¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 5/26/16 #74

Nobody takes security seriously.

Ignacio hopes Fabiola learned her lesson about having affairs after last time. He demands that she find Matías and make him give her a divorce, otherwise all they’ll have is Leonardo’s half of the money. (Gosh, wouldn’t that be tragic.)

The problem is, Matías has vowed that if Fabi marries Humberto, he’ll cause a scandal and bring her down. Ignacio figures they can just bump him off. And she’d better not call HIM a murderer, SHE’S the one who killed Armando. It’s all her fault he got put in the position to be killed. Just call Connie. She’ll know where her dad is.

Chuy reports to Ignacio that he has the papers Ignacio wanted, but there was nothing interesting in Leonardo’s office. They agree to meet up at the bank tomorrow so Chuy can hand over the envelope. Conveniently, Fernanda heard Chuy’s end of the conversation from the hallway.

What Fabiola gets to hear is that Ignacio wants Chuy to break into Paloma’s house as soon as she and Cachito leave in the morning and retrieve his phone. Ignacio explains to Fabi that he has to get it back because anyone who gets their hands on it can access his cloud storage and it will completely ruin their plans. Tsk, tsk, Ignacio! Password protection, hello!

If only they knew.

“Pedro” finds Inés waiting for him in his room. He’s fine. And still calling her “mom.” He wants to know why she never told him, so she tells him about her twin sister and the guilt she always had. “And did you ever see her?” He’s angry that nobody believes him, and he’s sure about what he saw.

Inés cries that of course she’d like to believe him. She wishes her other son were alive. So she could hold him and tell him she never forgot about him and that she can still hear him crying. So she does. And Leo holds her.


Candy dances. Connie watches Ruben grinning and teases him, saying his girlfriend would be furious if she could see his face right now. “Eh, tell her. She’ll love it.” Connie’s like, “Y’all are weird.”

It’s better than I wrote it

Eugenio and Tania are having a hearty snog on Connie’s couch. Or Nora’s couch, I guess. Eugenio thinks it’s about time they…you know. And Tania would like to, but what if the roomies walk in on them? And a quickie on the sofa for her first time? Seriously? He suggests they relocate to her room and she agrees, but they’re going to have to drag themselves off the couch first and that gets delayed by more smoochies.

Eventually they make it to Tania’s room. As they make love, we get their “I love you”s in voiceover.

Eugenio’s late picking up Cachito for school the next morning. It would appear he and Tania slept in. He realizes he’s late and starts throwing clothes on, but he makes multiple false starts and stops to kiss Tania one more time before he runs out of the room and out the front door with a hurried “‘Morning, Connie!”


Ignacio is still jealous after last night and it’s now of vital importance to his plan for Pedro to act stupid and not talk to Humberto about the business. Pedro and I both think similarly highly of that request.

After Ignacio walks out of Leonardo’s office, he takes a call with Chamoy and decides they need to meet instead of talking over the phone.

Fernanda heard his phone call and tails him to a restaurant where she sees him talking to Chamoy. She remembers exactly where she’s seen that creep before. And here he is, talking to Ignacio, so clearly…?

Éres un maldito, Ignacio.” Atta girl!

Chamoy sees her, but he either didn’t recognize her or didn’t connect her to Ignacio. He says he thought he saw someone who owed him something. Anyway, the bottom line about Leo and Renata’s visit last night is that Leonardo is holding firm about what he saw and it’s going to be difficult to keep him under control. Well, that’s why Chamoy is making the big bucks, no? No. Chamoy wants help with this assignment.

The collision of Ignacio’s and Justino’s evils.

Paloma walks Cachito to school instead of waiting for Eugenio. Chuy sneaks across the street and either picks the lock or it’s just not a very sturdy door.

He hasn’t been inside the house long when Eugenio comes running up and sees the open door. He comes in quietly, but he calls out for Paloma when he hears the noise coming from Cachito’s bedroom. Chuy hides behind the door and hits him on the back of the head with the butt of his gun.

Justino finds out Eugenio didn’t come home last night and starts calling Tania a slut. Magdalena tells him to cool it–Eugenio has spent the night at friends’ houses before. She’s in a rush to open the store and leaves Justino alone with his angry thoughts. He calls Immigration again.

Connie is angry about last night–what if she’d walked out of her room naked for a glass of water? Naw, she’s kidding. She’s happy for Tania and wants to know how it was. Tania’s still flying, but she plummets back to earth when a couple of really fake-looking “ICE” agents come in looking for Tania. Seriously, they’re so fake-looking, I’d suspect they came from the same place Ignacio got his fake cops.

The one who’s getting paid more for having a speaking role repeatedly insists on talking to Tania Sierra because they got a report. Seriously, Telemundo? It does NOT work this way. Some of the students gather around and stand there watching while Connie repeatedly insists there is no Tania Sierra.

Ruben arrives and tells them they’re free to check the paperwork in the office. “We will, but first tell me where Tania Sierra is. We’re not going to let any of you help her escape!” Um…escape from what, as you have no proof of anything besides the word of an angry pervert?

“I want all the women to line up over here and show me some ID.” Screw that! Connie notices Tania getting nervous and says she’s Tania Sierra, so they arrest her. All the students go running out after them. Ruben tells Tania not to go out there. They’ll find out Connie’s a citizen soon enough and let her go.

Justino watches Connie get loaded into the back of a police vehicle, but somehow he thinks that was Tania. And he can save his “lo siento, mi amor,” the vicious creep.

“Pedro” Investigations

“Pedro” and Paloma go to the restaurant and he has her walk him through what happened. He tries pointing out that he doesn’t even have clothes for a fancy place like this, but Paloma is tired of him lying.

Having the hostess approach and welcome him (take notes, jewelry store employee!) and mention he was just there the other night is not helping. Paloma, for some reason, doesn’t find it suspicious to hear he paid with a credit card and left a huge tip.

“Pedro” refuses to let Paloma leave until they’ve gotten to the bottom of this and pulls rank on the hostess, telling her she’d better get permission from her manager to tell him who made the reservation or he’s getting the cops. The now not-so-happy-to-see-him hostess goes over to the terminal and says the reservation was made by “Ignacio Echánove.”

Aha! He told Paloma that guy’s name was Ignacio…and what a coincidence that he made a reservation for the guy who looks just like “Pedro” at same time he asked her to be there. (I can’t wait for the bros to bond over their mutual loathing of El Puercoespin!) Paloma really doesn’t want to make that leap from “Gerardo is fishy” to “his name is Ignacio and he’s out to get you.” She assumes it was “that woman” who used her credit card to pay the bill and doesn’t stick around long enough for the irate hostess to tell “Pedro” that the reservation was under “Fernanda,” no last name.

She told you so.

Fernanda goes to the park near Renata’s house to ponder where her once-simple revenge plans have led her. She remembers Santiago’s arrest, her dad’s heart attack, his death. Now we get a new flashback…Ignacio offering his support, claiming he knew all the Fuentemayors’ dirty dealings and wanted them to pay, kissing her.

Dani meets her at the park and Fer tells Dani she was right. Leonardo’s a good guy and Ignacio has him caught in a trap. Fernanda tells Dani what she’s been finding out and Dani comes to the conclusion that Ignacio is the one who’s been behind everything from the beginning. Fernanda assumes all her family’s money must be in an account under “Harrington’s” name, or Ignacio has spent it all. And her final piece of evidence that Ignacio isn’t being swindled himself? She saw him talking to Chamoy.

Basi is smarter than everybody.

Basi goes into Leo’s office to gloat that he knows why Pedro is trying to get rid of him. “Do you read minds now, or what?” Basi explains that their ángel cíbernetico is helping them. “Thanks for the piropo, Basi.” Basi calls for Gwen to play back the recording of Ignacio and Pedro in Operation Billullo.

Pedro apologizes to Basi and all is forgiven, but Pedro really really really doesn’t want anything to happen to him! He has no way to beat Ignacio.

They have the recordings. “But they make ME look bad, too!” Well, Pedro was always running that risk. And playing along with Ignacio isn’t going to make him safe.

Basi’s not going to abandon his friend. He has a plan, but we don’t get to hear it. There’s a problem, though–Ignacio’s going to bring him more stuff to sign and he’s gotten really good at Leonardo’s signature. Welllllll, he couldn’t sign anything if his hand was broken, right?! Come on, one little fractured hand….

Pedro gets a call from Fer, in tears, asking him to meet her at home. There’s something she has to tell him.

Dani wants to know what Fer has planned. The truth, of course. All of it. The revenge plot, that she found out she was wrong…and that she loves him.

Pedro and Basi stage a huge scene in the lobby about Basi being fired. Ivonne watches as they scream at each other and chase each other back and forth across the lobby. Basi even leaps up onto one of the copiers to get away from him.

…but the love of a bestie is a thing to be treasured forever.

Humberto is reading love poetry again. Fabi’s face: “Kill me now.” She pretends to enjoy it. He’s completely sincere about these poems expressing his love for her better than he could do with his own words.

Fabi’s torture ends with a call for Humberto from Immigration. Or it shifts anyway, once she hears Connie was trying to defend an undocumented worker at the Cultural Center and got arrested. Humberto calls Ivonne to get the number for a lawyer.

Ruben takes Tania over to Yesenia’s, since he couldn’t find Eugenio. Yesenia and Lupe keep Tania company and tell her in this ‘hood, most people started out in her situation. But they’ve built lives, some of them have gotten their citizenship, and one way or another it’s one big Spanish-speaking community. Everyone supports each other. They tell her it’s all going to be ok and she shouldn’t worry about Eugenio. He’s probably fine.

Tania’s really starting to worry that Connie’s going to get into trouble for impersonating her. Lupe says her rich parents will get her out, no worries. Yesenia thinks someone’s targeting Tania and she wants to know who. Does she have any enemies?

Yeah, just the one filthy, vindictive creep who’s now busy drinking and reminiscing about all the times he spied on her and sexually assaulted her. And then he blames it on her for not “accepting” his “love.”

Humberto and Connie get back to Casa Fuentemayor. He warns her to be more cautious–she could have gotten into serious trouble. And what’s Fabi’s reaction? “How dare you humiliate me by impersonating a filthy illegal worker!” She looks at Humberto and seems to realize she may have crossed a line there. Ya think?!

Operation Billullo, Phase II: Down with El Puercoespin

Eugenio wakes up in Cachito’s room and it’s been tossed. Chuy reports back to a cranky Ignacio. He didn’t find the phone.

Ignacio hears about the big “fight” from Ivonne just before Basi asks to speak with him.

He complains about “Leo” trying to fire him and then threatening to make his life a living hell after Humberto overrode his orders. Basi wants to keep his job, but he doesn’t want to be “Leo’s” assistant anymore. Maybe he could be Ignacio’s assistant instead?

Ignacio doesn’t need an assistant. And he’s not sure he buys their sudden breakup. Basi claims things have been bad for a while, but “Leo” finally crossed a line. Ignacio says he’ll see what he can do.

He wonders if Basi could be the accomplice and decides to ask HR for a copy of his résumé.


Oh, this is not going to go over well. Sebastián met Cachito outside of school and gave him a shiny new soccer ball. Paloma’s already giving him that look. She sends Cachito to go show off to his friends while she starts in on Sebastián.

He didn’t tell Cachito he’s his dad. He wouldn’t do that without Paloma’s permission. He thinks Cachito needs a dad, and he has a lot of affection for him already, but Paloma doesn’t expect his feelings to last longer than it takes to get offered some great new opportunity.

Cachito desperately wants him to come over for dinner, but Paloma says he’s too busy. Sebastián doesn’t contradict her.

When they get to the shop, Sara’s checking out a racing form, ha! She happily greets Cachito, tells Paloma she left the money in the till, and takes off. Cachito’s trying to get permission for Sebastián to hang out with him and Paloma says he’s got to be good and do his homework and then they’ll see.

Eugenio arrives and shoots significant looks in Cachito’s direction, saying he just, um, overslept this morning. Paloma tells Cachito to go show his new soccer ball to Catoño so Eugenio can tell her someone broke into the house and searched Cachito’s room.

Cachito hasn’t left yet and guiltily pulls Ignacio’s phone out of his pocket.

Paloma is terrified when Eugenio tells her the story and she sees the back of his head. She goes running out of the store to find Cachito.

Renata calls Inés at the shop to check up on “Pedro.” He’s acting distrustful and insists that other guy is real. Renata advises patience. She’s sure he won’t always feel like he isn’t himself, but he needs to keep up with therapy.

Cachito comes over to hang out with Sara and stashes Ignacio’s phone in a piñata when nobody’s looking.

Cachito and Sara are playing chess when Paloma finally finds him. She’s angry and wants to know what he did. Did he take something that wasn’t his?

There was something I meant to tell you….

Fernanda and Pedro meet at her apartment. He brought her a little flower. Fer doesn’t know where to start. He never deserved the way she treated him.

“Maybe I did. Maybe I’m not who you think I am.”

She says he’s a good guy and she didn’t make a mistake when she fell in love with him. He’s confused, especially after the way she’s been treating him lately. She has to tell him something, but she needs strength first. She asks him to hold her. She’s afraid when he hears her secret, he’ll hate her. Of course not!

Fer lets her big confession get derailed by smoochies. And undressing. And potentially, nookie. Priorities, kids!

“Pedro” Investigations, Part II

Termi’s stocking when “Pedro” comes looking for him. Well, good! Termi’s been dying to give him the Mount Everest, moon landing, swimming the English Channel, hiking the Appalachian Trail, “Cocó kissed me” speech since last night.

He seriously thought “Pedro” would be upset at him for going after his “ex.” “She’s not my ex and I’m not a brute. I came to borrow the computer.” Termi’s cool with that. And if he’s looking for pictures of naked chicks, save him one. In the “Termi” folder. Dude, seriously. He’s looking for information about Ignacio.

Turns out, there are a LOT of Ignacio Echánoves in LA. He’s trying to narrow them down using their pictures, but the graphics on this computer aren’t great.

He finds a profile about Ignacio that mentions Corporativo Fuentemayor. “Fuentemayor…Fuentemayor….” He remembers getting dressed in the morning, Nora asking if he wanted Basi to drive him in the limo or if he wanted to drive his car, “Leonardo?” He realizes that’s his name.

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Amazing recap.
“Nobody takes security seriously.”
“Fer lets her big confession get derailed by smoochies. And undressing. And potentially, nookie. Priorities, kids!”. Ha ha.
I loved the scene where Inés is hugging Leonardo and saying how much she wishes she could embrace her missing child! If she only knew indeed. I suppose it was campy, but they totally hooked me.