¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 5/25/16 #73

Is this the end of Básico?

Ivonne tries to argue against Basi’s firing, but “Leonardo” snaps at her–Is he going to have to do it himself? Ivonne flees the office.

Basi stays and unleashes all his sadness. For once, his crying doesn’t break Pedro. Not until he leaves the office. Pedro curses Ignacio and swears revenge.

Basi cries over his favorite copy machine and Ivonne can’t finish her call to HR. she has to come over and try to comfort him. He’s just starting to tell her he’s in love with her when Fer interrupts and she and Dani get the news.

Humberto reads some poetry to Fabi, but all she can think about is shagging Ruben. Did we really have to see that again, show? She’s probably grateful he got a call from the office, for once, so she can make her escape.

Ivonne didn’t know what else to do but call Humberto. She can’t imagine Basi getting fired after he’s worked there for so long. Humberto can’t believe it either.

Pedro is still cursing Ignacio when Fernanda comes in, demanding to know what the hell is going on with him? Fer argues against firing Basilio and blames it all on his guilt over the secret he’s keeping. Pedro’s face: “Which one?” Fer thinks it must be something pretty bad to be trying to cover it up like this.

What secret? She already knows the truth about why he left her apartment because she knows EVERYTHING about him. What’s the big deal anyway? This is a business decision. He’s fired TONS of people before and she never cared.

“Didn’t you leave me at the altar the first time to become the man I deserved? What happened to that? You manipulate people so easily with your lies.” She leaves and Pedro moans that he wishes he could tell her the truth.

Basi runs through his Copier Maintenance checklist. He has an envelope full of instructions for his replacement. Ivonne hopes he’ll still be around a few more days. Yeah, he thinks so. And about what he was saying before…. First, Ivonne wants to know if this woman he told her he’s in love with returns his love. If not, then she’s a perra. (Ivonne!) She thinks Basi deserves someone who appreciates him.

Daddy drama

Paloma, Cachito, and Eugenio get back to Paloma’s house. Cachito goes right to his room, leaving Eugenio and Paloma alone.

Eugenio wants to know about Sebastián. He doesn’t believe it’s just an old school crush. She admits he’s Cachito’s dad. She tells him the story and he can’t decide if she’s proud or brave. So what’s she going to do now that he’s back?

“Pedro” finally makes it back to the stand and Yesenia goes home to get ready for her date. Tencha upholds her sacred office and tells “Pedro” what happened this afternoon with Cachito, the backpack, and Paloma’s old friend Sebastián. She also tries to fish for information, but…hello, amnesia, remember? Anyway, she hopes “Pedro” gets his ass in gear before this Sebastián guy steals Paloma out from under him.

“Uh, thanks? Please stop talking to everyone about this.” Oh, right, because all those OTHER people will gossip.

“Pedro” does try to go over to Paloma’s house, observed by Chuy, but changes his mind before going inside.

Paloma doesn’t want to tell Cachito and have him be disappointed. Because she’s already decided it’s going to end badly. Sebastián is just going to leave again and Cachito will be heartbroken. Eugenio has to leave, but he makes her promise to think about it.

Chuy sees Eugenio leaving and calls Ignacio for instructions.

So sick of this

Lupe stops by the produce stand and chats with Magdalena about Tania and Eugenio. And justino overhears. My only consolation is that he can’t do anything right away because Magdalena leaves him in charge of the stand while she goes to pick something up at the house.

Spoke to soon. That disgusting pervert calls Immigration.

Baby steps

Connie takes Santiago out for a walk and narrates all the action. And then she starts making up little stories. He likes it, but he’s uncomfortable about not being able to see and he can’t help being grumpy.

Connie sits him down at a bench and talks to him about life being short and needing to get the most out of it you can. He teases her that she sounds like a self-help book. He really, um, likes her. She’s quiet and he thinks he made her uncomfortable. They decide to head back to the house.

The “Fatal Attraction” subplot

Yesenia and Ruben’s date was bungee jumping. She really loved it. She wanted to be a trapeeze artist when she was younger.

They’re snogging at the juice/taco place where everyone sees the one person they really don’t want to see and today is Ruben’s turn.

When Yesenia goes off to the bathroom, Fabi approaches to ask how he could possibly prefer that girl. Ummmmm…I have some answers, but I don’t think she’ll like any of them. He tries asking her to leave, but Fabi doesn’t do “rejected.” She won’t leave until he makes another date with her.

Yesenia gets back to the table and Fabi introduces herself as the mom of one of Ruben’s students. “Everyone’s so quaint here! And I just love your outfit.” She acts like she and Ruben made some sort of agreement and then leaves.

Ruben doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells Yesenia they ought to get her to work.

It not the truth he was looking for

Renata sits in her living room thinking about “Pedro” yelling at her. Dani finds her there, lost in her thoughts and suggests Renata talk to her. Renata tells her about “Pedro” insisting he has a double and anyone who doesn’t believe him thinks he’s “crazy.” She’s lost his trust and that’s terrible for the therapeutic relationship.

Dani thinks it’s time she recommend him to another therapist. And she will, once she gets him through this crisis. She’s off to her appointment with the family. (I’m disappointed Dani didn’t bring up the fact that she, Isa, and Santi have all thought “Pedro” sounds just like someone else they all know.)

At Inés house, Renata explains what’s going on to Inés, Sara, and Chamoy. When “Pedro” gets home, he thinks they were all agreeing to have him sent to inpatient treatment. Before anyone can back out, she says that’s not what they’re here for–his parents need to tell him a secret they’ve been keeping from him his entire life.

Chamoy looks guarded. Inés talks about how they left Jalisco, like a lot of other people did at that time. Chamoy adds that he looked for work in every little town they came to. When they got to one near Tijuana, Inés was seven months pregnant. They didn’t have the money for anyone to bring them across, so they walked. They were in a little town in the mountains and Inés had a fever and Chamoy found a midwife and Inés gave birth. To twins.

OK, so his twin brother must be the one…. No. Because he died. Then “Pedro” can’t figure out who that other guy is. Chamoy scoffs at him (shut up, Chamoy!) but “Pedro” insists he didn’t imagine anything.

“Pedro” is furious with Renata. “You must be happy! This proves your theory, doesn’t it!” She says it doesn’t, she still needs to run more tests. He’s had enough of her tests and hypnotism and French doctors. If he had a doble personalidad, then he would sometimes be himself and sometimes that other “personality,” right? But that hasn’t happened! And he KNOWS he saw Chamoy talking to that other guy, even if he denies it. He’s been doing some reading and if he had doble personalidad then he wouldn’t have SEEN that other guy. Would he have?

Renata agrees, he wouldn’t have. “Then what have I got? Hallucinations? Paranoia? A persecution complex?”Renata thinks the trauma of having lost a twin was locked in his unconscious because it was too painful for him to deal with, but the amnesia lowered his defenses. She doesn’t think he’s “crazy” he just needs to get his memory back. “Pedro” tries to argue that all the people he’s seen in his “false” memories really do exist, but Renata says he must have seen their faces somewhere else.

“Pedro” takes off, leaving Sara and Inés wondering if this was really for the best. Renata assures them it’s just a lot for him to take in, but it’s going to help him understand himself better. Chamoy looks like he’s wondering how this is going to affect his plans.

Later, alone in his room, Chamoy remembers “Pedro’s” reaction. And then he starts thinking about right after the babies were born. The midwife wasn’t sure Inés was going to make it. Chamoy didn’t know what he was going to do with two babies, so the midwife suggested he sell one off. She knew someone who would pay good money.

Back in the present, Chamoy lets a single tear fall and NO! We are not doing the “Chamoy feels guilty and repents” edit!

Gerardo, Ignacio–whoever you are, you’re a creep!

Paloma mulls over the Pedro/”Pedro”/Ignacio/”Gerardo” mess. “Gerardo” stops by for a visit. Because he was in the neighborhood. She gladly welcomes him in and ignores his excuse for being there (“I felt bad about that run-in with your boyfriend the last time I was here.”) and asks him why he chose that specific restaurant in Santa Monica.

She’s not accusing him of anything, she’d just like to know why THAT restaurant. He fake-admits he wanted to impress her. She doesn’t tell him what happened inside the restaurant, but moves on to asking if he’s sure he had never seen Pedro before. He gives her his best “You can totally trust this face” face and says he hadn’t. And then he asks to borrow her bathroom.

Cachito is sleeping with the cell phone in one hand and Ignacio quite ridiculously sneaks into his room with a flashlight and starts searching. Out in the living room, Paloma is sure he’s hiding something. She hears Cachito screaming and runs in to find “Gerardo” in his room. He claims he got lost on the way to the bathroom. Paloma asks him to leave, but he’s staring longingly at his cell phone, lying near Cachito’s pillow. She has to ask him again before he’ll go. And then Cachito wants a song before he’ll go to sleep.

These two again

Termi is wearing his “In love with that coco” shirt. She invited him over to give him a present for all his help. It’s an engraved, blinged-out back scratcher and he loves it.

She also gives him a kiss. Right there on his lips. They’re not, like, dating but…he shouldn’t give up. Termi stumbles out in a daze.

Termi and “Pedro” meet up to talk. And drink. Hooooo boy. “Pedro” hasn’t even gotten started telling Termi what’s up before Paloma calls and asks him to come over.

Termi doesn’t blame him for wanting to run to Paloma’s side, but he just has to say one thing…that takes forever to get out…seriously, Termi, it was a kiss, not a moon landing. He can’t even say it before “Pedro” leaves.

He ends up trying to tell Mel. Mel understands dreaming the impossible dream. His is having Termi pay his bill without so much fuss. Termi moves on to his next victim, who is not terribly impressed.

Nothing good ever comes of Fuentemayor family dinners

Pedro goes over to Casa Fuentemayor to hang out with Humberto. Humberto wanted to talk to him about Basi. He thinks “Leo” made a hasty decision. But Pedro refuses to budge. Basi is getting too big for his britches and Pedro doesn’t want him there anymore.

Humberto doesn’t feel like that’s a good reason to fire someone (uh, haven’t you used that reason twice?) and “Leo” has never fired someone without a good reason. Pedro insists they’ll give him a good severance package and he can go work somewhere else…work for Don Fermin…but Pedro does NOT want him there.

Nora butts in to tell him Humberto is right! He has no business doing this to Basi! Why is he going back to the arrogant jerk (my words, not hers) he was before?

Oh yeah, well, Nora wanted him fired last week. “I only threatened!” And “Leonardo” is the one who begged for his job back. Next he tries to play the snob. And by the way, he and Fernanda broke up.

Humberto re-emerges from his office when Ignacio comes home and asks “Leonardo” to stay for dinner. He stays, just to bug Ignacio, but he makes excuses for Fernanda.

Ignacio is getting jealous that Humberto is talking to “Leonardo” about the company and asking HIM for reports, so he starts hinting at the breakup with Fernanda. Seriously, Ignacio? What are you, twelve? The arrival of Fabiola keeps “Leo” from having to respond to Ignacio’s insinuations. “Leo” leaves for “home.”

Humberto complains about how Fabi keeps running off and spending more time on her charity work than with him. Ignacio knows exactly what that’s about.

Ohhhhhh, THAT guy!

Going out really took a lot out of Santi, but he had a good time. He explains to Fer how he met Connie and accidentally lets her name slip. Fer teases him. He talks about how she smells nice and has a nice voice and she really tries to make him feel good…but no, he doesn’t think there’s any possibility at romance. She just feels sorry for him.

Fer thinks he’s being unfair. She doesn’t like him talking about himself like this. Santi gets grouchy and throws her out.

Before she leaves, she decides to ask him if he recognizes the name “Edgardo Harrington.” He knows exactly who that is! It’s the accountant the Fuentemayors used to defraud the company and frame their dad!

Of course he’s sure! That’s the guy Leonardo sent with all the paperwork for him and their dad to sign. Everything looked like it was in order and they didn’t realize what they were signing. No, he never saw Harrington and Leonardo together, but Harrington was their representative.

According to Santi, the scam was, the Fuentemayors partnered with the construction company, gave them an infusion of cash, made it look like Santi and his dad stole the money, and they accused them of theft–Harrington was the one who actually carried out the theft. He was supposed to testify at the trial, but he disappeared completely, he wasn’t listed as a company employee, and the Fuentemayors said they had no idea who he was.

Where did Fernanda see that name? “On a document someone made Leonardo Fuentemayor sign.” Santi doesn’t believe anyone can “make” Leonardo Fuentemayor do anything. The document just proves that they’re accomplices. And that this Edgardo guy does exist. Fer will try to get a copy for their lawyers, but she insists Leonardo’s a fellow victim. Santi scoffs at that idea. And anyway, even if he is, it’s about time somebody gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Workin’ that big, beautiful Basi brain

Night falls and Basi is still spending quality time with the copy machine. Ivonne gently touches his cheek and declares him “special” before leaving.

Basi sneaks into Leonardo’s office to beg Gwen for information. She’s only allowed to play recordings of appointments for Leonardo. He tries to lay a guilt trip on her and Gwen gets huffy. “I am not programmed to respond to emotional manipulation! If you need assistance, please call our help line.”

Gwen threatens to go back into sleep mode in ten seconds if Basi doesn’t give her another command. Desperate, he tells her to copy the sound files into “Operation Billullo.” And I guess that gets her around the “I can only PLAY them for Leonardo” rule. Nice move, Gwen! They listen to the recording of Ignacio revealing that he knows “Leonardo” is really Pedro. Dun, dun, dun!

Basi gets it now. He tells Gwen to make him a backup copy and then delete any record of him having been there or listened to the recordings. Gwen is happy to do it. She’s good peeps, that Gwen 🙂 And now it’s time for Gwen to enter shutdown mode. Her sensors function better after eight hours of inactivity. “Excuuuuuuuse me! Miss Gwen is tired!” he snarks. She asks Basi to cut the sarcasm and be nice…please? Basi apologizes and tells her to shut down. Gwen wishes him sweet dreams.

Basi is surprised to hear the ding of the elevator. Fernanda emerges and sneaks past Leonardo’s open office door and into Ignacio’s office. Basi goes to investigate and sees the security guard heading into the office.

He runs down to Ignacio’s office, grabs Fernanda, tells her security is on the way, and pulls her through another door inside Ignacio’s office. “Security” (aka Chuy) takes the key from behind the poster frame and Basi and Fernanda frown at the noises they’re hearing. After searching the locked drawer, Chuy only takes one thing…the document signed by Edgardo Harrington. Then he puts back the key and leaves.

Basi and Fernanda emerge. He explains that he was working late and saw her and she looked like she was trying to be sneaky so, um, he thought he’d help. He wouldn’t want her to have any trouble with “Leonardo,” since he still loves her. He won’t say anything. He just hopes she found what she was looking for? And hey, she doesn’t have to explain anything to him. They’re on the same side. And that guy seemed suspicious. He was looking for something, wasn’t he?

OK, yes, that guy’s a creep.

“Pedro” arrives at Paloma’s and she’s still shaken, but she doesn’t want to talk about that. She asked him to come over to tell him that, well, she doesn’t necessarily believe him ENTIRELY…but she suspects “Gerardo.”

It’s too weird that he would just happen to be in the neighborhood and stop by to see her. And she didn’t believe his answers about why he picked that specific restaurant. He still wouldn’t admit to knowing “Pedro” or that his name is Ignacio, but she does think he’s hiding something.

The last straw was finding him in Cachito’s room. It’s not like the house is that big! But what could he be looking for in Cachito’s room? The little travieso himself listens in as Paloma tells “Pedro” about the backpack incident. He grabs the phone and seems to look around for a better hiding place.

Yeah, that’s fishy that someone wasn’t running around at the mercado stealing women’s purses, but tried to grab just one backpack and then “Gerardo” shows up at the house. Paloma still isn’t willing to believe that there are two of “Pedro” but she agrees to investigate “Gerardo” with him. They’ll start tomorrow by going to that restaurant at lunch.

He starts to move in for a kiss…denied! He’ll back off. He’s just grateful for an opportunity. He leaves her with a peck on the cheek.

Oh, it’s on now!

Yesenia is ranting about Fabiola and her snotty attitude. She does a great imitation of Fabi’s “I just love your…outfit.” Lupe’s face: “Oh no she didn’t!”

That’s it, two sentences and she just earned Yesenia’s enmity for life…. Yesenia remembers the first time she met Fabi, in Ruben’s classroom, hitting on him, refusing to shake her hand. I’m not sure what she thinks is going on here, but she’s got five minutes before her show and Ruben’s bringing his students to film her. Lupe advises her to get rid of her cara de fuchi (“I smell something” face).

They have the strangest relationship.

Humberto whines some more later about feeling neglected before he goes up to bed. Once they’re alone, Ignacio summons Fabi to the study and lectures her about not playing her “devoted wife” role properly. He’s sure she has a new lover and he’s not happy about it.

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4 years ago

Diva, I don’t know how you do it. So pithy and so sharp!
Like here: “Tencha upholds her sacred office and tells “Pedro” what happened this afternoon with Cachito…” Ha ha ha.
And here: “seriously, Termi, it was a kiss, not a moon landing.” What a fun read.

4 years ago

Ha ha. Totally with you.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Ok so I’ve been trying to watch, but there was this sense of impending doom about everybody thinking Leo was nuts and Ignacio blackmailing Perico and Coco’s beauty supplies giving everybody a rash and I kept wimping out after just 2 min and no way could I watch Perico fire Basi, just no way, so I sez to myself – ‘self, I bet Diva has a recap you could read and skip all the scary stuff and then you’d know what happened too.’ and then I sez ‘duh why didn’t I think of that before?’ And then I read the… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

I meant Coco’s stuff maybe giving people a rash, but with what it did to Termi and the way it smelled, I don’t have a good feeling