¿Quién es…Clarita?

¿Quién es Quién? has introduced us to an array of loveable (and not-so-loveable) characters, though perhaps none quite so mysterious as…Clarita.

That’s right, Clarita. The mysterious blonde who arrived just long enough to make Termi loose his cheese and Cocó lose her cool. She introduced us to the joys of 24-hour allergy medication and then…she was gone.

But wait! It appears Clarita has her very own spinoff web series. This series has it all…a determined protagonista, a handsome galan…but can the strength of their love (aided by a product of the modern pharmaceutical industry) help them overcome the one thing that threatens to keep them apart?

If you miss soap operas that were actually about soap…
If a love story hasn’t moved you since those Taster’s Choice commercials…
Then watch…


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Author: 5ftLatina

Kat is 5ftLatina. She is really 5' tall (and probably shrinking) and Latina. She is not actually a cactus, but she is both prickly and cute. Mr. 5ft is actually married to Kat, but is not 5' tall or Latina. He is also not a form of plant life.

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4 years ago

As I think one of your earlier polls showed, most people don’t watch their novelas live and can pretty much skip the commercials so what are sponsors to do? I’ve seen a lot of passive product placements but having a well-known actress just show up in a novela to promote a product is a going pretty far. I looked up the filmography for Ximena Duque on Wikipedia and it actually lists two appearances for her as “Clarita” on Quién. One we’ve seen and one is coming up. Again, pretty weird to list what is essentially a commercial as a television… Read more »