¿Quién es Quién? Friday 5/20/16 #70

¡Condenado Chamaco!

Cachito presses the button to ignore Ivonne’s call. Oops.

And then he runs into Sara, who could have sworn he should be in school right now. No, pues ¡esté chamaco! He was at school, then he got angry at another kid and he just wasn’t in the mood to be there anymore.

Sara’s his bud, but she’s not going to cover for him–she’s taking him home and she’s going to call his mother. Paloma will probably be upset, but at least she knows he’s with Sara.

Sara and Cachito have a conversation about finding things that aren’t yours. It’s Sara’s opinion that you need to try to return things with names or addresses…hmmm, no, Cachito doesn’t think what he found has a name or an address.

Back at home, Cachito explains that he left school so he wouldn’t get into a fight with some kid who made fun of him for not having a dad. Look, Paloma’s glad he didn’t get into a fight, but he can’t be leaving school like that and there are going to have to be consequences. He’s grounded from watching TV or playing with any of his electronics. Note: HIS electronics.

So I’m not surprised when he starts looking through Ignacio’s phone later and finds Fernanda’s picture (I’m glad that’s all he found!).

The phone starts ringing again when Fabiola tries calling Ignacio, and Paloma hears it. Instead of hanging up Cachito accidentally puts it on speaker, at least for a while. He hides it under his pillow and lies to Paloma about it, even pulling some other toy out from under his pillow to hand over to her. *sigh* Now that’s dedication.

Change of plans

Pedro is pouty. This all feels so pointless. He did everything for Fernanda and now he has her, but he’s lonelier than ever. He wants one last favor from Basi–come up with a plan that will earn the company $500K to make up for what he gave Chamoy. This periquito is ready to fly.

Ivonne interrupts his imminent departure to announce that the PR breakfast is cancelled, per Fer, and nobody can find Ignacio. Basilio rallies Pedro briefly and he agrees he’s got to solve both problems–the money and making Fer happy–but he still thinks the whole situation sucks.

I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t remember you.

Yesenia and “Pedro” have a very quiet lunch. He thinks about the bachelor party flashback and asks if he has a friend named “Ignacio.” Not that Yesenia knows of. And she’s a little bothered that he doesn’t remember any of his family, but he’s “remembered” Nora, Fernanda, Ignacio.

Family loyalty? Who was I kidding?

Ignacio’s not dead. Chamoy’s just keeping him at the warehouse. That’s disappointing. Seriously, I don’t feel like listening these two and their lies, they just need to get to the point. Make their nefarious plans, y ya.

When he gets to the office, Ignacio locks himself in with Pedro, tells Ivonne to hold all their calls, and tells Pedro he knows he’s Pedro.

Ivonne calls Humberto to let him know Ignacio has reappeared.

It does Pedro no good to protest that he never wanted to take Leonardo’s place. That Ignacio’s the one who started all this when he dragged Pedro up onto that altar in front of Fer. Why does he think Pedro said “no”?! Ignacio holds it over his head that since then he’s signed documents with a false name, married Fernanda, and even paid off his “real” father not to rat him out.

Speaking of Chamoy, he’s reminiscing about the great time he had with Ignacio this morning. He’s got a recording of Ignacio laying out the whole plan: Chamoy gets $5 Million; Chamoy will keep Leonardo from returning to his old life; Pedro will help Ignacio defraud the company; Leonardo will suffer an unfortunate accident.

Back at the office, Ignacio and Pedro are still arguing. Pedro maintains he hasn’t stolen anything–the money he gave Chamoy came out of what he earned on the Moretz deal. But the Moretz deal only made money because of the company’s reputation, which Pedro had nothing to do with. But nobody but Pedro would have invested in Moretz.

Ignacio applauds his capacity for self-justification and declares that when it comes to thieving, Pedro has surpassed Chamoy. Ouch! Ignacio threatens him with 40 years in jail, so Pedro offers to turn himself in to the cops. He just wants the chance to apologize to Humberto and Fernanda in person.

Ignacio won’t let him turn himself in–it would be a scandal for the company and Humberto wouldn’t be able to take it. Pedro is just going to have to keep being “Leonardo” a little while longer. Maybe…a couple of weeks? He’ll do what Ignacio tells him to do and then he and Fer will go on a year-long honeymoon, Leonardo will hopefully have recovered his memory, and everything can get back to normal without hurting the business.

Besides, Pedro wouldn’t really want to turn himself in and risk his mother getting arrested for kidnapping Leonardo Fuentemayor, would he? He can’t prove she didn’t. And Pedro giving Chamoy money looks awfully suspicious. The entire family could get thrown in prison–Inés, Yesenia, Sara. And for what? Some guy Pedro just met two months ago and his crush on a chick?

Pedro punches him, but Ignacio’s done talking. He pulls a crumpled piece of paper out of his jacket pocket. It’s the first thing he wants Pedro to sign. He does. And Ignacio had better keep his word that nothing is going to happen to his family. Pedro suddenly looks at least a decade older.

Ivonne warns Basi not to go into “Leonardo’s” office. He’s busy with Ignacio. Who has time for “Leonardo” but not for her. Basi consoles Ivonne and gets a hug.

Over coffee and cookies (with sprinkles!) he says he knows her pain. She wants to rip Ignacio apart with her bare hands, but then she sees him and all she wants to do is kiss him. Basi has also suffered for one who does not return his love. Ivonne is ready to go after that chick as soon as Basi names her, but naw. He can’t put a name to a feeling that exists, but isn’t returned; that agonizes without dying, but at the same time lives without living. She’s so moved she hugs him again.

You did what?!

Santiago starts screaming at Fernanda as soon as she gets to Renata’s house. She tells him about her plan, but he can’t believe she would let Ignacio “help” her when he’s just as bad as the Fuentemayors. “Well, um, I had to do something annnnd…he’s the reason you’re out of jail.” She admits they had a relationship, but it’s over now and she’s since realized he was only interested in helping her because he’s greedy. And the way she’s getting back what’s theirs, because doing it legally was impossible, was…um…marrying Leonardo Fuentemayor. Santi plops down on the back of the couch. Because, really, what can you say to that?

She explains it was the only way to get her hands on some of the Fuentemayor money–marrying Leonardo and then divorcing him. Santiago feels like it’s all his fault. That what happened to him pushed her into doing this. He just hopes she hasn’t fallen in love with Leonardo, because if she has he’d rather be dead. He figures he can’t judge her (for making a stupid revenge plan). He talked so much about wanting the Fuentemayors to suffer. He never thought that would also entail Fernanda suffering.

Renata comes home and Fernanda ends the conversation and goes back to the office.

Stop ignoring your instincts!

Is some of Chamoy’s shine starting to come off? Sara visits his room, where he shows off his tablet, claiming it was “cheap.” She doesn’t believe that. And it’s kind of rude for him to be buying luxuries when the family is barely making ends meet. So he hands over some cash and a necklace for her that he swears isn’t even real gold. She doesn’t look like she believes that either. And she doesn’t look happy when she supposes he’s not going to tell her what “job” he did to get this money and he just shakes his head. He says it’s something he did for Melquiades before he burned his hands and Mel just paid him. Sara doesn’t look like she wants to believe him, but she stops arguing and lets him hug her.


Connie tells Tania the story of meeting Santiago and how she hopes the fact that the first thing she said to him was “What’s the matter with you?! Are you blind?!” isn’t going to be all he remembers. Tania can tell Connie’s got a crush.

Tania promises she told Renata everything and yeah, they’re going to work on stuff. And from now on, all THREE of them are going to keep the apartment clean, which Connie considers a positive sign of Tania’s progress.

As they chop up a humongous pile of vegetables for dinner, Tania announces she’s going back to work at the Cultural Center. And she’s going to keep going to therapy and Connie’s going to take her every time so she can see Santiago again.

It’s Bestie Ice Cream and Chisme Time. Today’s topic: Who is Santiago and why does he live at Renata’s?

Connie’s got to pry herself away from the ice cream to go teach. She suggests Tania come with her and see about getting her job back. And then she TELLS Tania she’s going. None of this “maybe tomorrow” business.

Cultural Center

Ruben returned all the equipment. Yesenia can’t understand his decision.

He gets to cut the argument short when Tania and Connie greet them and tell them Tania’s there to get her job back. Yesenia hopes the number of the loquera (pej: crazy-person doctor; shrink) helped. From the look on Tania’s face she realizes that’s who needed the number and she feels bad for bringing it up.

Connie has to push Tania to go talk to the director. She’s nervous about asking for her job back after she left unexpectedly. (Yay for a “normal” anxiety.)

Yesenia knows she said something horrid and she knows she does it a LOT, so she comes up with a plan–from now on when she does that, Ruben should kiss her to shut her up. He suggests they save it for just the really big stuff or they’ll be attached at the face all the time. Fabi sees them kissing and tries to run Yesenia over.

Eugenio sees Tania and calls out happily to her, but she has a flashback to Justino’s threats. She definitely doesn’t want to talk to him there, in public. She admits she still loves him, but…as a friend. He doesn’t buy it. Especially not when he gets up in her face and she can’t talk anymore and they start snogging. Eugenio knows she loves him and he’s not going to give up on her.

She tries a different strategy–she does love him, but they can’t be together. He won’t accept that. If she won’t talk to him at the Cultural Center, then he wants to go somewhere else to talk. Right now. He’ll text Connie and tell her where they went. Tania agrees.

Out of nowhere

A Cocó and Termi scene. Tencha said Termi was a beast in bed. He swears she has no way of knowing that.

More breakup aftermath

Magdalena comes over to Paloma’s. She thinks Justino’s doing so much better (because she hasn’t made the bed yet). But what she wanted to talk about was Paloma and “Pedro’s” breakup. Paloma says “Pedro” is the same old sinvergüenza he’s always been. Well, sure, Magdalena says…womanizers don’t change. Paloma sadly admits her dad was right.

Pedro tells Renata about running into Ignacio and he won’t take “false memory” as an answer. Why are ALL his memories of people who aren’t in his life? How does he know how to speak French? What if he’s not Perico Perez? What if he’s someone else? He’s the one who rejected that theory earlier, but that was before Yesenia told him that he’s been a completely different person since the accident.

He thinks he has concrete proof that he’s a different person. Paloma saw “him” kissing the woman he remembered, Fernanda, at a restaurant, but it wasn’t him! What if that guy who looks just like him is the real Pedro Perez and he switched places with him? And if that guy is Pedro, then who is he? What’s his name?

Leo starts having a panic attack. He calms down, but he’s still agitated and convinced he’s not Pedro.

Renata didn’t want to suggest this earlier, because she didn’t have enough data, but now she’s considering whether he might have a doble personalidad, properly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, which she clarifies is not the same as Schizophrenia. Woo hoo! Points to the writing team for actually cracking open a DSM!

She needs him to stay calm, go home, try to distract himself. They’ll do some tests to figure things out, but they’re not going to make progress if he’s so upset.

Offices are not for working in.

Ignacio stashes the signed document in his office.

Ivonne comes over to confront him about where he was last night. He tries throwing her out of his office, but then he relents and offers to make up for his absence and his attitude with dinner and nookie. As for his eye, oh, when he was out with his buds someone was hitting on some girl and he defended her and got punched.

When Ivonne asks him for Don Fermin’s number he realizes his phone is missing.

Cachito’s really learning his way around the phone. He’s found videos (thankfully nothing that’s going to scar him for life) and easily dismisses a call so he can watch a video of Fer giving him some kind of interview.

Ignacio gives someone…Chuy?…the task of finding his phone full of compromising information. He knows it’s still in the ‘hood.

When Basi goes in to check on Pedro, Pedro seems utterly defeated. He tells Basi everything is fine, but he wants him to take a long vacation, take his aunt somewhere. Basi is confused. What about making billulo?

Dani is so sorry Santiago found out. She never should have put down her home number in her contact info! Fer is fine with it. It was getting difficult to hide this from Santi anyway. But he understands there’s nothing else she can do…. Dani gives her a look. It’s not that she disagrees with what Fer is doing, though she does, it’s that Fer is suffering and she doesn’t like to see it. Neither will Santi.

When she’s alone in her office, Fernanda can’t help thinking about “Leonardo.” Ignacio comes in, triumphant, announcing their troubles are at an end. She can kick “Leo” out of her apartment today if she wants to. Fer thinks that would seem too weird, but Ignacio swears in two weeks “Leo” will be right where Fer wanted him. Out on the street with no one to help him.

She doesn’t like him not explaining what he’s going to do and how he can be so sure of the timeline. She hasn’t done anything without telling him, but he keeps making decisions without consulting her. I agree with Fernanda–it’s annoying the way Ignacio starts arguments to avoid answering questions. If he won’t tell her anything, then he can count her out of his plans.

He’s back to making this about his “love” for her and his jealousy of “Leonardo.” She says he just doesn’t THINK! How is she supposed to explain wanting a divorce so quickly? He fake-reluctantly tells her he already has the proof of “Leo’s” infidelity, and not with the stripper. He has a lover, and this is a recent development. He uses her computer to pull up his picture of the real Leonardo with Paloma, the one from Connie’s video footage.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Diva 🙂 “He thinks he has concrete proof that he’s a different person. Paloma saw “him” kissing the woman he remembered, Fernanda, at a restaurant, but it wasn’t him! What if that guy who looks just like him is the real Pedro Perez and he switched places with him?” So Leo is figuring it out! What the heck is he going to think of his twin letting him suffer all this time? But then, of course, he – Leo – met the love of his life b/c of the engaño. Renata is her usual the-opposite-of-helpful. “False” memories, Dissociative Identity… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

aaaahh I don’t even want to say anything, I’m hoping by now its(Ignacio) all fixed (preferably 6′ deep) but I’m afraid not
I do want to say though
Thanks Diva for the recaps 🙂