¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 5/10/16 #62

I miss Armando

Fabi takes Ruben to a nice restaurant and orders champagne. She’s paying. I mean for the champagne, but she’s also going to pay for her crack about how she’d like him to stop calling her “Señora” and address her as “tú” so she doesn’t feel like she’s old, fat, and ugly (What are you trying to say, Fabi?). She wants to know how he sees her. “Attractive,” obviously, since he’s too clueless to see her as superficial, vain, manipulative, greedy, cruel….

Fabi gets Ruben to talk about his documentary project and pretends to be interested.

Somehow, they’ve gone through a bottle of champagne and Fabi orders another. Because who cares if Ruben thinks he’s had enough–champagne is a “noble” drink. She moves on to asking about his love life.

Champagne bottle #2 is opened and Ruben refuses another refill. He brings up his video booth at the mercado and Fabi asks for private film classes and then “confesses” to him that she loves erotic films. (Oh, for fffffffffffffff….) She might have finally scared him off.

I don’t even want to write this, but if I had to hear it, you’re all going to suffer with me…Fabi, once Ruben runs away in terror, swears she’s going to bathe him in chocolate and eat him whole.

Family. Can’t live with ’em.

“Pedro” tells Termi about Chamoy’s latest drama. He’s going to close up the shop so Sara’s not at home by herself. He thanks Termi for being there for him as soon as he said he had a problem, even though Termi had come over to punch him. He should let Cocó see his big heart–that will win her over.

Paloma has glittery leaves. She’s picking some out for an arrangement when Cachito comes running in to announce that he got an “A” in English and “la miss” congratulated him. So, can he go hang with Catoño? Of course! Eugenio isn’t quite as pleased as Paloma. Girl trouble? Ohhhh yeah.

Paloma gets the scoop and she’s angry at Tania, but Eugenio thinks it’s this mysterious “Don Pepe’s” fault. Who knows why this guy has something against Eugenio; he’s never even met him! In that case, Paloma thinks they need to find “Don Pepe” and clear up this mess.

Paloma can’t wait to find him and teach him he can’t go around talking smack about people. She’s not willing to back off and let Eugenio’s reputation be ruined. They agree not to talk to Magdalena about it.

Eugenio’s less concerned about his reputation than he is about finding out who IS drugging Tania. He calls Connie and reports back to Paloma that she wasn’t able to talk to Tania. From the fruit stand, Justino spies on his children.

Paloma’s still trying to get Eugenio to quit moping when Justino comes over to tell him to watch the veg stand because he has something to do (*shudder*).

He actually has the gall to tell Paloma that maybe Eugenio IS drugging that girl. She’s furious–Eugenio’s a good guy and he knows it. “Yeah? I thought you were good, too, but it turned out you were a slut.” Cachito hears him and wants to know why his grandpa is calling his mom that.

Cachito tells him it was a rude thing to say. Paloma won’t let Justino dismiss her son and says Justino is the one who should be leaving. She tells Cachito to just ignore him–he runs his mouth for no reason.

Fuentemayor Corp: Investments, Investigations, and Idleness

Humberto has been waiting for “Leonardo” to come beg him to un-fire Basi and he’s got his “NO” face ready! Pedro tries several tactics, including pointing out that by firing Basi he’s living up to Santiago Blanco’s description, but what eventually works is his threat that he’ll leave with Basi and the two of them will go work for whatever competitor hires him first.

Humberto respects that “Leo” is a hard negotiator, but rather than a threat, he wants a deal. Basi can have his job back as long as the wedding takes place without a hitch (at the first sign of trouble, he’s gone) AND no more indiscretions on Basi’s part. Pedro agrees and gives Bert a big hug and a kiss.

Ivonne’s carrying a huge box through the downstairs lobby when she sees Basi and “Leonardo.” She’s so happy to have Basi back she gives him a long hug while Pedro looks like he’s encouraging Basi to let his hands wander.

Basi and Pedro are back in Leo’s office trying to analyze how he got two hugs out of Ivonne in one day without using any of Pedro’s patented techniques. Pedro realizes he unknowingly used the pollito desamparado (helpless chick) strategy and activated the “mothering instinct” that “all beautiful women” have. Seriously? They’re twelve. Can we get to some actual plot?

Pedro tells Basi about his deal with Humberto. They’re going to leave “Martin Andrade” alone to rot in peace and Pedro’s going to go pay off Chamoy so he’s not stressed before the wedding.

The inevitable has happened

“Pedro” gets home and finds Chamoy at the dining table, being fussed over by Yesenia and Sara. Yesenia gloats that he has to stay with them for a few days, doctor’s orders. Inés looks unhappy. Sara puts “Pedro” on the spot saying she’s sure he won’t object. Chamoy gets to play the martyr, saying he’ll go if “Pedro” doesn’t want him there.

“Pedro” leaves it up to Inés, since it’s HER house and SHE’S the head of the family. Inés says he can stay and goes to put sheets on the bed in the back room. “Pedro” joins her when he can’t take any more of Chamoy’s smarm and Yesenia’s…Yesenia. Chamoy hugs his mom and daughter, which gives him an opportunity to roll his eyes, just in case anybody thought he might actually be sincere.

Of course Inés said “yes.” What kind of person would she be if she didn’t? She tells “Pedro” it’ll only be a few weeks and then she’ll tell him he has to leave. “Pedro” makes her promise to tell him if Chamoy shows her any disrespect.

Watching Sara and Yesenia fawn over Chamoy disgusts me. I hope he loses patience with it soon and shares his true feelings so we can get this farce over with. “Pedro” comes through on his way back to the shop just as Chamoy’s giving thanks for the fire because it got him back together with his family. Ugh! Chamoy manipulates him into agreeing to go to the hotel with him later to bring his stuff over.

Yesenia. Attitude. I note that she’s projecting her own crap on to “Pedro” accusing him of thinking he’s the saint while Chamoy’s the devil. Inés can’t wait for things to get back to normal. I assume she means in the pre-Chamoy’s-release way.


Fer hangs out with Santi, who’s as mopey as ever. He doesn’t like feeling like a burden to Dani and Renata and he wants to know when he can move in with Fer (so he can be a burden to her instead?). Fer asks him to give her a few more months, which is fine with him but he wants to know what she’s up to.

Fernanda lies to Santiago, then tells him to trust her, then says she’s trying to get back what’s rightfully theirs. She’ll make sure Those People pay.

Santi dislikes the idea of Fer being out there, dealing with them on her own. She says she’ll be fine, but…um…she’s not going to be around to see him for a few days. She’s going on a trip. Dani’s right there to distract him with the promise of FUN FUN FUN while “Isa’s” away. Fer and Dani exchange a look while she leaves. It really sounds fake when Dani says she doesn’t know where Fer’s going on this trip…that they haven’t talked about…that’s probably for work….

Today’s episode of “Mercado Moments” is sponsored by Terminator Cheeses: I’ll brie back!

Yesenia. Piñata spiel. Lupe arrives and tells Yesenia about her drenching at the hands of last night’s audience. She’s never going on as “Candy” AGAIN! Yesenia teases her about still smelling like booze…no, wait, it’s just one of Cocó’s perfumes.

Yesenia tells Lupe she had a sexy dream about Ruben last night. She was wearing the dress she wore at Pedro’s non-wedding. She was standing on a balcony with the wind blowing through her hair and Ruben tossed a rope up to her and told her to climb down and run off with him. So she yelled at him not to look up her skirt while she did. But then they went to a carnival and she was having a good time playing the games and eating and Ruben gave her a bunch of teddy bears. And then they were kissing and then things started heating up and then…she woke up because a street vendor walked by the house hawking tamales. Bummer.

Termi is carrying a bunch of cheese boxes out from behind the counter and he trips over his sandwich board and drops them at the feet of…Ximena Duque! He pinches himself to make sure he’s not dreaming or dead and looking at an angel. She introduces herself as Clarita and he gives her his whole list of names. Cocó comes over to yell at him and demand an introduction to his “angel.”

Clarita introduces herself to Cocó and explains she was just apologizing to Termi here for making him drop his boxes. She offers to help him pick up the boxes and while they’re all babbling someone comes up behind her with a huge bouquet of flowers. Clarita starts sneezing and explains she’s allergic to flowers. She fumbles in her bag for her Claritin. You know, Claritin–the allergy medication. More banter with Cocó and then she leaves. So…is she sticking around or did they just bring her in for the product placement? (Here’s the answer.)

Yesenia’s ready to go over and tell Ruben she wants to get back together, but Lupe stops her. After a bunch of fake excuses, she spills about seeing Ruben with some rich woman with a fancy car. Yesenia tries to explain it away, but Lupe saw them holding hands.

When is he moving back out?

“Pedro” packs up all of Chamoy’s crap while he’s forced to listen to Chamoy’s ramblings and indirectas about him being almost like a whole different person who just looks the same. When “Pedro” goes into the bathroom for the toiletries, Chamoy stashes a big wad of cash in his duffel bag. It looks like it hurts him to do it. Good! “Pedro” catches him.

Chamoy claims he’s just trying to be helpful. “Pedro” doesn’t want Chamoy screwing up the healing process again. He doesn’t care about being nice to Chamoy–Inés, Sara, and Yesenia are his priorities. He’s not going to let them get hurt by Chamoy. As long as Chamoy doesn’t upset or offend Inés that’s as close to “llevando la fiesta en paz” as he’s going to get with “Pedro.”

“Pedro” gets Chamoy back to the house so Sara can fuss over him some more. That creep does not deserve homemade cookies. “Pedro” and I seethe. Inés comes over to him to quietly thank him for trying to get along with his dad and he reminds her again that Chamoy is not to be allowed even ONE incident of creep-ness. Inés promised that already.

Renata calls to tell him the French doctor is here and would like to see him tomorrow. Chamoy listens in as “Pedro” mentions not going to therapy anymore and agrees to meet at Renata’s office.

Mother-Son bonding time

Fabi comes back to the house with shopping bags and demands that Nora take them upstairs. It’s what she gets paid to do, right? And Nora had better be careful putting away all her purchases. Before she can leave, Fabi asks if everything is ready for tomorrow. She’s going to be supervising Nora to make sure nothing gets screwed up.

Ignacio’s not in the mood to care about Fabi’s shopping spree. She’s annoyed that he’s not happier about being thisclose to getting what they want. He hates seeing Fer in “Leonardo’s” arms? Pfft! Get over it! (Gosh, Iggy, aren’t you glad you brought your dear, loving mom in on the plan?)

Ignacio’s also not in the mood for Fabi’s “my baby’s the handsomest, that girl’s going to come back to you,” crap. She brags about laying down the law with Humberto–he’s not even going to be allowed to use his cell phone to call the office and she’ll keep him occupied so Ignacio can do everything he needs to do in peace. Ignacio’s grumpy that she can’t marry Humberto before this trip, but he can understand Matías refusing to give her a divorce after “what she did.” Fabi gets snippy about not wanting to discuss her past with him.

Ignacio insists they have to find a way to get Matías to agree to a divorce. Maybe if they offered him money? Oh, but that stupid loser doesn’t even care about money! And that’s why Fabi left him. “Um, no. He left you. And we both know why.” Ignacio leaves for a meeting and I’m rather annoyed that they’re not letting US in on the big secret.

Flashback: Fabi follows Matías into a parking garage, begging him not to leave. She admits she made a mistake, but she just felt so alone. Matías refuses to accept responsibility for what she did. Especially not when he’s been working his ass off to make money so she can swan around with her friends, impressing them with her name-brand clothes and her stupid expensive handbags. She begs him to take the argument somewhere more private, but he doesn’t care if people see them. She’s ruined his life. Not only did she make him lose his job, but he’s been humiliated. Fabi thinks maybe this is their chance to start over somewhere new. Matías grabs her arms and when she says he’s hurting her, says he ought to kill her. He’ll never forgive her for this. He swears she’ll pay.

Pre-wedding jitters

“Leonardo” comes over to Fer’s with a sunflower for her. He’s always going to follow where she leads, like the sunflower follows the sun. He’s excited about the wedding. He wants to know if she’d still love him if he were poor. If…you know…he were a piñata vendor at a mercado? Would she even have noticed him?

He’s not insinuating she’s marrying him for his money, he’s just thinking of a couple he saw in the park sharing a hamburger because it looked like all they could afford. But they looked like they were in love. Fer gets teary. She can just imagine the two of them–“Leo” selling the hamburgers and her putting the mostaza (mustard) on the bread. Yes, she’d be there with him. He thanks her for settling his nerves and she calls him crazy, but says she’s crazier for marrying him. She sends him home to rest up for their big day tomorrow. “Leo” walks arm-in-arm with her to do the door before he leaves.

Later, Fer is in bed, dreaming. “Leonardo” comes into her apartment. She jumps out of bed and he grabs her and snogs her. She insists she hates him, but he knows she loves him. She can’t fight it!

Fernanda wakes up wondering what she’s doing!


Cachito is still upset about Justino. He thinks maybe if his father were to show up, Justino would quit saying rude things to Paloma. She doubts that’s going to happen. Anyway, it’s time for bed. He may be a big boy, but he still wants her to sing him to sleep.

“Pedro” comes over to Paloma’s and she runs into his arms. She desperately needed a hug.

Hm…hugs from Eugenio Siller on bad days…add that to the list.

Paloma doesn’t want to talk about her dad’s latest round of BS. She’s only upset that it happened in front of Cachito. “Pedro” thinks this is all the more reason for them to get married soon–Justino would certainly stop the name-calling if they were married. “I think you’re using this as an excuse because you want to wake up in my bed every morning.” He says it’s not a bad idea. *smoochies*

Oh. You’re still here.

Sara is feeding Chamoy again while he complains it’s too much and Inés and I glare. Chamoy gets to reminiscing about all the happy times in this house. Inés keeps glaring and walks right past him and up the stairs.

Chamoy asks Sara about Renata and whether she thinks “Pedro” will recover his memory. Sara tells him the only thing “Pedro” can remember from before the accident is asking someone to marry him. She hopes he doesn’t remember!

Chamoy agrees–let him be happy with his new life. Uh, ’cause if he can’t remember it’s like he has a new life, right?

Like, coolest amnesia EVER!

“Pedro” is meeting with Dr. Marcel while Renata listens in. As he finishes his explanation, Dr. Marcel looks over at Renata and says, in French, he’s surprised. He thought this was a man with little education. “Pedro,” EN FRANÇAIS, says just because he’s poor doesn’t mean he’s ignorant! And now they’re ALL surprised.

He had no idea he spoke French. Dr. Marcel said he sounded very natural. Of course, he has no recollection of anything before the accident, so he has no idea whether he might have studied French at some point. Renata thinks maybe he had some classes and is just one of those lucky people who has a knack for languages. (Except that Paloma told him he had a hard time learning English.)

“Pedro” asks if there have been cases where a person doesn’t recover their memory. Dr. Marcel has heard of a few, typically associated with certain illnesses.

Their interest feels a little skeevy. Dr. Marcel wants to present “Pedro’s” case at a symposium on amnesia. “Pedro’s” not interested in being anyone’s conejillo de indias (Guinea pig). Dr. Marcel’s face falls, but he says nothing as “Pedro” says he’s had enough already and he’s going back to work. Renata begs him to go and Marcel just watches, listening as “Pedro” says he doesn’t care about the past anymore, only his present. He excuses himself and Dr. Marcel nods.

Renata shows Dr. Marcel a photo of Pedro de mariachi. He’s heard of radical changes in personality with amnesia, but never someone suddenly knowing new things! He’s going to see if he can find some similar cases. (He keeps giving Renata this weird smile and I’m waiting for him to call her out on her crush.)

The other creep

Tania’s groggy (but dressed) when Justino comes over, banging on the door repeatedly to wake her up so they can go to her new place.

Justino insists Tania was just tired because of all the stress, but she recognizes the headache from when she would wake up undressed. He’s sure all the “problems” will be over once she moves.

Paloma and Magdalena discuss the Eugenio situation and the missing necklace. She did ask Justino if he saw it, but he said he didn’t and then he got angry at her for not believing him.

Paloma knows how Justino is. She asks if Magdalena has thought any more about leaving him. Of course she has, but she also remembers the good times and she hasn’t lost hope that one day he’ll come to his senses. He wouldn’t know how to live without his family and she doesn’t know how she would live without him. Paloma tells her that’s just fear talking.

Paloma’s cell phone rings and whatever “Pedro” tells her has her running out of the house to see him.

NOW do you get it?

Ruben tries to get Connie to stop worrying about Tania. He offers to take her to the movies, but she’s got this wedding to go to…. A box arrives addressed to Ruben.

Someone sent Ruben a fancy camera. We all know who. Connie’s the one who finds the card. She’s furious that Fabiola wants RUBEN to fulfill his dreams.

Wedding, take 2

It’s wedding day all over again. Nora is directing the maids and dressed up in black lace with her hair all done in loose waves. Basi is curt with her and she wonders why. Well, “Leonardo” is waiting for his suit (*cough* and you nearly got him fired *cough*) so she’ll have to excuse him if all he can spare is a less-than-effusive “Good morning.”

Dani laments that Fer’s wedding makeup isn’t covering the dark circles under her eyes. I didn’t realize she already had hair and makeup done until I noticed the sparkly pins in her loose braid. She reminds Dani yet again to quit calling her “Isa.” She’s Fernanda Manrique and Fernanda Manrique can’t afford to love any man!

Pedro’s so nervous he can’t button the right buttons. He’s happy to be marrying Fernanda, but he wishes his real family could be there. Basi has to re-button his shirt for him…once he explains it’s not meant to be asymmetrical. As they chat, Basi gets Pedro dressed, with much physical comedy.

Pedro warns Basi to keep an eye out for Chamoy–he hasn’t heard from him and he doesn’t want him to show up and cause a scene. Basi thinks Chamoy gave up after realizing that it wouldn’t be easy to get to the Fuentemayors. They’ve got an army of lawyers and he’s a guy with a criminal record.

They finish getting him dressed (damn, those pants look tight) and Basi goes to bring him a té de tila (linden tea, for nerves)

Fer’s dress this time around is short, with a hi-lo hemline, and floral and swiss-dotted lace. Even though she knows Fer doesn’t want to hear it, Dani says she’s sure this wedding is going to be good for Fer and “Leo.” Dani waits downstairs while Ignacio tells Fer they’ve nearly done it. Soon the Fuentemayors will pay.

Fernanda is wearing the dress Ignacio picked out and he’s being all creepy about it being like he’s with her. Fer tiene cara de “Whatever.” She’s insulted that he’s whining about his jealousy when she’s the one who’s getting the “worst” end of this deal. Instead of swearing she doesn’t feel anything for “Leo” like he asks her to, she tells him let her go–it’s getting late. She walks out of her apartment, leaving Ignacio to follow.

In the kitchen, Basilio makes tea for Pedro while Nora complains about everyone putting things in the wrong place. Basi tells her she got him fired. She swears she didn’t ask Humberto to fire him! She’ll do anything to make things right between them…so Basi asks her to tell him about Martin Andrade. Yeah, that’s not happening. He takes the tea up to Pedro.

Fabi puts on her makeup and thinks about Ruben. Humberto sounds annoyed when he asks her to help him with his tie. He can’t stop worrying that the same thing’s going to happen again, or “Leo” will do some new “crazy” thing. Fabi suggests more serious treatment than whatever “Leo” is taking for stress, if Humberto’s really worried about him.

The pants are giving Pedro a wedgie. Or possibly his endless pacing is, but I’m telling you those pants looked too tight. Nora asks for a moment alone with “Leo.” He’s missing his mom, but at least he has Nora there as a stand-in. She gives him a blessing.

Fabi greets Ivonne. I wish the skirt on Ivonne’s dress were just a touch longer, or maybe shorter. The proportions look off. Basi comes down the stairs and sees her and plans to act pathetic again, but his potential hug is interrupted by the arrival of the bride. Ivonne and Dani drag her off into Humberto’s study so no one will see her. Ignacio’s bad attitude chases Basi out of the living room.

Nora goes downstairs to supervise the waiters. This leaves Pedro alone to answer his cell phone when Chamoy calls. Before he can do much more than complain that Chamoy wasn’t even at his hotel when Pedro went looking for him, Humberto arrives and he pretends it was just someone with a credit card offer and hangs up. Humberto came up to grab him because the judge is there.

As they walk down the stairs, Humberto tells “Leo” he remembers being nervous when he married Leo’s mother, but he needs to calm down. If he pulls that “I’m not getting married” stunt again. Humberto will die of a heart attack! Nora pins flowers to their lapels.

Pedro goes over to greet Don Fermin and Doña Leticia. Humberto goes over to greet Connie. He’s happy to see her and insists they’ll talk later.

Humberto tells everyone the ceremony is about to start and they follow him into the dining room.

Dani is still trying to insist that Fer and “Leo” can get past any problem. Ignacio comes in and tells Fer it’s time.

She walks across the living room to the wedding march. Pedro leans over to Humberto and says she looks like an angel.

The judge starts the ceremony with how happy he is to be presiding over this wedding between two people so important to the Latino community of this country. Dude, it’s a wedding, not a business event!

Pedro hears “The voice of Perico” telling him to make a run for it. His dos neuronas, Right and Left, start arguing about whether he should get married or not. He keeps looking around as he listens to them. He interrupts the judge with “I’m so confused! I only have two brain cells and they’re arguing!” Everybody stares. “Did I say that out loud?” Humberto leans over to tell him the judge asked him a question.

The judge asks again, “Do you take this woman…?” In his head he hears “Yes!…No!…I don’t know!” and he looks at Fer and whines. Fer’s not giving him any help!

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4 years ago

Great recap, Kat. I LOVE your titles, especially:
Today’s episode of “Mercado Moments” is sponsored by Terminator Cheeses: I’ll brie back! and
Like, coolest amnesia EVER!
I’ll do plot comments in the recap of Wed.’s episode.