¿Quién es Quién? Monday 5/16/16 #66

Change of plans

Going back to Chamoy’s half-lie in progress. Pedro doesn’t buy it. Didn’t Chamoy just say he pulled that story out of his…sleeve? And then he makes it all about the money.

Pedro doesn’t believe anyone could have taken a child of Inés’ without her moving heaven and earth to get them back. Well, the thing is, someone OFFERED him money for one of the twins, but he would never! And then days later Inés SAID one of them got taken…. Oh, no, that’s going too far! Pedro really doesn’t believe that!

Chamoy vows all sorts of revenge on Humberto. Pedro still doesn’t believe him, but he’ll get him more money. And Chamoy needs to stay out of it. “OK, but I want cash.” Creep.

I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means

Justino (from what cell phone I can’t even tell anymore) sends Tania creepy “Forgive me” texts right after she’s bid Eugenio an awkward goodbye. Still screwing stuff up, eh, Justino? I forgive nothing.

Renata doesn’t feel qualified to do a full evaluation, so she passes on the name and number of a psychiatrist she knows. She made an appointment for tomorrow–now they just have to convince Justino to show up.

Tania has a bunch of messages to show Connie once she gets home. Mostly it’s just “forgive me,” but the last one says he’ll kill himself if she tells anyone what happened.

While Renata and “Pedro” wait for Paloma and Magdalena to talk to Justino about the appointment she gets caught up on his recent flashbacks. Funny, she just happens to know an elegant blonde named “Fernanda,” but no, it couldn’t be the same one….

Eugenio gets home and “Pedro” sits him down so Renata can explain what’s been happening.

Paloma can’t help worrying about leaving her dad “alone” all night. Her mom’s pretty upset herself and Eugenio isn’t exactly motivated to take care of him. “Pedro” reminds her Justino’s the one who drove his children away.

He comes up with a plan–Paloma will go back to her parents’ and he’ll stay at her house and watch Cachito.

Connie makes Tania some tea and approaches her about finding someone to help her process everything that happened and manage her fears. Tania’s so hesitant to spend any more of Connie’s money, she insists she’ll get over it on her own.

Tania wakes up to a phone call from Justino, calling her “mi amor,” saying he knows where Eugenio lives, and threatening to hurt him if she says anything. I guess he’s done looking for “forgiveness.”


Santiago continues to be depressed and angsty. Not having all the information isn’t helping him. Not only is he confused because he thinks he has to be grateful to his worst enemy for paying for a life-saving operation, his sister keeps defending those creeps and he feels betrayed.

For a smart guy, he’s kind of stupid.

Ruben arrives for his video shoot with Fabiola. At a hotel. Does he not have alarms going off in his head? She ordered champagne. He won’t give his opinion on her outfit, saying it depends on the image she wants to project. And I don’t think “hot” was quite the kind of answer he was looking for.

He questions the location, calling it monotone and Fabi’s excuse is it’s a surprise for her family and they needed somewhere they wouldn’t be disturbed. My objections (other than the obvious): the lighting is bad, she looks like she’s trying to film a dating profile, and hotels can be noisy.

I can’t tell whether the camera is running while Fabi’s pouring on the charm and nearly kissing him. Who knows how many glasses of champagne later (for both of them!) and Ruben has a take he likes. I mean, Fabi actually seems like a human being who cares about other human beings.

Fabi wants to toast, but aw darn! There’s no more ice for their champagne. She sends Ruben to refill the bucket so he can come back to Fabi doing her best Mrs. Robinson impression. The horror!

There goes the party

Yesenia and Lupe try to bust up the fight between Basi-Tencha and Cocó-Termi, but they end up egging it on. And why not? “Perico’s birthday parties always end up like this!”

Inés is furious and tells them to cut it out or leave. Basi makes his escape without anything really getting settled.

Eventually, after Cocó and Tencha STILL won’t quit and Cocó brings up that copycat shop, Termi drags her out of there. Darn, and I was hoping it was true!

The rest of the guests follow soon after and Lupe and Yesenia amuse themselves by re-staging the “fight” as if it were happening in the ring…oh, but of course, it would have to start with a performance by Candy la Candida! Yesenia’s shaking what her mama gave her when, um, her mama catches her.

Conspiracy theories, Cocó style: “Adrian” (aka Basi) must be in love with Cocó, which is why he’s using Tencha to get to her and why he busted up her wedding with “Pedro.” Silly argument. Termi: “Hasta la vista, baby.”


Yesenia gets ready to dance for real. Lupe checks, but Ruben isn’t out there. Lupe gets where Ruben is coming from. Yesenia reminds her SHE’S the one who suggested this job. And no, “but”s… “It was a good job when I didn’t have a boyfriend, there’s no reason for it to be a bad one now that I do. Or did. I don’t know if I do or not anymore.”

Chamoy wants to restructure his deal with Mel–screw ticket sales, he can see the real money is coming from concessions. Mel won’t go there, and why does Chamoy even want his money when he’s got this alleged “gold mine”?

Chamoy, out of the evilness of his heart, will allow Mel to keep money from ticket sales. They’ll talk about a cut of the beer money later. And if anyone touches Yesenia, Chamoy will kill Mel.


Nora caught Ignacio and Fernanda having one of those intense whispered conversations–this time about how Fer was supposed to get “Leo” out of town. It’s not clear how much she heard, but she was shocked enough at seeing Ignacio grabbing Fer’s arm and getting up in her face that she broke a glass.

Now Fer’s worrying about what she knows and making flimsy excuses for why she can’t keep “Leo” away from the office. Ignacio makes even flimsier excuses to Nora, who believes not a single word.

Pedro was already pretty down when he showed up at Casa Fuentemayor, but Fernanda says he was quiet for the whole drive back to her place. He’s just worried about his dad…but he’s glad that he and Fer have each other and he gets to wake up in her arms tomorrow.

Steamy kisses might be just the thing to comfort him, but Fer looks anything but comforted. She breaks away from him, claiming she’s got, uh, arm cramps from work and she took a pill and it’s making her sooooo tired and…she runs away from him into the bedroom.

The section of badness

Ruben wakes up naked in the hotel room with a bad hangover and memories of Fabiola that I know I’d like to forget.

Fabiola slips up on the names of who she was with until so very late last night, but whatevs. Humberto forgives all and moves on to whining about making it up to him.

Fabi won’t risk killing him with sex, so she invites him shopping instead. He agrees rather than spend another day in bed. Um, neither of those are “resting.” Nora’s not happy about it either, partly because that’s not following doctor’s instructions and partly because she made breakfast.

At the Cultural Center, Eugenio tells Ruben that Tania’s back and they’re back together. Ruben tells him about last night. It sounds like he’s characterizing it as consensual sex that just happened when he was very drunk and that he enjoyed…but now he feels like he shouldn’t have done it in the first place and he hopes Yesenia doesn’t find out.

And the other one

Justino’s (fake) apologies are accepted by Magdalena and Paloma. He’s going to keep the appointment with the psychiatrist and do whatever they tell him to. He wants his “family” back.

Eugenio walks in on this Afterschool Special scene and wonders if he means it this time or it’s just another promise Justino isn’t going to keep. He’s not going to let Justino off the hook so easily–if he wants their “understanding” then maybe he should start by telling them what brought this on.

Paloma tells Eugenio to cool it–depression doesn’t always have a reason. She’s right, but I also back Eugenio–Justino has been obsessed with the idea of getting him out of town and been really aggressive about it and that warrants an explanation.

Instead Justino does the same thing he did with Magdalena and Paloma. He says jack about the specifics of what he’s asking forgiveness FOR and asks for “another chance.”

Tania doesn’t have an appetite for breakfast. She thinks about Justino’s phone call and makes Connie promise not to tell anyone what happened and not to discuss it with Eugenio again.

After the psychiatrist appointment, Justino just wants to “rest.” Magdalena hopes the antidepressants start working quickly. Paloma reminds her she’s going to have to make sure he takes them. And it sounds like he agreed to therapy, too.

Tania cleans the house, trying to avoid thinking. She ignores the first call from an unknown number, but answers the second time it rings. Justino’s on the other end whining about how he almost killed himself “for” her yesterday. So I guess from now on “rest” is code for “call and harass Tania”? Of course this is all her fault because she wouldn’t just let him take care of her the way he wanted. He threatens again to kill Eugenio and kill himself if she says anything. ¡Me lleva!

Morning in Pericoland

“Pedro” burns Cachito’s breakfast. And then he doesn’t even think about lunch. And they’re running late. And Cachito picks this moment to have a talk about how he’s already got a dad and his dad’s coming back and he doesn’t need a fake dad.

Paloma calls and decides it’s so late she might as well call the school and say Cachito’s not coming and then come home. She can hear Cachito giving “Pedro” a hard time in the background, but “Pedro” makes a deal with him that they’ll play whatever Cachito wants to today. Cachito agrees, so he tells Paloma to go with her parents to the psychiatrist appointment.

Cachito wants to play luchadores and that’s not a quiet, polite, neat, organized game so “Pedro’s” not dealing very well.

Inés is still mourning her son, looking at an old Polaroid of the two twins together, remembering when Chamoy gave it to her after telling her one was dead and buried. She comes downstairs and hears Chamoy feeding Sara the sob story that he gets sad every year, too and Inés was just so sick and he didn’t realize the baby was sick and it’s a miracle Inés is alive. Chamoy leaves and Inés reminds Sara she’s asked her not to discuss this in the house where Pedro and Yesenia might hear.

“Pedro” gave up and brought Cachito over to Inés’, where he makes Sara promise she won’t teach him how to play poker or bet. While they run off to play, “Pedro” moans to Inés that he’s a failure as a dad. “Nah, it’s just that kids love to make adults’ lives difficult. You were worse.” He heads upstairs for a shower.

That damn bracelet!

Ignacio gets to the office just as Ivonne is getting off the phone with the jewelry store. She tells him about them calling because some “humble” woman showed up with the bracelet Leo was going to give to Fer, asked for the owners’ information…and then some guy walked in and left it there. Weird, right? Ignacio tells her not to bother “Leo” on his honeymoon. If he gets angry, Ignacio will take care of it.

By which he means “I’ll call the store and impersonate Leonardo.” I can’t believe they sent him security footage! And he recognizes Paloma…and thinks that might be Leonardo behind her. Ivonne hands over his schedule and he asks her to move a dinner with Don Fermin to tomorrow. He lets her know he’s planning to go pick up the bracelet from the shop in person. Sounds like he wants to clear his schedule for some investigating.

Paloma gets home to a drawing of a dinosaur and a note from Cachito. She heads back out to get him but there are two cops waiting to arrest her for theft. Of the bracelet. Which was returned. One cop is physically and verbally abusive, probably because Ignacio hired him to be so he could show up to play the hero…as his alter-ego “Gerardo” who just happens to be a lawyer and is more than willing to help Paloma out if she wants to tell him the whole story.

The story she tells him is the fake story she told the jewelry store and gives him Pedro’s name when he asks. “Gerardo” offers to talk to some friends on the police force and find out what happened to the bracelet.

In the land of not-work

Fernanda and Pedro both end up at the office. Ivonne doesn’t say anything to Fernanda about the bracelet. Nor does she say anything to “Leo.”

Mostly right now Pedro is focused on getting Chamoy’s money, which is going to take another day. He wishes he could just send Chamoy on vacation to the Bermuda Triangle, let him get picked up by a spaceship and harass Martians instead. He’d go home and be with Fer, but she’s being all weird.

Nora is remembering seeing Ignacio and Fer together when “Leo” calls. She tells him Humberto is out with Fabi. She sounds down, but she claims it’s just been an emotional few days, that’s all.

Ignacio calls and gets him to take the dinner with Don Fermin tonight. (Wouldn’t that be the dinner he rescheduled for tomorrow?)

Dani is in Fer’s office trying yet again to convince Fer that she’s in love with “Leo” when “Leo” pokes his head in to tell her they’re having dinner with Don Fermin. She can’t help smiling and Dani gives her that “I told you so” look.

This is not good.

Paloma is over at Inés’ talking to her about Justino when “Gerardo” calls. His contacts already have information, but he wants to give it to her in person in Santa Monica later tonight. She leaves Cachito with Inés…or really, Sara.

When she arrives at the restaurant, it’s not long before Pedro and Fernanda show up for their dinner.

Yes. Paloma. Pedro. Fernanda. Same restaurant. Yikes!

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4 years ago

Thanks, Diva.
“That damn bracelet!” So right!
It seems like all of the couples are in troublesome phases right now.