¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 5/12/16 #64

Pierre le Perroquet

Paloma may think “Pedro” could have learned French to impress a woman, but resorting to theft? No way. He’s not his dad. She pushes for him to go back to therapy with Renata. The memories will come back whether he wants them to or not, and Renata can help.

Sara can’t make sense of what Inés is telling her. She has no explanation for how it’s possible that Pedro had someone in his life THAT important to him. He proposed to her and they never met her? Meanwhile, he remembers nothing at all about the family? Inés can’t explain it either, she just keeps praying every night to get her Pedro back.

Paloma searches online and sure enough, the bracelet “Pedro” showed her is worth $40K. She prints the page from the Internet, but she still refuses to believe he’s a thief.

Crisis averted?

Nora won’t let “Leo” go upstairs while Doctor Carmona is still with Humberto. She dismisses the “What happened?” as nothing important and focuses on telling him Humberto’s blood pressure went up, but he’s going to be fine.

Doctor Carmona comes downstairs with Fabi. Humberto’s condition is completely treatable, he just needs rest, medication, and a special diet. Fabi tries to convince “Leo” he shouldn’t skip his honeymoon. They’re all surprised when Dr. C tells Nora to go upstairs–Humberto asked to talk to her.

If Humberto recovers it will be because he passed on all his stress to Nora! He wants her to fire the entire security team and hire a new one AND make sure no one finds out about Chamoy’s visit, but especially Fabi and “Leo.” He won’t even listen when she says if Chamoy could track him down, he could track down “Leo.”

Nora just wants him to stay calm. Humberto plans to hire a private detective to find Chamoy (who he assumes worked for Andrade). That way he’ll confront him and “stay calm” at the same time. I roll my eyes.

“Leo” comes bounding in before Nora leaves and Humberto makes a cheap excuse about the employees not doing what he told them. If that’s the case, “Leo” thinks Humberto needs to chill or he’ll be like this all the time! He sends a text to Fer and insists he’s staying until Humberto is all better. Fer will understand about the honeymoon (I bet she will!). Humberto confesses he’s starting to like “Leo” calling him “jefe” because he says it with affection.

Fabi harasses a nervous Nora about “what happened” but she really means “What did Humberto want to talk to you about alone?” Nora won’t tell the truth and Fabi won’t believe the lies, so she resorts to “I’m only doing what I’m told. You’d have to ask Humberto, but I hope you’ll wait until he’s recovered.”

There’s a difference between “involved” and “implicated”

Ivonne and Ignacio bask in the postcoital glow while Ignacio brags about how THEY are going to do some really great stuff for the company while Humberto and “Leo” are away from the office. Humberto will be so impressed, he’ll probably promote Ivonne to head of PR. Fernanda’s job? Well, Ignacio thinks Fer will be, uh, quitting soon to devote herself to starting a family with “Leo.”

Ignacio takes a call from Fabi while Ivonne goes to get a snack. Fabi breaks the bad news to Ignacio. It’s bothering Fabi that Nora and Humberto are hiding things from her.

He calls Fernanda, tells her about Humberto, and demands that she take “Leo” on the honeymoon. She knows there’s no way! They have to find out what’s going on with Humberto first. If it’s serious there’s no way she’s getting “Leo” to go anywhere. When Ivonne comes back to bed he pretends he was still talking to Fabiola.

Our recurring nightmare

Justino comes over to Tania’s while she’s sleeping. This time, he fails to notice the FULL glass of milk that the camera keeps lingering on. When he climbs into bed with Tania she wakes up, sees him, and jumps out of bed. Immediately, she knows HE’S the one who’s been drugging her.

Justino doesn’t even bother to deny it, he just starts digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole…he loves her, he never touched her, he only wants to take care of her and give her a good life, she can’t leave him. Tania knees him in the groin, grabs her purse and runs out of the apartment! Cheers erupt from the entire viewing public!

Eugenio comes home and finds Magdalena asleep on the couch. Neither knows where Justino is and Magdalena says this is not normal behavior for him, he’s changed lately. Eugenio’s still kind of bummed and ignores Lupe’s advice. He calls Tania.

Justino wakes up on her floor, picks up her ringing phone from the table, and looks anguished. Creep.


Chamoy brags to Melquiades about how he’s going to be so rich, he’ll buy this dive and turn it into a bar de ‘mera categoria (“de primera categoria”; first-rate).

In the dressing room, Lupe says that “cinco letras” thing again because Yesenia says she and Ruben talked “a calzón quitado” (“with underwear off”) but she just meant it figuratively. They were honest with each other. Yesenia believes Ruben about the rich woman with the fancy car, though Lupe keeps trying to cast doubt. She finally admits she’s jealous and Yesenia suggests she go after Eugenio. Mmm…his biceps are dreamy…but he’s already got someone.

Yesenia’s dancing is particularly “on” tonight because her bra-top has fringe and as everyone knows, all dancing is better with fringe. Ruben is angsting because other dudes are not appreciating the artistry of his girlfriend’s dancing so much as talking about her like a piece of meat.

Chamoy is also angsting because he immediately recognizes Yesenia in the ring. He demands Melquiades tell him the truth or he’ll go in there and rip the mask off her to prove it’s his daughter. Mel warns him to look at the crowd–if he does that, they’re liable to jump into the ring after him and not only he, but also Yesenia, would get hurt. He suggests they talk somewhere else.

Up in the bar Mel argues that (1) Yesenia isn’t taking her clothes off and (2) it’s art. Chamoy counters that (1) he wouldn’t feel that way if it was his grandmother up there and (2) don’t BS him about “art.”

Yesenia and Lupe head back to the dressing room. Yesenia had a really great night tonight, despite being nervous about dancing in heels and worrying she’d pop out of her bra top.

Ruben comes knocking on the door and gets dragged in by a giddy Yesenia. She LOVED that she got to dance and he was there to see HER. Ruben asks Lupe to leave so he can break it to Yesenia that he doesn’t like her dancing for all those creeps out there. (¿Pues, quién te entiende? ¿No que “art”? And the way those creeps were talking is not a reflection on her!)

Speaking of creeps…Mel suggests he pay Chamoy a “commission.” He reluctantly admits he’s charging $45-$55 a ticket, but he whines about his overhead. From now on Chamoy wants 10% or he’ll take “his” Yesi out of there.

Ruben knows it’s wrong, but he can’t help it–now that she’s his girlfriend, he hates the way those guys are looking at her. Yesenia insists she’s not doing anything wrong. The way they look at her is not her problem. And for him to suddenly want her to quit, when before he loved to watch her dance and wanted to make a documentary about her, is a bunch of possessive macho crap! For once I’m 100% behind Yesenia’s outrage.

Nora reveals all

She can’t take it anymore. When “Leo” comes downstairs she asks him to meet her in the kitchen so no one hears them. Once he says his goodbyes to Fabiola and tells her he’ll be at Fer’s house, he sneaks over.

Nora tells him he’s not Humberto Fuentemayor’s son. He’s adopted. And his adoption wasn’t legal. His parents paid a lot of money and never knew for sure if he was an orphan or if he was kidnapped. Sofia was so happy to finally have a child and Leo was happy too, while she was alive. And then he changed, and it wasn’t until recently that his sadness lifted. Pedro and his two super-powered brain cells ask ALL the right questions:

  • Did my mom know? Yes. She couldn’t carry a baby to term because she had a congenital defect.
  • Why didn’t they adopt a child legally? Because before she was properly diagnosed, the doctors thought it was a tumor, which disqualified them because both adoptive parents have to be healthy.
  • Was Martin Andrade involved? Yes. He had an adoption agency in Tijuana.
  • So they bought a child? Didn’t they think about the child’s real parents? They didn’t know. Martin told them Leo’s parents died crossing the border.
  • They never suspected he lied to them? Yes. Years later they found out he was involved in child trafficking and Sofia panicked and made them swear never to tell Leo. It was so important to her, she made them promise again when she was dying.
  • Did they ever try to find my real parents? I don’t think so. Your mother loved you so much she wouldn’t do anything that might mean losing you.

But now Pedro thinks it’s important to find out who “Leonardo Fuentemayor” really is. She warns him if Humberto found out he was looking for his biological parents, he wouldn’t be able to take it. She’s only telling him because she was afraid of him finding out from someone else.

He asks where he can find Martin Andrade, but Martin is dead and if Humberto is so upset it’s because a man came by to threaten him. She shows him the video of Chamoy coming up to the door and says that man claimed to be “Leo’s” father, though she thinks it’s more likely he’s just an old associate of Andrade’s. Pedro plays along.

Nora begs him not to judge his parents. All they ever did was love him. She’s worried she shouldn’t have told him, but Pedro says the truth might hurt, but it’s better. And now he has to go back to Fer’s. And he has a lot of things to think about.

Safe space

Tania makes it to Connie’s, where there is much crying and hugging. She tells Connie it was “Don Pepe” all along. She feels so stupid.

Because Connie is awesome, she makes sure to tell Tania that this is NOT HER FAULT! How could she ever have imagined that a friend of her family could do something like this? Connie wants to go to the cops, but Tania won’t because she doesn’t have “papers” and because it’s her word against his.

She tells Connie about all “Don Pepe’s” lies and how he started to crack tonight when she heard Eugenio on the radio. And then she didn’t drink the milk, and now she understands why he was so insistent about it. She doesn’t know how she got out of there, she just hit him and ran!

Connie feels like they have to do something. Tania’s not against putting up fliers with his picture and “Caution: This man is a pervert,” but she doesn’t even know where he lives. And she’s not going to call her dad to ask or the whole story will come out and no only will he make her come home, but he’ll kill “Don Pepe.” All she wants to do is forget any of this ever happened, but already she’s remembering that that disgusting man saw her naked. She feels ashamed.

Because Connie is awesome, she tells Tania SHE HAS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF! She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s the victim here.

Fabi goes fishing

Humberto isn’t relaxing. He’s thinking about Chamoy’s visit and his claim of having “proof.” He takes out Sofia’s picture and promises he won’t tell “Leo.” And then Fabi comes in and chastises him for talking to the picture “again.”

She tries to get him to tell her what’s going on by complaining that he keeps saying he “loves” her, but he’s keeping things from her. Maybe it’s because they’re not legally married that he doesn’t treat her like a partner. He reminds her they BOTH have pasts independent of each other and he just has stuff that, con todo respeto, he doesn’t want to discuss with anyone.

The honeymoon is over

Pedro is still awake, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, when Fer emerges from the bedroom, ready for their trip. She makes a couple of halfhearted attempts to get “Leo” to go anyway, but as she already suspected, he’d rather postpone it until they know Humberto is OK. He’s sure they can have just as passionate a time here in her apartment…uh, no. No passion. She tells him to go take a bath while she runs a bunch of errands.

Tania and Eugenio

Justino got in late last night, left super early this morning, and is now back home again kissing up to Magdalena about how he knows he’s been a total ass lately, but they’ve been married for a long time and they need to support each other and he needs her help with something. He needs her on his side when he asks Eugenio something. Eugenio walks in and asks what. “I need you to go to Mexico for a while. Here’s your ticket. You leave today. I’m not asking you, I’m ORDERING you. As your father.”

Oh, hell no! Eugenio won’t go. Not even on the pretext that his uncle is sick, not even for “just” a few weeks as his mom suggests. He’s not going anywhere until he works things out with Tania!

Tania, meanwhile has some things of her own to work out. She doesn’t know how she can face Eugenio. What if he thinks she was leading “Don Pepe” on? She decides this is all her fault.

Because Connie is awesome, she tells her to get it through her skull NONE OF THIS IS HER FAULT. She acted in good faith and it’s that man who did something dirty.

Tania insists it’s her fault because she doubted Eugenio when he didn’t do anything. Connie shakes her head.

Tania knows now that she loves Eugenio, but what’s she supposed to say to him? What would Connie do in her place? Connie thinks she should at least call and apologize. She lends Tania her cell phone.

Justino, in desperation, tells Eugenio he can either go to Mexico or he can move out. (Do it, man! Go live with Paloma!) Eugenio can’t understand what Justino’s problem is that lately he wants him gone. Why does it bother him so much to have his own son around? He wants him to leave like Paloma left? Because it’s “his” house. Eugenio tells Magdalena she should go, too, because she doesn’t have to put up with Justino’s crap.

When Eugenio’s phone starts ringing, Justino wrestles it out of his hand, screaming “Don’t answer! You look at me when I’m talking to you! Now get out of my house!” I sincerely hope Eugenio’s heading for Connie’s. Justino looks at his phone screen and sticks the phone in his pocket while Magdalena stands there staring at him like she can see his horns.

Tania worries that she’s already lost Eugenio, but Connie’s sure he’s just on another call. She thinks they should go back to the apartment and pick up Tania’s stuff. And if that creep is there, they’ll kick his ass!

Happy? Birthday

Chamoy has a hangover, though he claims the alcohol Sara smells on him is from the stuff he’s putting on his hands. She lets it slide for now, but she reminds him today is Perico’s birthday and they’re having cake tonight and he’d better not fight with him!

Chamoy starts talking about the twins and what if Pedro’s brother had been an important man, a businessman or something. Sara warns him not to bring up “twins” in front of Inés or she’ll get upset. And Pedro is a great kid and Chamoy needs to stop talking smack about him. “It’s your fault. You’re the one who reminded me it’s his birthday.”

Inés comes home, all excited about it being Pedro’s birthday, but of course “Pedro” didn’t know. He’s not sure he really wants to celebrate this year, but Inés encourages him to let himself be distracted for a little while.

Paloma comes over, also excited about his birthday and “Pedro” finds it mildly amusing that everyone remembers except him! Cachito is spending the weekend at a friend’s house, so Inés tells them to take advantage of that and go out (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). “Pedro” suggests the beach and Paloma brings up the bracelet…but he doesn’t want to talk about that today.

Now it’s Sara’s turn for hugs and kisses. She asks where they’re going today and gets teary when “Pedro” says they might go to the beach, “Abuela.”

Paloma uses a lost earring as an excuse to go into Pedro’s room. She’s determined to prove to him that he’s not a thief. She finds the bracelet and the gift box with the jeweler’s name.

Sara is planning to make Pedro’s birthday cake, with his favorite chocolate betún (icing, frosting). Paloma tries to sneak out of the house, but ends up having to give a weird explanation about how she’s got to go because Cachito called her and he wants to go to the beach. She’ll see them later.

Inés is sad, even though there’s so much to celebrate–Sara reminds her their boy is turning 27 today. He’s strong and healthy and in love with the prettiest girl in the barrio and he called her “Abuela” again. But Inés can’t help thinking about her other baby. Ever since “Perico” had his accident those dreams started again.

Sara is sure it’s the anxiety about “Pedro’s” memory loss and it will pass, because “Pedro” is fine–with or without memories. And now she’s going to find her recipe book and make his cake so he can feel how much they love him.

Chamoy finds Inés in the kitchen alone and, under the pretense of getting a glass of water, whines that he’s thinking about “their baby.” Inés gets angry. He knows it upsets her to talk about it. “I wasn’t trying to upset you!” Well, he did.

Investigation 1

Pedro calls Basi to meet him at the office so he can tell him that Chamoy tried to get money out of Humberto and Nora told him Leonardo is adopted. Basi was at his tennis lesson. His shirt has little mustaches on it.

Basi takes in everything Pedro said and he is convinced that Leonardo and Pedro aren’t clones, they’re twins. It’s much more likely than Pedro’s theory which is that Chamoy is just taking advantage of how much Leo looks like him and somehow found out this big family secret of Don Humberto’s. Pedro clings to that explanation because how would his mom have let anything happen to any of her children?

Either way, they have to do something. Basi wouldn’t want to tangle with either of Pedro’s dads. He encourages him not to drop the “twin” theory, though. Maybe Leonardo found something out and that’s the reason he was at the Mercado that day.

Pedro decides to call in the professionals. Gwen! “Is it possible for two people to be identical if they’re not in any way related?” Gwen says many cultures have the idea of a double or a doppelganger, where one is usually good and the other is evil…verrrrry evil. She’s got them hanging on every word and then she startles them by asking if they want to renew their subscription to Gwenipedia.

Pedro thinks the best thing to do is pay off Chamoy. He sends Basi to the mercado to find out from Tencha where Chamoy is living.

Investigation 2

Humberto meets his PI in his study at home. He shows his PI the picture of Chamoy. The PI transfers it to his phone, complete with graphics and sounds. He explains he thinks the man in the picture worked for Andrade, even though the PI already investigated and Andrade’s nómina (payroll) was pretty small. Humberto suggests looking for him in Tijuana. If he finds him, the PI should just call–but don’t lose him.

Humberto walks the PI out and finds out from Nora that Fabiola is out of the house. Nora wants him to go back to bed, but Humberto can’t rest with everything that’s going on. He has to find that man before he says anything to “Leonardo.” Nora guiltily asks if maybe he’s not underestimating “Leonardo,” but Humberto is convinced if he finds out he’ll hate him again the way he did when Sofia died.

Humberto doesn’t know exactly what he’s going to do with what the PI finds out, but knowledge is power. He thinks there’s no way that guy could be Leonardo’s biological father. He’s just an extortionist. And Humberto knows how to deal with extortionists.

Investigation 3

Paloma calls “Pedro” to tell him she found the earring in her purse and um yeah she’s with Cachito OK bye. “Pedro” is about to leave his room when he notices his sock drawer isn’t closed and the bracelet is gone.

“Pedro” starts searching for the jewelry store online, while Paloma walks down a street of ritzy shops.

Paloma finds the shop and gets attitude from the one employee inside. Pro tip: Looking down your nose at a potential customer and asking “Are you looking for someone?” is not an appropriate greeting. Paloma pulls out the bracelet and says it came from this shop and she wants to return it to the owners.

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Visita/ Guest

Fabulous recap, Kat, and so fast! Finally some secrets being told/discovered. When the camera kept staying on the full glass of milk, I was sure Justino was going to get a nasty surprise and so it was. HE should be heading to Tijuana. I guess he thinks that if he can keep Eugenio and Tania apart, he can prevent this from blowing up in his face. It is unfortunate that he managed to get Eugenio’s phone but since he has Tania’s phone, too, he can’t send messages to her pretending to be Eugenio. I’m sure he has some other evil… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

I forgot to mention how much I agree with your comment on the snooty attitude of the jewelry store salesperson. People who work in retail should be nice to anyone who enters their establishments on general principles but in this day and age someone dressed like Paloma is as likely to be rich as someone in designer clothes. It’s a ridiculous hangover of the “class” conflict so common in novelas. What was the classic novella plot? Rich family does not want son to marry poor, hardworking woman. It echoes here in Fabi’s attitude to Connie moving to the ‘hood (but… Read more »