¿Quién es Quién? Friday 5/13/16 #65

The bracelet

Paloma ignores the ‘tude of the jewelry store employee and claims she found the bracelet in the women’s restroom and wants to return it to its owner. Could Snobby please get on the computer and figure out who bought it? She does, but she won’t give Paloma that information and Paloma won’t leave the bracelet with her. She’s happy to pass Paloma’s number on to the purchaser, though, since she’s sure Paloma’s hoping for a reward.

Another customer enters and Snobby falls all over herself playing the good little retail employee. When she’s done with her sale, Paloma hands over her phone number, emphasizing that she’s not looking for a reward. Just as she hands it over “Pedro” arrives and tells the employee to just give the bracelet back to the owners.

Outside the store, Paloma explains her plan–find out who the owners are and how they lost the bracelet so she can prove to “Pedro” that he didn’t steal it. “Pedro” would rather leave the past alone and not risk going to jail. Paloma is disappointed he doesn’t believe in himself the way she believes in him.

Rock bottom?

Magdalena is beside herself after Justino throws Eugenio out. He’s so desperate he asks her if she knows where Tania’s friend lives (which makes no sense at all to Magdalena).

Eugenio talks over his situation with Ruben, who advises him to move out. Eugenio isn’t worried about finding a place to live, but he thinks there is something seriously wrong with Justino. As for Tania, all he knows is she’s still somewhere in LA. He’s not going to change his mind about moving out, but he is worried about his mom. Yesenia shows up to talk to Ruben, so Eugenio leaves.

Tania fights back flashbacks as she and Connie hurriedly pack up her stuff and grab her cell phone before walking out of the apartment.

Eugenio calls Paloma just as she’s getting home from the jewelry store and she rushes over to check on Magdalena. Magdalena just wants some peace in this house. She begs Paloma to talk to Eugenio, but Paloma’s already heard Eugenio’s side and she agrees with him.

When Justino gets home, Paloma starts laying a guilt trip on him for how much he’s upsetting Magdalena. She knows she didn’t live up to his expectations, but what did Eugenio and Magdalena do to deserve this treatment? Justino cries that she’s right. He’s so worthless he doesn’t even deserve to breathe the same air.

He tells them to go ahead and yell at him, he’s not going to argue. Paloma’s just trying to fix things, but he says there’s no solution for him. He is the way he is and he’s not going to change. He goes off to his room and Paloma and Magdalena cry together.

In the bedroom, Justino talks about not letting Tania destroy him. He grabs a gun out of a cabinet.

I work alone

Fernanda takes advantage of her postponed honeymoon to spend the day with Santiago. Renata gives her another pep talk about Santiago getting back to his old self, in time.

Fer and Santi head out to Renata’s back porch to chill. As much as Santi is capable of chilling anyway. He’s depressed, angry, and starting to think it’s best his father didn’t live long enough to see what the Fuentemayors have done to him.

As for Fer, she’s focused on getting “justice.” Santi’s down with that. In fact, he thinks it’s time to talk to the media again. When she can’t get away with just forbidding him from doing it, she resorts to telling him it won’t do them any good because “Leonardo” paid for his operation. Santi’s annoyed–those rats just did it so they wouldn’t look guilty. He’s out of patience. He wants them to pay! Fer assures him that they’re very close.


The show tries to tease us about a possible relationship between Humberto and Nora by having them replay one of their earlier conversations about how awesome she is and how she never got married even though she had a lot of boyfriends. This time around, they add the detail that she was fifteen when Humberto and Sofia brought Leo home and that she just never found the right guy.

Pedro remembers running into Leo at the Mercado and their reactions…Leo: ” You do exist!” Pedro: “You look just like me!” He calls Nora to check in. Humberto is resting, but not eating. Chamoy hasn’t been back, but security has been warned. In Nora’s estimation, Ignacio doesn’t seem to know what’s going on and Fabi doesn’t seem to care.

When Fabiola comes home with armloads of shopping bags, she asks how Humberto is doing, but only so she can pull rank on Nora about whether Nora is taking proper care of him.

Yesenia and Ruben

Yesenia can’t believe Ruben’s change of attitude. Now that he knows it’s her, her dancing has gone from “art” to ” pornography.” She’s unwilling to give up a job where she gets paid to do what she loves. She’s a grown woman, she needs the money, and she can’t even hear the creepy comments because when she’s in the ring the music is on and she’s in her zone. She was happy with her job until he started acting like a jealous macho.

Jealous? What about her getting jealous of herself? “But you didn’t KNOW it was me.” And kissing Termi? Um, well…this isn’t about that! It’s about her job. And here she thought he had an open mind. His phone starts ringing and she takes off.

It’s Fabi. She claims she’s being featured in a magazine and they asked for a video semblanza (biography) for their website. She’d rather have him do it. Ruben agrees and refuses payment.

Party time

Basi finds Tencha at the mercado and it seems she’s mistaken his interest in her gossip as an interest in her. The flirting probably doesn’t help. She doesn’t have any new info on Chamoy, but she invites him to “Perico’s” birthday party.

Cocó agrees to go to “Pedro’s” birthday party with Termi as long as he doesn’t have another jealous fit.

When Basi gets back to the office, he wishes Pedro a happy birthday. Pedro had forgotten! He decides Basi should accept the invitation so he can crash the party.

Sara and Inés work on the cake and the party food while Yesenia complains about using a version of Las Mañanitas on vinyl. Kids these days. “Pedro” comes home in a bad mood and Sara decrees that she doesn’t care if they had a fight she wants Paloma there in time for cake. They are partying and everybody’s going to have a good time OR ELSE!

Basi and Pedro sit in the front seat of the Basimobile while Tencha waits outside Pedro’s house. The plan is for Basi to get Leonardo out of the house. Other than that, there is no plan. Pedro puts a hat and sunglasses on him and shoves him out of the limo.

Termi and Cocó dance while Yesenia looks in on horror and fascination. “Pedro” asks Paloma to come over, but she doesn’t want to leave her mom alone.

Tencha and Basi enter and immediately become a topic of gossip for Lupe and Cocó. Lupe did live with her for a while, so she knows Tencha has broken a few hearts. Even Sara warns Basi that Tencha has a line of suitors around the block, so he’d better not take his time if he’s interested. Lupe and Cocó share a bowl of chips and eavesdrop on Sara, Basi, and Tencha, mesmerized.

“Pedro” asks Termi if he ever mentioned a woman named “Fernanda” to him. When he explains who she is, Termi thinks it’s weird that “Pedro” never said anything to him or to Jonathan about her.

Yesenia fills Lupe in on her latest fight with Ruben. Lupe’s take is that if Ruben’s not going to support her (financially) then he doesn’t get to ask her to quit. Hm. I might be able to back that as long as it’s “asking,” which means the answer can still be “no.”

Basi is desperately trying to get to “Pedro” but Sara and Tencha are monopolizing him. He breaks away, saying he’s going to the bathroom, but now gets waylaid by Cocó…who thinks she recognizes him, but she can’t remember from where. A call from Pedro lets him escape.


After Paloma takes the call from “Pedro” Magdalena asks if she wants dinner. Paloma is just saying “no” when they hear the shot from the bedroom. They unlock the door and find Justino lying on the floor, but he’s not wounded.

At Renata’s everyone’s having tea when Paloma calls, asking for Renata’s help. Dani recognizes the name and tells Santi and Fer she’s Renata’s favorite patient’s girlfriend.

When Fer and Dani are alone, she explains the reason for the postponed honeymoon and begs Dani to lay off on trying to convince her “Leo” is a good guy. Also, she’d like Dani to quit talking to Santiago about how Fer is “denying herself love.”

Justino’s shuddering and trying to tell Magdalena and Paloma he was just cleaning the gun and it went off. Paloma sends Magdalena to make tea and then begs him to tell her what’s happening. Whatever their differences, he’s her father and she loves him and wants to help him. He needs help! She doesn’t know why, but she gets the impression that he feels like he’s trapped. He insists this is a problem with no solution.

Paloma returns a missed call from Pedro and says her dad is really depressed, but she doesn’t want him to come over. She doesn’t want Justino to see him.

Renata arrives and Paloma explains she thinks her dad tried to kill himself.

Justino agreed to talk to Renata, which Paloma thinks is a good sign. She tells Magdalena she doesn’t think whatever is going on with Justino has anything to do with them. They’ll just wait and see what Renata has to say. They haven’t been able to tell Eugenio, since Justino took his phone.

Make it stop!

Fabi bought Humberto some books and a silk robe for his recovery and lingerie (for her) for after he’s recovered (*barf*). She makes an excuse about being invited to a charity thing that she really doesn’t want to go to…and Humberto “convinces” her to go.

Fabiola eats an ice cream float like she’s having a sexual experience and then asks if Nora has ever been in love. Oh, she’s sure Nora has and it didn’t go too well. “It doesn’t matter if it didn’t go well, or if it didn’t last, or if it destroyed you…the fact that you lived it is enough. Love, Nora! What would we do without love!” Nora and I are both skeeved.

So much for the plan

Pedro has been waiting for Basi to bring “Pedro” out of the house all this time. Chamoy defiles the Basimobile by getting into the driver’s seat and moving it somewhere he and Pedro can talk without the whole ‘hood seeing them.

Basi eavesdrops as Termi tells “Pedro” to quit going in circles. This “Fernanda” person never came looking for him and he’s with Paloma now, so…be with Paloma! “Pedro” tries to call, but it goes to voicemail. Basi escapes Cocó a second time to go introduce himself to Joven Leonardo…I mean Perico!…and ask to talk to him outside about….um…a business proposition.

Outside, Basi freaks out about the missing limo while “Pedro” takes the call from Paloma. Before Basi can put together a coherent sentence about this “business” thing, Sara tells them to come inside for cake and Tencha reclaims Basi.

Everyone sings Las Mañanitas and “Pedro” blows out the candles. I wonder what he wished for. Inés keeps Yesenia from shoving his face into the cake. Cocó asks him to sing, but he can’t remember how since the accident, so he asks Yesenia to put some music on.

Inés noticed that he seems sad. She comes over to cheer him up and convince him to eat some cake.

As Basi dances with Tencha, Cocó keeps staring at him, trying to remember where she’s seen him before.

At some bar that isn’t Melesio’s, Chamoy whines about how he had to get SOMETHING out of this “deal,” so of course he went to Humberto directly. Pedro tells him he really screwed up this time–he almost killed Humberto! Pedro will give him the half million he asked for and Chamoy had better take it, because it’s ALL he’s getting and it’s in exchange for going away.

Sara and “Pedro” talk about Chamoy (maybe one day “Pedro” will see him differently, but for now she needs to quit bugging him), Paloma (it was just an argument, not a fight, and she’s not here because she had something going on), and then he asks her to cover for him so he can go somewhere.

Chamoy has no intention of accepting just the crumbs when Pedro gets the whole gold mine. Pedro tries telling him he’s putting himself in danger and Humberto’s security team is going to crush him if he comes around again.

Pedro wants to know where he came up with that story about a stolen child, but Chamoy just calls it his as bajo la manga (ace up his sleeve). Chamoy is annoyed that Pedro seems to care about Humberto. “Well at least he’s a decent guy!” He tells Pedro none of those people care about him at all, they only care about his money.

Never tear us apart

Tania and Connie get Tania’s stuff unpacked. Tania can’t help worrying that Justino is going to want to do something to shut her up. Connie still thinks they should go to the police.

Eugenio shows up at Connie’s, just as they were talking about Tania going back to her job at the Cultural Center where she’s got people who will defend her. Connie convinces Tania to talk to him and leaves them alone together. Eugenio thinks Tania’s still angry at him.

He starts trying to explain again, but she knows it wasn’t him. But if she knows it wasn’t him, then who WAS trying to hurt her?

Once Tania finds out that Connie told Eugenio about the passing out, waking up undressed, going to the doctor, and that “Don Pepe” was the one making all the accusations, she doesn’t connect the dots for him. She just says no one hurt her and she feels bad because she didn’t believe him.

Paloma found Eugenio’s phone and called Tania. She asks Eugenio to please come home. Their dad isn’t doing well. She’ll explain what’s happening when he gets there.

“Pedro” shows up and even though Paloma said she didn’t want him to come over, she rushes into his arms, giving Renata an eyeful when she emerges from the bedroom. She stands there, staring at them as they tell each other how much they love each other.

Magdalena breaks the moment, asking Renata how Justino is doing. He’s calmer, but he’s severely depressed and needs immediate treatment. (Yes, please, so he can quit being a danger to Tania and making his family suffer!)

Should’ve stayed home.

Tencha takes off Basi’s sunglasses and Cocó finally remembers where she met Basi. She exposes him as the one who told her she’d be cursed if she married Perico!

Neither Pedro nor Chamoy is getting the other to budge. Finally, Chamoy gives him most of the truth–Humberto is just a jerk who gets everything with money. He even bought himself a son.

Pedro sees nothing wrong with him adopting an orphan and giving him a good life. “So you think it’s ok that he bought your brother? That story I told him was the truth. Leonardo is your twin. He was taken when he was a newborn. That great guy you’re defending paid someone to take him away from your mother so he could keep him.”


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Visita/ Guest

Thanks for this great recap, Diva. Again, I don’t know how you do it.
“Leo: ‘ You do exist!” Pedro: “You look just like me!’ ” How long can Perico keep his clon in the dark about who he is, or rather, who they both are?
BTW I was under the impression that Justino took Tania’s phone. I’m confused again. (My normal state.)

Autora/ Author

Thanks so much, Kat. Now that they are airing two hour episodes my husband asks me to fast forward through everything except Basilio, Básico and anything that might be about the baby buy.

My husband was disappointed that the classist jewelry store employee didn’t recognize Leo and fall all over him. I guess that would advance the plot too much. 😉

PS: My husband has decided that Eugenio Siller reminds him of Danny Kaye.