¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 5/18/16 #68

Besties and *sigh* bracelets

Santiago and Leo have their moment of recognition, but they both brush it off. Leo because, of course, amnesia. And Santiago because…well, he doesn’t really have a reason. But gosh, “Pedro’s” voice does sound familiar. Santiago doesn’t think “Pedro” should recognize him from anywhere since he grew up in Tijuana and lived most of his life there.

They bond over their shared feelings of loss and frustration. Santiago hasn’t felt this comfortable talking to anyone about his blindness in a while (I’d say “ever”). And then Renata is home and “Pedro’s” off to have another session.

“Pedro” couldn’t take it anymore and he had to talk to someone. He tells Renata he’s a criminal. His dad told him so. And Paloma found out he stole the bracelet.

Renata says it’s just not possible. It’s not in his personality. She can’t explain it, but it’s almost as if he’s not the same person as he was before the accident. All the things everyone has told him about himself just don’t fit the person he is now. As his “friend” she has faith in him and she doesn’t believe he stole that bracelet.

The subplot that is apparently never going away

Paloma’s at Connie’s, still trying to intercede for Eugenio, and she’s confused by Tania’s attitude. Eugenio didn’t do anything wrong, Tania’s not in love with someone else…what gives?

Tania doesn’t want him to suffer on her account. But the thing is, he’s already suffering. And Paloma can tell Tania is suffering, too.

Justino isn’t suffering, he’s still getting away with spouting platitudes about trying harder and starting over. Magdalena suggests a big family dinner, including Eugenio’s girlfriend. Isn’t it about time Tania met his parents?

So far, Justino keeps it together, though he has to fumble for his fake smile again.

At Paloma’s continued urging, Tania finally says she’s afraid of getting Eugenio killed. She doesn’t want to say who might kill him, but Paloma knows it must be that creep who was spreading rumors.

When Magdalena tries to expand the party to “close friends” Justino begs her to keep it just family. And now he’s tired and he has to “go rest.”

Paloma hates the thought of Tania having to hide because that creep is preying on her fears. Tania says she needs some time to think about it and swears Paloma to secrecy in the meantime. Paloma gives Tania one of her cards and tells her to call if she needs anything at all.

I told you I don’t take orders.

Based on what Nora saw the other night and Ignacio’s explanation she didn’t ask for, she’s thinking he’s feeling guilty. She sets up a meeting with Fernanda.

When Fernanda arrives to pick her up, she witnesses Fabiola screaming at Nora and starting to smack her around. “Why?” you ask…because she wanted a mimosa by the pool and she didn’t want Karen to make it and when she grabbed Nora’s arm to make that point and Nora took her arm back, it sent Fabi over the back of the couch. It was quite undignified. I recommend watching it multiple times.

Fernanda finds no humor in this situation and she’d be very curious to hear what Humberto makes of it. (The same Humberto she thinks is at least partially responsible for every terrible thing that has happened to her family?) Fabi swans off to the pool and Fernanda insists on keeping her date with Nora.

They go to Fernanda’s apartment. Nora appreciates Fer defending her, but she doesn’t really care how Fabi treats her (yuck! That doesn’t make it right!), she only cares about Humberto and “Leo.” They’re her family and if anybody messes with them, they mess with Nora. No, she didn’t say it like that.

So, anyway, why did Nora want to talk about? She brings up that scene she witnessed the other night and Fer says Ignacio was just being a jerk, but it’s nothing to worry about. Something going on between them? No, of course not.

Whiny little sister Fabiola goes to whine to big brother Ignacio that Fernanda wouldn’t let her smack the help around. Obviously, she can’t be trusted!

Pobre Pedro

Chamoy finally gets to count the incredibly heavy bag of cash Pedro and Basi have been lugging around. Clearly, Chamoy is not a Kenny Rogers fan. Ignacio’s Recycled Fake Cop watches and takes photos from a nearby table.

Surprise! Chamoy’s not leaving after all! Excuses, lies, lies, lies, excuses, he’s staying in LA. Oh, and pay for the beers because he has cash, but he doesn’t have change. Pedro really tried to get him to go away, he did, and I thought his “Go to San Diego…because at least if you get in trouble there you’ll be too lazy to come all the way up here to bother me.” was brilliant. Alas.

Recycled Fake Cop follows Chamoy and the improbably heavy bag of cash when he leaves the restaurant.

Pedro complains to Basi. He swears if Chamoy blows through all the money and comes asking for more, he’s NOT going to pay! Basi brings up Leo being with Paloma and that reminds Pedro about the bracelet drama. Something is definitely weird about Paloma finding it in a bathroom and Ignacio picking it up from the store where she returned it. Also speaking of Paloma, Pedro just remembered he thought he saw her at dinner last night. And if it really was her… “¡Ahora si nos metemos en un lío!” Don’t you mean nos metemos Leo en un lío?

Stupid Chamoy takes a victory lap through a warehouse district and gets carjacked. They take the money. Heh!

Today’s episode of Mercado Moments is sponsored by….

Hey, Clarita’s back! Her preferred brand of 24-hour allergy medication is non-drowsy. Which is why she can run a store that sells incense, candles, and homemade soap. Also–and you should trust her because she has a sixth sense about these things–Cocó and Termi are totally made for each other.

Inés tells Sara about “Perico” and Paloma breaking up. She’s heartbroken for “Pedro” who was talking about not being a good person. What’s that about? Sara can’t fathom him having done anything worse than going back to his old Perico ways and gotten busted flirting with someone.

No, wait! He remembered proposing to someone, right? What if he got her pregnant! Inés chides her for watching too many telenovelas, but eventually makes a face like maybe it’s not a bad theory.

Eugenio gets the non-update about Paloma’s talk with Tania. He needs to wait, be patient, she’ll talk to him later. He whines that it’s not so easy and Paloma wouldn’t know because she’s not losing the love of her life.

Sara gives Inés lessons on being a metiche, like maybe asking “Pedro” if he happened to run into that “Fernanda” and if maybe that’s why he’s upset…? Funny how Sara didn’t know about Yesenia and Ruben getting back together (if she’s soooo good at getting information). They joke about Yesenia’s bad attitude and where it could have come from. Like maybe *cough*hergrandmother*cough*.

Paloma doesn’t want to talk about it. OK, fine, she saw “Pedro” kissing another woman! The one he was going to marry. Eugenio doesn’t take it well, but Paloma tells him to stay out of it. Magdalena drops by the shop to invite Paloma to dinner and they pretend they were talking about some other mom who’s already got enough troubles and doesn’t need to be hearing bad news.

When “Pedro” shows up at the shop, Eugenio tries to start a fight with him, but Paloma breaks it up. Somehow, “Pedro” thinks telling Paloma what Renata said and asking why Renata believes in him more than Paloma does was going to get her to take him back. Well, if he wants somebody who believes all his stories, he’s got Renata. She throws him out of the shop.

The Ruben and Yesenia show

Yesenia and Lupe have lunch just so we can establish that Yesenia learned everything she knows about cheating men from years of watching Pedro.

She sits in on one of Ruben’s classes where he’s talking about romantic films. When the class breaks up, two students come in with big boxes full of camera equipment. “To enjoy with your students. F.” Ruben’s face is definitely saying “F.” Yesenia can’t figure out why he’s not more excited about this. Obviously they were sent by some “mecenas” (patron, sponsor). Ummm, until he knows who it is, he doesn’t want to use them and he wants the classroom locked up.

On their way out, they meet Connie. It’s awkward. Ruben couldn’t find a low-cost psychologist, so Yesenia offers to get Renata’s number for Connie.

Later that day he calls Connie with the number and when she explains to Tania it’s someone Ruben’s girlfriend’s brother sees, Tania’s all “Ruben has a girlfriend?” Yes, let’s pour salt in that wound.

Ruben. Yesenia. Mushy talk about onion breath. Bad jokes about Yesenia being “crazy.” Ruben goes off to the bathroom, leaving his cell phone, and Yesenia answers it. It’s Fabi. She’s not happy to be talking to “the owner of Ruben’s heart” and ends up hanging up without saying anything.

Ruben gets back to the table and it’s more mush and kisses until the food arrives. Oh, yeah, and by the way someone snobby called. I think Ruben just lost his appetite. And Yesenia saying she’s not jealous because of course he wouldn’t be with someone like that doesn’t help.

Fabiola takes her bad mood out on Humberto, who is medically doing much better except for that leech attached to his wallet.

As Yesenia is pondering dessert and Ruben is obsessing over his phone, Lupe comes over to join them. And then Basi shows up. Huh. But, hey, it’s Basi. So it’s not long before he’s laughing and chatting with Yesi and Lupe and getting information out of them. And then Fabiola calls Ruben again.

He excuses himself from the table and asks her not to call him again. What happened was a mistake and it’s never going to happen again. She begs him for one last meeting….

Back at the table, Basi’s making fat jokes at Tencha’s expense, but saying he’s totally into her, and Yesi and Lupe are warning him that Tencha’s a fiera in bed. Ruben says he’s got a thing at school and leaves. Oh, yeah, Yesenia’s boyfriend’s totally a teacher. He teaches film. So if Basi ever wants a recommendation for something XXX to share with Tencha…hahaha, just kidding! Oh, well…Basi isn’t into that. He respects women. There are…other things…that attract him to a woman. Yesenia and Lupe keep trying to get an explanation out of him and they’re all over him when Tencha arrives. She’s dressed to kill, which Yesenia makes as much of a fuss about as Basi does. They leave so the lovebirds can be alone.

Seeing double

Ignacio calls Fernanda to remind her about the dinner with Don Fermin and Doña Leti which is really tonight, no seriously, for real this time.

She and “Leo” have a few minutes alone at the restaurant, but he doesn’t want to talk about what’s bothering him. Don Fermin and Doña Leti arrive and it’s hugs and smiles all around.

Chamoy stumbles home, complaining. If those guys are the filthy stealing rats, what does that make him?

Ignacio watches from his car, gloating as Chamoy bangs on the door with one (presumably uninjured) elbow and Leonardo comes out to help him.

And then Don Fermin calls and tells him he should come on down to dinner with him and Leti and Leonardo and his wife ’cause they’re having the BEST time! The food is great! The wine is great!

Yeah, yeah, just…um, can he speak to Leonardo, please? Don Fermin hands the phone over. Ignacio listens to Pedro and watches Leonardo help Chamoy into the house. He tells Pedro he can’t make it to dinner.

I have no idea why they didn’t take Chamoy to a hospital. But since they’re at home, “Pedro” can ask him why these things keep happening to him in peace. And Chamoy can lie in his regular clothes instead of a hospital gown.

Ignacio’s still out in the car, remembering what happened at Wedding 1.0 and suddenly realizes he was so stupid–his realization is interrupted by Chuy, the henchman previously known as Recycled Fake Cop. He’s got the Big Bag o’Money. Ignacio tells him to watch Pedro’s house and report all movements to him.

Sometimes contrivances are fun

Don Fermin is explaining this tradition he has with his board of directors of meeting with someone who’s done better independently than his corporation. Can you imagine, one time this 17-year-old kid with a barba de chivo (goatee) and bermuda shorts walked in! He’d invented the Besometro, an app that measures the intensity and passion of a kiss. At $2 a pop, he made millions.

Leti and Fermin have it installed on their phones. And they REALLY want “Leo” and Fer to test it out. The phones start beeping and Fer and “Leo’s” kiss blows the top off the rating scale in one try. Leti thinks it’s obvious! They’re newlyweds! Everyone toasts to love!

He did kind of inherit his temper

Inés comes home and both Chamoy and Sara resort to that “Oh, poor Chamoy and his bad luck” excuse. “Pedro” can’t take any more and storms up to his room. Inés isn’t buying it either. What happened to kicking him out at the first sign?

Instead Inés borrowed from the shop rent money to pay to have a doctor come over and check on Chamoy. “Pedro” isn’t happy to hear it. He just knows Chamoy’s going to keep getting into trouble and expecting Inés and Sara to help him. Inés doesn’t think she can kick him out with his hands like this. She knows it’s bothering “Pedro” but she begs him to let her handle it. She’ll talk to Chamoy. “Pedro” grumbles that he’ll go open the shop and see if he can make a little money.

Consider the source

Justino is having flashbacks about Tania that Cachito thinks make him look scared. He plays it off and asks for a kiss, which creeps me out. Then he has a difficult time keeping his voice friendly when he greets Eugenio.

He’s having a great time playing with Cachito when Paloma arrives and Paloma is happy to see it. She and Magdalena are possibly a little suspicious, or bitter, or weirded out, when Justino babbles about how he’s going to be a different person from now on because the love of his family is the most important thing.

Ugh, this creep! He even manages to turn the prayer before dinner into an opportunity for further weirdness, talking about how he’s grateful for his family, blah, blah, blah. Well, since we’re having family fun time, Magdalena brings up how proud she is of Eugenio for doing so well in school. He might even get a scholarship to study music. And Justino’s proud too, right? “Yeah.”

Cachito says they’ll also be proud when Paloma’s a doctor. She does like healing people, right? And are she and “Perico” back together or are they fighting again? Justino makes a face. Cachito’s going on about how the mess was his fault, while Paloma’s like “ZIPIT!” Justino starts rumbling about how he never liked that guy…. Paloma says she’d really rather not talk about it, but nooooo he’s just got to share his opinion, that Pedro’s bad news just like his dad.

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4 years ago

This was the best episode! (And a great recap, as we’ve come to expect.)
“Whiny little sister Fabiola goes to whine to big brother Ignacio that Fernanda wouldn’t let her smack the help around. Obviously, she can’t be trusted!” Well stated.
That kiss was a meter-buster. Fernanda was so busted!