherwise why fire Basi?

Here’s what they know: Humberto said his problem with Martin Andrade happened before Leonardo was born; Humberto is trying to keep Leonardo from knowing anything about it; Humberto was so upset just from hearing the name that Pedro thought he was going to die. Which is the reason Pedro didn’t reveal his true identity. And now he doesn’t know what to do, because if he does it might kill Humberto, it would break Fernanda’s heart and thus Pedro’s heart…but if he doesn’t then he’s going to have to steal to keep Chamoy happy.

Basi reminds Pedro that he has the Moretz money. Even if it’s in Leonardo’s account, he’s the one who earned it, so he should take it and pay off Chamoy and marry Fer. He has the right to the commission, and that’s not stealing from anybody. Ooh, Pedro likes this plan! Basi is proud of his student and glad his wisdom is going to stay with him even if he’s not around. Ah, but Pedro is going to get Basi re-hired. They hug. A waitress gets the wrong idea. They decide they have to quit being so open with their PDA. I disagree.

Can we just get this wedding over with?

Fernanda is distracted at work, fuming over the crap Fabiola told her last night. She’s not a gold-digger, damnit! Dani comes in and Fernanda complains that Santi sounded depressed when she talked to him this morning. Dani reminds her it’s going to be a process. She wants Fernanda to end this already–talk to “Leonardo,” the one who paid for her brother’s surgery and saved his life. Give him a chance to explain everything.

Nope, Fernanda’s not going to go do the reasonable thing. Dani doesn’t buy that Fer’s lovey feelings just evaporated. Well, no, of course not, she just crossed the thin line from love to hate, that’s all.

Ivonne brings in the box with Fernanda’s wedding dress. Like Fernanda cares. That’s ok, Ivonne’s enthusiastic enough for the both of them. And she’s sure this time he’ll actually go through with it. She mentions that she and Ignacio are also back together again. Fernanda indulges her curiosity and opens the box so they can look at the dress. There’s also a card. From Ignacio. Telling her he’ll be fantasizing she’s marrying him instead. Fer hides it and says it was a card from the dress shop, wishing her luck.

Ignacio stops by Fer’s office to smarm in her general direction, but he gets nowhere with her.


Termi’s in a foul mood. Cocó’s outfit theme today is “flowers.” It’s more interesting to focus on that than on Termi’s story of being cheated on by his girlfriend when he was 15. All to justify yelling at Cocó for still having a thing for Perico. So, I see flowers on the bodice of the onesie, flowers behind her ear, a floral collar…and are the earrings flowers, too or are they just purple?

The Termi-Cocó show goes into its second season. Her bracelets are floral, too. She knees him in the groin for saying he knows how to deal with her “type” of girl. Cocó does not take steps backward! She’s done with “Perico.” She’s just a free-spirited flirt and she doesn’t put up with possessive dudes. She only came by to talk to him about a business idea she had, but now? *flounce*

A customer at the piñateria writes her number on “Pedro’s” hand. He gets in trouble with Termi. Of course that’s also because Termi thinks “Pedro” was flirting back with Cocó at the meeting. He wants to fight, but “Pedro” is in such a bad mood that he’s not in the mood for a fight.


Fabi fakes car trouble (and humanity) to get Ruben’s attention. He knows nothing about cars, but he’s willing to take a look so she can ogle him.

The car starts. Ruben claims there was a loose cable. I can’t imagine Fabi did that herself, so I doubt it was actually keeping the car from running. She invites him to dinner to thank him. Lupe looks out the window and gets the wrong idea. Well, the wrong idea about Ruben, because she’s got Fabi’s number for sure.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Diva!
Love your headings like: ““She’s not there” turns into “There she is!” and “Basi’s very bad day.” Ha ha.
And everything else.
Say, what is the deal with suggesting that Fabi can’t get a divorce from her first husband without his consent and that’s why she can’t marry Bert? I think this is sort of a carry over from some law in Mexico.

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

The “one spouse can’t get a divorce without the other’s consent” trope is pretty common in novelas. And it is being used inconsistently here because we know that Inés got a divorce from Chamoy and he didn’t consent, he didn’t even know about it until he got the divorce decree. While consent may be required somewhere, it’s certainly not required in California.

4 years ago

According to this article on Legal Zoom, a spouse can obtain a “no-fault” divorce without the other party’s consent in all 50 states. The complications come in when there are children or significant property to divide but, according to the article, even if one party won’t negotiate on those issues, the divorce can still be granted. So at least for novelas set in the US, this is one of the many inaccuracies about the law.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jean

Thanks, Jean.