¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 5/17/16 #67

The bad guys are winning again. Let’s not dwell.

Ignacio is a cheap creep. He recycled his fake cop and used him to sit in the restaurant and take pictures of Paloma’s heart breaking because she thinks Pedro is over there having dinner with Fernanda. Which, ok, yes, he is, but it’s not HER Pedro. Ignacio gives her a ride home and tells her the bracelet was stolen during an armed robbery, but the charges have been dropped.

“Leo” thinks Fer’s coldness towards him is because he hesitated at the wedding and she jumps on that as an excuse and says she needs time to get over it. When Ignacio calls about the schedule “mix-up” she agrees to finish dinner so she can avoid being at home alone with him.

Ruben feels guilty about sleeping with Fabi. He avoids another “date” with her, at least for now.

Tania calls home and pretends to be fine. She hides from Eugenio. She spends all day cleaning. When Connie gets home she has to drag it out of her that Justino called and threatened to kill Eugenio and himself if she gets back together with Eugenio. For her this is no longer about whether Justino gets his way or not…she loves Eugenio and she won’t be able to forgive herself if anything happens to him.

Magdalena begs Eugenio to support his dad for her sake. She can’t take any more of this stuff that’s been going on.

Pedro decides to go back to the office instead of going home with Fer after dinner. As he’s chatting with Basi and wondering what things would have been like if he’d grown up with his twin, Chamoy shows up. He wants his money. And he wants to whine about how Leonardo’s a snob and Pedro’s the one who takes after him. Pedro tells him to save it for someone who doesn’t know him so well. After Chamoy leaves, Pedro tells Basi he seems to be getting worse.

“Pedro” prematurely gives Inés the good news that he and Paloma have already talked about getting married. She wants to hurry up with the wedding planning. Too bad Paloma breaks up with him when he finally shows up at her house. She thinks he hasn’t changed and all his explanations just sound like lies. And also, now she “knows” he did steal the bracelet–for Fernanda. They wake up Cachito with their shouting and “Pedro” is horrified and leaves the house.

Ignacio thinks his shenanigans prove that Paloma is having an affair with “Leonardo.” Which means Chamoy lied to him. He and Fabiola start wondering why the sight of “Leo” stopped Chamoy from beating up Humberto that one time…oops, he forgot to tell her about that. Chamoy knows too much, but they don’t agree about how to handle it–keep him close, or get rid of him?

Tania has Connie break up with Eugenio for her. He promises he won’t stop trying to find out why. He talks to Paloma and she offers to talk to Tania for him.

Fabiola’s recollections of her night with Ruben don’t make it look entirely consensual, despite what he told Eugenio. No means no.

Pedro came home to a sleeping Fernanda and told her how happy he is to be with her, how much she’s changed his life. And then he kissed her and went off to sleep in the living room. And of course, she wasn’t asleep, so she can add all that to her file of Things to be Conflicted About.

“Pedro” asks Chamoy about their alleged life of crime. Chamoy’s only too happy to tell “Pedro” he started off on his own and when Chamoy found out, he begged Chamoy to work with him. So “Pedro” would seduce rich women and Chamoy would take photos and videos and they’d blackmail them. Plus he stole money and jewelry. And if the family was still poor, it was only because “Pedro” spent it all on parties and gambling and more women. Chamoy went to prison alone because he’s the one who got caught and he wouldn’t rat “Pedro” out.

Ignacio shows “Leonardo” the bracelet, gets frustrated that “Leo’s” reaction isn’t what he was expecting, and tells him Paloma found that bracelet in a bathroom. Oh, how wonderful, not all hope is lost, “Leo’s” going to start a foundation to benefit noble youth and help them go to school and…. Pedro’s attitude may have confused and frustrated Ignacio, but shoving him out the door before taking a call from Chamoy put Ignacio in just the right place to overhear him talking about money. He’s sure if he finds out who “Leo” is giving money to, it’ll be the final nail in his coffin.

The only lightness in the entire episode

Ruben asks Yesenia to get back together, but she’s not sure it’s such a good idea, since they always fight. As much fun as the making up is, the constant hurting each other isn’t.

He talks her into making up, but she wants him to swear like she used to with Pedro when they were kids. It involves linking their wrists with a huge rubber band and if anyone breaks the pact, the other one gets to shoot rubber bands at their butt. The conditions:

  1. He won’t give her a hard time about her job and if she saves up enough money or gets tired of it, she’ll quit.
  2. If they’re angry at each other, they tell each other why. No more mind-reading.
  3. 60 kisses a day or pay the penalty of getting shot in the butt with rubber bands.
  4. No cheating.

He agrees. Their celebratory kissing is interrupted by Chamoy. He tries to act like “the dad” but Yesenia’s not having it. She reminds him Inés was only seventeen when she married him, and she was pregnant. Yesenia’s eighteen already. Chamoy tries to throw Ruben out and Inés comes downstairs to remind him he has no right to do that.

Instead, Ruben and Yesenia BOTH flee to the movies and afterwards, they hang out at the mercado and talk smushy and snog.

Which led to an interesting conversation

Inés goes after Chamoy for acting like he’s going to come in here and pretend he has the right to teach the kids how to behave. “I’m their father.” Inés has had about enough of this creep and snaps back that he’s a criminal.

She backs down. He hasn’t been a good example to them is what she meant. She actually apologizes for offending him.

He says soon he’s going to be respectable and get back the right to be a father to his children. She’ll see. He’s going to make lots of money to give them all the things she complained he never gave them.

Wait a sec, she never complained about being poor–all she complained about was that he was always after easy money. He remembers her rejecting him for being a “mediocre” good-for-nothing. “You always thought you were better than me…. And you still feel that way. Superior.”

What? Is he sure he was married to Inés because that sounds more like Fabi.

Anyway, he’ll show them all. She tells him to show himself. He can’t say she ignores everything he does–she’s grateful to him for saving “Pedro” and trying to save Jonathan. BUT…if she finds out he’s gone back to his crooked ways to make money? He’s going to have to leave her house. Chamoy swears he’ll make the money honestly, because he deserves it (I’m sure he believes that second part).

And then there was that flashback at the end

“Pedro” decided to go over and see Renata, but she wasn’t home. Instead, Santiago answered the door and invited him to wait for her in the “house” part of the house. Leonardo remembered seeing Santiago getting hauled into prison and screaming “You’re the criminals! I swear I’m going to make you pay if it’s the last thing I do!”

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