¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 5/19/16 #69

Seems to me he always wins.

Poor injured Chamoy. Let’s all take a moment to send up a hearty eye roll in his honor. He’s just so “unlucky” not even a limpia would help him.

He sends his dear daughter off to work, since Inés is probably broke, after paying for his care. Yesenia and Sara think they sure are lucky he doesn’t know what Yesenia does for a living.

Chamoy remembers the beating. One of them shouted that this was a “message” and Chamoy is determined to find out who’s sending it.

Isn’t it convenient that he sees Chuy (aka, Recycled Fake Cop) outside, wachando his house? Chamoy recognized him from the beating. This is why it’s important not to recycle when trying to create an evil empire.

Out of nowhere

Justino stole some of Tania’s underwear and he’s hiding it under his mattress.

Coco. Cheeseburger dress. ’50s silhouette. She proposes a partnership. Strictly business. She’s going to use expired foods to make beauty products. And yogurt is good for the skin. She proves it by putting a peel-off face mask on him. He’s in! Because he doesn’t realize he’s got a nasty-looking chemical burn.

Nobody thinks this is too much of a coincidence?

Fer comes over to dodge Dani’s constant badgering about how she luuuuuuurves “Leonardo” and visit Santi.

He’s in a much better mood after his talk with “Pedro” but it’s the funniest thing–the guy sounds just like Leonardo Fuentemayor. Oh, right, THAT guy. Fer had the same experience.

Santi’s still a little cranky that she keeps asking him to be patient when she isn’t telling him what she’s doing, but only a little.

Paloma trusts the wrong person.

“Gerardo” (Ignacio) comes over to Paloma’s to make vague accusations about her boyfriend and ask if she trusts him. Said boyfriend arrives just as Paloma’s getting ready to throw “Gerardo” out because he’s being a little creepy about it. Instead, “Pedro” “meets” “Gerardo” and starts acting jealous/suspicious–they claim he’s there about a floral order and these are NOT business hours.

Paloma kicks “Pedro” out. Because it’s her house. She apologizes for her boyfriend. His temper isn’t usually so bad, but since the accident when he lost his memory it’s almost like he’s a completely different person sometimes. It’s been a couple of months now.

She apologizes again for telling him all her problems, but no worries. “Gerardo” would love to be friends. *barf* “Gerardo” keeps coming back to that damn bracelet and how Paloma’s not in any trouble, but her boyfriend…he can’t be sure. His police friends mentioned a shady dude who lives nearby named…Chamoy? Oh, that’s Pedro’s dad. And, yes, she knows he was in prison for theft.

There’s a brief interruption when Chuy calls and says he needs Ignacio to come over to the house right away!

As “Gerardo” is saying his goodbyes he explains he just thought he ought to warn her. It was totally unnecessary…evvvvverybody knows about Chamoy.

Later, in bed, Paloma can’t help remembering the sweet, sweet love she and “Pedro” made. On the living room floor. Of her house. Yeah, that’s going to be hard to forget unless she wants to move.

It’s a process

Tania swears she’s eating. Connie’s not so sure. She jokes about Tania not even drinking her milk. They laugh about it, but Tania really can’t stand milk anymore.

She insists she’s got to clean the stove and Connie gives her a hard time about it. More laughter about her obsessive cleaning, but the thing is it’s the only thing that helps. Connie suggests she talk to the psychologist about it. And then she’s off to bed.

When Tania’s phone beeps, I’m expecting He Who Must Not Be Named, but it’s a text from Eugenio telling her to turn on the radio. He dedicated a song to her.


While Ruben is fighting off Fabiola’s advances, Yesenia is giddy with love and planning some kind of surprise. The fans might enjoy it, but it’s all for Ruben.

Meanwhile the Ruben-Fabi hotel scene is going on way too long. When she can’t get him by force, she resorts to trying to inspire pity. That at least gets her a hug she enjoys more than is wholesome.

Yesenia is back in the dressing room, leaving the chanting crowd behind. She’s bummed Ruben didn’t see her dancing her little heart out. And he didn’t send her a message or anything. Lupe convinces her to postpone the inevitable tantrum until after her second performance.

Off his game

Basi catches Pedro up on the gossip. Yesenia made him blush with all her suggestive talk. And she’s dating some guy named Ruben. Also, according to Tencha, Paloma has been seen crying recently.

Pedro feels awful! If he screwed up his clone’s love life, he won’t be able to forgive himself!

Hours later they’re still at the office. Pedro is avoiding going home. He’s not the Love Doctor he once was and he has no idea how to approach Fernanda. Basi has to give him a pep talk and usher him out.

Pedro has the apartment decorated with lit candles when Fer comes home. Oh, he’s totally still giving her the space she asked for, but…can she just dance this one song with him? (This one song that, infuriatingly, I cannot find.) Behold the power of music. Fer gets all melty.

The next thing she knows it’s been three songs. Pedro waxes rhapsodic about the beauty of a good slow dance. It’s a good way to get to know how someone feels. The net step is a kiss. When she kissed him at the penthouse, he could tell she loved him. And then when she kissed him at the restaurant she felt it again. Fer freaks out and escapes to her room.


Sara feels responsible for “Pedro” and Paloma breaking up. She turned San Antonio on his head hoping Pedro would finally fall in love with Paloma and when it happened…oops! She turned him right side up. So now what’s she supposed to do?! She can’t turn him upside down again! Inés is telling her it’s going to be fine when “Pedro” storms into the house and goes upstairs.

He has a flashback to the bachelor party and Ignacio telling him to relax and introducing him to Vicky (the one who sent Pedro’s picture to Leonardo). He focuses on Ignacio calling him a “friend” and wonders why “Gerardo” pretended not to recognize him earlier.

Inés comes up to his room and “Pedro” tells her it’s over with Paloma. She lost faith in him. And he has no idea who he is or who he was. Inés says he’s a good guy, but what if he had them fooled all this time? What if he’s as bad as his father. She can tell Chamoy said something to him, but if Chamoy told him anything bad about himself, it’s all a lie. He’s a decent man, she swears it as his mother.

That night, “Pedro” is tormented by dreams of his bachelor party, Officer Naughty talking about arresting him, thanking Ignacio for throwing the party.

He couldn’t have done this sooner? Or more quickly?

Chuy falls out of the SUV when Ignacio opens the door. Don’t worry, he’s just passed out, as Chamoy informs Ignacio while he holds a gun to his head. I guess they leave Chuy lying in the street while Chamoy makes Ignacio drive off somewhere.

Chamoy uses Ignacio’s thoughtfully-provided handcuffs to restrain him in a chair in a warehouse while he beats him. So they can converse as equals.

Ignacio starts out trying to bribe Chamoy with more money than Pedro gave him, saying he cheated him. “Leonardo” has access to hundreds of millions! Then he moves on to threatening. He knows what’s going on. Leonardo lost his memory in an accident and ever since then Pedro has been impersonating him. When Leonardo regains his memory he’s going to have them both thrown in jail–for life!

Ignacio’s continued attempts to threaten and bribe Chamoy just seem to piss Chamoy off further. Chamoy’s ready to shoot him, but Ignacio gets a delay when he comes up with a pretty decent plan. Too bad that plan involves killing off Leonardo after he and Pedro bilk the company for millions. Either out of some sense of family loyalty (is it possible?) or because he’s really sick of dealing with Ignacio (more likely) Chamoy shoots him.

Time’s up.

Inés has made up her mind. Having Chamoy around isn’t good for “Pedro.” He can have one more week to recover from his latest injuries, but then he needs to leave. Her kid comes first. Sara verbally agrees, but she gives Inés a wounded look.

Inés brings Chamoy breakfast on a tray. He thinks it’s his opportunity to flirt, but it’s an interrogation. What the hell did he say to “Pedro” to have him feeling so awful? Chamoy protests his innocence and Inés doesn’t believe a word out of his mouth. If he hurts either of her children, he’s going to have to deal with her.

Chamoy makes a dismissive hand gesture when Inés is gone and I think “Do it. Go ahead and underestimate her. See how much farther you can push, because my money’s on Inés.”

Shut up and kiss me.

Yesenia’s at the juice bar, loading up on her anti-cold vitamins for the day’s piñata making. When Ruben arrives, she’s totally willing to just take a “Sorry about last night” and a kiss, but instead he’s making excuses…


And he keeps running his mouth, making up a story. Yesenia’s ready with the rubber bands because she can see he’s nervous and sweaty. She can’t even get him to swear he’s not lying, though he’ll gladly swear “it’s” over…um, the situation he was dealing with last night. She decides to just let it slide because she likes his kisses. Ruben doesn’t look like he’s pleased he got away with it. He doesn’t even look relieved.


Tania has an appointment today with Renata and she’s in a slightly better mood after the radio dedication. Even if she still thinks she can’t be with Eugenio. She decides to cook breakfast because Connie can’t even manage quesadillas without burning them.

They go over to Renata’s, where Connie has to convince Tania to go inside. And she does…yay!

This was unexpected!

Renata, Santi, and Dani have breakfast and reminisce about bossy older sisters (Renata and Fer). Santi and Renata talk about Pedro and what a great, but tormented, guy he is. Santi insists on cleaning up after breakfast, though Renata looks doubtful.

Santi does a good job of cleaning up after breakfast. And then Ivonne calls the house, looking for Daniela and de golpe, Santiago finds out that Dani and Fer both work at Corporativo Fuentemayor and they have a lunch meeting with LEONARDO. Just to confirm…is the “Fernanda Manrique” she mentioned blonde with blue eyes?

When he gets confirmation he hangs up on Ivonne and starts to fume. He thinks Fer is betraying the family.

Married life

Fer’s avoidance of Pedro leads to a conversation through her closed bedroom door. She reminds him about this morning’s PR breakfast. He hopes she attends, since he’d really like to see her. Fer whines some more about “Leo” changing and becoming so damn irresistible.

Yes, yes, someone is lying and it’s not the person you think it is!

“Pedro” knows Paloma doesn’t want to talk to him, but he goes to the flower shop anyway. He doesn’t know how, but he knows the guy who was at her house last night and his name isn’t Gerardo, it’s Ignacio.

They get into an ugly argument. Paloma is angry because she thinks he’s lying. “Pedro” is angry because he thinks she’s ditching him “for” Ignacio. She yells at him that “Gerardo” hasn’t done anything but help her. He kept the police from arresting her for stealing the bracelet that “Pedro” stole.

After Paloma finishes with a customer, “Pedro” gets back to grilling her. Where exactly did this arrest take place? And wasn’t it convenient that “Gerardo” was outside her house when it happened? And why is she SO angry at him? Paloma says he knows why. “Fernanda!”

“Pedro’s” face: “???”

More arguing about how she’s not going to fight over a guy and if he wants out then just say so and ok, fine, she saw him kissing Fernanda!

“Pedro’s” face: “???!!!”

She saw it herself. And he did it at a fancy restaurant, too…probably thinking Paloma would never see him. And he was telling Fernanda he loved her! And it sucks that he’s making her TELL him this and cry in front of him! And she’s not going to beg him to choose between them!

She’s convinced “Pedro” is lying and he’s convinced she saw what she saw, but it must have been someone who looked like him. He begs her for a chance to at least confront Ignacio and find out why he denied knowing “Pedro” and says he’s not going to quit until he convinces her that she’s the love of his life.


Santiago gets so upset he decides going outside without a cane and stumbling aimlessly is somehow going to help the situation. Good thing he first runs into Connie and douses her in hot coffee. And then she chases him down and keeps him from getting run over.

She hauls him back to the house and insists on checking him over. His ankle is swollen and she gets him some ice. Connie being Connie, she’s more curious than anything else about why he was out there. And she’s not even turned off by him calling himself useless. She just gives him a pep talk and checks him out. Because Connie being Connie, they can’t possibly give her a love interest who doesn’t already seem destined for someone else.

Santi doesn’t want to talk about his blindness or his unwillingness to learn some new skills. He’d like Connie to do him a favor, though, and call a taxi for him. He really needs to talk to his sister. Connie’s way more willing to dial for him than put him in a cab by himself. So she dials and Santi gets Fer to agree to come over, even though she’s on her way to work, by telling her he knows where she works. Oops.

He and Connie say their goodbyes and he apologizes for the coffee. There is much touching of hands. And Connie…well, let’s just say “Oh, smit!”


Fabi is her usual charming self this morning. After warning Nora not to say anything to Humberto about what happened when Fernanda was there yesterday, she tells her to go tell Ignacio to come down and have breakfast with her.

Fabi looks scared when Nora tells her Ignacio isn’t home and his bed wasn’t slept in. Fabi tries to call, but he’s not answering. She calls Ivonne, but he’s not at the office either and he didn’t spend the night with Ivonne. Ivonne hasn’t seen him since he left the office yesterday afternoon.

Ivonne ignores Basi’s attempts to flirt, lost in her own thoughts, and when she finally talks to him, it’s clear she’s come to the conclusion that Ignacio spent the night with someone else and how very dare he!

Basi’s face: ?

And then he’s happy because he wonders if she found out about Tencha. He hopes he doesn’t have to choose between them.

Ignacio’s starting to miss appointments. Ivonne tries his cell phone…

And Cachito, on his way to school, finds it in the grass. And what’s his first thought…”Hey, this looks like a nice phone! I bet I can play Zombie Mutant Dinosaurs on this one!” Priorities!

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4 years ago

Thanks, Diva!
I can’t wait to see what happens with the phone that Cachito picked up. One thing: don’t we need a way to charge that phone?