¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 5/24/16 #72

Chamoy sucks.

Leo knows what he saw, but Chamoy isn’t going to admit anything.

Inés hears them fighting and Leo tells her what he saw. She freaks out, but she wants an explanation, too. So Chamoy lies. And then he calls Melquiades to back up his story, that he was with Chamoy all evening.

Leo knows it’s a lie and he’s determined to find out the truth. Chamoy tries to push the “Poor kid, he’s crazy” angle, but to Inés, that just means she needs to do everything she can to help him.

Up in his room, Leo isn’t taking it well that Inés doesn’t believe him and he tells her to stop calling him “hijo.” Obviously her real son is that guy he saw outside, who’s busy living Leo’s life. Inés is hurt. She knows he’s her son, she gave birth to him, and he’d better not ever say he isn’t again.

Inés dreams about Chamoy telling her one of the twins died. In her sleep she murmurs “You’re my son…you’re my son….” And then she wakes up suddenly and says “My baby.”

So much for that.

Fernanda reminds “Leo” this is only temporary, but no, he knows it’s over. He’s not giving up–she is. She forgot their promises to love each other forever. He doesn’t want her pity. It’s a poor substitute for the love he knows he felt.

She asks why he has that nickname for her, Guitarrita. As if that could matter now. And the reasons are obvious–curves, he wanted to hold her, he wanted to make music with her. He knows the dream is over.

He doesn’t want to leave her, but he can tell she doesn’t want it to go on. He thinks his mistake was that he tried to fly too high and he burned his wings. He’s not sure where he’s going right now, but he’s not going to sleep on the couch knowing she’s right there in the other room.

Nothing but the truth

Tania tells Eugenio everything this time, including “Don Pepe’s” threats against Eugenio. He wants to go after the guy, because of course violence fixes everything. Tania won’t risk him like that. She thinks the best thing to do is ignore what happened. Eugenio doesn’t want to ignore it and he doesn’t consider it any less of a violation just because there was no rape.

He realizes she must have seen him this afternoon, but Tania lies. She promises she’ll try to be brave, but he has to promise to be careful and they have to keep their relationship a secret for a while…OK, he can tell his mom and his sister.

Another one who knows what she saw

Ruben comes to the dressing room. Watching Yesenia dancing is uncomfortable for him. Lupe confronts him about Fabi trying to run Yesenia over. He admits he knows who she’s talking about, but he begs her not to say anything to Yesenia, because it wasn’t her. Lupe: “Right, because there are so many cars like that in this neighborhood.” Yesenia returns to the dressing room and breaks up their conversation.

At Elizabeth Arden del Barrio….

Cocó and Termi are done with their manufacturing for the night. She’s got an array of jars filled with pastel-colored goop. She sets him to filling some more containers while she designs a logo.

His lips were moving, so….

Inés is still upset in the morning. I don’t think the fact that Chamoy somehow manages to “go out looking for work” while his hands are so injured he has to stay with them because he can’t possibly look after himself, and that Sara sees it as a point in his favor, is helping.

Sara heard the shouting last night, but Inés doesn’t explain. She has about one sip of coffee and then leaves in a hurry, telling Sara to give Chamoy a message if she hears from him–Inés really needs to talk to him.

Chamoy is having his coffee at the Bar-ena. He’s finally tired of living at home again and wants Mel to guard his money while he looks for another place. Ignacio arrives, looking like law enforcement to Mel, with his black suit and tie. Up close, the white shirt has polka dots, though.

Chamoy blames Ignacio for nearly getting found out yesterday. When he threatened Pedro’s mother, Pedro took it seriously and went to check up on them. Leonardo saw them together. Ignacio blames Pedro for being so stubborn about being the good guy. Ignacio only did what he had to do.

Chamoy suggests he run this con from now on. He’s better at managing both boys. Oh really, Chamoy? He thinks he can control Leo through Renata. And besides, if she figures out something’s going on, by then Ignacio will be done with his part of the job, right? And Ignacio had better not threaten Pedro’s family again–they’re Chamoy’s family, too and he won’t let it slide a second time. Oh, yeah, he’s all heart.

Inés shows up looking for him before Ignacio has left. He makes sure to introduce himself as “Gerardo” before he goes and Chamoy claims he’s someone who needed some repairs done.

Inés keeps thinking about her lost baby. “Oh, yeah, me too.” She gives him the side-eye and asks if he really died. With what’s been going on, she started to wonder if “Pedro” really is seeing his twin brother. Chamoy: “But you know he’s nuts. His shrink said so.” He admits he’s a liar, but he would never lie about something like that! And then he lies some more. Inés remembers the baby’s cries. The cries of a healthy baby.

Except for the eyes….

“Pedro” mopes in the front of the piñata shop while gazing longingly at Paloma. When Yesenia arrives, he leaves her in charge (“But you’d better hurry ’cause I’ve got a date tonight!”) walks right past Paloma’s shop without a word, and out of the mercado.

Paloma finds herself thinking about what “Pedro” said and about the phone call “Gerardo” took in her living room and what “Pedro” said about “Gerardo.”

Cachito’s arrival after school interrupts Paloma’s thoughts. She lets him go off to play with Catoño while she talks to Eugenio. She tells him she’s starting to wonder if “Pedro” was right and it really was someone else she saw at that restaurant. She fills him in on “Pedro’s” claims and the weird coincidence that “Gerardo” would have asked to meet her at the same restaurant. He must have wanted her to see that other guy…but why? If he does know “Pedro” then he’s trying to hurt him.

Tencha sells some homemade candy to a guy in a suit. Who’s looking for Paloma. Because they knew each other back in college. ¡NO! ¡PUEDE! ¡SER! Dude, if you’re who I think you are, did you have to show up NOW?! Tencha points him in the approximate direction of the flower shop while Chuy, with his tablet, lurks in the background.

He finally got a ping off Ignacio’s cell phone. The battery just died and the kids are thinking about getting another one when Chuy tries to swipe the backpack. Cachito fights him for it, but it’s Mystery Man’s punch that sends Chuy running. They fist bump and Cachito introduces himself.

Tencha comes running into the flower shop shouting that someone tried to kidnap Cachito. Well, screw her confusing and complicated love life, Paloma runs to see if her kid is ok. And further complicate her love life because there’s Sebastián sitting with Cachito. She sends him home with Eugenio and takes Sebastián over to her shop where they can talk without Tencha listening in.

Ohhhhhh, he’s a sweetheart…he thinks she looks like a queen among the flowers. She’s as young and fresh as she was when they met. Paloma says she’s not as naïve as she was then. He’s surprised she left school and started her own business. “I hope that wasn’t because of me.” Oh, no, she just, um, medicine wasn’t her thing, what with the blood and dealing with patients’ families and stuff. Funny, that’s not how he remembers her.

He feels bad about leaving without a goodbye, but he knew if he had to face her, he would have rejected the scholarship to study in France. He’s been back for a year and trying to find her that entire time. Paloma can’t get rid of him fast enough, but he insists on talking. She keeps trying to convince him that his leaving was for the best and seriously, if this guy isn’t Cachito’s dad, then I can’t figure out why she wants him to go away so badly.

Look, he’s a badass doctor and all, but they did have a future together. It wasn’t just a school crush. And that’s why he’s here. To be close to…his son. Paloma visibly gulps.

Yes, Cachito, the cute kid he just met. He looks just like Paloma, but he got his daddy’s eyes. And she’s nervous. If Cachito wasn’t his son, she wouldn’t be. Also he called the school a year after he left, looking for her, thinking the two of them could figure out a way that she could join him in France, but they told him she left because she was pregnant. (Wait, so you waited until now? You didn’t call her or anything?) He did try to find her, but he couldn’t. (Oh.)

Paloma: “That’s life. Things happen for a reason.” She doesn’t think he owes her anything. It’s not about that! By trying to avoid pain he thinks he made things worse for himself, and all because he didn’t find out she was pregnant in time. Paloma doesn’t agree it would have been better for him to change his plans.

Well, ok, but now that he’s back he wants to spend time with his son. He thinks he has that right. “You have no right to anything. ” She kicks him out of the shop. And he says, “It was nice to see you again,” and leaves.

Paloma remembers them running around at school talking about how they loved each other and he was going to be a doctor and she’d be a nurse. And her friend saying Sebastián deserved to know she was pregnant and they’d figure it out together. But when she called their friend Mauricio, she heard about the scholarship.

And apparently, that was that.

If you’re not with me, you’re against me.

“Pedro” is screaming at Renata in her office. Everyone is lying to him. That other guy is taking over his life because he has amnesia. If she doesn’t believe him, then what does she think is happening, that he’s “crazy”?

Of course not! But “Pedro” insists on an either/or…either she (and by extension everyone else) believes him or she thinks he’s “crazy.” Renata tells him to quit looking for answers out on the street and start looking within himself.

Nope. Not happening. “Pedro” bails.

Who’s that mystery man?

At Magdalena’s house, she hears the story and she can’t believe what this world is coming to. Trying to steal a child’s backpack! “I know you don’t believe me, but my superhero stickers are worth a lot.” Uh huh.

Paloma gets to the house, where the family (minus Justino) are hanging out. Eugenio’s in a good mood and Magdalena knows it’s because of his girlfriend.

Cachito wants to know why Paloma didn’t bring Sebastián over for dinner. Magdalena wants to know who Sebastián is. Cachito wants to know how they could have studied “together” if Sebastián is a doctor. Um, practicum class. Well, he told Cachito he’d visit him.

She changes the subject to Justino, who is allegedly minding the store.

Your love life is more important than my therapy.

Tania leaves for work so early Connie has to catch up to her at the Cultural Center to get the chisme from last night. Tania reminds her she’s got another psychologist appointment this afternoon and Connie’s supposed to come with her.

At Renata’s house, Tania won’t go to her appointment until she knows Connie’s going to go knock on the door.

Connie fishes for information by saying she just happened to be there because she brought her friend to have a session with…Santi’s wife? Nah, she’s just a friend. Santi offers her a coffee that he promises not to dump it on her this time. His ankle’s fine. He’s just tripping over the furniture because, you know, he’s blind. Uh huh.

He and Connie get to talking and she thinks his real problem is that he’s being kind of a Grinch. He may not be able to see, but he’s fiiiine. And, um, he has other senses he can use to enjoy the world. She wants to take him to the park so he can feel the sun on his skin…and she runs her fingers up his arm…and um, the breeze…she fans him with her hands and he laughs…and he can hear the kids playing and dogs barking…she barks near his ear…now he’s really laughing. And yet he insists he has a hard time finding the fun in that. Connie begs him to try.

Another busy day of not getting any actual work done.

Fer’s bummed that “Leonardo” left her. There go the divorce plans. Ignacio’s happy, though, so Fer wants to know what he’s hiding and why “Leonardo” is suddenly so unimportant for “their” plans. Before he was all about her having to stay married for six months and now he doesn’t care.

Ignacio gloats that he’s getting “Leonardo” to sign over half (Oh, really? Half?) of the company to him because he knows a secret that could send “Leonardo” to jail. When she presses him for further details, he says it has to do with “Leonardo’s” lover and the child he has with her.

I’m expecting her to ask how that’s something that could get him sent to jail, but mostly she thinks Ignacio is lying. Not that she thinks “Leo” is such a great guy, but she knows what he is and isn’t capable of.

She notes Ignacio’s new cell phone when he answers a call from Chuy to tell him that Paloma’s son has his old one. She asks if there’s a problem and he smarms that running a company isn’t easy–she’ll find that out soon enough. “Not if you insist on never telling me anything, I won’t.”

Out in the lobby, Basi hears Ignacio giving Ivonne instructions not to bother “Leo” with anything and come directly to him. He’s working on a special project and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Fer recaps for Dani. Something’s not adding up for Fer. For Dani either–why does Fer care? Isn’t she getting what she wanted?

“I, uh, just want to know what Ignacio is hiding.”

Dani cracks me up: “I’m not trying to butt into your life, but….” She’s right, though, Fer’s not as indifferent to “Leonardo” as she wants to pretend. She admits the separation hurts and she’s confused about her feelings.

Dani’s not even going to bother trying to convince Fer that “Leo” is a good guy, but she does have feelings for him. “So what do I do?” Dani thinks the first step is to find out what Ignacio is doing. She doesn’t trust him.

Dani pulls Ivonne away from her desk by claiming she can’t open an attachment Ivonne emailed her.

Fer sneaks into Ignacio’s office, but she can’t find anything. She realizes his file drawer is locked and remembers him straightening one of his posters one day. Sure enough, there’s a key in the frame. I vote she empties the drawer.

She finds a transfer of funds from Fuentemayor to a company called Giga signed by Leo (or “Leo” for Fuentemayor) and Edgardo Harrington (for Giga).

Of course, there wasn’t anything wrong with the attachment, but Dani can’t get Ivonne to do anything more for her. She’s too busy to help Dani convert ALL the archives. If the problem happens again, call IT.

Dani hangs out nervously in lobby area and Basi, carrying a couple of boxes, notices. She hears that Ivonne is on her way to Ignacio’s office to grab some papers for Don Fermin and tries to keep Ivonne from going into Ignacio’s office. Basi can tell something’s up, so he throws the boxes on the floor with a THUD and starts calling for help.

Ivonne had just opened Ignacio’s office door, with Fer hiding behind it, when she heard Basi and went running. He says he tripped and fell and ouch! He even hurt his hand. Ivonne helps him hobble over to the elevator so the company nurse can check him out.

Thank you, Daniela, for being here so Fer can try to explain the significance of that piece of paper! OK, Giga is some company neither of them have heard of, but Fer DOES feel like the name “Edgardo Harrington” is familiar. The paper gives this Edgardo guy permission to use a significant portion of “Leonardo’s” shares in Fuentemayor however he sees fit. They think it’s a fake company, and Fer is bothered because Ignacio never mentioned bringing in a third party to help with the plans. Where does she know that name…?

Ignacio gets back to the office. Ivonne emailed him some phone messages for “Leonardo” like he asked. As for the man himself, he’s been locked in his office all day and he’s not looking good.

Pedro is remembering his conversation with Chamoy. He’s not happy to see Ignacio in “his” office. Ignacio warns him not to go by his house again. Ignacio’s having him watched and he’ll know if he does.

Pedro won’t let himself be bossed around. It’s not like he believes any of Ignacio’s promises anyway. If Ignacio would treat Don Humberto like this, after everything he’s done for him, Pedro has no reason to expect any better from Ignacio. If that’s all, Ignacio can go.

But Ignacio’s not done yet. He wants to know who’s been helping Pedro inside the company. Pedro laughs.

“Haven’t you figured it out? OK, here’s my secret: I picked Moretz randomly from a list Don Humberto gave me. And as for Don Fermin, all I did to close that deal was become his friend, and his wife’s, and tell him everything you and Humberto and Fer wanted. I just did it in a nice way. The presentations I made? Leo did them. They were all sitting in his computer just waiting for me to find them. Anything else?”

Ignacio isn’t convinced.

Basi hobbles back into the office and says he didn’t sprain or break anything, but he’s so grateful that Ivonne helped him during his hour of need. He thanks her with a kiss on the hand and then goes to check on Pedro.

Pedro’s thinking about Ignacio’s threat and he tells Basi to just stay away from him. Go on vacation, hang out at the photocopier. And quit talking like they’re friends. That’s OVER. Ivonne notices the vibe in the room and Pedro does a perfect imitation of Leo when he tells her to have HR prepare Basi’s severance check.

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