¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 5/11/16 #63

The Wedding of the Year…or the wedding that feels like it’s been going on for a year

Before Pedro can answer, a phone starts ringing. Everyone checks, but…it’s his! He shuts it off. Oh, right, his answer! Fer has had his heart, his soul, his life in her hands for a long time. He’s been all hers since he met her. That’s a “yes!” And Fernanda also says “yes!” And then the somewhat-happy couple treat the guests to a genuine-looking kiss.

The reception gets underway. Ivonne finally believes there’s nothing between Fer and Ignacio, after seeing how in love she is with “Leonardo.” Iggy goes to fetch her some champagne and Basi comes up to sniffle in her general direction. She hands him tissues and goes over to talk to Barb from HR.

Don Fermin and Doña Leticia congratulate “Leonardo” and Fer. Leticia wants Fermin to give her the Perico treatment. He does such a great job with his piropos she starts kissing him in the middle of the party.

Fabi complains about Connie’s clothes. She wasn’t planning on coming, but she saw Ruben’s special gift. Humberto wanders over and Fabi describes the camera as a gift to the school. Bert loves that she’s sooooo generous. Humberto’s proud of Connie for trying to do things on her own, but if she needs anything at all, he hopes she’ll ask.

Humberto goes to attend the other guests and Connie gives Fabi a final warning that if she doesn’t leave Ruben alone, Humberto will find out what she’s really like.

Pedro shares his panic with Basilio about the missed call from Chamoy in the middle of the ceremony. Basi says to try to put him off for a few days. Humberto’s going on vacation soon anyway, and then they can figure things out.

Ignacio makes a pointed toast to the happy couple, hoping Fer makes “Leo” as happy as he deserves.

Pardon his French

Paloma is waiting for “Pedro” at the flower shop. He comes in, having an anxiety attack because he speaks French. He doesn’t want to do this anymore! He doesn’t want to look back! It keeps making less and less sense. French, finances…how is he understanding these things? Paloma gets him to sit down and breathe until he calms down.

Paloma takes him back to his house, where Inés says there’s NO WAY “Pedro” speaks French! He was a terrible student! If he ever did homework, it was a cause for celebration. He couldn’t even learn English. French?! No way!

“Pedro” sees an ad for a French restaurant in the newspaper and has a flashback…he’s at dinner with Fernanda, ordering foie gras and escargot and coq au vin and telling Fer whatever she decides about the wedding is fine with him.

He says her name out loud, “Fernanda” and tells Paloma and Inés that’s the name of the woman he asked to marry him. He tells them about his flashback. Neither one of them recognizes any of the dishes. He describes her…blonde, beautiful, distinguished.

Paloma suggests he learned to speak French to impress her. She’s really freaking out, but “Pedro” says it doesn’t matter–that was the past and he’s not interested. Paloma and Inés disagree; they think he needs to find out about his past and put his anxieties to rest.

Paloma rushes out of the house, saying she needs to pick up Cachito. Inés tries to tell him he’s a good guy, but “Pedro” feels like a big jerk. He doesn’t want to lose Paloma. Inés is sure if his love is strong, nothing he remembers is going to change what he feels.

On again

Ruben tries out his new camera filming Yesenia at the piñateria. She gives him a hard time about how this is how he picks up women.

Ruben: “We’ve got two options here. We can keep arguing like we’ve been, or we can do what we really want to do?” And that would be…SNOG! For a really long time. With a few breaks here and there.

Tencha and Lupe get an eyeful during which Lupe advances my slang education by asking Tencha if she never goes to the cinco letras (five letters, aka motel). Yes, yes, Tencha, you’re discreet and respectable, we know.

The snogging is awesome, but Ruben does want to talk.

Outside Yesenia’s house, she and Ruben start to talk. First off, the woman “whoever” saw him with is the mother of a student. Next up: What was the deal with Candy? Why didn’t she tell him who she was?

Yesenia says she was testing his faithfulness. And he failed–he cheated on her with her. He says he was only watching Candy because he admired her art. Art, ha! Yesenia saw him drooling over her. And she confesses that’s another reason she didn’t tell him. She liked seeing him drool. “You must have thought I was stupid for not recognizing you!”

So now that everybody knows everything…does he want to go back to being her boyfriend in process of adapting…? Well, if she puts on the mask and dances for him…she’s already dancing. That’s right, she’s doing the peepee dance. *sigh* She runs inside.

Since it’s not a proper wedding without family drama

Karen comes to pull Pedro away from the party because a messenger is looking for him. More like a harbinger of doom. Chamoy came looking for his money and he won’t take “no” for an answer…but he will take a check. Pedro convinces him to talk somewhere else.

They sit somewhere in Chamoy’s car. Chamoy wonders if Pedro got married, but he claims he’s was the padrino. He explains he can’t touch Leo’s accounts because he can’t sign his signature. He’s not after money–he stuck around because of a woman. The woman of his dreams. He knows Chamoy wants him to keep being “Leo” forever, but it’s dangerous.

Chamoy offers to get someone else to fake Leo’s signature for him. All he needs is a blank check and something else with Leo’s signature on it. Pedro refuses to become a criminal. OK, yes, he’s pretending to be Leo, but as soon as the woman he loves is willing to share her life with Pedro, he’s telling all of them. And in the meantime, he won’t do anything he’ll have to be ashamed about later.

Chamoy tries to play on Pedro’s sense of inferiority, but it doesn’t work. Love makes Pedro want to be a better man. After an impassioned speech, Chamoy says he understands how Pedro feels and he wants to help him. But his idea of “helping” him is trying to make him feel guilty for making Inés, Sara, and Yesenia have to deal with Leo’s hospital and psychologist bills.

Pedro swears when this is over, he’ll make it right. They’ll open a second business and recover little by little. He absolutely refuses to do what Chamoy wants him to.

In that case, Chamoy will stop bothering him. Seriously? Pedro and I are both doubtful.

While the groom’s away

Humberto tells Fer multiple times during the party how happy he is to have her as part of the family.

Fer did not appreciate Ignacio’s toast. He doesn’t appreciate the gooey looks she keeps giving “Leo.” He finds her when she’s alone and gives her a vial of the knockout drug for the honeymoon. He has the photos with the stripper ready to go so she can get divorced quickly.

Connie hides out in the kitchen with Nora, who is thrilled to see her. She’s happy to hear that Connie is loving life in the barrio. They joke about Connie’s attire and Connie confesses that she really wasn’t planning on coming, but Fabi pissed her off. She won’t tell Nora what Fabi did.

Fabiola whines to Humberto about how she wants a fancy wedding too! It sounds like he has people looking for Matías. Once his lawyers get Matías to agree to divorce her, she’ll get the wedding she wants.

Daniela keeps trying to convince Fer to give “Leo” a chance.

Everybody keeps wondering where “Leonardo” went and making a variety of excuses for his absence. Fabi helps distract Don Fermin by suggesting Humberto show him his coin collection. She tells Ignacio if “Leo” really did run off, it’s better for Fernanda.

Tania in exile

Justino got Tania an apartment near Boyle Avenue. And this place is really an apartment, not a room. She’s got easily three times as much space as she had before. He insists he’ll pay for it until they find her a new job. Tania’s not happy she had to come all this way just to get away from Eugenio.

Justino spins yet another convoluted tale. He heard they were about to do immigration raids in her old neighborhood (but she has a tourist visa!). And they NEVER come to this neighborhood. She shouldn’t leave the apartment until he’s had a chance to show her around, though. Sure, sure, it’s safe, but it’s big and she could get lost and everyone speaks English. She’ll have a chance to get out tonight when he takes her out after dinner.

Tania’s bored. She cracks and tries to call Connie, but it’s during the wedding reception and Connie doesn’t answer her phone.

Let’s get this party ended

Pedro makes a ridiculous excuse to Humberto that someone tried to bribe him with a sports car to “save” his company, but, uh, no worries–he returned it.

Pedro grabs Fernanda for their first dance…in the tiny space available in the living room. They snog some more, to the delight of the guests and the disgust of Ignacio.

The guests are all gone and Pedro and Fer are ready to leave. Tomorrow they go to Los Cabos and on Monday Humberto and Fabi are off for Greece.

Justino vs. Team Tania

Lupe wants to know why Tania broke up with Eugenio and advises him to convince Tania he didn’t do anything wrong. Connie finally sees the missed call. Lupe won’t let either of them call Tania. She has a better idea!

Justino shows up with groceries and food for dinner so they don’t have to go out. Tania keeps looking angry as Justino babbles about this being a good neighborhood without any creeps around and look, he brought her flowers! Tania says she feels like she’s a prisoner here. He offers to take her out tomorrow, but she’s distracted by her buzzing phone: At 8pm turn on Radio Mexico. She claims it’s just one of those messages from the carrier and goes over to turn on the radio.

Justino finishes making dinner for a still-angry Tania. It must be 8…time for the dedication show. The announcer tells Eugenio to go ahead.

Mi amor, wherever you are, I want you to know I love you. Whenever you want, we can go ask the entire Mercado so you can see that the man who talked to you about me was lying. Come back, my love, please. I would never hurt you.

Justino can’t stand listening to Eugenio talk about how much he loves Tania and how someone is jugando chueco (playing them false; not playing fair). He rushes over and turns off the radio. He screams at her that Eugenio is just trying to reel her in again. She has to understand that he (Justino) is the only man who wants to protect her. He keeps screaming at her: Doesn’t she have enough proof of that guy’s ill intentions?! He demands she answer him!

Tania doesn’t say a word. She keeps staring at him and then walks away from the dining table and into her bedroom area. He shakily apologizes for “losing control” but it just makes him so angry when guys take advantage of innocent girls like her.

When he tries to touch her hair, she tells him to leave. She’s tired, he’s got a long way to go to get home, and she’s lost her appetite. He wants to WATCH her drink her milk, but she refuses. She’ll drink it later. He hopes she’ll be calmer when he comes back tomorrow. Tania has tears in her eyes as she watches him push the chairs back under the dining table before he walks out.

Eugenio’s still waiting for a call from Tania and Lupe insists he needs to let Tania take the lead and be the one to call him. She goes off to work, leaving Connie and Eugenio to wait alone. Connie thought what he said was really pretty. He thanks her for her help and leaves.


Cachito is spending the night at a friend’s house. Paloma warns the friend’s mother that Cachito’s allergic to nuts (I really hope that doesn’t become important later). She gets off the phone and there’s a knock at the door.

Renata came over to try to get Paloma on her side. “Pedro” really needs to come back to therapy. She doesn’t need to work all that hard. Paloma’s been trying to keep “Pedro’s” fears from getting the better of him and she thinks he needs to get his memory back. Renata gets all weird about how Paloma and “Pedro’s” family are not enough…he needs HER, too. “Why are you so interested in Pedro?”

Renata swears it’s purely professional. She does have some affection for him and she’s sorry about the way she talked to Paloma before, but she’s sure she can help him. Paloma will try to talk to “Pedro,” but she can’t make any promises.

Another wedding

Sara gets all dressed up to go to the wedding of Laura Cecilia Guadalupe de Todos Los Santos and Luis Miguel Gerardo Antonio Guerra. Yes, really, she got dressed up for a wedding on her favorite telenovela. She’s been waiting for this day for months! She’d rather be a part of that little fantasy for a while and escape from ugly reality. She can’t wait to see the wedding dress! It’s supposed to be from Paris! She convinces Inés to sit down and watch with her.

The party is so very over

Humberto’s in a good mood. “Leonardo” finally got married. Thanks to his new personality they’re closer than they’ve ever been. Fabi makes a face and goes upstairs while Humberto finishes his glass of champagne.

Chamoy harshes Humberto’s buzz. He comes knocking on the door, saying Martin Andrade “stole” his son and sold him to Humberto. He has proof. Humberto finally has enough of Chamoy sliming all over his foyer and asks why he didn’t call the cops. He doesn’t believe Chamoy’s son was “stolen.” He grabs him and shoves him outside.

And then he collapses on the stairs. Nora comes out, in a panic. Security saw someone at the door. The security guy thinks he snuck in during the wedding and waited around. Humberto threatens to fire his security team if this ever happens again.

Fabi is dressed for bed and calls Ruben to flirt with him. I tune out her lies. He’ll get a break from her while she’s on vacation and then she wants to hang all over him while he makes a documentary. Can he feel the gross through the phone?

Nora made Humberto some tea. Security is reviewing the videos. He whispers to her that that man says he’s Leonardo’s father and he threatened to go to the police and accuse him of kidnapping. Humberto is having trouble breathing, he’s having a headache, and Nora decides she’s calling the doctor.


“Leo” and Fer start off by going back to Fer’s place. “Leo’s” been waiting for this moment since the first time he saw her picture…uh, a picture for something for the company. Fer’s digging it and enjoying their kisses, which only makes her freak out. They’ve got to get up early tomorrow and she barely slept last night. Before she can succumb to his kisses again, she fakes a stomach ache and asks him to please sleep on the couch tonight.

Fer sits up in bed reading and thinking about kissing “Leonardo.” She won’t let it happen again.

Pedro needs someone to talk to. He summons the neuronas. Left is the more “Perico-esque” one. Right is more like a less uptight version of Leonardo 2.0.

Nora calls to ask him to come over. He sneaks into Fer’s room to tell her he’s leaving, but she pretends to be asleep. He kisses her forehead and when he leaves, Fer gets that anguished look on her face again.

Sitting up in his bed, Doctor Carmona checks Humberto’s blood pressure. Humberto denies there’s anything going on except “Leo’s” wedding. Doctor Carmona gives him pills and insists he come to the hospital for some tests tomorrow. And he needs to cancel his trip–he can’t get on a plane like this. And if he doesn’t get some rest he’s either going to have a heart attack or a stroke.

Someone’s a criminal, that’s for sure.

Chamoy has been out of the house all day and nobody has noticed?! Now he’s at Melquiades’ bar drinking tequila and bragging about this great score.

Pedro digs the bracelet out of his sock drawer. He thinks about the pawn shop, Chamoy’s accusations, and Paloma’s theory that he learned French to impress a woman.

Inés is cleaning up in the kitchen while Sara complains that Chamoy isn’t answering his door. Inés doesn’t really care. He’s probably just sleeping and it’s not like he’s going to starve. Paloma comes over to talk to “Pedro.”

When Paloma runs upstairs, Inés tells Sara about Fernanda.

“Pedro” hides the bracelet when Paloma knocks on his bedroom door. He thought she was angry, but she’s just worried. She doesn’t want him to give up when he’s so close to finding out what happened. She loves him and she’s going to be with him no matter what.

“Would you stay with me if I were a thief?” He shows her the bracelet and says he was going to give it to Fernanda and it’s worth more than $35,000.

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Visita/ Guest

Another great recap, Kat, thanks so much. I have questions: My dictionary says “neurona” means “neuron,” “an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals” (thank you, Wikipedia). I assume that what “Leo” is referring to when he says “neurona” is the “good ‘Leo'” and “bad ‘Leo'” traditionally represented as an angel and devil hovering over each shoulder. I’ve forgotten – who are Don Fermin and Doña Leticia? It was so weird to see Ximena Duque just show up on Tuesday’s episode and the Claritin promotion was even weirder. It’s nice that Yesenia and Ruben… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

the english captions were translating this neurona thingy as left brain / right brain.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks so much for this great recap, Diva. I seriously don’t know how you do it. Two hour episodes, and your great wit is still in evidence. My DVR refuses to recognize the new two hour format, so no Wednesday recording. Thanks to your recap, I didn’t miss a thing!