¿Quién es Quién? Monday 5/23/16 #71

Give it up, Iggy.

Fernanda doesn’t seem convinced by the one picture of Leo with Paloma. She insists on seeing the rest of the “proof” that Ignacio claims to have and reminds him that there is nothing between them and never will be. Not only does he not deliver on the rest of his alleged proof, he tells her she’ll never be rid of him.

You did the crime, now do the time!

Show of hands–who’s skeeved that Cachito is looking at this video of Fernanda talking about how she’s going to make Leo fall in love with her and make him her puppet, and then sucking face with Ignacio? He wants to have “a girlfriend that pretty” when he grows up.

At the dinner table, he tries to get Magdalena to feel sorry for him for being grounded. She’s not buying it, once Paloma tells her the whole story.

After dinner, he whines about wanting to see Sara. If what he wants is to get out of the house, then Magdalena suggests they have cake with Eugenio and Justino. Paloma agrees–AFTER he does the double-dose of homework he got assigned for skipping school.

Can’t we just have a nice time without that creep spoiling it?

Eugenio takes Tania out for tortas and her favorite juice (pineapple and mango). While they wait, he wants to know the truth about their breakup. The best she can come up with is “After I accused you of all that stuff I was embarrassed and didn’t feel like I deserved you.”

If that’s all, he’s ok with it. He asks about the waking up in the middle of the night. Tania says she sleepwalks, that’s all. She’s seeing someone to work on it. Well, he says if it doesn’t get resolved then when they get married he’ll just walk around the house with her all night. Tania smiles and they have a really long, slow kiss.

And then she sees Justino. Damn, damn, damn! She keeps hugging Eugenio, probably so he won’t turn around. Meanwhile, Justino finally snaps out of his shock after Tencha babbles at him for too long and leaves the mercado. As does Tania. I’d think staying in a public place would be a better idea.

Pedro and the good dad

Pedro goes “home” to Casa Fuentemayor and thinks about Ignacio’s threats. He greets Humberto happily and seems to have a coherent conversation about the business. Humberto’s so glad to have the business in his hands.

Humberto asks how Fernanda is doing and Pedro feeds him a story about how they both want to sleep on the same side of the bed and they’re fighting over it. Humberto and Sofia went through the same thing. They get to talking about Sofia and how much Humberto loved her.

Pedro says he’s a good man, but maybe a little to trusting of people who want to do him harm. Oh, he’s just thinking about that guy in the parking garage. Anyway, they’re both grateful that they’re so much closer now than they used to be.

Fabiola comes home and Pedro is pretty cold to her. Humberto doesn’t know why. Fabi claims she was out trying to talk to Connie, who she misses so very very much.

The TLC show

Termi and Cocó make beauty products. Which is apparently a somewhat gross, smelly proposition.

“Pedro” problems

Piñata sales are down and the rent’s due soon, so isn’t it lucky that Chamoy gave Sara some cash. Inés accepts, but she makes a face like it smells as bad as Cocó’s products.

“Pedro” comes home and has to be convinced to sit down to dinner. I’m pretty sure Sara’s insistence on telling him how helpful Chamoy is being doesn’t help. Neither does trying to tell him family stories when he says he doesn’t know who he is. He goes upstairs to mope alone.

Renata calls “Pedro’s” house and talks to Inés. She asks her to come by and talk later.

Yesenia and Ruben get home after the movie and Sara tells them about “Pedro’s” mood. Yesenia decides to try to talk to him, but first Sara wants to know if Ruben (who just left) knows about her job. “Yeah, he’s cool with it. I’m even going to do dedicate a dance to him to get him all ruffled.”

There are some problems cake can’t fix.

Magdalena has the cake, but Cachito is sooooooo tired of waaaaaaiting. Everyone’s there except for Justino. Magdalena bribes him with a present and they go off to her room to get it.

Eugenio’s in a quiet mood and confides in Paloma that he saw Tania and something weird happened.

Tania made it back to Connie’s, where she’s sitting in the living room crying because she saw Eugenio and Don Pepe saw them. Connie’s upset she didn’t tell Eugenio so they could put a stop to it. That old perv is just trying to scare her. He won’t touch Eugenio. That’s the same thing Renata said. Connie tells her to listen to Renata.

Eugenio thinks she saw someone. “Someone” walks in without making noise so he can listen in. He finds out Tania went back to work and that Paloma blames that jerk who was filling Tania’s head with lies. Eugenio’s determined to find out who he is and expose him.

Paloma finally notices Justino has been listening in from the door. Justino claims he’s fine and lets Cachito drag him over to the table for cake, but he looks haunted. Good, the creep!

No means no, Fabi.

Nora gets yelled at for walking into Fabi’s WIDE OPEN door just after Fabi left a desperate voicemail message for Ruben. Nora just came to tell her Humberto’s waiting for her at the dinner table. She adds a “Don’t ever talk to me like that again,” before she goes.

At the dinner table, Fabi’s phone rings and she shuts the fifty doors to Humberto’s study so she can talk to an irate Ruben. He accuses her of trying to run over Yesenia. He saw her. She might as well quit lying. And no, he’s not going to meet her to talk about this in person.

At the table, Humberto talks to Nora about feeling like something is wrong with “Leo.” He suggests they have a family dinner. There’s nothing better than Nora’s cooking to remind them they’re a family. Grumpy Fabi comes back to the table and ruins the vibe.

Chamoy, you’re a jerk.

Pedro took a trip to the ‘hood to reminisce about his family from across the street. Chamoy is furious to see him while he’s cruising by. Pedro doesn’t care if Chamoy doesn’t want him there. He’s going to be coming home soon anyway.

Leonardo looks out his window and sees them arguing.

Pedro looks up and sees Leonardo in the window.

Leonardo goes tearing out of the house, but Chamoy has already shoved Pedro into his car. Leonardo runs out into the street and starts having an anxiety attack. Sara comes out to get him and he decides to chase the car on foot.

Sara is desperately trying to reach Chamoy, but he’s ignoring his phone while he talks to Pedro at The Bar that isn’t Melquiades’. Pedro sadly tells Chamoy about Ignacio’s threats and what Ignacio is forcing him to do. Before he brings up Ignacio’s name, Chamoy is outraged that someone would threaten to have Inés thrown in jail.

After? “Oh. Yeah. That sucks.” His advice, of course, is to do what Ignacio says.

I’m especially offended when Chamoy pretends to forget Ignacio’s name. Pedro can’t convince Chamoy to get the rest of the family out of town. Because excuses.

He finally stops ignoring his phone and Sara tells him “Pedro” is acting weird, she didn’t want to call Inés. She needs Chamoy to find him! He had a panic attack and then he ran down the street after a car, maybe? She looked, but she didn’t see one!

Chamoy tells her he’s on his way. I think he knows what’s going on, but he tells Pedro it’s just a problem with the boiler. Pedro should just, um, go home and make nice with that guy. And he should stay away from the house. Chamoy will prepare them for his return. When Pedro leaves, Chamoy calls Melquiades for a “favor.”

Not the right conclusion, but a good next step

Inés gets to Renata’s office and she asks “Did Pedro have a twin brother?” THANK YOU! Renata says it’s something she needs to check out. Twins have a really strong link and it starts in the womb. Even when people don’t know they were a twin, sometimes they still grow up with feelings of sadness and loss.

Possibly when “Pedro” couldn’t remember his life, he created false memories…and a few hours ago he said there was some other man living his life and that was the real Pedro Perez Gonzalez. From the way “Pedro” is describing things, she found a similar case where a man diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder had a twin who died when they were children.

Did Inés ever catch Pedro talking to an imaginary friend when he was a child? Inés had forgotten. Chamoy used to scream at Pedro when he was young to stop talking to his imaginary brother, that he didn’t want any “crazy people” in his house. Later Pedro stopped doing it, maybe because he had a little sister to play with.

As far as Paloma seeing Pedro kissing someone else, “Pedro” swears it wasn’t him. So Renata is thinking that he’s created this other person who looks just like him, with a different life and personality, and he switches from one to the other without realizing it. If he had a twin, it would explain why he insists the other personality looks just like him.

Finally, Inés admits he had a twin. She tells Renata the story. In a flashback we see that the midwife was just as surprised that there was a second baby on the way. Inés is sure she heard both babies crying. She insists to Renata that even though she was told one of the babies had died, she heard him cry. In her dreams, she hears him crying, she tries to help him, she can feel that he’s out there somewhere calling out to her, but she doesn’t know where to go.

Renata is surprised to hear that “Pedro” never knew he had a twin. Inés explains she had a twin sister who died along with her mother in childbirth and her father was depressed and he drank all the time and she always blamed herself. She didn’t want her son growing up like that. And she never wants him to know.

Renata’s got some things to explain to her about how the human mind works, but first she wants Inés to know she’s not trying to blame her. Parents try to do what’s best for their children, but the bigger the secret they keep the bigger the trauma. No one ever had to tell him he had a twin in order for the knowledge to be stored in his unconscious. He just never had a way to explain the emotions he felt so early in life–they happened before he had words for them.

Inés thinks she understands what Renata’s saying so far. Renata says they have to tell “Pedro” so he can understand what’s happening to him. Inés is afraid he’ll really go “crazy” if he finds out, but Renata says she can guarantee the opposite–if they don’t tell him, it’s only going to prolong his anxiety. Renata promises everything will be fine, but Inés isn’t agreeing.

Not at all surprising

“Pedro” knocks frantically on Paloma’s door, but she’s off having cake at her parents’. Cachito is on his second slice. Justino keeps staring at Eugenio. He finally asks what they were talking about when he came in and Eugenio starts to tell him about all the things he already knows he did, but Magdalena interrupts. She doesn’t want any unpleasantness.

Paloma and Cachito head home. Eugenio decides he’s going out and once again Justino starts in on him. And starts in on this girl he’s seeing who probably threw herself at the man Eugenio and Paloma think is such a perv. Because that’s what girls these days are like.

Magdalena stops what she’s doing in the kitchen to listen to him rant. Of course none of it is logical, but how is this creep going to say Eugenio should go find himself “another woman” when according to him all women are sluts? He claims he’s concerned for Eugenio and he doesn’t want him confronting some man who could be some kind of gangster for all they know.

Eugenio is done listening to Justino insult his girlfriend and storms out of the house. Magdalena is still standing in the kitchen wondering what the hell just happened.

Alone in the kitchen later, Justino drinks and remembers Tania finding out what a creep he is. In his anguish (that I have no sympathy for) he knocks the bottle off the table. Magdalena hears the bottle break and comes in to see what happened. She’s angry that he’s drinking with his medication, but he says it’s just the broken bottle that makes it smell like booze.

There are worse kinds of torment.

Fernanda comes home to an empty apartment. She’s expecting “Leonardo” when she hears a knock on the door, but instead it’s Basi. He tries to get away when he hears “Leo” isn’t there, but Fernanda begs him to stay.

She knows Basi and “Leo” are BFFs, so…what’s up? Basi doesn’t know exactly, but he can tell something’s wrong. He decides to tell Fernanda that “Leo” loves her and he doesn’t feel his love is returned and he thinks maybe it’s bringing “Leo” down. “Don’t let him fall.”

Pedro gets to Fernanda’s and starts getting comfortable on the couch. She comes out of the bedroom to scold him for coming home late. She demands to know why his eyes are red and doesn’t believe that he’s been watching videos about Martians (“Did you know they’ve been living among us?!”).

OK, fine, he was crying. And he didn’t want to come home because it’s hard for him to know she doesn’t want to see or touch him and know he’s going to sleep on the couch.

“I need time.”

“I need you.”

Now it’s his turn to ask for the truth–“Why did you marry me? I could stand anything but knowing I had you and lost you.” Fer looks at him sitting on the couch and starts crying.


I’m not loving Yesenia’s dance outfit tonight. She’s usually not as blatant as a bright red garter belt over black satin hot pants. And then a sequinned bra with fringe. There’s a bit much going on.

Lupe hears about Yesenia almost getting run over and from her description she realizes it was the woman she saw talking to Ruben.

While Lupe is still in shock, Yesenia gets called to go on and runs out still carrying her robe and her mask

Into each episode the tiniest bit of Santi must fall.

Santi and Dani have the “Why didn’t you tell me?” conversation. But now they know they’re at least on the same page about not wanting Isa/Fernanda to suffer. She tells him she hasn’t known “Leonardo” long, but he doesn’t seem like a bad person.

That sets Santi off. It’s really bothering Dani that he’s talking about killing people. Santi grouses that she shouldn’t worry, it’s not like he can even do that.

Paloma’s, late

Yes, Cachito, you have to go to school tomorrow. Paloma doesn’t sing to him tonight. He gets out of bed, oddly putting on his shoes and glasses, and pretends to call his dad on Ignacio’s cell phone.

“Pedro” comes over again, begging her to let him in. “The neighbors are starting to stare,” is what works.

She’s yelling at him about leaving her alone and keeping his voice down because Cachito is asleep and he just busts out with “I saw him! I saw the guy who looks just like me! He was out in front of the house with Chamoy!”

He swears he’s not crazy or lying. Someone is lying to them both. “If I were cheating on you, don’t you think I would have done a better job of not mentioning her name? Why would I tell you I had remembered her and I proposed to her? Wouldn’t I have kept my mouth shut? What if that guy at the restaurant is the real Perico Perez? Everyone’s telling me all the time that I’m completely different! Why are all my memories of people none of you know? How can a piñata vendor know about finance and speak French fluently?”

Sure, at the time, the only logical explanation was that he learned French to impress a woman, but now he knows there’s a man who looks just like him AND he knows Chamoy.

“If you’re not Pedro, then who are you?”

He doesn’t know, but he thinks Gerardo or Ignacio or whatever his name is DOES know. He wants Paloma to set up a meeting. She really wants to believe him, but there’s no way Inés could be wrong about him being her son.

He swears he’s going to find out the truth, because whatever it is, HIS truth is that he loves her. He walks out without another word.

Hell no, he won’t go!

Eugenio bullies his way into Connie’s house, demanding to talk to Tania. He parks himself at the kitchen table, insisting he’s going to sit there and have a hunger strike until she comes out to talk to him or Connie calls the cops to drag him off.

Connie’s annoyed. She wants to go to bed and Eugenio won’t leave. She picks up the phone to call the cops and he begs her not to. He’ll sit quietly at the table and wait for Tania to get tired of hiding.

Connie and Eugenio are both falling asleep. He insists she should just go to bed. He’ll sleep outside. With a blanket or something. Connie relents–he can sleep on the couch, but if he goes anywhere near Tania’s room she’ll kick him out.

Tania’s been listening to everything from the doorway of her room and finally comes out. Connie really fakely pretends she has no idea where Tania came from and asks them to keep it down if they want to argue. She stops to whisper “Remember what the psychologist said!” as she goes off to her room.

Tania says since Eugenio won’t let it go, she’ll tell him the truth, but she’s terrified.

Can we end this already?

Chamoy didn’t even bother looking. He just tells Sara that “Pedro” is over at Termi’s. Sara is not comforted. He insists Pedro is fine and she shouldn’t say anything to Inés. She gripes at him for being out late, but he says they needed money and Melquiades called him for a job.

Inés gets home and Sara goes off to her room, leaving Inés to tell Chamoy what Renata said. Of course, he’s opposed to the plan. Inés says Renata’s coming over tomorrow night to be there when they tell Pedro, but if Chamoy doesn’t want to be there, Inés will do it alone.

In his room, Chamoy mutters about this all being Renata’s fault. “Pedro” comes banging on the door. He saw Chamoy talking to a guy who looks just like him and he demands to know who he is!

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Autora/ Author

Thanks for this, Kat. I didn’t get to see this yesterday so I’m glad I have the recap.

Loved this line
“Inés accepts, but she makes a face like it smells as bad as Cocó’s products.”

Looks like things might happen on the twin reveal…. but I’m not holding my breath. They love to tease.

Visita/ Guest

I have to question Renata’s training. The whole “twins know they’re twins and develop multiple personalities when one dies” is insane. Maybe not telenovela-crazy, but still out there. The guy thinking most clearly about this has amnesia and can’t remember who he is. Good on you, Leo! I like the idea of turning this all back on Chamoy and Ignacio. Wonder twins, unite! Hopefully.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Diva. You have put an amazing amount of detail in this recap., especially in the conversations.
That was so cool when Leonardo was looking out the window and saw his double. Oh my gosh that would be great if they could/would team up!
Sara – Yeah they tease us non-stop. Leo has Chamoy’s number, but you know Chamoy is going to wiggle out of this, for now anyway.